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Barbara climbed into the shower and let the cooling jets of water stream over her body. Her nipples jumped up, and she ran her long fingers over them enjoying the sensation of water over the puckered, pink skin around her lengthening nipples. She had noticed that they were much longer and harder than they used to be when she was a teenager. Just another one of the many changes adulthood and motherhood and brought on.

A balanced diet, daily tennis and healthy genetics had given Barbara a fine body for a woman in her late 30s. While it was true that she was far heavier than she had been in high school, she knew she wore the extra weight well. It had ended up mainly in her voluminous tits and bountiful ass. In high school, it had been her long legs and taut ass in tight jeans that had driven the boys crazy, but now she enjoyed the way men eyed her majestic melons when she walked by. It was only recently that she had even started referring to her breasts as ‘melons’ when she thought of them. She held them in her hands as she stood in the shower that evening, and took pleasure in their mass, the slight sag and the way they filled her hands.

She picked up the seaweed soap and ran it over her body, remembering how Miguel, the tennis pro at the club, had been staring at her cleavage all afternoon while she was on the court. She ran the soap between her thighs and down to her feet as she remembered bending down to pick up the balls in front of him. As she leaned forward to soap her feet, she felt her boobs pulling down, as they had done on the court. When she had looked up, she had seen Miguel captivated by her tits. She had let him look his fill, before straightening up and serving. He had looked with unbridled lust, lust which now made her feel a heat rise between her legs. He had wanted her melons in his mouth, and right now she would have gladly allowed him his desire, allowed him to grab her tits, run his hands roughly around them as she was with her soapy hands, and place her delectable offerings in his hot, Latino mouth.

Barbara liked the feel of her own hands on her boobs, soapy and slippery all over the massive globes, but she liked it even more when she imagined Miguel’s hands and mouth on them. She pinched her nipples imagining how he would bite her titties after ripping off her sweaty halter-neck T-shirt. She imagined going into his cabin at the club, having his juicy lips on hers and then working his way down to maul her breasts. He sucks tightly on her rubbery nipples while snaking a hand under her short tennis skirt into her sweaty panties. She ran the fingers of one hand down her belly and around her pussy.

She imagined Miguel taking her into the shower in his cabin and having her stand in the shower as he stripped his toned body. She had seen him with his shirt off often and the mental image of his sinewy body made her weak at the knees. She sat down inside her bathtub, one hand still soaping her tits, while the other was meandering around the outer lips of her pouting pussy. Under his shorts, she had seen Miguel was packed powerfully, so she imagined his dark, long cock bursting out of his briefs.

He walks toward her and turns her around so she is facing the tile wall. She can feel his cock against her back, the red head, swollen and smooth as he rubs it against her. He runs his fingers inside her wet panties and feels for her asshole, her cunt, her clit. He rips her panties off in one action, shredding the lacey fabric. She turns around and grabs his obscenely erect shaft in her long fingers and moves his foreskin up and down as he fingers her pussy. They kiss, long, hard, lots of tongue. She is already moaning.

Barbara had her fingers firmly inside her pussy by now, her legs spread wide over the edge of the tub. Two fingers of one hand rub the insides of her cunt while the soapy finger now rubs her clit.

She imagines Miguel dropping to his knees and spreading her ass with his large hands. He licks the fleshy outer labia, nibbling on them. He then grabs her ass and thrusts his tongue deep inside, delighting in her cunty flavors. His tongue is long, thick and stimulates her deep inside until she begs him to tongue her clit also. He allows his tongue to wander around her pubes before finding her exposed, swollen nub. He licks it softly at first, then harder and harder until she is begging him to suck it. He allows one finger to drop to her sensitive asshole, and works it inside.

The touch of her own finger on her sphincter makes Barbara moan with pleasure. She can feel her pussy swell as she rubs her clit faster. She knows she will come any minute, the image of Miguel sucking her clit and fingering her ass well formed in her imagination.

A knock on her bathroom door disturbs her masturbatory reverie, “Senora, your dress is ready and is in on your bed.”

“Damn! Damn, damn bad luck, damn!” Barbara swore as she felt her orgasm disappear. It had been weeks since she had felt horny enough to work herself up so close to cumming. She stood up, grabbed the soap and finished her bath, soaping her kartal escort bare underarms, her breasts, belly, her legs and between them, but the pleasure was gone. She draped her towel around her and walked into her bedroom.

She sat down naked in front of the full-length mirror and opened her legs and examined her own body. Her belly bulged slightly when she sat down, but her legs were still shapely. She looked between them at her pussy and ran one dry finger over the fleshy mound around the opening. She held the lips apart and ran another finger over the delicate, smooth pinkness inside, and looked at her sparse bronze pubic hair. She was a natural blonde like all the women in her family, but like all the ones she knew, her pubes were much darker than the hair on her scalp.

She ran her hand through the thin hair growing in a fine triangle above her clit. Barbara did not like shaving her pussy, it made the area rough – more appropriate on a man’s face, she thought. She also liked having some hair around there to enhance her natural odor. Some women were uncomfortable with their own cunt aroma, but not Barbara. She loved inhaling her own perfumes during arousal, during foreplay and sex. But she also liked to keep herself well trimmed for the days by the club pool when her bikini was far more daring than most women her age wore. She took her tiny pair of scissors – her pube shears, she called them – and clipped off a few strands that were growing too long. If anyone had cared to look at Barbara’s naked crotch, there was a small arrow of hair pointing down to her sensitive, long-ignored clitoris.

Tonight she was off to another charity event, a dinner-dance organized by the Women’s Association where she was the fund-raising chairperson. Her son was at summer basketball camp, and her husband, Walt, was out of town so she would be single at the dinner and dance. He hated these events anyway, and over the past years had found himself busy whenever she had to go out. His current trip was, he said, a golf trip. She knew it involved more booze than golf, and possibly a few women as well. She was long past caring about Walt’s infidelities, but wished she could have more in her own life than her own fingers groping inside her to images of naked tennis instructors.

“Maybe, tonight I will get lucky,” she smiled, knowing that the chances of getting laid after one of these stodgy affairs were slim. Still, she sprayed her favorite perfume between her ‘melons’, on her belly and other places she wanted a man to touch her. She pulled on a pair of black thong panties and looked at her rounded ass cheeks on either side of the thin black fabric. Maybe she could let Miguel get a grope of her ass next time she played tennis with him.

She pulled her dark blue, silky evening dress over her head. She loved the high slit in this one that exposed her smooth white flesh from her black pumps to nearly her hips. She left her tits bra-less, hoping it would not be too obvious when she was at the podium introducing the guest of honor.

She climbed into her BMW and drove out of town as this year the dinner-dance was at a place called the Mountain Lodge, a great place for such events, on the hillside. She drove thinking about tonight’s guest of honor. Every year the association chose the most generous donor and this year’s star donor, Ryan Winter, was an intriguing man. Still a bachelor at 35, he had made his money in some mysterious overseas business dealings, and had then come and settled down in their quite town. All she knew about him was that he donated a fixed percent of his company’s revenues annually, and this year that had placed him in the chief guest’s seat next to her.

Barbara wore her hair casually tied, allowing Ryan an unimpeded view of her perfect features when she sat next to him after their introductions. Her skin was smooth as porcelain and her gray eyes had a delightful sparkle in them, but it was her full lips, red and luscious, that held his attention during most of their conversation during the meal.

Barbara felt his eyes on her, not as shamelessly lustful as Miguel’s earlier in the day, but she enjoyed his quiet attention. He was shyer than she had imagined, hardly being able to string together more than a few sentences to her.

“Not the best character trait in a guest speaker,” she thought, “but nice eyes,” and before she caught herself, “nice ass too!”

“Most of our star donors are much older than you …I have to mash up the food for some of them,” she joked, “and feed them.” She placed her hand briefly on his thigh and smiled at him.

“Well, you could feed me if you want to. That would definitely make this a unique event,” he mumbled feeling a mixture of his habitual shyness and burning lust.

“You are too young for that, but maybe we can find some other way to make this night memorable for you.”

Ryan wondered if she was flirting with him. For the rest of the meal, whenever she spoke to him, she leaned very close and barely whispered in his kaynarca escort ear. He did not hear a single thing she said to him, he was too intoxicated with the sweet perfume he picked up from her hair, mixed with another, tangier aroma from elsewhere.

After dinner, Barbara rose to introduce him to the crowd. She started with some pleasantries, but he was too busy noticing the titillating amount of leg she was showing. For a moment, he wanted to reach out and run his hands, or his tongue, up the length of her smooth, marble legs. Her ass, though covered by the blue dress, was full, round, womanly and he longed to grab each butt cheek in my hands and squeeze, to lose his face in the crack between the flesh, to press his cock up hard against the softness of her feminine ass.

He woke up from his ass-reverie in time to hear her call him to the microphone. Ryan kept his eyes away from her gray eyes. He stepped up to the lectern and took out a small index card from his jacket pocket.

“Good evening,” he began, his deep baritone making her sit up in her seat, “I would like to take you on a brief journey tonight, a journey to places that need the money we are raising to get a clean glass of water to drink, to get a square meal, to have one more day of precious education.” He spoke only for 15 minutes, but in those 15 minutes, every eye in the room was on this seemingly shy man. He informed, he entertained, he inspired, and by the end, every hand was reaching for their checkbooks to donate more than they already had.

Barbara listened to the speech in amazement. This man who had been sitting next to her, hardly saying a word, had captivated the audience and had done what she had been trying to do for nearly a year now, loosen their grasp on their fat check books. But more than that, she was amazed at the effect the speech was having on her. His deep voice had made her feel warm and wet between her thighs and she knew she had made a big, damp patch in the crotch of her panties.

She stood up to join the applause at the end of his speech, but was very conscious of the stream of juices streaming out of the depths of her cunt. Other guests immediately mobbed him, so she stood back and watched. She took in his gorgeous dark eyes, his straight nose and strong chin. He was not a tall man, but he seemed to tower over everyone around him. His chest was broad and his ass tighter than any other man in the room. His eyes met hers from a distance and he pleaded with her wordlessly to free him from the crowd. She made a signal to the DJ she had hired to get the dancing started.

She walked up to him, grabbed his hand and pulled him away from the gaggle.

“It’s a tradition for the guest of honor to have the first dance with the chairperson,” she yelled over her shoulder by way of explanation to him and the crowd of people they had left staring.

He liked the warm and slightly sweaty feel of her hand in his. More than that, he relished the view of her gently swaying ass in front of him as she led him to the dance floor. Her rounded butt cheeks strained against the blue fabric and Ryan was stunned to find no trace of a panty imprint under the tight dress.

She turned to face him when they reached the center of the room, and he noticed her gorgeous boobs for the first time. Her cleavage was deep and inviting, a gorge between her porcelain globes, large and round. She caught his eyes, smiled and reached her arms up and around his neck to dance. Immediately her felt her soft tits against his chest. He placed his hands demurely on her hips, as she came closer so that his face was close enough to smell her hair. Again he could smell both the sweet perfume from her neck as well as a muskier aroma.

Before he could think too much about its source, he turned his face toward her and whispered, “Thanks for saving me.”

She responded by pulling him closer so that now she was pressing her boobs against him. He could distinguish her hardened nipples as she turned and whispered into his ear

“Tonight is meant to be about me thanking …us thanking you. That was a truly wonderful speech. You are a man full of surprises,” he could feel her breath warm in his ear, “I wonder what else I will uncover about you tonight.” She brought her lips close enough to his ear for him to feel her lips, wet, and warm, soft. He found her lips felt even better than they looked.

His erection twitched against her belly and she, feeling it expand, moaned into his ear. Mercifully, others had filled the dance floor and the lights had dimmed. He let his hands drop to her full rump, as he pulled her ass toward him. This only had the effect of rubbing his rapidly hardening cock against her. He turned his head and buried his face in her blonde mane. She was swaying her hips to the rhythm of the music. Her hands ran through his thick hair while he ran his around her ass. He found the elastic of her panties under her dress and could feel the narrow strip running down her crack.

His left hand kozyatağı escort moved toward the slit in her dress and touched her smooth skin. She gasped and took his earlobes between her juicy lips. He ran his hands over the warm skin toward her ass and squeezed. He could feel her sweat build up on her ass as he slid his hands further toward her ass crack.

“Somebody will see …” she hissed, but did not move immediately to stop his hand. He felt deeper, until he was sliding his huge hands under her panties. Barbara knew that if she reached her pussy, he would find it sopping wet. Her own hands started exploring his chest, his stomach, and lower until she was rubbing his throbbing cock through his pants. She knew they had to get out, she knew she had to have him; she knew she had to fuck him, to have that pounding cock inside her wet pussy.

“I want …I need you to …I need your …” she could not find the right words to whisper into his ear.

“I know,” he said, ‘I need it too, and I cannot wait.”

She pulled away from him and his eyes immediately fell to her full cleavage. She could sense the desire in his eyes and it turned her on even more.

“I am going to go pick up my handbag from our table. Meet me outside in a few minutes, I need to get out of here …with you.”

He waited for her outside avoiding eye contact with anyone. He knew his erection must have been plainly apparent to anyone so he turned and faced the dark woods, as if deep in thought. No one noticed him.

He picked up her perfume a few seconds before she was next to him. She took his hand and led him into the woods, away from the music and the lights. They walked silently for a minute or two, until they were sure they were out of everyone else’s hearing or sight.

They came together with animal force, their lips seeking out lips, tongues thrashing against each other, immediately her hands were running through his hair, his hands were pulling up her dress and fondling her amazing ass. His cock was again straining in his pants, throbbing and aching to be free, to be inside her pussy.

“I want you now,” he moaned, pulling her panties aside so he could feel her slippery crotch. He brought his fingers up to their mouths and she amazed herself by joining him and licking her own juices from his fingers. Not only wasn’t she repulsed by her own taste; it excited her to the point of madness. She grabbed his crotch and rubbed his massive shaft through the fabric. Her fingers tried, and failed, to encircle its diameter.

She felt its girth, and rubbing it up and down, said, “Give this to me…fuck me hard …make me scream,” and detecting some hesitation from him, she squeezed the monster in her hand and hissed, “now!”

Her taste had driven his cock to throbbing point, but her order to fuck her like a wild animal in the forest, made him dribble a stream of precum into his pants. She felt the wetness under her fingers and started unbuckling his pants with her free hand. Within seconds she was freeing his glistening, ruby-red, cock head from the confines of his soaked boxers. She let his clothes drop to the floor and ran her soft hands around his nut sack, feeling, squeezing, and fondling him. His shaft was thick, with large, visible veins running along its length. Barbara had seen longer dicks in her life, but never had her cunt been stretched by one of his width. It was thicker than her arm and the head resembled a helmet that was nearly the length of half his entire cock. And it was bright red, oozing a steady stream of white juice into her long, talented, moving fingers

He took her panties in his hands and with strength drawn from his lust, he ripped it off her hips. He grabbed her ass with both hands and lifted her off the ground. Her hands left his crotch and rested against the back of his head, her shapely legs wrapped around his rump. She looked into his eyes while he positioned her open pussy lips on either side of his distended cock. She felt his smooth head rub her outer lips for a brief moment before he dropped her ass onto his shaft.

Even the combined lubrication of her juices and his precum were not enough to allow his fist-like cock head easy access to the inner depths of her cunt. She buried her face into his neck and screamed. But neither had any intention of separating. She wiggled her ass, moved herself up and down, while he spread her ass cheeks with his massive hands. The discomfort soon gave way to unbelievable pleasure and relief as the entire length of his cock ran into her pussy.

They stood still for half a minute, allowing her walls time to get used to the intrusion, and allowing him time to enjoy the feeling of warmth around his cock. But she soon started moving up and down, using her strong, tennis-player arms around his neck and her muscular thighs to move herself up and down his cock. He focused on holding her ass in the air until she moaned into his ear.

“Fuck …fuck me, move inside me and …” she never finished her sentence losing her voice in a soundless scream as he rammed into her, stretching the length of her inner recesses as if all four fingers of a hand were inside. She had never been fisted, and the feeling of his cock pulling apart her gaping pussy lips was too intense for her. She threw her head back and howled while his own exertions made him grunt out loud. Like wild animals they went at each other, heedless of who could hear them rutting.

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