From eyes contact to anal in less than 10 words.


From eyes contact to anal in less than 10 words.There’s something about slipping inside a new girl for the first time that always blesses me with the hardest of hard-ons. I’m feeling quite proud of what’s brewing in my pants tonight. The woman is more gorgeous without her top than I had thought to imagine. I am sitting back in the couch, she is straddling me and I know she feels my bulge on her wet cunt through our clothes. My left hand is on the small on her back supporting her slightly. My right hand is gently squeezing her firm C-cup pyramids. Back and forth, back and forth. Let me be clear, I have no intention of making love to this horny angel tonight, but I can’t resist a few moments caressing this stunning body before I fuck this drunken slut the way I’m sure she is craving and probably even deserves.I am taking advantage of this beautiful young woman because she came on to me strongly from the second I met her 13 minutes ago at the bus stop. We weren’t at the same party but apparently we were catching the same bus to the same place at the end of the night. She walked up to me with a pretty smile. I politely türbanlı niğde escort introduced myself and held out my hand. She took it, and kissed it softly. She sat down beside me innocently enough and rested her head on my shoulder. It’s a young and friendly town we live in so I figure not TOO much of it as I still wasn’t exactly planning on making this happen. She continued to cuddled up to me which was quite nice on this cold early winter night. Her hand then moved start to my inner thigh. She paused just long enough to make sure she wasn’t making a fool of herself in front on the other people at the bus stop. She had slid her hand slightly up my leg and stopped for a few seconds on my semi hard cock before she slid it backdown a inch or two away from my dick- not in the sense of pulling away but simply the 30 people half watching. I hadn’t taken long before her scent was starting to intoxicate me further and my growing erection reach out to her stationary hand. Her only reaction was a soft smile. The bus arrived not long after… But just long enough I had türbanlı niğde escort bayan a little more control. I made sure she had her bus pass and I got on and sat down. She came and sat beside me and curled up to me. I put my arm around her and touched her leg and we rode in silent cuddle back to our part of town. She looked at me as we got off the bus and kissed me on the lips. No tongue, but a nice kiss. I took her hand and walked her back to my place.She stands up and pulls her tights and thong down. She takes off my pants, and then straddles me again. My cock is as hard as it’s ever been as I feel the heat radiating off of her cunt even before it makes contact with her perfectly smooth pussy lips. My concern about lubrication subsided as my prick immediately poked a very went clit. My hand is back up on her breast and she reacts to the direct stimulation. Her reflex movement to the cock touching her clitoris sent her hips moving and just like that I felt her drop down onto my thick meat. There is some resistance but it’s not for lack of lubrication. This türbanlı escort niğde bitch is literally dripping on my balls. She takes a deep breath and I finally sink in far enough for me to be satisfied and the moment. I squeeze her breast hard. Neither of us is thrusting since I’m still nice enough to realize she hasn’t had one this big before, probably not even close. I leave her a moment to let her furnace cook me on simmer but before a begin to move I hear her breathing change and she becomes ever so slightly twitchy. She begins a loud rhythmic moan that is accompanied by strong vaginal contractions. Still neither of us has really thrusted or grinded yet so even those she was clearly full blown cumming, she was in control of the orgasm. She was creaming all over my every 5-10 seconds I could feel a jet of goo blast my dick and squeeze out around my cock. This continued for longer than I thought possible. She suddenly pulls it out, says she can’t take it anymore and needs me to cum. Without another word she she shoves my cock up her ass and begins to ride. She knew it wouldn’t fit. She also knew 5 seconds up that fucking tight hole would definitely result in anal insemination. Even though I wasn’t even the one in control it got pretty violent as I approached orgasm and her orgasm transformed into anal a-bliss. She then sucked on my penis in some fashion for the next two hours. Mostly to help her deal with what I’m realizing is probably a pretty high high.

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