Training Ch. 08


Dhea was a beautiful 26 year old Asian woman from Java. For those who don’t know where that is, it’s in the Pacific Ocean near China.

She was small as are almost all women from that area of the world. Raised by her mother, Dhea was taught at an early age to be very proper and sub-servant to her husband when she got one. But, most of these ladies are like that with all men when alone. It was the custom of the country. This way of life was instilled into her brain from a very early age. Handed down from generation to generation a girl was taught that a woman was made to please her man and serve them in all ways, including and especially sexually.

Standing no more than 5’1′ and weighting only about 95 pounds Dhea was extremely attractive at a young age. Cute and not becoming absolutely beautiful until she was older, Dhea still had men seeking her and fighting over her since she was a teenager. She learned that men would bend over backwards to talk with her and do things for her in an attempt to meet and get to k now her better. They all had one thing in their brains, to have sex with her. Dhea learned at an early age how to use her beauty and charm to achieve what she wanted and get what she wanted in life from these men.

As she grew into an adult she had various jobs that paid next to nothing in the way of wages or benefits but she always seem to have more and get more than the other girls.

Then one day while working as a clerk in a store she met a representative from the American Embassy. He just walked into the shop she was working in and was immediately overwhelmed by her beauty. He visited often and always purchased much more than he wanted. He stayed and chatted with Dhea for long periods of time. Finally she went out with him.

A few days later she was offered a job at the Embassy and began working for the man. They met after work and he made love to her and gave her things, expensive things. She became his woman. That is until the Ambassador saw her. Then she began to work directly for him as an assistant to his social scheduler in his office with other women. But, Dhea still met the young man after work and fucked him almost every night in his bed.

Her mother, family and friends all felt Dhea having a good job at the Embassy was wonderful news since working for the Americans was considered a very special job with major benefits. Dhea received a nice salary when she started working for the ‘old man’. That’s what everyone called the Ambassador but actually his real name was Frank. The income she received was used to help support her family and give her a little independence. She moved into her own place and the relationship with the young man began to fail and a new one began to develop with Frank. She told the young man she had to work late and stay with the ‘old man’ during lunch and it started to occupy her time.

Dhea was very willing to work and help with doing those tasks that really weren’t hers but that no one else wanted to perform. Everyone at the Embassy loved her. She was so willing and happy to do anything asked of her by her boss. Plus the fact that she was extremely lovely made it easier for her to get her way most of the time.

The Ambassador began to notice her more and more. Her beauty made her stand out against the other women in the office and building. He began to take a very special interest in seeing to her development. In fact as time went by, Frank started to have private meetings with Dhea which he called English training sessions. These meetings were held behind close doors and with just the two of them.

As the meetings with the Ambassador continued he became more and more charmed by Dhea and her natural beauty. Then one day he couldn’t stand it any more and touched her arm and pulled her to him. She was scared at first but didn’t want to be fired so she did nothing when he kissed her and held her body close to his. That was the start of her new relationship and Frank began her training. The affair would last over three years.

Now each time they would met the ‘old man’ began to make his move and take it a little further. He began by undressing her. First it was the removing of her top. She would stand there in her bra and he would look at her and pull her closer and kiss her again and again. Then he would remove her bra and used his hands to touch her small but full tits. He absolutely loved her small breasts with those dark nipples which grew hard and long and very thick. They would look like erasers by the time he was done with them.

Dhea’s body was perfect but Frank always stayed above her belly t first and would hold her to him and touch her and play with her tits. She never said no to him and he went very slowly so she wouldn’t get to scared or upset with what he was doing to her. He was very careful not to upset her or get caught by the staff.

Then one day he had both of her young lovely breasts out and as usually he used his hands to play with them and teased the nipples. But, this day as coffeedonutfest.com he played with them he became overwhelmed with her sexy body and beautiful face. He kissed her and worked on her tits even more than before. When her nipples grew hard and long, Frank bent down and sucked her tits for the first time. Dhea loved it. She held his bald head and pushed her small tit deeper into his mouth and held him as she whispered things like: “Oh yes Frankie suck them that feel so good. Suck baby suck Dhea’s nipples for her.”

Frank was wild with his lust and need. It was the first time she had said anything during these sessions. She loved how his lips felt on her nipples and how his tongue licked them and played with them as he sucked. He asked her if she like what he was doing to her breasts and she told him: “Yes. Yes sir. It feels wonderful. Suck more. Suck, Frankie suck!”

So now it became something he did almost immediately after opening her blouse and removing the bra. He cupped them both in his two hands and sucked each tit like a baby! She held his head and stroked his face. Then she started talking to him more and more telling him how good it felt to have him suck her tits.

He started to instruct her in what to say and how to use words like tit, and nipple, and suck them. These words make his little cock grow harder and throb and jump with excitement. Frank loved when she talked to him using those words. It made his lust for her even stronger.

After these sessions ended for the day, there were times when Dhea saw a big wet stain on the front of his slacks. She didn’t know the ‘old man’ had cum in his slacks at first. She wondered if he peed himself. But then she realized that it only happened when he was sucking her tits and she was talking to him.

She saw the spot of wetness form there one day as he played with and sucked her tits. When she told him to suck the nipples she saw him wet his pants and know he had cum without touching his cock. It was sort of a strange relationship. But, Frank treated her very well and so she let him do it week after week for a few months. Each time he did it he gave her something, a gift, perfume, or jewelry or money from his own pocket. He would tell her to go buy something sexy to wear the next time they got together.

Each time they met he sat in his chair and now he had her sitting on his lap. He would open her blouse and undo her bra and hold and suck her tits. Then one day it was different. He told her to sit in the chair and he stood.

As she did as instructed, Frank stood next to her and instead of him removing her top, he told her to take off her top. She did as she was told and as she sat in the chair nude from the stomach up Frank just looked at her, well at her breasts. She felt a little funny just sitting there and he just looked at her. But she could see his little cock growing hard in his slacks. His crotch was at her eye level.

He turned more towards her and told her to undo and unzip his slacks. Dhea undid the belt of his slacks and then pulled down the zipper. His slacks fell to his feet. He then took her hand and gently put it inside his baggy shorts as he told her to hold his hard cock. Again she did what she was told.

Finally when he was hard, Frank told her to take it out and hold it. Then he instructed her on how to play with it. Dhea had done this a couple times while she was growing up and dating her boyfriends. But this was a different. This was the Ambassador, and her boss. It was his cock she was holding now and she knew she had better do a good job with it.

She held his cock in her little hand and felt it throbbing. Frank smiled and her and told her to relax. Then he told her that it felt so good having her hold his sex and that he wanted her to jerk him off. She looked at him and wasn’t completely sure what he wanted. So Frank took her hand and showed her what he wanted her to do and how to jerk him off. As he played with her right tit, she masturbated his cock and made the ‘old man’ cum on her arm, hand and tits. This was another step in her development as Frank called it.

Later after he cleaned her breasts up removing the cum, Frank asked her if she liked doing that and she said: “Not much Frankie, I like it better when you suck my nipples.”

He told her that next time they would do both and that sometimes they all had to do things they really didn’t want to do in order to get what they wanted out of life. Dhea understood exactly what he meant. She smiled at him and told him: “I understand Frank. I jerk you off and you suck my nipples.”

From then on she always sat in the chair and he stood next to her. Now he didn’t have to be told to unzip him and take his cock out. Dhea knew what to do and she did it. He had trained her to unzip his slacks, take out his old cock and jerk him off until he shot his load on her hand, arm and tits, without being told. He would always clean her up and afterwards and then they changed position and she sat on his lap and Frank played with her tits and sucked her nipples as he taught her new words like cock and cum and balls.

As time went on they moved from that chair to the sofa. Now Frank insisted that she wear a skirt on those days they would meet. He began to worship her body. Now the ‘old man’ had her sit on the sofa and he would kneel in front of her. He would have her lift her skirt slowly and hold it up with her hands as he used his hands to open her legs and he looked at her pretty panties.

The Ambassador would kneel there just looking up under her skirt and he would stay just like that for a little while just looking at her. Again Dhea felt it was strange but she knew eventually it would pay off. He had told her that he would do what he promised if she let him see her thighs and panties covering her pussy. Frank told Dhea he would go down on her and lick and suck her pussy. No man had ever done that to her before but women told her how good it felt to have a tongue lick their pussy.

The first time it happened she went wild. Since Dhea had never had this done to her before, she exploded with huge orgasms. Her body convulsed and she fucked the ‘old man’s face like she was taken over by a witch. She held his head and moaned and cried out as she came and came.

Frank loved to lick and taste her and she loved how his tongue made her feel. After he licked her and made her cum a few times Dhea had to pull his head out from between her legs. She didn’t want to do it but her pussy became too sensitive for any more. But she was sure Frank would stay down there, between her open thighs as long as she wanted him to do it. He seemed to love being there on his knees licking and sucking her wetness.

When she was done, Frank would have her masturbate him and make him cum on her thighs as he sucked her nipples and played with her tits while they sat on the sofa. They lay on the sofa together holding each other so she could jerk him off and he could suck her tits.

As she jerked him off, he just loved playing with her tits and now he began to rub her inner thighs with on hand as he told her to leave her legs open. She left her thighs wide open almost crudely, and did so until he shot his load.

As she remembered back it was sort of funny that for almost a year he never touched her pussy or ass. He licked it and sucked it but he never used his hands, never. Now he was always touching her inner thighs and pussy and ass. All he had to do was touch her leg and she would gladly open them for him. She knew that Frank would go down on her and eat her cunt and she wanted this badly.

Finally one quiet afternoon when they were to have their ‘English’ session, he told her they were going to lunch together instead. He wanted to talk with her about something very important. They went to the best hotel in town and after a spectacular lunch then he took her to a room and for the first time he fucked her.

It was a special day for both of them. For him he had finally got to feel his cock inside her. He undressed her and stood there looking at her perfect body. Finally he laid her back on the bed fully nude and again he just looked at her for the longest time.

She knew what he liked and she opened her thighs wide and lifted her arms over her head and showed off her body completely. With her body open and spread for his pleasure the ‘old man’ almost came before he got his dick inside her tight wet pussy. He had licked her and made her cum like usual and while she was recovering he told her he was going to fuck her and it would be worth her while if she didn’t fight him. She didn’t fight and he put on a condom and entered her body and lasted maybe 20 seconds. Dhea was just too beautiful.

It was a special day for Dhea too. It was the next step in her development but it also meant he would pay her more, she was sure of it. She held him and let him hump her pussy until he spewed into a condom. The good part was he licked her pussy again after he fucked her and made her cum many time that day.

They spent a few hours in the room. Most of the time, that afternoon, he played with her body, licking her pussy on and off and making her cum over and over again. She just held his bald head and told him how good he was making her feel when he licked her pussy. She held his cock and even licked it and sucked on it trying to make it hard again but he was done. The Ambassador did his best to make her enjoy every minute they were together because he wanted her to go with him again and again.

Dhea didn’t really like having sex with him but she went with him on a weekly basis. He was too old, and his body was not very good and his cock was semi-hard at best. But his tongue and mouth worked magic on her. She always had multi- orgasms from his oral talents and so she just let him fuck her for a half a minute and cum in his condom.

She knew Frank was done for the day and the rest of the afternoon would be for her pleasure and enjoyment. The rest of their time was spent with him between her legs licking and sucking her pussy or playing with her tits and nipples. She had to stay nude the entire time but that was becoming easier and easier for her to do.

The ‘old man’ at times just sat on the bed between her open legs and looked at her smiling as he opened her pussy lips and touched her red insides. She was so beautiful! Then he would go back down on her and lick her making her feel good as he got another orgasm for her.

After that first time with him in that hotel room the Ambassador changed her job and increased her salary and gave her medical benefits which she could use to help her mother. This added money and benefit was well worth the little time it took to make the ‘old man’ cum.

Finally the last part of Dhea’s training and development began to get underway. The ‘old man’ told her that she need to develop a better way of greeting and entertaining people and when she developed it she would work with him all the time and travel with him and earn much more money.

Frank said that his wife Barbara would work with her and teach her how to do it. At first it began with them inviting Dhea to their private home on the weekends to learn the various things needed to learn to become a high ranking official in the Embassy. Dhea had a proper attitude but needed to be shown how to greet people and how to sit and what to say and not say and how to entertain people just by talking, things like that.

Barbara had been the wife of the Ambassador of almost 40 years and she knew all about these sort of things. Plus she loved to see Dhea and look at her beautiful face and body.

She always told the Ambassador later at night after a party or function that they all attended that she wanted Dhea to come to her and sleep with her, and have sex with both of them. The ‘old man’s wife was a woman who went both ways.

The old man’ told his wife he was working on it and soon they both would have Dhea in their bed providing sex and that it would be very soon. He told her that Dhea would begin staying over at their house as their guest full time. Then they would start to teach her what it would take for her to come to America.

It started with a touch from Barbara just like the time in the chair in the office with Frank. Barbara would touch her hair or shoulder or arm. They sat together and she would always touch Dhea’s knee or face.

Then one day Barbara told her they were going to just relax and had her change into a bathing suit that Frank had purchased just for Dhea. It was a very small bikini and Dhea felt a little funny wearing it in front of Barbara the wife of the man she was fucking. But since Frank had purchased it for her she dare not say no. She looked stunning in it.

As they lay out Barbara began to touch her trainee and it became more and more personal. Finally Barbara removed Dhea’s top and she began to play with her breast just like Frank did. She and Dhea sat in the lounge chair. Barbara sat on the side next to Dhea as she lay back on the chair. Barbara just started touching Dhea between her legs right on her pussy covered only by the small bottom of the bikini.

When Dhea started to protest Barbara told her it would be better if she just went along. She told Dhea that she knew the Ambassador was fucking her and she just wanted to do the same thing. Barbara talked to her about eating her pussy and that she knew Dhea love to have her pussy licked by Frank. She told Dhea how much better it felt when a woman did it, after all who knows more about a woman’s body than another woman.

Dhea listened and wondered if that was true. Dhea stopped protesting completely now knowing Barbara knew about the affair. Barbara opened Dhea’s legs wide and started to make love to her on the lounge chair.

It didn’t take an experienced woman like Barbara very long to make Dhea cum that first time. Barbara just rubbed and finger fucked Dhea until she climaxed in the chair. Then Barbara stood up and took Dhea’s hand and they went to the bedroom. After they both undressed, Barbara laid Dhea back on the bed and she taught Dhea how it felt when a woman made love to her.

Soon Barbara knew Dhea would be making love to her pussy in return. But right now Barbara just wanted Dhea to get use to the idea of another woman having sex with her. Barbara used a vibrator and her tongue and the sex was hot, long and very good for Dhea. They spent the afternoon in bed and every afternoon from then on.

After the first time it was much easier for Barbara to get Dhea in bed. When Frank got home he had another round of oral sex with his young lover. Almost every night Frank would make her cum again with his mouth. Life was good for Dhea and she was being paid for it too.

Then came the time when Barbara told Dhea to go down on her first. She instructed Dhea on how to eat her pussy and then after a long 69 both women used a long dildo to fuck together rubbing their cunts against each other with the double headed dildo was in their holes. The ‘old man’ filmed it all and as the two women climaxed so did he in his slacks again.

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