Gina at a Wedding


Author’s Note

I hope you enjoy another Gina story. God knows I loved living them.

Thanks to my awesome volunteer edit Sexy Geek!


“How long do we have until the reception?” Gina whispered into my ear. The Greek orthodox wedding ceremony was well under way and at that moment the betrothed were walking around the altar with hands wrapped and wearing crowns of leaves while someone threw candies at their feet and all the small children in attendance were scurrying for the treats. It was all very confusing. But there was nothing confusing about my girlfriend’s question, or what she planned to do with the time between the wedding and the reception. I checked the program and was happy to see what appeared to be a two hour gap, depending on how long the strange ceremony lasted.

“Plenty of time. Calm down.” I patted her thigh a little higher than appropriate in a church, but our minds were already out in the back seat of the Grand Marquis in the parking lot.

It had already been an eventful day. The three hour drive started innocently enough, I in my best interview suit and she in a dark blue dress with large white buttons and a white pleated flare at the hem. The dress showed off her hourglass figure and magnificent legs and after a few dozen miles my hand inched over to her knee. Gina isn’t one to refuse such attentions, and as my hand wandered north she eagerly parted her legs to allow me access. My fingers found her panties already damp in anticipation, and shortly I was wiggling a finger against her cotton covered clit as we hurtled down the highway at 70 miles per hour.

She pulled her dress up to give me both a view and an easier shot, and I was damn glad for the cruise control. I pulled the thin fabric aside and slipped a finger into her warm folds, causing her to moan enough to be heard over the roar of the radials. I toyed with her for a while, feeling my way with my fingers and keeping my eyes on the road. While the large Mercury was wonderful for back seat adventures, an unfortunate side effect was that the passenger was a little too far away for some things. I couldn’t insert my finger much so I spent most of my time tracing lazy circles around her clit, slowly stimulating my dark-haired beauty.

Gina doesn’t handle suspense well. Her seat belt came off and she fell into my lap, her fingers fumbling for the zipper. In moments she had my cock in her hand and I moved the power seat back to give her space. Her soft, sloppy mouth engulfed the head of my quickly swelling prick and she sucked me gently for a while. That was my first blow job at speed and I as much as I was enjoying it, I was also terrified. Not only was it mid-morning and this little show was visible to every trucker on the road, but my orgasms tend to be mighty events and I wanted neither to crash and burn nor get my suit slathered in semen.

Gina shared at least one of my concerns, though not the one about being seen. She relished every honk of a passing trucker, displaying a habit for exhibitionism she would keep and develop. But she was afraid of my orgasm on the road, and in far too short a time she sat back up, rearranged her dress and started to fix her lipstick, leaving me to both drive and close up shop.

“Did you like that?” she asked coyly.

“There are only two things I like as much as having my cock in your pretty face, girl.”

“Oh yeah? And what are those?”

“You need me to say it?”

“I want to hear you say it.” Her wicked grin was so erotic, so painfully suggestive and promising at the same time, I damn near came right there.

“I love it when your hot pussy is wrapped around my dick, squeezing and holding me tight, and so fucking wet it drips down my balls.” She was being all prim and proper now that her makeup was again flawless, her sexy legs crossed and her hands folded in her lap. Christ, that girl was sexy doing anything.

“And what else?” she asked innocently.

“There’s nothing better than pulling your head back with a fistful of hair so I can watch your face while I push my cock up your hot little ass.” She shuddered at that, her eyes closing briefly, perhaps reliving the last such encounter a few nights before. I don’t know if she liked anal sex because it felt good or because it was nasty, but she sure did like it.

“Naughty boy,” she said quietly.

We talked about almost nothing but sex the rest of the trip, intentionally working each other into a sexual frenzy, so by the time we got to the church we were both in a bad state. Our schedule hadn’t left any time for shenanigans so we couldn’t do much about it before the wedding, but we were looking forward to our next opportunity.

The service eventually ended and we shuffled out with the rest of the large crowd to greet the new couple. My friend Mike, the groom, was on cloud nine as he should be. His brand new wife Sarah was completely too good for him and he was the second luckiest bastard I knew that day. special forces worlds toughest test izle We took a position near the edge of the crowd and waited for the line to pass. Gina ran off to the ladies room and I waited patiently for her return. I wouldn’t have been so patient if I had known what was next.

She nearly crashed into me from behind, grasping my arm both for balance and to start tugging me in her direction.

“Follow me,” she said, quietly but obviously excited. I let her lead me by the hand back into the church and down a flight of stairs. We passed the restrooms and turned a corner that led to another flight of steps, narrow and unlit. At the bottom was a door which Gina opened, and as I followed I found us ensconced in a smallish storage room crammed with extra furniture, books, cleaning material and other varied debris.

“You seriously want me to fuck you in a church? You’re a kinky little bitch but that’s a bit much even for you.” I closed the door, locked it, and crowded her up against an old desk, pressing her between it and myself. My hands went to her hips and my fingers walked her dress slowly up.

“I’ll fuck you anywhere,” she replied breathlessly just before she kissed me. My attempts at moving slow were instantly ruined as she came after me, the full weight of the previous few hours landing squarely on her libido. She attacked me, teeth biting, tongue fighting its way into my mouth, her hands wrestling at my belt and zipper in a frenzy. I decided she needed to calm down.

I moved back a little and grabbed her, then spun her around and pushed her down against the desk, bent over. I might have been a little too earnest in shifting gears, but the grunt that escaped her lips as I positioned her was no less erotic than most of her noises. I pulled her left arm up by the wrist and pushed it into the small of her back, not causing her pain but pinning her to the table.

“Some girls just have no patience,” I said quietly. I flipped up the back of her dress, exposing her panties. “Or propriety. I can’t believe you can be so lustful in a house of worship.” I finished undoing my pants and let them fall to the ground, then fished out my eagerly growing cock. “You are one wanton little slut, you know that? Say it.” I looked around for a Bible, but I was out of luck. I wanted to spank her with it, my good little Catholic girl gone bad. Oh, well.

“So I’m a slut. What the fuck are you going to do about it?” She was breathing heavily and struggling against my enforced bondage. I rubbed the head of my dick across her nether region, pressing it against the thin fabric over her moist pussy. I toyed with her like that for a minute as my erection grew harder, then pulled her panties down just far enough to expose her.

“There’s only one thing to do with a nasty little slut like you.” She was dripping wet already and there wasn’t much resistance as I pushed my dick all the way in. She moaned as I slid into her, then grunted when my balls slapped into her clit, her husky voice dripping with as much lust as her pussy.

It was a mean fuck. I rammed my cock into her fast and hard, pressing her into the heavy desk and enjoying my complete mastery of her body. That perfect, succulent pussy was the center of my universe and the only thing that mattered to me was to fuck it hard. One hand pinning her wrist to her back and the other holding her right hip, I plowed into her over and over until I could feel her orgasm approaching. Gina had a hair trigger on her orgasms and once she got going she could have a long caravan of them, twitching, screeching, shouting, scratching and otherwise making a hell of a racket. I won’t lie, I felt like a god with that girl on my cock and I was usually as eager for her to come as she was, but not this time. I hadn’t forgotten the incomplete blow job in the car.

I pulled out and grabbed my wet dick, then started rubbing it slowly against her clit. She loved that too, but it took more than a slow clit rub to get her to come.

“Oh come on!” she pleaded. “Fuck me!” She tried to push back against me but I had complete control. I said nothing, but continued the gentle motion of the end of my dick against her slippery slit. I felt her engorged clit on the ridge of my glans and I rubbed slowly back and forth against it.

“You left me on the edge in the car this morning, so I think you’ve got some payback coming. I wanted so bad to fill your pretty mouth with cum, but nooooo. You wouldn’t finish the job. Well now it’s your turn. I’m gonna rub that clit until your knees give out. I’m gonna wind you up until your eyes roll back in your head. I’m gonna work that little button until it’s glowing red hot and you fucking beg me to let you cum. And then…well, I haven’t decided yet.” Slow and gentle, I rubbed my cock against her clit over and over, driving her absolutely mad. Gina can roll through a multiple orgasm like nobody’s business squid game izle but she needs some speed to get off. With that slow grind I let her orgasm recede a bit. I gave her all the stimulation I could but denied the speed, and it was killing her. She moaned and squirmed, squealed and growled while I turned her up to eleven.

Among the animal noises she would alternately cajole me, plead with me, or angrily order me to ram it deep inside her, but all my energy was devoted to the slow burn. When she finally started trying to kick me I knew she was in a bad way.

I honestly hadn’t decided what to do at that point. I was surely ready to pump my load into her as I was very annoyed at not getting a happy ending from the road head, but at the same time I liked the idea of her feeling just as needy until we got another chance. I weighed the pros and cons while I worked her clit from behind. I finally decided not to postpone joy.

Without warning I slipped my cock back into her with a hard thrust, forcing a feral grunt out of her mouth. I swear I heard a splash from her sopping wet pussy. I gave up my hold on her arm and put both hands on her hips, set my feet wide and fucked her as hard as I could. Her orgasm landed like a meteor and in seconds she was trying to stifle her shouts of passion by howling into her purse.

I cannot tell you how fucking hot that was. Gina was out of control, barely able to capture her shrieks in her hand bag, holding on for dear life as I drilled her from behind. Her pussy was sloppy wet and hot as an oven and I was completely in charge of that hellcat.

I was nearly as needy as she was and I had no intention of drawing it out any further, so after a few minutes of her acting like a banshee I drove straight for my own orgasm. I grabbed a handful of her hair and bent her head back so I could watch her pretty face contort into that thin line between agony and ecstasy, that exquisite angelic visage twisted into the devilish dervish on the end of my prick. As my moment arrived I told her about it in detail through clenched teeth, punctuating with my pelvis in loud slaps on her ass.

“This! Is! What! You! Get! For! Not! Sucking! My! Cock! Right! You! Fucking! Bitch! Now! Take! Every! Bit! Of! THIS!” I’m, not sure how I managed to restrain the roar that welled up inside me, except perhaps that it left me though the end of my cock. I could feel her pussy fill up with my semen, becoming even more slippery and sloppy as I fucked her. I couldn’t have stopped with a gun to my head and I humped her furiously, throwing my seed deep into her body with every thrust. I pulled her back into me as I came and nearly lost my footing, but she held on to the desk and I held on to her and the jizz continued to flow.

I grunted out the last few spasms, holding my cock deep inside her as it finished its business, and then my energy left me. I slumped against her and tried to catch my breath but she had a trick up her sleeve. She pushed back against me and I let her up. She turned around and fell to her knees in front of me and in a flash she sucked my sticky cock into her mouth and down her throat.

An enormous shuddering fit engulfed me as she stimulated my post-orgasm sensitive cock with her most exquisite of delicacies, her throat. I pulled her head into me and mashed her nose against my pubes while her tongue poked my balls. As the contraction left me I straightened up and let go of her head, but she was insatiable. She sucked on my cock for a while, generally letting me down easy from that heavy orgasm but occasionally lunging forward to bottom out my eight inches in her throat. Damn that girl was amazing.

After a while I started to go soft and she gave up. We cleaned up a bit, got our clothes back on and fixed up so it didn’t look like we had been fucking, and then I left the room. Gina needed to go to the ladies room to fix her hair and makeup and perhaps set a few bone fractures so I just went back upstairs to see what was going on. Almost everyone had left and a few kids were playing with the bubble blowers they had given out in lieu of rice. A few people were still milling about, chatting or getting directions to the reception, but it was essentially over.

She appeared a few minutes later, all sweetness and light with her big toothy smile lighting up a beautiful day that didn’t really need it. She wrapped her arm around mine and we left the church in a warm haze of sexual contentment, enjoying the afterglow and the afternoon. We found the car and I held the door open for her, just as she liked it. Lady in the streets, whore in the sheets, that’s my Gina.

We sat there in the church parking lot for a while, chatting easily about nothing at all, her fingers intertwined with mine on the bench seat between us. For all her sexual explosiveness she also liked to wallow in the gentle parts of our relationship. It was a nice balance, most of the time.

After a while we headed over to the reception. star trek picard izle We sat with some of Mike’s other friends from college, all old buddies of mine as well. Rob was half drunk when we arrived and was already pawing at his girlfriend, Mark looked like he was on the prowl for some pussy (which was no different than any other time since he first learned what to do with a girl) and Jason was telling stories about all of us to his lady friend…Tina? Tracy? It was a “T” name, that’s all I remember.

It was a fun bunch and we had a great time telling stories about each other and Mike. The meal was good and the drinks were free so we had a blast, but it was hard to control my drinking in that group. I had been shit-faced drunk with those guys so many times I had lost count, and most of the stories they were telling related directly to that alcohol consumption, but I had to drive home so I had to cool it. I lamented not getting a hotel room, but Gina, all of 20 years old at the time and still very much under her parents’ roof while they paid for her college, would not have been able to stay with me. Of course, if they knew half the horrible things I was doing to their little girl they would have had matching heart attacks. After they murdered me.

We tried not to embarrass Mike too badly when he came to visit but he made it clear he wished he was sitting with us. Well, until Mark started a particularly ribald story about Mike, which didn’t end when Mike quickly whisked his lovely bride away so she couldn’t hear it.

Gina had been playing nicely all evening, enjoying the camaraderie and telling a few tales of her own, but as the alcohol loosened her up, and the memory of the fucking I gave her back in the church faded away, she started to get amorous again. Under the table her hand found its way into my lap and started rubbing my cock while Mark went into great and inappropriate detail about a neighbor he and Mike had back at college. Her nickname was Anal Lisa, and that tells you just about everything you need to know about the story. When he was done she had some questions for me.

“So did you ever get a piece of this Lisa girl?”

“Never did, much to my dismay. She had a thing for Mike and Mark.”

“‘Much to your dismay?’ Fucker!” She fired a playful punch at my arm that actually hurt a little bit.

“Hey, if you’d let me in your back door more often maybe I’d forget about her.” I said it with a big silly grin, completely not serious. Gina was the first girl I had been with who actually liked anal sex and I was outlandishly happy and fortunate for that fact. I felt like I was getting enough ass for three men.

“Is that what it takes to turn your head now? You need your dick in my asshole all the time?”

“Not all the time. I can be a very happy man with my cock in your lovely mouth.” I raised a finger to her face and gave her red lips the slightest brush. “Or wedged between your big tits.” I lowered my hand and let my finger trace a quick line down her exposed cleavage. “Or buried in your steamy, wet pussy.” Below the table now, I reached up her skirt to tickle her lady parts for a moment, making her smile even wider.

“You’ll have to dance with me first.” Honestly, I was amazed she hadn’t dragged me out on the floor already. Gina loves to dance and the music had been thumping for a while by then, but for some reason she hadn’t done it yet. My guess is that she was enjoying the table banter too much. It was only a matter of time.

Now I hate to dance, but a man has to keep his lady happy. Fortunately, Gina danced enough for the both of us. A fast song started as we hit the floor and she was all hair and hips, waving arms and happy feet. I just did my boring-guy shuffle and she made enough of a scene for three normal people. She danced like she fucked, with abandon and passion, and she didn’t give a damn what anybody thought about her. Throughout her whirling dervish dance her electric smile lit up the room and gave me a focus, a reminder of why I was shaking my lame white booty in public.

After that a ballad put her in my arms and pressed against my chest, a welcome change from the previous song. After that, another up tempo number and then another ballad. Then the DJ cranked up some funky, slow, steamy number that was just perfect for Gina. She started to dirty dance something fierce, and with her it wasn’t just a tease. She turned around and pressed her full, glorious ass into me, grinding away at the bulge in my dark suit pants. She continued to basically do a pole dance with me as the pole for the whole song and I didn’t mind a bit, nor did most of the men around us as they watched her with obvious lust in their eyes. As it ended she whispered in my ear.

“Follow me.”

We headed out of the hall and down a dark corridor. The building was actually a collection of banquet halls but only one was in use that night so the others were dark. Apparently she had done some recon on an earlier trip to freshen up as she led me confidently to the far end of the building and into a darkened bathroom.

She flipped on the lights as we entered and immediately turned on me. Her hungry mouth met mine and I kissed her soundly. Her hands went to my belt and started to unleash my beastie as she kissed me. Before long she broke away, a wicked smile on her angelic face.

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