Further into the Furlong Pt. 01


“Look, about last night,” Jake said, walking into the kitchen. It was the morning after I’d stormed out of his bedroom and he was, no doubt, going to try to make amends.

I figured I knew what my cousin was going to say. That he was sorry he’d messed things up by coming on too sexy with me and that he promised he’d back off if I agreed to stick around a while longer with him and Uncle Rob.

But all he managed was, “No hard feelings, okay?”

I turned to face him, waiting for the kettle to boil. He was wearing just his t-shirt and boxers and at twenty-years-old, a couple of years older than me, his six foot frame was becoming quite toned and muscular.

I replied, “I’m just making a coffee then I’m gonna shoot through after I’ve filled up my backpack.”

“Maybe that’s for the best,” he nodded, walking past me to grab a cup from the shelf.

Surprised, I asked him what he meant.

“If you’re getting freaked out by the way dad and I are so sexually open about stuff, you’re probably not going to be that comfortable staying here.”

Seeing how hurt I must have looked, he patted my arm and went on, “You’re welcome to stay with us – I know I can speak for dad on that score – and we both love having you around… you’re loads of fun and we both enjoy getting to know you…”

“So why are you saying it’s for the best if I leave?”

“Because you looked totally blown-over last night when dad walked in on us squatting on the floor together and… you know… playing about…”

“I wouldn’t say I was blown-over… just caught a bit off-guard…”

“Well – no offence mate – but you look like you haven’t slept a wink. If a bit of jokey sex stuff is gonna get you so wound up, our house might not be the most suitable place for you to stay.”

Now I really was feeling messed up. I’d expected him to start pleading with me to stay, but here he was basically telling me to either get with the program or the get the fuck out.

“The thing is Shane,” he went on, “I think you’d get a lot out of staying with the two of us. We had fun last night – at least we did until you got all weirded-out – and I reckon you could learn a lot from me and my dad. We could learn stuff from you too, but not if you’re gonna flounce off back to your bedroom every time you get a hard-on…”

“I’m not that much of a Melv,” I said back. “We wanked off together the other night – that was gold, mate… I was kinda hoping we could do it again.”

“We can,” he smiled. “As often as you like! But last night you really lost it, just because I was joking around rubbing the front of my jeans against your butt…”

“It wasn’t that!” I countered. “That felt ripper… you saw how horny it made me…”

“What was it, then?” he asked, sounding more caring now that he realised it wasn’t anything that he’d done that had triggered my reaction.

Spooning some coffee into both our cups, I tried to explain. “It was after your dad walked in on us and said that… well… basically you should shag me for real while he was in his bedrooom playing around with his girlfriend…”

Jake smiled and grabbed the boiled kettle to finish off making our drinks. “I think he was just joking, but… you know… even if he wasn’t, what would be the big deal about that?”

“Your dad wouldn’t mind if you were rootin’ me up the butt?” I asked him.

“He’d probably be well chuffed,” he grinned. “He likes that I play around with guys as well as girls and I think he’d be really pleased that I was helping you figure out if you like that too.”

He chuckled at my stunned expression and said, “But like I said, Shane… I really think he was just joking!”

I stared at him as he put the kettle back on its stand and he walked over to the fridge to fetch the milk.

After he’d poured it, he patted my arm again and said, “We’re a very sexual pair of guys, me and my dad. He gets up to some stuff that would probably surprise you and I think he’s kinda proud that seeing how liberated he has become has given me the confidence to explore my own sexuality.”

I nodded and he beamed a really warm smiled at me.

He said, “I’d like to give you that same confidence, buddy. But you’ve gotta trust me and my dad a bit more… you might find you enjoy stuff you didn’t know you would…”

I tried to smile back at him. “It’s just tough for me, Jake. It’s so different from what I’m used to…”

“I know, Shane,” he nodded, rubbing me affectionately on the shoulder. “And we’ll take it as slow as you like if you want to give us both a chance.”

“Yeah… I reckon I’d like that, mate…”

He grinned at my agreement and stirred the milk into our coffee.


I think my cousin kept a deliberate distance the rest of the day, giving me time think through the suggestion he’d made about experimenting sexually while I was staying with him and Uncle Rob.

The only time that there was direct reference to sex from him was when we were on the train together on izmit escort the way back from a day out in Corby. He’d guffawed at some story on the newsfeed on his phone about some girl’s dad who had accidentally snapchatted her a picture of his dick on full chocker.

He’d shown me the picture – the offending boner pixellated out – and had laughed, probably momentarily forgetting the ‘slow as you like’ thing we had going on, and said, “My dad once did that to me!”

“Your dad sent you a picture of his chub?” I asked. Even before I’d finished the question, I knew the tone of my voice had been way too shocked and judgemental.

Jake’s demeanour had changed: his smile abruptly vanished and he snatched his phone back from me.

I said, “Sorry – I didn’t mean to sound like I thought it was wrong… I just got a surprise he’d do that to you.”

Jake looked out of the window at the countryside whizzing past and said, “It was a mistake, okay? My name was the next one down from the person he’d meant to send it to.”

“I’m sorry,” I said again. “I didn’t mean to make out like I thought he was coming onto you…”

Jake didn’t turn back around to look at me and remained sullen and remote. He said, “He’s not good with phones. Someone sent him a racy photo – as I joke I think – and he thought it would be funny to send one back. Pressed send on the wrong name… end of story.”

I didn’t say anything back as he was clearly pissed off at my reaction. I started to wonder if maybe he was thinking that it was going to be too much hard work to try and broaden my outlook on sex and that if I suggested leaving again he’d probably just open the front door for me.

Back at his house during the evening, things were more fun and relaxed and I was pleased that his dad’s godawful girlfriend, Debbie, didn’t come over to bore us with stories about the vets surgery where she worked. After supper when we we’d finished watching some telly, Jake got up to head to his bedroom and I asked him if he’d like me to join him. I was hoping the two of us could wank off together again and I decided that, if we did, I’d let him rub his dick up and down between my bum-cheeks again – but this time without my jeans and undies getting in the way.

But Jake was playing hard to get. I think he’d decided that from now if I wanted to play around with him, I had to go out of my way to really show him how much.

He said, “I’m tired, bud. I think I’m just gonna hit the sack.”

I tried, “I don’t mind… you know… chillin’ with you ’til you drop off… the two of us just messin’ around a bit…”

But that wasn’t enough for him and I wasn’t prepared to say anything more suggestive in front of his dad.

He said, “Naah… I’m just gonna crash if it’s all the same, dude. I’ll see you in the morning… maybe I’ll take you to meet a couple of my mates…”

He went off to bed, leaving me downstairs with his dad. That was all right as Uncle Rob opened a bottle of wine for us both and he told me some stuff I didn’t know about my gran and grandad.

But all the time I was wondering how this well-spoken Englishman had got into snapchatting other people pictures of his dick. The intended recipient can’t have been Debbie – Jake would have said if it had been – but was presumably another woman he’d somehow hooked up with through the app.

Maybe that was what Jake had meant when he’d said his dad had become sexually liberated in recent years. Perhaps he’d got into sexting or was doing cyber stuff over his webcam. If that was the case, it sounded more sad than interesting and I was in no great rush to find out more.


We went to bed at around midnight and, even though I was exhausted from the poor sleep I’d had the night before, my body-clock still hadn’t adjusted to UK time. At two in the morning I was still lying there wide awake.

Finally I gave into the nagging of my bladder which the wine had left me with, and got out of bed to make my way to the bathroom.

As I shuffled my way down the hallway and was going past Jake’s room, I noticed that his bedroom door was half open. This was the open door policy he’d mentioned to me on my first night in the house: with him and his dad being more relaxed around each other than me and my dad could ever be, they seem to enjoy deliberately infringing on each other’s privacy.

I paused at his door to take a squiz inside. There was enough light coming from his computer monitor to make out my cousin’s bed with him lying on top of it. I don’t know why but I felt a sudden urge to push the door open more fully and have a proper look at him sprawled out on his bed.

His doona was half off and I could see he was naked. He was lying on his stomach and I could see the curve of his back, the squat mounds of his bum and the muscular sweep of his legs in the half light. I was surprised by how pale his skin was all the way down from his neck to his feet. All my mates have tans from all the sun and surfing, and when I’ve seen them in the yahya kaptan escort buff the only white bits are where their boardies cover them.

As I stood purving on him, I realised that my cousin was gently moving – not all of him, but mainly just his hips and thighs. His bum was slowing going up and down and the muscles of his legs were steadily flexing.

I smiled to myself. “He’s humping the bed!”

I wondered what he was dreaming about and then had the stupid thought that maybe it was me. The idea that it might be made my dick start stirring in my boxers.

I stared at his arse cheeks rhythmically tightening in the half-light as my cousin gently rubbed his cock against his mattress. I’d had my nose pressed between those and god it had smelt amazing! I’d even licked his little cootie – had a taste of his hot, puckered hole – and it had made my dick swell up into a full-blown mongrel the way it was swelling up again right now from just the memory of it.

I was wishing now I hadn’t stopped pushing my nose and tongue between his cheeks and that I’d rimmed his lovely arse out for real. I could have stuck my tongue up it – he sure as hell wouldn’t have stopped me! – and we could have jerked ourselves off with my mouth sucking hard at his arsehole.

Jesus, what was I thinking?! My shorts were now tented up with a full-size boner and I wasn’t going to be able to piss.

I left my cousing to enjoy his solitary fun and quickly made my way to the bathroom. I ran some cold water on my dick to make it soften enough for me to take a piss and then squatted over the toilet to direct it downwards towards the bowl.

Once my bladder let rip, I aimed for the sides of the bowl so as not to make any splashing noise that might wake anyone up. But, as my piss flowed, I kept thinking of how Jake had looked dry humping his bed and wondered if he might really be dreaming of how it had felt when he’d done the same thing against my bum-cheeks.

My dick started chubbing again from the thought of how horny I’d become at the feel of my cousin’s big hard-on pushing against the back of my jeans. Once his dad had gone to bed, I should have hung around with him and suggested we try it for real. How would it feel, I wondered, to let another dude have sex with your butt – especially one with a cock as big and thick as Jake’s?

My dick continued to stiffen with all these possibilities and scenarios popping into my head. As it chubbed more and more I had to lean further over the toilet and force it painfully downwards to keep the stream going into the bowl. By the time I’d finally finished pissing, the thing was throbbing in my hand and I had a full blown woody.

“Shit!” I thought, looking down at my dick. I was going to have to wank off if I was going to get any sleep at all tonight.

I was going to need some lube, even though I didn’t normally use it. Maybe it was the jet-lag, the lack of sleep or something to do with the colder climate, but my helmet was as dry as a bone apart from around the slit where there were some dribbles of piss.

I looked inside the medicine cabinet above the sink.

“Let’s see what these English guys use,” I thought, “all that lah-de-dah stuff like they sell at David Jones.”

I scanned the shelves and then I saw it! Just next to a box of paracetamol, there was a bottle of Durex lubricant!

“Oh nice!” I thought. “I’ve seen this in the shops back in Brissy… real sex lube!”

I took the bottle off the shelf and examined it then flipped the lib open and took a sniff. I’d expected it to smell rubbery, like condoms, but it was totally odourless. Intrigued to see what it looked like, I squeezed a dollop of it out onto the palm of my hand. It was silky smooth, like water but thicker, and I loved how nice it felt working it between my finger and thumb.

I wondered whether both of Jake and his dad would use this from time to time and if they kept it in the bathroom for both of them to dip into. Maybe, like me, their choppers sometimes got a little dry when they were hard and horny, so they’d trot to the cupboard for a sly squirt to help get a wank get underway.

How great it was that the two of them were so cool about sex stuff that they could actually have a shared bottle of lube in the bathroom!

I smiled to myself, imagining Uncle Rob saying to Jake with that stuck-up way of speaking he has, “I’ve popped a bottle of Durex lubricant in the cupboard just in case, like me, you sometimes suffer from masturbatory dryness.”

And Jake, setting out to shock his old man, quipping back, “That’s ace dad… it’ll be good for getting a dick up a butt next time I bring one of my uni buddies home.”

All this wan’t helping my present situation any. I had a raging hard-on making a long, thick rod lift the front of my lime green boxers and my helmet was so dry it was chaffing painfully against the tight material. I really needed to wank off – if nothing else it might help me sleep – and was gebze escort busting to smear some of this soothing gel around the head of my cock and use its smooth slickness to slide my fingers up and down the shaft.

“Okay,” I thought, “the guys are both asleep… I just gotta do this!”

I grabbed a length of toilet paper, switched out the bathroom light and then headed back towards my room with the bottle of lube in my hand. I was sure they wouldn’t mind me borrowing it and I’d pop it back in the cupboard when I got up next morning.

As I approached Jake’s room I slowed up so I could peek in through his door again. He was still humping the bed, making long, deep thrusts by raising his hips up from the bed and then slamming them down hard against the matress. He’d clench his bum as he ground his erection against his bedsheets, gyrating them around a bit to maximise his pleasure.

As he worked himself against his bed, lifting his arse right up and then pounding his hips back down, I could hear a low steady grunting accompanying each thrust. As I listened more carefully, though, I realised that the grunting sounds weren’t coming from Jake’s room but were drifting down the corridor from the other end of the hall. They could only be coming from Uncle Rob’s room as he was the only other person in the house.

I crept silently along the hallway towards Uncle Rob’s room and saw that his door was open too and there was a dim light spreading across the carpet from the crack.

The grunting noises were definitely coming from inside his bedroom. The closer I got to his door, the louder and more rapid they were getting.

“He’s awake,” I thought. “Is he doing what it sounds like he’s doing?”

As his door was only half open, I had to peer around it to see what was going on. There was his bedside table… his lamp… his alarm clock…

I peered further around and saw his bed with the doona all skewy, then stopped and pulled back so my face was out of the light when his body finally came into view.

I could make out that his upper half was covered by a white vest but his legs were naked. In between his covered chest and bare legs, his dick – huge, hard and pointing upwards to the ceiling – was getting a thorough going over from his hand.

I was transfixed by the sight. I’d barely seen my own dad naked, never mind with a hard-on, and I’d certainly never seen a real-life adult cock being wanked off right in front of me. Uncle Rob might have been twenty-odd years older than me, but I have to admit his cock looked amazing. I stared at his hand sliding up and down his thick, veiny shaft, loving how the plump purple head at the top of it seemed to have been polished to a luscious shine.

Uncle Rob’s balls were massive too and his legs were parted slightly so I could see them hang down and slowly tighten as his fingers worked his cock.

“How good is this?” I thought to myself as I watched and, without realising it, began to run my hand back and forth along the length of my own pumped-up stalk.

He steadied his hand for a few seconds and let it throb against his palm. A trickle of clear, thick liquid trickled out of his gaping slit before he resumed his stroking, letting his foreskin roll over the tip and sweep his precum across the whole fat purple head.

He raised his legs up slightly and bent them at the knees, spreading them wide apart so I could see up between his thighs. His arsehole was there, sitting snug between his two bum-cheeks, poking outwards and looking surprisingly large and swollen. I stared at it as he continued wanking his big dick off, watching it twitch and pucker in time with the rhythm of his hand.

The thing was massive and I couldn’t understand what might have made it so big. There were two fattened lips on either side of his deep-looking hole and it reminded me of some of the well-fucked pussies I’d seen in porn movies and nothing like what dudes’ arseholes are normally like.

Suddenly something, perhaps a tiny noise I made, caused Uncle Rob to raise his head up and he peered straight across at me, watching him from the doorway.

“Oh bloody fucking shit!” I thought. “He’s gonna go ape on me!”

I imagined him shouting across at me, waking Jake from his matress-fucking slumber, accusing me of spying on him during what was a deeply private moment and telling me to get the fuck out of his house.

But he didn’t so much as look even slightly annoyed. He just smiled warmly at me and asked me to come in properly if I was curious to see him.

“You sure?” I asked, pushing the door open fully. “I just… you know… couldn’t sleep and heard a noise when I went to the bathroom…”

“I know how hung-up your dad is about nudity and masturbation, so I think your interest in seeing me enjoying my body is perfectly natural… to be expected, even…”

I smiled and went into his bedroom.

“Come and sit next to me on the bed,” he invited me. “I’ll show you some of things I’ve discovered about my penis over the years… maybe some of them will prove useful to my nephew too!”

Then he saw the lube I was carrying and the erection pushing the front of my shorts outward, and asked, “Were you about to… er… have some fun on your own?”

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