Food Court Fun


You never know when something is going to happen. A simple trip to the mall can turn out to be an incredible experience. By the same token, you never can be sure what people will do. They will surprise you at every turn. In this case, a very pleasant surprise it was.

I was doing a quick trip to our local mall to pick up a few things and people watch. It was a Monday evening and it wasn’t very busy. I had just about finished my shopping when I spotted someone I knew coming towards me. Lanie and I had been having, an on again off again affair for a while now. We had to work around the fact her husband seldom let her out of the house alone and that as a mother, she really didn’t have that much free time anyway. I smiled upon seeing her but realized her whole family was with her. I guessed that there wouldn’t be any fun tonight. She saw me and went very pale. She looked beautiful in her summer dress. A small blond woman, you’d never realize what an incredibly passionate lover she was.

I’m not sure why but I decided to follow them. She really did look good. She kept glancing over her shoulder at me and glaring. I responded with a wink and a big grin. Her expression changed into one of exasperation isveçbahis and then she let slip a sexy smile. They had reached the food court and her kids were clamoring to be fed. She glanced over at me and announced just a little too loudly that she was going to take the baby into the family bathroom and change him… Leaving her husband and brood in line, she walked across the food court to the restroom area. I waited a moment then followed in a roundabout direction.

Reaching the restrooms, I stood there wondering what next? The door marked Family cracked open and I saw her peeking out at me. “Get in here”, she hissed. So I ducked into the room as she shut the door behind me and locked it. The room didn’t look much like the public men’s rooms I was familiar with. It looked more like a bathroom in someone’s home. A padded bench was along one wall and the diaper changing table was long the other. It certainly was cleaner and smelled better than the men’s room.

Lanie stepped up to me and whispered,” We don’t have much time.” I took her in my arms and kissed her. She kissed me back hard, almost savagely. We kissed for a brief moment and she reached down and fondled me through my jeans. This took me by isveçbahis giriş surprise, since I didn’t expect anything more than a stolen kiss. My hands slid down her back and cupped her cheeks, pulling her toward me. She undid my button fly and pulled out my cock. I lifted her dress up and with her free hand she pushed her plain white mommy panties to her knees and kicked them off. As she is a little thing, doing it standing up would have been awkward as hell. So I stumbled backwards and sat my now bare ass on the padded bench so thoughtfully provided by mall management.

She never let go as she straddled my very hard cock and without hesitation impaled herself on it. It felt so good to slide into her very wet pussy. She leaned back and moaned that it felt good on her end too. I think our pleasure was magnified by the fact we were being so naughty doing this in public. Between the excitement of doing something dangerous and the sheer speed she was riding up and down on my cock I knew this wasn’t going to last long. As hard as out bodies were slapping together, I’m surprised they didn’t hear us out in the mall. Her face was twisted with desire, looking nothing like the mother figure of a few minutes isveçbahis yeni giriş ago. She leaned forward, kissed me and whispered “cum in my pussy now”. That’s all it took to set me off.

She gripped me tightly as she felt me shooting inside of her. We kissed and she reluctantly climbed off me. Looking at my lap, she exclaimed” What a mess we’ve made”. “We are going to have to clean you up” she said with a twinkle in her eyes.

Instead of reaching for the paper towels, she knelt between my legs and began licking my cock clean of our combined mess. I’m only human and began to get hard again. After a few more licks she looked at me, grinned, and with some difficultly tucked me back in my jeans. I must have looked sad since she smiled and said.”Save it for next time tiger.”

She then pulled her panties on over her still dripping pussy, straightened her hair in the mirror and suddenly was the prim and proper wife and mother again. She kissed me goodbye chastely, a quick peck on the lips, and picked up her sleeping baby and without a backward glance, walked quickly out of the restroom. I collected myself, waited a moment and followed. She was sitting at a table facing me and as I walked by she glanced up, smiled and then turned to feed a French fry to one of her kids. I walked out of the mall without looking back, thinking about next time.

Should there be a next time? I welcome any feedback I can get.


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