Fucked By Chance


This happened 19 years back when I was 23 years and newly married, other than sex with my hubby I never had any sort of experience with any other male as we were from a decent family.

After we got married we came to Goa and settled here and my father in law visited us for the first time in this house, we were hardly married for 2 months, my mother in-law had died almost 9 years back and he stayed alone in a place called Mumbai. I was very nervous about his first visit, in the out house room I had made the room ready for him to stay.

Next day me my hubby, my father in law and some 3 old ladies who are his relatives left for Aurangabad in a taxi to attend a marriage, the function went on well and we had lot of chat with all relatives and left back for Goa at 7 pm. In the front seat driver, my hubby and one old lady sat and in the rear 2 more old ladies and my father in law and me sat.

The two ladies were fully tired and went to sleep and place was too tight for all of us and my father in law asked me to sit on his lap, which I did hesitation, and kept my head on the front seat and slept a bit. After a while I felt something moving on my thighs and woke up. I saw that my father in law had kept his hand on my thighs on the skirts what I was wearing and was caressing it.

I was too shocked but kept still as if nothing was happening and he further advanced and spread my thighs and was touching my pussy area, one side. I was getting scared and other side I was getting aroused sexually, by then we reached half way place and we stopped for some refreshment.

I was standing outside and hubby went to wash room and I was alone with my father in law and he asked whether I felt bad. I replied for what and he said since I touched your body and private parts.

I just stood bending my head, he said I am sorry and what to do that your mother in law passed away long back and still having energy and vigor which made him touch me and asked if I am ok, bending down my head its ok I said thinking that it will not happen again.

But never expected what was coming for the next 1 week. Again we started the journey and in no time again my father in law hand was invading my body, he went straight to my scrotch area, this time he could Betturkey feel my wetness over my panties and he started to pull down the panty and his hand went inside.

I was also exited and spread my thighs apart enough for his fingers to reach my pussy. I was just bending on the front seat and pretended to sleep and was enjoying his fingering, his left hands were now nicely kneading my breasts and I could feel my nipples getting hard.

The driver was driving and everyone else was half sleepy and my father in law was feasting on me, my pussy was fully wet and his fingers moving in and out was making faint noises, he pulled his fingers out and put them in his mouth to taste my pussy juices.

It was very erotic for me and my hubby had never done anything like this to me, fingering was continuing for the next 30 minuets and I had a wild orgasm and I tightened my thighs, by the time we were approaching Goa I wore my panty and got ready to get down.

We got down at the house and all went for a freshen and had dinner, everyone was tired and wanted to go to bed as it was almost 11pm and my father in law asked me to keep his water boiled in the room and do up the bed.

So I went into our out house upstairs and was tiding the bed, suddenly I saw my father in law standing behind me. I was really scared, he pulled me towards him and lip locked on to me, I could feel his thick tongue trying to enter my mouth and I opened my mouth and he was filling my mouth with all his saliva.

As he kissed me he lifted my nightie till my chest and pushed me on to bed, as I lay there he spread my legs apart and he buried his head into my crotch, this was my first experience someone sucking me, he licked my pussy from top to bottom and he further went down and with his tongue made circle motion on my ass hole which sent shivers in my body.

It was in such pleasure I surrendered fully for his passion, he was really a good lover, he did for almost 15 minutes and I could hear my hubby calling out for me, at that time he lifted his head and told me to tell will be down in 10 minutes, so my hubby replied that he is going to bed and to lock all the doors.

His face was fully wet with my pussy juice and he had Betturkey Giriş relished every drop of it, and I had almost 2 orgasms, when he stood up, I saw he had removed his shorts and his cock standing erect; it was a sexy sight to see a hard cock of my 55 year old father in law. As I was watching he came forward holding his cock in one hand and with the other hand pulling my head towards his cock, in no time his cock was touching my lips and he asked me to suck it.

This was my first experience of cock sucking, when I opened my mouth he pushed his hard cock till my throat and started to fuck me, with his pre cum taste my secretion of saliva became more and I could feel my saliva all over his cock.

It just went on for a few minutes I could feel my father in law grunting and loaded his sperms in my mouth, I didn’t know what to do, in that excitement I had swallowed half of it, as he removed his cock from my mouth he pushed me flat on the bed and came on top of me and started to kiss and lick his own sperms which was leaking on my cheeks.

Since my nightie he had lifted I could feel his last drops of cum falling on my thighs, he was so huge in physique and I am so thin and was feeling like a monster on me. I swallowed the rest of the cum which was in my mouth, he got up and again licked my pussy of all the juices which had leaked and said good night to me.

When I got up he gave a tight hug and thanked me for the sharing, I didn’t know what to say I just left the room in silence.

The next day morning I got usual at 6 am had bath and was with my regular work, as hubby had to leave for work by 9 am, I saw father in law coming down at 7 wished me good morning and went about reading the news paper.

I couldn’t get the courage to see eye to eye after what happened last night. My father in law and hubby had break fast at 8.45 and he left for work stating that he will come back only in the night and instructed me to take father in law out to near by shopping mall so that he wont get bored and left.

I went out till the gate with hubby after he left closed the gate and came inside and was latching the door, I could feel my father in law comming from behind and hugging me, I could Betturkey Güncel Giriş feel him kissing and sucking my neck passionately from behind, and his hands was caressing my breasts, I could feel that ecstasy building up again in me.

With his right hand lifted my nightie up and hands reached my crotch and he asked me to spread my legs apart which I did and his hands went inside my panty and started to play with my clitoris, within no time I could feel my pussy getting wet, he removed his hand and took me to my bedroom and lifted of my nightie over my head I was standing in front of him with only my panty.

As he knelt down my panty and kissed my pussy and both his hands were cupping my ass from back, then he got up and he removed his shorts and both the nude bodies hugged in passion and kissed for a while.

He gently pushed me back on the bed spread my thighs and fingered my pussy which was dripping wet and came on top of me. His cock was much thicker and longer than my hubby’s, he rubbed his cock head on the pussy juice and guided to my hole, inch by inch he entered my body, once he was fully in. He gave such a long and forcing strokes that my pussy spreaded more than its usual size and I wanted it more and more.

He had lot of vigor in him he pounded my pussy for almost 20 minutes before he loaded his sperms into my pussy and slept of me licking all my face with his saliva, after his cock became soft he pulled it out and hugged me and we slept.

It must have passed out for about 30 minutes and with his cock again getting hard near my thighs I woke up, and he came on top of me again, but this time he took my legs on to his shoulders and put a pillow under my ass and inserted his cock. This session went on for about 30 minutes and my pussy was feeling sore with his pounding, but I enjoyed every stroke of his cock, but this time before he could cum he pulled his cock out and leaked out into my mouth and as usual slept with me licking his own cum.

We saw the time it was almost 2 pm how several hours had passed by couldn’t be felt, we got up had bath again together, got dressed up and went to mall where he brought me lot of dresses and make up things, by the time we came back hubby was back at home waiting for us.

The next 5 days my father in law stayed with us were ultimate pleasure time for us, in the coming days he fucked me in different styles and places, and each fuck was better than the other that’s all I can say. For all the passion what he had I kept aside our relation ship and enjoyed the sex.

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