For Those About To Rock


She had a long work day and then had night school. She got home and just needed to relax. She got a page at 8 pm sharp. Usually expecting a work problem when her pager goes off, she hesitantly grabbed the beeper and looked at the number. Her anxiety changed to sheer excitement when she saw his number. It was her friend with benefits. She couldn’t call back fast enough.

“How’s 10 p.m. Angel?” he said. “Perfect.” She replied. “I’ll be there.”

She could hardly contain the excitement she felt and she went upstairs to prepare herself for a hot night of great sex. She ran the bath water, poured in a bit of bath bubbles and popped in her favorite CD. She stepped into the steaming water and submerged herself, letting the bubbles consume her body. She grabbed her razor and decided to shave her pussy so nice and smooth. That’s how he liked it. She wanted him to be pleased, and besides, she liked the feel of it herself. She smiled, reminiscing about the time he had shaved her. Such an erotic moment….very hot. He laid her on the bed and got a bowl of warm water and lathered her up and expertly shaved her most private of areas. She touched herself then, and was amazed at how soft her pussy felt. She wanted to maintain the smooth feeling because it aroused her when she masturbated during her alone time. Glancing at the clock, she noticed the time and returned from the memories back to her task at hand. She began to lather up and glide the razor over her pussy, stopping every now and again to feel her handy work. MMMM… so smooth to the touch. She couldn’t wait to get to him so he could feel for himself. She wanted to play so bad Çankaya Escort but she decided to hold off because it was his touch that she ached for and she did not want to be late.

She got out of the tub, dried off, applied lotion to herself, and chose casual dress for their night of fun. She decided on her black lace panties and black satin bra. AC/DC pajama pants and a black top. She fixed her hair, and her make-up was applied so that when she closed her eyes she would have that porn star look for him. She got on the road and made haste to get to his house, perfectly timing her arrival at 10 p.m. sharp, for she did not want to waste a minute of time with him.

When she entered his house, they shared a laugh because he was dressed in an AC/DC concert shirt that she had bought for him, their unplanned attire coordination proved the connection they shared. He greeted her with a “Hiya!’ and a kiss. They had a cigarette together and then they went into the bedroom where a porno was already playing. She loved how he set the mood for their times together. So hot. He makes her feel like a princess as he props pillows for her on his bed and removes her pants and panties. She forgets about the pressures of the day and immediately relaxes with him, eager for his touches. She is so hungry for him all the time. He has created a monster in her. An insatiable, sexual one. She can’t get enough, and she is so dirty and greedy when it comes to alone time with him.

He teases her pussy through a scene in the porno. They watch together and she gets horny for him, he knows that Keçiören Escort she is ready as his fingers probe deeper and he feels how wet she is for him. She gets on all fours for him. He fingers her expertly and she moans with pleasure enjoying every stroke. His touch starts slow and then his digit speed and pressure increase. The pleasure he gives her is intense. She is in total ecstasy and she arches her back and lets her head fall to the bed knowing that he is going to make her cum hard. She moves with his fingers and can feel it building. She can’t hold back any longer and she is about to give in to the pleasure of his fingering. She feels her body shake as she hears him whisper, “Good girl.” With that, she feels the sweet release of her squirting juice like a volcanic eruption and the waves of pleasure take over her body.

She is so ready to taste his cock as he lays on the bed for her saying nothing. She knows what he wants and she knows what to do. She gets on her knees, brushes the hair out of her face and kisses and licks her way down to his hot cock. She licks the shaft slowly up and down like she’s licking a tasty lollipop. She is greedy for that cock candy. She gazes up at him briefly and tells him how much she loves that cock. She tastes his pre cum and rolls it around her tongue and the head of his penis with her warm wet mouth. She likes it nice and wet and she manipulates him with her hand and her mouth. She takes the time to lick his smooth balls, and grazes her nails across them ever so lightly; paying close attention to give them a little teasing tug Etimesgut Escort here and there. He likes that. She goes back to her sucking and bobs her head up and down so eager to please him. She is getting hotter and hotter by the minute and is aching for that hard delicious cock to be thrust inside her. He knows she is ready for him.

He tells her to get on her belly for him. She obeys. Total surrender. Anything he wants is his for the taking. She aches for the ass pounding that only his hot cock can deliver. He applies lube to her tight hole and inserts his hot cock. MMMM… the moment she feels his penetration her eyes roll up in ecstasy. He feels so good sliding in and out of her. With each thrust of his huge cock, her pleasure builds. So sexy, he asks, “You like when I fuck your ass?” “MMM…I love it, fuck my ass hard baby.” He grants her wish and begins to bang her hard. She braces her arms against the bed and feels the deepness of each thrust. He must think his name is Oh My God, because that’s all she can vocalize while he is tappin’ that ass. She then takes her hands and brushes the hair up from the back of her neck where he begins to kiss while he’s fucking her so good and hard. This sends her into an animalistic frenzy and she wants to feel him cum inside her. She begs for it. She needs it. She wants it so bad. And after his furious pumping he gives her what she desires. He shoots his hot load in her ass and she felt totally limp and totally satisfied. He collapses on her and she feels the twitching of that cock still inside her. The smile on her face is huge as she basks in the good fucking that her friend with benefits just gave her. She was happy to be his friend, and his dirty little anal loving, cock sucking whore.

The night ended with a sensual shower together, a smoke break, cuddling, and hot kisses that make her weak. She was already anticipating their next hot stolen moment together as she drove away from his house.

…to be continued.

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