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FRUSTRATED”I fucking hate you!” Jackie spit out those words and then stormed up the stairs. She got to the top of the staircase and turned left into the master bedroom. She was stamping her feet like a two year old but she didn’t care. She pulled out four dresses and within a few minutes had chosen a stunning silver dress with matching high heels. Her dark hair was in a ponytail and as she pulled out the elastic, her hair fell gracefully around her shoulders.”Stop being stupid!” Sean had followed her up the stairs and stood at the doorway of their lavish bedroom. The room was so large that the king size bed looked tiny sitting in the middle of the room. The fireplace was going and it created a warm glow.”Shut up. You try to control me all the time. I’m going out!” Jackie screamed those words loudly and then made her way down the spiral staircase. Sean followed huffing and puffing, trying to think of a reply.”I just asked if you were going to be home tonight. Fuck! We’re married remember. I wanted to know if I could watch the hockey game in peace.”Sean watched as his wife grabbed her car keys and her purse. He was thankful that their house was so large that the two k**s would not hear any sounds of their argument. He hated how neurotic and moody she had become lately and this was just the latest stupidity of an argument.”I’m going out.”Sean watched helplessly as Jackie left the house and walked the short distance to the three-car garage. He wasn’t going to go after her. It wasn’t worth it. He hoped she would come home tonight at least. The last time she did this she didn’t come home until the morning and he was thankful onwin giriş that she snuck in the back entrance. Their c***dren did not need to see their mother looking the way she did.Jackie slid effortlessly into the black sports car and drove way too fast out of the laneway and onto the road. Her dainty right foot was pushing hard on the accelerator pedal and soon she was exactly where she wanted to be. The house was tiny with only the upstairs bedroom light on. He was home. She’d known he would be home. Rushing out of the car, she rang the doorbell and waited.Steve stumbled down the stairs. He had heard a car in his laneway but wasn’t really expecting anyone. He was wearing jeans and nothing else. His dark hair was messy. He opened the door and saw her.”Hi.” Jackie was timid. Steve always caused her to be quiet and reserved. The aggressiveness that she gave to her husband was in direct comparison to how she behaved in front of him. She looked down at the ground, waiting for him to respond.Steve’s cock began to throb and he felt it push against the zipper of his jeans. He was uncomfortable but knew that very soon his cock would either be in her wet warm mouth or in her delicious pussy. She was wearing that slutty silver dress with the matching high heels. Even with those fuck-me heelsheels, he was a foot taller then she. She wasn’t wearing a bra and her nipples were hard. Her hair was styled perfectly and she had on the pink lip-gloss he loved.”You always come running to me when you fight with him.” It was a statement that was thick with sarcasm and hatred. As he spoke those words, he grabbed her by the hair, onwin yeni giriş tugged her inside, and shut the door with his foot. His entrance way was tiny with a long hallway that opened up to the kitchen. There was a wooden bench that was used for storage and somewhere Steve could sit down when he had to remove his heavy work boots. He sat down on the bench and pushed her to her knees.”Suck me until I tell you to stop. Then I’m going to fuck you so hard it will hurt.” Steve grunted as he felt Jackie’s small fingers try to unzip his jeans then unbutton them. When she finally did that his cock sprang out. His cock was thick and long with precum oozing down the sides. He didn’t even need to say anything. She knew what to do.Jackie opened wide and sucked hard on the tip. She leaned down and began pushing more and more of his cock into her mouth. She began to gag but kept going until his entire shaft was in her throat. She pulled back, streams of saliva dripping everywhere. She did it again, this time rubbing his large heavy balls.”You need to be treated like a slut to feel good about yourself. My little married slut. Cheating on her husband because she fucking hates her life.” Steve watched as Jackie sucked his cock. He was close to cumming but the only place he ever came was inside her pussy. It was a fetish of his and really, she was never going to say no.Jackie was silent. She was dripping wet and it wasn’t just the fact that she was going to be fucked hard. The idea that he was calling her names turned her on so much. She wanted to be used, to be fucked. Her mouth was sore and her jaw was getting tired. onwin güvenilirmi She was relieved when he finally pushed her away.”Get on my cock and fuck me, you little cunt.”Jackie nodded. She wasn’t wearing panties and his cock slid into her pussy easily. She was stretched wide from giving birth to two babies but she still felt snug with his cock. The first time they had fucked, she hadn’t been dripping wet and it had hurt like hell. She knew that unless they were both soaking wet there would be resistance.”Oh god!” Jackie bounced her light body up and down on Steve’s cock. He was grunting, groaning, and began to slap her breasts.”Tell me you’re a slut. Tell me you like this.” Jackie was wincing in pain. He had his large hands on her hips and was tugging her so hard against his cock. Her cervix was tender and it was causing her a weird combination of pain and pleasure.”I love this Steve. I love when you fuck me like a slut. I love cheating on my husband. I love when I go home with your cum in my pussy.”Steve couldn’t take it anymore. He held her down and came inside her. It felt so good to cum as her pussy wrapped around his cock tight. His fingernails dug into her skin but he didn’t care. Once he was finished, he pushed her off him. She crumbled into a ball on the ground.”Go home. Alyssa will be home soon. I don’t want her finding out that I still fuck my sister.”Jackie blinked and then got up. Her legs were shaking and she stumbled her way to the car. She was such a horrible person but she couldn’t help it. She had married the rich guy who her parents loved to death. Steve had dropped out of high school and married an average girl from a good family. Steve needed his sister to remind him of the days before she moved out. She needed to be treated roughly and reminded that had she not been pretty and cute she wouldn’t be living in a mansion on the other side of town.

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