Footsie Part 3


Paul was clearly beginning to win Sharon’s approval as he became more and more submissive to her demands. In return, he was increasingly given special treats. She now allowed him to see her totally nude on a regular basis. As he pleasured her feet and legs, she allowed him to watch her pleasure herself with her hands and vibrators almost every time he came over. After the humiliation of being exposed nude to her friends and forced to give them mani pedis, she knew that her victory was complete. She knew that it was time to dump him, allowing him a taste of his own medicine. After all, had he shown any consideration for the dozens of girls he bedded and dumped every year? But she had grown to enjoy the attention he gave her. He certainly wasn’t the arrogant prick he used to be. Perhaps in time, he would mature into the kind of man that would make a good lover. In any case, she was enjoying her domination over him. She told herself that she would dump him soon, but not just yet. Tonight, she laid back on her couch, her legs draped over the arm, presenting herself to his mouth. He began at her feet, kissing and licking them, then worked his way slowly up her legs, massaging them with his hands while caressing them with his lips and tongue. He took his time, allowing her arousal to build as he slowly approached the altar of his worship between her legs. Oh, how he wished to worship that cunt with his dick. But for now, his lips would have to do. He gently opened the outer lips of her bald, shaved cunt and dived in, lapping at her slit with his tongue. He idly took almanbahis şikayet long, slow laps up and down the length of her slit, never hurrying or changing the pace of his licks. She handed him a plug that had raised, rubber nubs. He had used this plug on her before; it fit over his thumb, and he slowly worked it into her cunt as he purveyed her, splayed out on the couch naked. Her slit shone with moisture from her arousal and from his saliva. As she had became aroused, her inner lips parted, revealing her gaping cunt. The bud of her clitoris was fully emerged from under its protective hood of skin. He worked his thumb slowly in and out of her pussy as he resumed licking her. Beads of sweat formed on his brow as he slowly licked. She didn’t like her orgasm to be rushed; she had as much time as necessary, and didn’t want any change in the pace at which he licked until she was ready. While he was becoming familiar with her desires, he had been reprimanded numerous times for not pleasuring her exactly as she wished. Now, however, he was very accomplished at pleasing her, no matter how long it took. She enjoyed having her orgasms delayed, taken to the brink and brought back, time and again, until the climax exploded within her and swept her away. His neck and tongue would become stiff and sore, but he would continue methodically licking her without deviation. Sometimes he took her to the edge five or six times, spending up to an hour or more licking her pussy before she had a crushing climax. The longer he delayed her orgasm, the more powerful it was. almanbahis canlı casino It had taken him months to be entrusted with her pussy. After being relegated to her feet, then her legs, he was happy to have progressed to her genitals, and he was proud of his intimate knowledge of her needs. After ten or fifteen minutes of licking her pussy, she began whimpering quietly. Her fingers idly played through his hair. As she drew closer to her orgasm, her grip on his hair tightened, holding his face against her groin. He continued licking her, over and over. Her moaning became louder, and she brought her knees up toward her body, trying desperately to allow his tongue deeper penetration into her sopping slit. Now he knew that she was close. He finally stopped licking her slit and put his mouth directly over her clit. Sucking her sensitive clit into his mouth, he flicked his tongue directly on it, faster and faster, providing direct stimulation to the needy little bud. Her head swung from side to side as she moaned loudly. All of his senses were tuned to her body as he tried to determine the exact point of no return. A split second before her orgasm crashed over her, he released her clit and discontinued stimulating her. He gasped for breath, his face pressed against her crotch. She writhed on the couch, panting and whimpering. He had stopped her at the precise moment she would have climaxed. Her mind was disoriented in a sexual fog, wondering what had happened. When he again began slowly licking her slit, from her gaping hole to her clit, she relaxed almanbahis casino and settled back down on the couch, ready to take the long, steady climb back up to the summit of an orgasm. The laps at her slit were coordinated with the steady thrusts of the plug on his thumb, deep into her cunt and back out again. He played her body like a violin, listening for the fine nuances of her whimpering, her body movements, anything that would provide him feedback to better pleasure her. In less than ten minutes, she again approached the precipe; there would be no delaying her orgasm if he took one lap too many on her clit. Her clit was so sensitive that the tongue was almost excruciatingly pleasurable against her. Reaching up with one hand, he held her tit, rolling her stiff nipple in his fingers, causing waves of pleasure to join those from her cunt. Again she brought her knees to her body, trying to press her pussy harder against the tongue that besieged it. This time, he didn’t take her clit into his mouth and flick it with his tongue. She was too aroused. He methodically continued slowly licking up and down the length of her slit. When his tongue approached her clit, she tightened her grip on his hair, trying desperately to prolong the contact between his tongue and her clit, but the tongue maddeningly continued back down her slit toward her opening. Over and over he took her to the edge and back down. She became so aroused she was almost delirious. She felt like she had had many small orgasms, when in fact she had yet to have one. Her ears rang and her entire body tingled, from her head to her toes. In a gravelly voice unlike any Paul had ever heard her use, she demanded, “Give me your fucking dick! Now!” Standing, he grabbed her hips and pulled her toward him, stabbing her with his impossibly large, thick, hard dick.

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