Football: The Full Body Experience


Being a freshman on the College football team was rough, you were the youngest of the varsity players and they were all bigger and more experienced. I had started out the year alright, but I began to really get better and feel more at home as I befriended a junior player named Jared, he ended up teaching me the ropes. Jared ended up becoming sort of like my mentor going into the year and I grew very comfortable with him. At the time I had never thought about homosexuality or looked at other guys in any sexual sort of way. This year on the football team would change all of that.

One day we had a split practice where half the receivers and cornerbacks had to stay later and run extra conditioning at the end as we had lost a team scrimmage. After this long practice we were all dripping sweat and exhausted. Jared and I were walking back towards the locker room together.

“Damn, I can’t wait to take a nice hot shower after that one” Jared stated as he turned his head around to glance at me while walking in front of me.

“Yea, I wouldn’t mind that either” I said. The thought off the warm water on my skin sounded pretty good.

“Why don’t you take one here in the locker room this time,” Jared asked. “Why do you think all of us older guys do it? It rejuvenates you. You have your other clothes here you could change into, don’t you?”

He had a good point and I was ready for some nice soothing water. Most of the older guys would stay and shower while the younger ones would simply head home in exhaustion.

“Sure, why not?” I said.

Jared nodded his head in approval with my decision and we slowly dragged our way up to the locker room. By the time we got there most of the other guys were gone already. Our locker room was painted dark red all around with our team colors and had red wooden benches in front of the oversized lockers that could fit the large football gear. The showers and bathroom were on the far side, away from the entrance in a separate little corner. My locker was right next to Jared’s and we went over and started to strip out of our gear.

I got down to my tight Under Armor boxer briefs and hesitated for a moment. Usually I would not get naked in the locker room, only go down to my underwear. These college guys seemed to just pull it all off and go full naked into the shower like it was no problem. I glanced over at Jared and he was fumbling around with the soap in his locker. He was down to his underwear as well. Once he had located what he needed he put the soap on the bench behind him, faced toward his locker again, and quickly pulled down the tight black spandex underwear that were hugging his body. I watched as his dick slipped out and bounced around a little bit with the motion as he stepped out of the garment. His skin was pretty tan except for the white around his ass, probably from wearing a bathing suit in the summer. I noticed his ass and legs were completely smooth and he had a slight trimmed patch of hair above his dick. He noticed me glancing over at him. I quickly turned away hoping he didn’t realize I was staring.

“What, are you shy? Jared said looking over at me.

He turned towards me and moved his hips in a gyrating motion causing his dick to helicopter in circles. “It is just a dick Bro, we all got one.”

I looked back over at him and laughed as his member swung around as he continued to gyrate. He then took his towel out of the locker and threw it over his shoulder and headed towards the shower. I quickly pulled off my underwear letting my dick and balls hang free, grabbed the towel I had in my locker to wipe off sweat after practice and followed after him. I watched as his body, legs, and butt, moved as he walked toward the shower. With no clothes on you could really see the definition of his muscles. Football players always had nice muscles, but Jared’s were not only big but also well defined. When he walked you could see dimples form towards the bottom of his ass where the muscles joined. Wait. Was I just checking out his ass? I threw the thought out of my mind and went into the shower.

The shower was just as nice as he said it would be. The warm water was relaxing and it eased all of my muscles. I soaped up my body and watched Jared and a few of the other guys do the same. Some of the later crew was also washing up after the conditioning we had to do for losing. I was muscular but all of these guys were a lot more built than me from their older age and additional time weightlifting. The steam came up from the floor and turned the room into a sauna. By the end, since Jared and I were the last ones to hop into the shower room, we were the last heading out. By the time we Ankara escort were heading back to our lockers we were the only ones left in the locker room.

Wearing our towels around our waste we made our way back to our lockers when suddenly Jared yanked the towel out from my waist and jumped back with it leaving me standing their naked. I cowered a bit in embarrassment, trying to cover myself up, while Jared started laughing. “Nice little pecker you got there!” Jared yelled. He quickly spun my towel into a whip and started whipping my side with it. “Hey!” I yelled trying to swat and catch the towel as he whipped me with it. It didn’t slow Jared down at all though, he danced around the room and when I tried to get close he would jump out of the way and whip me again. Damn him for being so athletic and agile. I was starting to get red marks on my abs and my sides from the whipping. “Enough Already!” I yelled as I grew more frustrated, unable to stop him. He continued dancing around the room when I decided now was my chance as he raised the towel up above his head with both hands and shook it back and forth coercing me. With his guard down I leaped forward at him, my feet leaving the ground underneath me.

With the impact of my lunge at Jared, I flat out tackled him down to the ground and knocked the towel out of his hand and also knocked the towel he was wearing off from around his legs, leaving us both there on the ground naked together. He was cracking up while I just had an angry expression on my face; a little horsing around can get annoying after a while. I slowly picked myself up to reach over for my towel when I felt Jared’s hands on my sides as he pulled me and spun me around onto the floor and underneath him. He moved his hands up along the skin on my side and under my armpits and hooked his hands around my shoulders pinning me underneath him. I could feel his smooth chest rubbing on my back. The droplets of water on his body pushed into the skin on my back. His schlong rubbed up against my ass cheeks as it dangled underneath him.

“You ain’t getting that towel now!” he clamored.

We began to wrestle around on the floor and I tried to break free but Jared was also on the wrestling team and I was outmatched. I couldn’t get him off of me, holding me down. We continued rolling around on the floor together. I finally broke free and tried to jump up and reach for the towel but he grabbed me by my leg and pulled me back down, his hands tightly grasped around my calve muscle. This time he spun me over and hopped on top of me straddling my upper torso and used his knees and legs to hold down my shoulders and arms. With all of his body weight on top of me with his knees pushing down on my arms I couldn’t move no matter how much I tried to squirm. I was in a very comprised position. He was now straddling my chest.

“Get off of me Jared, Seriously” I cried.

Jared let me know what it would take “Not until you admit to me that you are my bitch, and then I will let you go.”

He laughed after proclaiming his statement. His penis and balls were dangling closely in front of my face as he was straddling over me looking down at me like he owned me. He jiggled his hips back and forth causing is dick and balls to bounce side to side extremely close to my face. I had never been this close to a naked guy’s dick before.

“No. Nooo. Just get off!” I screeched. I tried throwing my hips up to push him off of my chest but it was no use in this position. I couldn’t get him off.

“Admit it!” Jared said forcefully. I was getting tired of struggling and my body stopped wriggling and lay flat. His dick was so close to my face I could smell the Irish spring soap sent that he had used in the shower. How did I get caught like this?

“Admit… it…” Jared said again slowly.

I slowly raised my eyes covering and examining every part of his muscular naked body until I looked up into his eyes. He had such a nice smooth body; there was barely any hair on him besides the small patch above his crotch. I felt like giving in to the demands of this Greek god lying on top of me. It was probably the safest way out. He was so athletic and overpowering he was like Hercules to me. I felt a strange feeling of wanting to submit to this man.

“I am your bitch,” I stammered under my breath as I looked away from his face and down to the side in defeat.

“What was that,” Jared requested as he took his hand and slowly turned my head back up to face his, “What was that you said?”

“I am your bitch” I said again, this time louder and clear, looking up into his eyes. I felt completely subservient to him. He had bested me and I was giving Ankara escort bayan him my unconditional surrender.

Jared smiled then looked down at me and said “Good, I am glad you accept your position. Now Kiss it” he pushed his hips forward a bit leaving his dick less than an inch away from my mouth. I quickly turned my head away.

“Dude!” I shouted as he freaked me out. he continued to jiggle his dick in front of my face. I kept turning my head to the side away from his package.

Jared used his hands to turn my head back towards it. He leaned his head over closer to mine.

“You already admitted that you are my bitch, now you have to prove it. Now kiss it.” Jared sounded so forceful and powerful when he ordered me what to do.

“You are not getting up until you kiss it.”

I had strange feelings come over me, not sure what to do. I paused for a moment as he straddled his cock right in front of my mouth. I had never seen another guy’s dick this up close before. I kind of wanted to just see what would happen. I couldn’t get out of this situation anyway; maybe I should just go with it. It wouldn’t be the worst thing ever. I knew Jared and it was just skin on skin, no big deal. As I was still thinking Jared moved ever so slightly forward bumping his cock into my face.

“I am waiting” he let me know.

I gathered my courage and perked my head up a bit to get the right angle and kissed the very tip of the head of his cock as it hung in front of me, It felt soft and smooth on my lips. I then let my head fall back down to the floor.

“Good boy” Jared said. “Now kiss it a few more times not just on the tip, but on the sides too, show me you are my bitch.”

All resistance had left me at this point, and it didn’t seem so bad. It was just like kissing the skin on a cheek right? I started to kiss the sides of his dick and then around the head. The Irish Spring sent from the soap he had used filled my nostrils. I noticed his dick started to become more rigid as I danced on it with my lips. Was I actually getting Jared hard? It was kind of exhilarating that I was able to get him excited. I guess I was doing something right. I felt my heart start to beat a little quicker as I continued to kiss all parts of his dick. Looking up at Jared’s face I could see him looking down at me enjoying it.

“Now open your mouth” Jared gave me a new command.

I stopped kissing his dick that was now semi-hard and opened the lips to my mouth. Jared slowly started pushing his dick through the tight opening of my mouth going just a little bit in. I just lay there with my mouth open and decided to let him do what he wants. He pulled all the way out and I noticed my lips where a little dry so I lathered them up with saliva from my tongue by running my wet tongue around the edges of my lips. Jared watched my tongue slither around my lips and then when I opened my mouth for him again he pushed his dick inside and started slowly moving in and out. I realized that if I cupped my lips around my teeth he had a smooth soft surface to rub his dick against. I could feel his member growing inside my mouth. It actually turned me on; I could feel my own dick start to stiffen. The fact that his member was growing stiff inside my mouth and that he was enjoying it made me feel tingly all over my body.

Jared was getting into the thrusting with his hips shoving his dick into my mouth and I was engulfing about half the length of his dick. I had to re-position my lips around my teeth so that he could continue thrusting unhindered and had a nice soft surface for his piece. His cock went deep inside my mouth and I felt the bottom of his shaft on my tongue while the top was hitting the roof of my mouth with the thrusting. I could taste his man meat on my tongue. I had another man’s penis inside my mouth… My friend Jared made me his bitch and was face fucking me, and I loved it! I had this overwhelming urge to please this athletic god on top of me. Saliva was building up in my mouth and my cock was stiff as a rock, in the moment it didn’t feel wrong or weird.

“That’s it, eat it baby, eat my dick,” Jared’s encouragement was music to my ears as he kept thrusting into my mouth.

He was really getting into the motion and changed his posture so that he could get a better position. He took his legs away from bracing my arms down and bent his upper torso over my head. He got into a doggystlye like position with me nestled between his legs, mouth on top of his cock. Since he released my arms from their imprisonment I was able to move my hands more freely, and slowly moved them to wrap around his legs to his waist where I could feel the thrusting. Escort Ankara His legs where so smooth and toned. His muscles felt good in my hands as I squeezed them. I wanted him to own me, to possess me, I was his bitch. I actually wanted his dick. I couldn’t believe the feelings I was experiencing.

The thrusting intensified; my eyes were staring up into his, and began to well up with tears as the dick was shoved deeper down my throat causing me to gag a bit. The new angle gave him an easier perch to dominate my face. I started to gurgle a bit and he pulled out. His cock was dripping wet with my saliva. I quickly bent up and started licking it off, my hands squeezing his muscular ass cheeks, begging for more of his hot body.

“Take my balls into your mouth,” Jared ordered through panting breath.

I took his left nut into my mouth as he moved his body further up while in the doggy style position to give me more access. I got my saliva all over his balls and then took both of them in my mouth. They were clinging close to his body and I pulled them away with my lips and then let them out of my mouth with a large “pop” noise as the suction from my mouth released them. Jared arched his back and started jerking his dick while I played with his balls. It was fun bouncing them around in my mouth with my tongue, as he wildly jerked his cock at the same time.

Jared had started to sweat a little bit form thrusting his pelvis into me before and I was starting to catch the scent of some of his sweaty musk while I played with his balls. The sent turned me on and I wanted more of it. My mouth followed the scent deep under his balls and I furiously licked the area behind his balls between his balls and ass, inhaling his aroma. At the same time I had two handfuls of his asscheeks that I kept squeezing with my fingers like I was kneading dough. I think all this was too much for Jared who was stroking his cock uncontrollably. He started moaning and then moved his body backward where I could no longer play with his balls but had him stroking his dick right in front of my face.

“ohhhhh yeaaaaa…” Jared stammered short of breath. He looked down past his dick being stroked to my face, “Are you ready my little Bitch?”

This was the moment I was waiting for. I wanted everything he could give me. I actually wanted another man’s cum. I wanted to feel the warm sticky goodness all over me. I had built him up to this moment. I was breathing in his musk, waiting for his hot, sticky cum.

“Yes, give it to me” I told him.

With that Jared pointed his dick right into my face, started stroking his dick as fast as he could, and then started grunting like crazy. “Arghhh, Arghhhhh” cum shot out of his dick and spewed all over my face. I just stood there and took it trying to keep my eyes open to view the spectacle. One burst sent hot sticky mess across my cheek. Another went down the middle of my face and into my nose. The third again hitting my cheek and lips in large globs. Jared then flicked his dick up and down to get the last bit of cum off his dick and onto my face, and then stood up and walked away. I felt the hot jizz on my face slowly start to cool. I could smell the tangy scent of sperm all over me.

I lay there with the cum slowly crusting on my face, bewildered, my eyes staring straight up at the ceiling. That was amazing. I felt so used and violated and yet it felt so good to be dominated like that. Jared came back over with my towel in his hand and then threw it onto my chest.

“I think you may need this” he said as I lay there with cum all over my face. I grabbed the towel and started to wipe the cum away.

“You like being my Bitch don’t you?” Jared questioned with a smile on his face.

I wiped the front of my eyes with the towel and then looked up at him. Speaking slowly I said, “Yes… yes I do.”

Jared smiled, “That is pretty good, because now that you are my bitch, I will have some good uses for you in the future, but for now get dressed and let’s get out of here. You’re not the only one on the team that likes to have a good time. I might have to make some introductions later.”

We both quickly got dressed and headed back home for the night. What a day. I felt like I had just found a new and exhilarating world I hadn’t seen before and couldn’t wait to see what was in store for me in the future and what Jared will make me do, but that is for another time. The experimenting with Jared was a lot of fun, but I have to stop thinking about what just happened and turn in for the night, that is, after I jerk off imagining Jared’s dick shooting his load onto my face…

The End.


Thank you for reading, if you enjoyed the story please let me know if you would like to check out some of my other writings. If there is anything good or bad you found that could enhance the writing I would appreciate any feedback.

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