Game, Set And Match


Wimbledon. A district and town of South West London, but the first thing you get when you look it up on the internet is the tennis results. Wimbledon is the home of the Lawn Tennis Association and hosts one of the most prestigious tennis tournaments in the world.The internet contains abundant footage of top-class tennis players, umpires, line judges and ball boys and girls, all captured on high definition. What it doesn’t capture is what goes on behind closed doors, and it certainly doesn’t capture what happens after the event, whether in the dressing rooms or top-class hotels.Petra Sveltetit from the Czech Republic recently won the open ladies championship for the third time in a row. She beat newcomer Jenny Gilbert in straight sets, six-four, six-two. Her behaviour on-court was exemplary, accepting decisions, rarely challenging the umpire and a constant friend to the ball boys and girls. Throughout the championship, she always had good things to say about all the officials, and it was no surprise to find that they wanted to assist and be on the court that she was playing on. Few ever made the grade but those that did were taken into Sveltetit’s confidence with a few favourites.During the recent finals match, Sveltetit had to be taken out of the game for a few minutes to recuperate from a shot that had caught her between her legs. It wasn’t a particularly nasty blow, though the ball was travelling at over seventy miles an hour at the time. The main reason for taking the time to recuperate was because of the immediate and sudden shock to her pussy; it felt like it had been ravished by the biggest dildo in the world or slapped hard by a clit-paddle from the most accomplished Dom. Her clit needed time to calm down, though she would say that it never actually resumed its non-sexual state after it had been hit that hard. Petra compared it to being switched on at the mains and now there was no chance for her to be switched off because there was only one way to achieve that.This happened on the first match of the second set and it was the main reason for her to finish the match as quickly as possible. Petra’s arousal was evident and the more she played, the more her pussy rubbed against the seam of her shorts, the more wanton she became. At one point in the fifth game of the second set, she closed her eyes in ecstasy as she served an ace. She was lucky, for if Gilbert had returned the serve, she would most likely have missed it.There was little information in the newspapers to suggest that Sveltetit conducted herself inappropriately during the night, and during the day she smiled as if she were friends with everyone. No one saw the odd piece of paper she pocketed from her bag. No one saw her do anything but accept balls from the teenagers that manned the back of the court. No one saw her drop pieces of paper on the floor from her pocket that the ball boy or girl had to pick up.The nonchalant shake of her head was all it took to make them keep the paper when it was handed back to her. They would pocket it as a souvenir for sure. Afterwards, they would read it before becoming excited by the words written on it and then they would ultimately act on it.Sveltetit only picked the ones that she had formed some rapport with, some build-up of energy, whether it was a smile or a laugh or a secret glance.Melissa Evans was one of almanbahis the girls chosen and she definitely had rapport with Petra. She was chosen a year ago in the same way and it was all she could do to be on centre court for the final. She practically bribed everyone, in the nicest possible way, to be a ball girl at the back of the court. And it had worked.Petra, of course, recognised her from their last meeting, but it was a while before she decided to drop the paper close to Melissa’s feet. Melissa didn’t even bother handing it back to her, she knew what it meant and she pocketed it with a huge grin on her face, all the while looking out for any other dropped pieces of paper that may have landed near any other ball boys or girls. As far as Melissa could see, no others were deposited, but then, Petra had a habit of being very discrete.Melissa was thankful that the game ended early and didn’t go to three sets. The trophy was won by Petra Sveltetit and was hoisted high in the air. The cameras clicked incessantly, interviews were given and four hours after the final had finished, Sveltetit collapsed on her hotel bed. It was a long day. Peacefulness invaded her whole body, though she had to concentrate hard to push aside the constant hum that invaded her ears and a reminder of people cheering. The shower beckoned her and after spending a good ten minutes on the bed, she started to peel off her clothes, making her way to the shower room and the inviting hot water.Petra ordered the evening meal in her room. The fact that she was staying put for the evening didn’t go down very well with her manager. There were people to meet and influence for her upcoming grand slams, but she was firm with him and insisted she had time to herself after such a gruelling final. Her manager relented, of course, and Petra had her way and a quiet evening to herself.Petra entered the hot water with her thumb and finger teasing her nipple, getting herself ready for the evening, an evening that had been triggered by that ball hitting her crotch and turning her on. Her clit tingled. She was fortunate that it was the last game otherwise she could have been in a randy state for the rest of the competition.It didn’t take long with the hot water flowing over her body for her finger to tease her pussy, but she dare not take it too far; after all, she had plans for her pussy.ooOooMelissa Evans walked casually into the foyer of the Ritz. Everything that needed to be covered was covered, all but the white socks and pumps that poked from below the hem of her long black coat. She couldn’t help but smile at herself as she strode confidently to the lifts. She realised that glances from men in the foyer were aimed at her but she had this ability to swipe them to one side. One of the lift doors had opened and she dashed towards it before the gentleman that had already walked into the lift started to close the doors.Melissa looked at the floor lights and noticed that floor seven had already been pressed. She stood back from the doors and glanced at the man next to her. Her mouth nearly dropped open with shock and she looked away quickly. It was the umpire from the final game with Petra. Melissa wondered whether he recognised her, but thought it unlikely. At that moment all manner of thoughts sprinted through her head. What was he doing here? And what was almanbahis yeni giriş he doing travelling to the same floor as her?Melissa never had the heart to look the man in the face a second time and stared at the level indicator with her tongue in her cheek while the lift whizzed upwards. A gust of air swept up her coat and brushed over her pussy causing it to spasm, and thus causing her to clench her buttocks in response. It was a welcome diversion. When the doors opened, she exited the lift quickly and headed off to room 708 without as much as a glance behind her. When she arrived at the door, she raised her hand to knock and noticed that the gentleman was approaching her; the worst thing was that he was slowing down and coming to a halt. Melissa knocked on the door while looking him in the eyes before glancing quickly to the trouser department for a quick shifty.The man just smiled at her and held out his hand.“Richard,” he announced, “Richard Cavanagh.”“Melissa Evans,” she replied, taking his hand in a weak handshake.Her thoughts crystallised and she concluded that he must know what she knows. Surely! They both looked at the door to Sveltetit’s apartment; seemingly ignoring each other’s presence. ooOooWhen the door opened, Petra smiled at Melissa and then glanced sideways at Richard. She bit her lip.“I see you two have met,” she grinned. “Good, at least we won’t have to go through those awkward introductions.” She wore a long black gown that was opaque but her wonderfully shaped breasts were outlined by the backlighting that came from inside the room.Petra opened the door wide and held her hand out into the room. Melissa entered first followed by Richard. Both of them stopped when they had reached an area that represented the lounge and consisting of a sofa and chair, both of which were neatly placed facing each other.To one side was a counter that shared the lounge with the kitchenette area. A sort of home from home for travelling tennis stars. Petra placed two envelopes on the counter and stood to face her guests.Petra’s finger came upon Melissa’s ear and traced its way to her jawline. Petra’s mouth opened of its own accord as she took in the girls beauty.“I never thought we’d meet again,” she whispered, staring more in the direction of Melissa’s breasts that were hidden by the black coat. Her fingers continued their journey along her red lips and down to her chin. It rested there for a while. She wanted to kiss her, but not until the deal had been sealed with both of them.“Why don’t you take off that coat, hang it up over there,” Petra pointed to the coat stand that nestled in the corner between the kitchenette and the bedroom.“Richard,” she announced in a booming voice, “so glad you could make it tonight.” A gasp left her mouth at the last moment as if to heighten her excitement. Her bright blue eyes glistened like they were diamonds and her short boyish blonde hair was brushed backwards; held in place with gel. Petra opened one of the envelopes that she held and pulled out a wad of twenty-pound notes. She fanned them in front of him and placed them down on the counter.By the time Melissa had returned, Petra was opening the second envelope to do the same. She stopped what she was doing and bit her lip at the sight of Melissa in short socks, white pumps and wearing a T-shirt of the Lawn Tennis almanbahis giriş association which barely came down to her waist. Her breasts pushed hard at the cotton material which must have been two or three sizes too small and her bare pussy glistened with expectation. Petra couldn’t believe she had turned up wearing next to nothing under that coat.Richard issued the statutory ‘fuck’ when she paraded in front of him.“Yes,” Petra smiled, “fuck, indeed. Isn’t that the prettiest cunt you’ve ever seen, Richard?”Richard nodded. “Ye…”“So, here’s the deal,” Petra cut off Richard before he could fully agree with her. Two thousand pounds each in twenties and all you have to do is fuck each others brains out. Any questions?”Richard looked at Melissa and then towards Petra. Melissa did likewise, but at least she remembered the last time. How could she forget! It was her initiation into this world of Tennis-star sex.Melissa took the lead, “None from me,” she replied. Richard nodded his approval.“Well then, Richard. You’d better undress and show this girl what you’ve got in those trousers of yours.”Petra and Melissa moved away from the counter and stood midway between the chair and the sofa. Petra couldn’t help but move Melissa along by placing her hand on her smooth and delectable buttock. Both of them turned and watched Richard discard the clothes that he wore. He never once glanced in their direction until he turned around to show off his eight-inch cock that needed a little attention to rise just another inch. Richard slowly walked towards Melissa. “You’d better make this a dirty fuck, because I need it,” commanded Petra.She opened the waistbelt of her gown and let it fall to the floor. Melissa sucked in some air between her teeth and Richard did likewise as the garment fell to the floor. She was toned to perfection. Her breasts, while not large, were just right for her frame with each breast topped by a glorious red nipple. Her pussy was shaved just like Melissa’s and her long legs accentuated the journey to her inner depths. The globes of her ass shone like the setting sun as she turned towards the chair. Petra smiled inwardly. She knew what she looked like naked but the sounds they both made were music to her ears.“It’s your serve,” she indicated to Robert before stepping back and sitting in the chair opposite the sofa.Melissa stepped in towards Richard as Petra sat on the chair and started to caress her breasts. She watched both of them intently and was intrigued by how Melissa’s head stared straight at Richard’s chest hairs without looking up into his eyes. She breathed on his skin. She kissed him between his nipples as her hand came upon his rising cock. Melissa squeezed it before tugging at it slowly and sensuously. All the while, kissing his chest. It was an act of outright eroticism. Two strangers touching, eyes closed, kissing. One of them pulling and encouraging a huge erection.Eventually, Richard’s hands rested on her shoulders; stroking her neck before rippling their way across her shoulder blades to the outermost edges of her arms. With his cock now stiff and fully erect he allowed his hands to circle inwards to cup her full breasts.“Beautiful,” said Petra, “beautiful.”They both looked towards the sound and smiled as Petra pulled on one of her nipples; extending it towards them in some sort of offering before she let it go for it to spring back to her breast. The wobble was insane. Her gaze was firmly on the curving cock that was nestled in Melissa’s grip and it became obvious that she wasn’t addressing her guests in the slightest.

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