Freshman’s First Load


Freshman’s First LoadI went to high school in Manhattan right near the original time square I got more than my fair share of an adult education.My freshman year I would pace back and forth in front of the box office of a gay cinema near my school , finally the guy in the booth waved me over one afternoon. Once inside I grabbed a seat in the back row. A suited handsome mid forties white guy sat next to me cornering me in the isle. Dropping a meaty paw in my crotch he manipulate. My cock till it hurt it was so hard in my skin tight denim. Taking me by hand he guided me back to the men’s room into a stall. Sitting down he worked my jeans down to my ankles and licked the head of my cock before engulfed mariobet güvenilirmi it all.Full throttle he worked me hard in his mouth and throat for what seemed like close to an hour. I’d never gum before so I was just lost in all the new sensation. Finally unloading on my inner thigh he grew frustrated and zipped up and swatted my ass cheeks smiling at me.So I returned to my original spot in the back row and watched the rest of the film the biggest one I ever saw. As the film ended and the next began sailors in the wild another classic my executive with the hot wet mouth popped up again.Once again we went back to the stall in the men’s room this time he was a lot more aggressive mariobet yeni giriş pulling my balls to make my legs part more and more. Next thing I knew he released my cock from his hot mouth shoved two fingers into his mouth. Removing them and sucking me down to the pubes he positioned those wet fingers at my unsuspecting hole while firmly pulling on my balls hard. In one forceful shove he went two fingers up my hole till I could feel the cold blunt knot of his wedding ring deep inside me and twisted hard. Suddenly a lot of thing happened all at once my balls fought to escape his grip my cock bucked in his throat and I saw stars as back wardsailed me and I fell backwards mariobet giriş against the stall door. The door went flying open as my very first load poured down his throat. Luckily he released my balls in time to grab the crotch of my jeans to prevent my crashing onto the floor of the men’s room.Finally I couldn’t take anymore of the overwhelming sensitivity in my cock and shoved his head off. Again he smiled up at me licking his lips as he twisted those fingers deep in my hole causing me to go up on my toes in effort to escape. Reaching around grabbing a handful of my ass cheek with his free hand he got to his feet and leaned into me right next to my ear. Wish I had time to test drive that tight hole with more than just my fingers , oh well baby next time.I made my way home and couldn’t wait for to get my hands wrapped around my cock and practice what I had just learned.Oh yeah and practice I did a lot.All this mind blowing new adventure and it was only freshman year.

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