Fun time after the track meet


Fun time after the track meetIt had been a trying day, even though we had won, I still had my duties to my team mates to perform. I got to the locker room first and stripped down and wrapped a towel around my waist. The first of my team mates entered and on at a time they would come over to my locker and I would suck their cocks till they shot their load of baby making fluid into my mouth.Some I could swallow, some was too much to swallow and would drip from my lips, I would go into the shower area and service any members that had gotten past me in the locker area. I finished the last cock and stood just as coach poked his head around the corner and said ‘good meet fellows, David be sure you lock up, since you are always the last to leave.’The rest of the team finished showering and dressed and left. I was enjoying the shower when I heard some one clear their throat. I turned and saw Gloria standing their stark naked, with one of her cheer squad friends, Jeanne, she asyabahis yeni giriş was also stark naked.’See Jeanne, I told you he sucked dicks better then we do.’ Jeanne giggled and said ‘what else can he do.’ Gloria called to me ‘come here sissy boy and suck this pussy.’ I walked towards the girls only to hear Jeanne say ‘bitch don’t you walk over here like a man, get on your knees and crawl like a dog.’I dropped down and crawled over to Gloria and knelt before her, looking up at her brownish cunt hair I licked gently at her vaginal slit, Gloria squealed and held my head with one hand while squeezing her, medium size, breast with the other.Jeanne came closer and pulled my head from the cunt I was licking, Jeanne pushed her nappy haired cunt into my face and said ‘suck this pussy now.’ Gloria giggled and stroked my hair as I sucked on Jeanne’s cunt. Jeanne was a thick black girl with shoulder length hair, both girls had on shower caps.Gloria asyabahis giriş and Jeanne kept switching my head from one cunt to the other, Jeanne said ‘alright Gloria let me see this sissy boy lick that ass of yours. Glori turned around and bent at the waist and said ‘David lick my ass hole for me.’ I slipped my tongue into her butt hole and licked it back and forth, sticking my tongue into her anal opening every now and than.Gloria knelt down on the floor on all fours and said ‘get my ass good and wet so your dick can slip in, baby.’ I licked her butt till it was good and wet then I knelt behind her and stroked her butt crack with my rigid cock. Jeanne reached down and took hold of my cock and guided it to Gloria’s puckering butt hole.My cock slipped into Gloria’s bung hole and I rammed deep into her rectum, Gloria was moaning and groaning as I worked her butt hole. Jeanne said I’ve seen enough,’ she dropped to her knees and said ‘get may ass asyabahis güvenilirmi wet to, bitch, and you better not hurt me when you stick that sissy dick in me.’I licked Jeanne’s ass hole till she was squirming and it was as wet as I could get it. I slowly pushed the head of my aching cock into Jeanne’s ass, she squealed as my cock head popped through her outer anal muscle ring. Gloria laid on her back under neath Jeanne’s body and sucked my testicles and Jeanne’s cunt till I flooded Jeanne’s ass hole with my baby juice.Jeanne and Gloria laid on the shower floor sucking each others cunt till they came in each others mouth. Jeanne switched around and laid on top of Gloria and told me ‘come fuck both our cunts. I crawled between their legs and fucked both their cunts, sticking mu rigid dick, first in Jeanne’s cunt then in Gloria’s cunt. Jeanne was grinding into Gloria as I fucked her cunt and sucking on Gloria’s tits.After we all had came again we showered, the girls went back through the connecting door to the girls shower. I finished Showering and as I came up the Girls were coming out of the girls locker room. We locked up the gym and started to walk home, Jeanne said let’s go over to my house and have some more fun.TO BE CONTINUED…

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