Gina The Loving Naive Wife Pt1


Gina The Loving Naive Wife Part 1

It was 20:00 on Friday night, Gina was just returning home from another long shift at the hospital. “I hope he’s done something today.” She thought to herself as she approached the front door.

Gina was referring to her husband Alex, he’d been signed off work for the best part of the last 6 months with depression. Gina had done everything she could think of to help. She had helped him find a good counsellor, tried to keep him active where possible and always made herself available should he want to open up.

To further her concerns Alex’s manager Lee had talked about not being able to keep his job open much longer, Lee and Alex had a good friendship so it was hard for Lee to put him in this position, but the guys in work were all doing extra to cover Alex’s area and it was starting to take a strain on them.

Lee in general was a decent guy, he was almost 50 about 5ft 10, he had a little bit of a beer belly and was starting to go grey. He was still quite active though and was fairly fit for his age. He always said working in sales is what made him grey.

Back when Gina and Alex first met 9 years ago Alex was 22 and the life and soul of the party, he was already working with Lee as a regional sales consultant, and was very good at it. He was always very confident in himself. This is what first attracted her to him, that and the fact he was 6ft tall, blue eyes, light brown hair and very in shape. Alex was a border line gym addict. They actually met at a health club, Gina and her friends would often go for coffee and cake, whilst taking in the view of the men working out.

One day Gina had gone for a swim after her friends left, she then decided to go and relax in the hot tub, Alex had finished a workout and entered the spa area. He had a tight pair of speedos’ on showing a hefty bulge. As he exited the shower Gina couldn’t help but stare at his chiselled body, his 6-pack glistening as he walked across to the tub.

He took an instant interest in Gina and who could blame him, she was 21, 5ft 2, slim and very attractive. She sat there in her yellow bikini with a smile on her face, she had long blonde hair tied back and mesmerizing green eyes. They started talking and they enjoyed each other’s company, finding out they liked similar things.

When Gina got out the tub Alex couldn’t take his eyes of her ass. Gina was slim but she still had a curvaceous ass which swayed side to side as she glided across to the shower. He slapped himself for not asking her out. He quickly got out, and rushed to get dressed making sure he was out the men’s before she came out the ladies changing area.

He had come straight from work so had to get back into his suit and waited at the bar for her. She came out in a pair of light pink matching jogger and jumper combo. He approached her and asked if she’d like a drink.

She couldn’t help but think of a James bond movie she had recently watched as he approached her in his tailored suit oozing confidence and charm. She accepted, they dated for a couple of years and then married after 3 years together.

So here they were now in their early 30’s, Gina had maintained her excellent body, Alex’s gym enthusiasm had rubbed off on her and she worked hard to maintain it. Alex was still in shape but the last 6 months of basically vegetating at home had started to affect his body.

As she entered the house, she could hear the TV, sounded like some kind of sports program. She made her way to the front room and found Alex sitting in his usual spot just watching the TV. The house didn’t look messy but there were a few jobs she’d asked him to do but he hadn’t, like hang up the washing and unstack the dishwasher.

She sat next to him and asked how his day had been “same as usual, sorry I’ve not done the washing but I decided to go for a bit of a walk and bumped into a friend. We went for a coffee and chat, when I got home, I forgot all about it.”

“That’s ok, I’m glad you were out and about.” One thing Alex had done was maintain a core friend base who he’d meet up with once a month including Lee, they would usually go cinema to watch action movies or have FIFA competitions on the console. This was the only time he seemed happy lately so Gina felt happier knowing he had been out to see a different friend.

That night Alex went to bed early and had left his phone downstairs. Gina wondered if there was anything on there that could help her get him out of or at least improve his depressed state. She knew his password and easily got into it.

She went straight to his WhatsApp group with his mates to see if anything was in there that could help. Most messages were just banter between them like who was shit at FIFA or what movies they were going to see.

She backed out of that group chat then noticed one headed best videos. She couldn’t believe her eyes; it was lots of videos and web links for porn videos. Upon closer inspection she noticed all the videos were gangbangs. She looked at who was in this group and it was Alex and his closest friends.

She scrolled down the videos and found a conversation; it was between Alex and Mark. Mark was one of Alex’s best friends and was the best man at their wedding, they had known each other since they were little. Mark was an electrician for a security firm. He was also about 6ft and quite slim, he had ginger hair and always kept it short. In this chat Mark had started the conversation

Mark – “imagine if we could do this to a girl.”

Alex – “Mate girls won’t do that for real, that’s why they’re on porn sites.”

Mark – “They do, you just have to find the right girl. Me and Brian double teamed a girl once.”

Alex – “You’re talking shit Mark!”

Mark – “Seriously we did, wait till Bri logs on and he’ll confirm it.”

Brian – “You talking about Michelle? She once did it with 4 guys from work as well. Girls like that are out there Alex you just have to find them.”

Alex – “My Gina’s the only girl for me and there’s no way she would ever do anything like that.”

Brian – “Your Gina is a stunner mate, no offence but if allowed I’d fuck her till my balls ran dry.”

Mark – “I agree, she is absolutely stunning, but there’s no way she would ever agree to do something like that.”

Alex – “No offence taken lads, I know you’re all horny for my Gina and if she allowed it, I would share her once just so you can appreciate just how good I have it.”

Mark – “Bull shit, no way you would share.”

Brian – “Doesn’t matter, not like it would ever happen.”

That’s where the conversation ended, after that was some more videos, Gina scrolled back down to the video that started it. 8 vs 1 it was called she started to play and it was 8 guys working out in a gym when in came a petite blond girl. The girl in the video straddled a bench and asked one guy if he could help. The guy jumped up and moved towards her.

She said she needed help with the weights as wanted to do some bench presses. She lay down and the guy hovered above her to support the weight. You could see the bulge in his shorts growing. Once she finished, she said “Thanks for your help, looks like there is something I can help you with.” She reached up and slid her hand up his shorts and started to wank him.

All the other guys were watching as she sat up on the bench, pulled down his shorts and took his cock into her mouth. Gina watched intensely and felt herself starting to get excited. The video continued and the other guys gathered round and all dropped their shorts. The girl then made her way round sucking off every one of them.

One guy then picked her up and pulled down her leggings. Gina was really getting excited now and could feel herself getting wet. She slid two fingers into her knickers and started to rub her clit whilst keeping a close watch at the video on the phone.

It wasn’t long before the girl was being fucked in every way and every hole imaginable. Gina was rubbing faster and harder against her clit, she could feel an orgasm coming and soon enough “mmmmmmm” she moaned as she climaxed.

Then the thought came to her, would Alex really want to share me like that, could I have that many guys take their turn with me. She decided to sleep on it. She headed up to bed but couldn’t get the thought out of her head. She lay next to Alex imagining Mark and Brian joining them, she could feel hands all over her body, hands being replaced by lips as they kissed her from head to toe.

She started to get excited again, she rolled over to spoon Alex and reached for his cock, “Alex honey I’m feeling horny.”

“Not tonight babe I’m not in the mood.”

“Please honey it’s been so long, how about just a bit of oral?”

“I’m going to sleep Gina,” stated Alex.

Gina’s mood dropped and she decided just to cuddle into Alex, it made her mind up though that she would have to try something to get Alex back to his old self. She wasn’t sure how to raise it, but she would speak to Mark the next day to see his thoughts.

The next morning, she text Mark to see when would be convenient to come around as she wanted to talk to him about Alex, he was finishing work around 5pm and would be in for the rest of the evening. That evening Gina told Alex she was going to see a friend and would be home later.

Gina arrived at Marks around 18:00 and knocked on the door, she was surprised to see Brian standing there. “Come in,” he said, “Mark has just popped to the shop to get some beer for the football tonight.” Brian was short and slim about 5ft 8 and in his mid 30’s with jet black hair and beard. He was friends with Alex through Mark who he worked with.

“ok, will he be long?” replied Gina.

“Shouldn’t be long, he’s probably on his way back already. He’s picking Gav up on his way back as well.”

Gina thought I can’t go through with this, it was going to be hard to ask the question with 1 of Alex’s friends but now there would be 3 of them. She entered the house trying to think of another reason to be there. Gina could only think of 2 things though, helping Alex and that video she watched.

Gina made small talk with Brian while she waited for Mark, she had decided she would still ask him but would wait until he was on his own. It wasn’t long before Mark and Gavin arrived. Gavin who had known Mark and Alex since secondary school. He was about 5ft 11 around 32 years old, he was always dying his hair at this point in time it was blonde.

“Hi Gina, sorry I forgot I invited the guys round for the football. Let me sort out the beers and snacks then we can have a chat.” Mark said still wondering what Gina wanted to talk about.

Mark shared some chilled beers out and stocked the fridge, put some snacks out and sat down to have a drink himself, Gina just had a can of pop due to her nerves and wanting to keep a clear mind. Kick off was approaching and Mark didn’t want to miss it, he went to get the guys another drink and asked Gina to join him in the kitchen.

“So, what was it you wanted to talk about?” he asked inquisitively.

Gina paused for a moment, then nervously explained, “Last night I was looking for ways to help Alex, I decided to have a look through his phone.”

Mark instantly thought about the chat groups they had so tried to deflect the conversation. “Isn’t he going to be angry you went through his phone?”

“That’s a risk I’m willing to take, our marriage is suffering and I wanted to find a way to help him.” Gina then continued while Mark just listened. “I came across a group chat and some videos which he really liked.”

“oh, ok.” Mark stammered as he tried to figure out where this was going.

“I read the chat between you when you talked about doing it to me.”

“Look Gina, that was just guys being guys.”

“Just wait and hear me out,” she said cutting Mark off. Gina then continued nervously, “as you’re one of his best friends, I wanted to know what would happen If I offered myself to the guys on Saturday when you all come around? do you think it would be a good thing for Alex?”

Mark was speechless.

“Well what do you think?” Gina asked again.

“Are you being serious or is this a wind up?” Mark replied.

“I’m 100% serious, I need to do something to help get my Alex back to his old self.”

“Nah this is some kind of wind up, is Alex waiting outside somewhere?”

“Absolutely not, he’s sat at home doing nothing.” Gina started to worry, Mark would not take her seriously so she would need to do something else, she couldn’t just wait till the weekend and present herself in case it backfired on her. “Why don’t you believe me?”

“Look Gina, a stunning girl like you would not be able to handle something like that. Let’s be honest and stop messing about.”

“Of course I could, I’ve never shied away from a challenge.” Gina found herself almost challenging Mark to prove her wrong.

“So, let’s say you’re serious and want to do this for Alex. What happens when he starts enjoying it and you bail out? It’ll make him even worse.” Mark questioned Gina still trying to find out if she was serious.

“Why would I bail out?”

Mark puffed a big sigh, “Have you ever been with more than one man at a time Gina?”


“That’s why!” Mark stated. “Have you ever taken a dick up your ass?”

“NO!” Gina replied angrily.

“No point getting angry, you’ve just asked me if Alex şişli bayan escort and us would like to gang bang you, that means taking more than one at a time and all 3 of your fuck holes would be used!” Mark stated quite bluntly.

“There’s no need for that kind of language Mark.” She said puzzled by his attitude change.

“That’s reason number 3, a group of guys fucking you all at the same time are not going to talk to you like it’s the 1st date.” They’re the reasons I think you’ll bail and this is a bad idea. “Now if you don’t mind, I want to go and watch the football.”

Gina started to form a plan, if she could prove Mark wrong on his 3 points they would surely go ahead. “Wait Mark, I have a plan.” She blurted out as he was exiting the kitchen, then fell silent with thoughts running through her head.

Her 1st thought was to practice with toy’s at home, her 2nd thought was to let the 3 guys there have a trial run, would it be cheating if she was going to let them all fuck her at the weekend anyway.

Mark waited for a couple of minutes, then asked “Well come on what is it?”

Gina decided plan 2 would prove it, she convinced herself it wasn’t cheating as it was to help Alex. “How about I prove you have no need to worry. Prove you wrong about all 3 of them?”

“How are you going to do that?” Mark asked not expecting what was about to happen.

Gina started to undress, removing her training top then her jogging bottoms, Mark was wide eyed and couldn’t believe what he was seeing. “There are 3 of you here, how about a trial run?” Gina said seductively.

Mark stood open mouthed for a moment, he had always wanted to see Gina naked and seeing her standing there in just her bra and panties started to get him hard. “I’d have to run it past the guys 1st though, are you not worried Alex will find out about this?”

“This is for Alex, he will never need to know about the practice run tonight,” she replied, and then with a smile she said “and by looking at your trousers I can see you’re definitely up for it,”

“Wait here while I go ask the lads.” Mark said as he hurried back to the front room where Brian and Gavin were waiting.

“Where’s the beers?” asked Gavin.

“Never mind that, I got something better than that for you,” replied Mark with a huge grin. Gavin and Brian just looked at him confused. “You guys know Alex is struggling at the minute, well Gina has come up with a plan to try and help him.”

Gavin questioned with confusion “and that’s more important than beer and football?”

“Yes it is, Gina wants to let Alex lead a gangbang on her this weekend.”

“No fucking way!” Gavin stated as Brian almost chocked on his last sip of beer.

“It gets better, she wants us to do a practice run right now, so she doesn’t disappoint on the night.”

“No way she’d cheat on Alex or agree to this,” bluntly stated Brian now recovered from the choking incident.

“She doesn’t feel it is cheating as its going to help Alex in the long run.”

While this conversation was taking place, Gina was sat nervously in the kitchen. Thinking what she was about to do and have done to her, she found herself switching from a nervous feeling to an excited one. She slid a finger down between her legs to find her panties were getting wet. Tired of waiting she headed to the front room.

“Excuse me have you guys decided yet?” she questioned the guys, stood there in just her bra and panties.

They all looked over at her, she looked amazing stood there. “If you’re game, we are.” Gavin decided to answer on behalf of the 3 of them.

Mark walked over to her, slid his hands around her waist, leant forward and then started to kiss her cheek. He slowly made his way round to her mouth then searched out her tongue with his, they were soon in a passionate embrace.

Gavin and Brian stripped down to their boxers and made their way over to the other 2. Gavin stood on her right and Brian her left, they took an arm each and guided them to their hardening cocks. Gavin then took a hold of Gina’s hair and pulled her mouth away from Marks and towards his.

Gavin then started to passionately kiss her, Mark started to fondle her breasts and Bri was rubbing her ass cheeks, Gavin then (still with her hair in his hands) pulled her off of him and pushed her towards Brian who then started to passionately kiss her. All 3 of the guys cocks were bulging.

Mark stepped back and got completely undressed. The other 2 slid their boxers off where they were standing. The 3 of them again gathered round her and pushed her down. She dropped to her knees then looked on in amazement, she always thought Alex was well endowed at 7” but these 3 were bigger than that, maybe 9 or even 10”.

She had her 1st concern at that point and stood up, “They’re too big I can’t take 3 of those.”

Mark replied, “see, I told you that you would bail. If you do that on Saturday, you’ll make Alex feel even worse.”

Gina scowled at him, then determined to prove him wrong she dropped back down to her knees. “Ok, I’m ready.” Before she could finish her sentence, Mark had thrust his cock into her mouth and took hold of the back of her head. Her hands were on the other 2’s cocks slowly wanking them.

Mark was fucking her face with pace and Gina was struggling. She pulled away from him and dropped her hands to the floor. The guys all droned in displeasure at her feeble attempt. “You’re going to have to do better than that otherwise this practice is a waste of time.” Mark stated bluntly.

Determined Gina kneeled back up and took 2 cocks in her hand again and asked “Can we start off a bit slower though then work up a bit.”

Gavin chipped into the conversation, “sure but be prepared I expect to feel your throat around my cock.” Gina’s eyes widened with concern.

“Ok, I’ll slow it down a little, but don’t expect that on Saturday, you’ll need to be ready to get straight into the fucking, also no more complaints” Mark stated. He then slid his hands around her head and slowly glided his cock into her mouth. “You take over the pace Gina for now, let’s see what you’ve got.”

Gina started to bob her head back and forth taking from tip to about 3” of Marks cock into her mouth. She started to speed up the pace a little and was now taking about 4” of his cock. Mark wanted her to take more so started to thrust forward at the same time she was bobbing forward. “uuuuch” was the noise as Mark’s cock slid past her tonsils.

Mark held her in place and was gently stabbing his cock into her mouth, now starting to feel her throat tighten around his cock a smile came across his face. He pulled her off his cock and aimed her straight at Brian’s.

She released Brian’s cock and moved her spare hand to Mark’s cock. Slowly taking Brian into her mouth Mark released her head and Brian now took a hold of it. “Stay still and open your mouth slut,” Brian stated. Gina did as was asked, “and keep your pretty green eyes on mine,” he followed up with.

Then with hand either side of her head and fingers clasped around the back of it, he started to thrust in and out of her mouth. Gina couldn’t believe what was being said to her or being done to her but yet she was starting to enjoy it.

With plunging type sounds coming from Gina, Brian started to go faster. Suddenly he decided to force as much of his cock as he could into her mouth and throat. Gina tried to pull away, “stay still I fucking said!” Brian snarled out.

Gina’s eyes were starting to water as Brian pulled her further onto his cock, then after a few seconds (which felt like minutes to Gina) he let her head go, she almost sprung off her knees backwards. “Oh fuck, no one’s ever done that to me before.” Gina spurted out.

“My turn,” called out Gavin. Gina took his cock into her mouth and started to run her tongue all around it. “Looks like you might be up to the task at hand after all Gina.” He then took hold of her head and took a step forward so Gina had to lean back.

She let go of the cocks at her side and started to push at Gavin’s thighs, he kept on forcing his cock more and more into her throat, she was gagging and struggling for air, drools of saliva were dripping out the side of her mouth and down her chin.

Mark scooped it off her chin, “let’s not waste that,” he said as he crouched down and started to rub it between her legs and bum cheeks.

Gavin eventually pulled out her mouth and puffed heavily “wow she’s good”. Gina dropped to the floor on all fours.

Mark picked her up onto her feet and guided her to the sofa. “Kneel on there with your head facing over the back of it. It’s time to move to the next level.” He laughed. He then gestured for Gavin and Brian to stand on the other side of the sofa and resume face fucking her.

Mark then knelt on the floor in front of the sofa, he leaned forward and slid Gina’s panties down her thighs. Then with a hand on either cheek he parted them revealing her pink tight anus and pussy, cleanly shaved. “It’s almost like you had prepped for this, it’s one of the best views I’ve ever had.”

Gina was to engaged in another face fucking to notice what he was saying. Mark slid 2 fingers straight into her pussy and started to finger fuck her, he then spat on her anus and slid his thumb in. “I’ve got the bowling ball lads,” he laughed.

Gina pulled away from him and the guys, “Not my ass, no one has been in there.”

“Again Gina, I told you that you couldn’t handle it. Do you think Alex will enjoy it when you stop just as things are getting started this weekend?” Mark angrily stated.

“No but,” Gina started but was not allowed to finish.

“But nothing, you are either all in or out. We could be watching the game instead of helping you support Alex,” said Gavin.

“Like you guys are not getting any enjoyment out of this,” Gina said sarcastically.

“We all know you can take it in your pussy Gina, your ass needs trained though as to not disappoint,” Gavin replied.

“Ok but take it slow, I love Alex so I’ll do it for him.” Gina said this out loud but really, she was getting a little excited about her ass being used. It was a new experience but she had to keep the guys thinking she was there purely for Alex.

Her head was guided back to the awaiting cocks and she instantly went to work on them. Mark was still knelt behind her, he spread her bum cheeks and started to lick at her rosebud. Gina let out a slight moan, feeling encouraged he started to use his tongue then his fingers to open her anus.

Mark got up and went to the bathroom, he quickly returned with some lube. He coated his fingers and her anus, then slid 2 fingers in. A smile gleamed across his face as he edged in a third. Gina who was currently sucking on Brian’s cock kept letting out little whimpers which the guys took as approval to continue.

Gina couldn’t believe how good it felt, sure there was a little bit of pain at first but the lube certainly helped. She was still concerned though, yes she could take 3 fingers knuckle deep this was still at least a good 6” short of how deep his cock could go.

She felt his fingers pull out and braced herself for what was about to come. She felt Marks hands grip her waist and the tip of his cock penetrate into her anus. It felt good she thought as he started to push more of his cock into her.

Brian came around to watch, leaving Gavin free to fuck deep into her throat, she had almost forgotten about them as she was focussing on her backdoor being entered. “Spit roast,” Gavin shouted as he high fived Mark.

“Come on Mark, you can go deeper than that,” Brian started encouraging Mark. Brian then reached round her thigh and started to rub her clit. Gina let out another moan of delight, Mark continued to push deeper and was now easily sliding 6” in and out of her back passage.

Mark squirted a bit more lube on to his cock as it was penetrating into Gina. “I’m going balls deep lads!” Mark stated with a grunt.

“I’ll do the same, maybe we’ll meet in the middle,” Gavin laughed. He then griped hold of her head locking his fingers around the back of her skull. Mark took a tight grip of her waist. Gina waited knowing what was about to happen.

“Uuurgh” both Mark and Gavin grunted as they pushed their cocks as physically deep as they could. “I’m balls deep.” Said Mark as he bottomed out in her ass.

“2 seconds,” said Gavin. He gripped tightly around her head, a slight twist to the side and, “I’m there man,” he shouted. They high fived then started to piston in and out of her.

Gina couldn’t quite believe what was being done to her, disgusted at herself for allowing it but at the time also excited as it felt good. Should she be ashamed or proud of herself, her thoughts continuously conflicted with each other. All of a sudden “oooooooooohhhh,” Gina orgasmed.

“Well look at that lads, cumming from being anally fucked,” gloated Mark. He pulled out, “Brian your turn mate.” Gina was in extasy, never did she imagine these guys would make her cum. It’d been so long since someone else had done that. She craved more and stuck her ass back in the air.

Brian put some of the lube on his cock, not that he would have needed it. Gina’s anus looked straight at him, still open from the fucking it had just received. “I’ve wanted to do this for years,” he said as he slid his cock into her awaiting hole.

Mark went around the sofa next to Gavin “let şişli escort me in their mate, need to clean this up.”

Gavin pulled out of Gina’s mouth and Mark slid his cock which had just been balls deep in her anus, straight into her mouth. Gina didn’t even notice at first until after a few pumps. She pushed Mark away “Uurgh that’s just been in my ass, you need to go clean that.”

“That’s what I’m doing now, also I thought we agreed no more complaints,” Mark stated back. Gina glowered up at him as he slowly put his cock back into her mouth, “that’s a good girl,” he commented as he patted her on the head.

Gavin moved round to her rear, “Let me in mate,” he said to Brian who pulled out and made his way to Gina’s mouth for a cock cleaning. Gina didn’t refuse this time. After a few minutes Gavin pulled out to let Mark back in while he got his cock cleaned by Gina.

This kept going for about 30 mins, in that time Gina had cum a further 2 times. That’s when Gavin came up with a suggestion, “Let’s make her airtight.”

“Great idea,” Brian agreed. Gina was clueless as to what was happening.

“Time to put that pussy to use,” Mark told her. He then sat next to Gina on the sofa, “Straddle me.” Gina did as she was told and Mark slid his full length into her soaking wet pussy, “damn she’s enjoying this.”

Gina had given up some time ago trying to convince them and herself this was for Alex; she was completely caught up in the moment and loving it.

Brian then entered her mouth and took a hold of her head, Mark grabbed her waist and held her tight down on top of him. Gavin lined himself up to push into her ass. Gina’s eyes widened once again.

After a couple of failed attempts Gavin managed to slide his cock into her anus again, then like a couple of pistons Mark and Gavin started pounding in and out of her. Brian joined in and all 3 of them fucked a hole each in complete synchronisation.

Gina’s body shook as she had another orgasm, Mark let out a moan as he came deep into her pussy, Brian shot his load straight into her throat, and finally Gavin fired his seed as deep as he could up her rectum.

The guys all pulled out of Gina and a trail of cum was left from each of her holes. “I may have underestimated you Gina, I think you’ll do just fine this weekend.” Mark said with a laugh.

Gina suddenly snapped back into wife mode, “Just remember this never happened, Alex cannot find out about this.”

“Don’t worry, why would he find out? we’re certainly not going to tell him it’d ruin our friendship,” Mark replied putting her mind at rest.

“Same goes for you 2 as well!” She said aimed at Brian and Gavin.

“Of course, we’d be mad to tell him, this is our secret and it was done to help him get back to himself,” stated Gavin with a role of his eyes.

Gina noticed the time and thought she’d better head home. The guys eyes couldn’t look away from her sweaty naked body, cum dribbling down her leg as she looked for her clothes, “are you sure you don’t want to practice a bit more?” questioned Gavin.

“Of course not, now can you help me find my bra?”

Mark pointed it out, she finished getting dressed. As she was about to leave Mark asked “is the weekend plan still on? There’ll be more than 3 you know.”

“Yes, of course it is. Alex will love it I hope, just try and keep the numbers down there’s usually only about 4 or 5 of you end up turning up so I’m sure I’ll be fine. See you later.” Gina left and the guys got dressed and decided to watch the game on catch up TV.

Whilst watching the game they discussed who was going on Saturday, “There’s us 3, Lee and obviously Alex, don’t think any of the other guys have said they were coming.” Brian answered

“Imagine if all the lads showed up, and Gina still went ahead with it,” Gavin replied

Mark cut in “I reckon she still would, she’s pretty adamant this plan is going to work for her. I reckon we should let the guys know what will be happening but make sure they stay quite.”

“What a great idea, she’ll look amazing bouncing around between 12-15 cocks,” Brian laughed.

“I’ll contact them and let them know, see if we can get the numbers up a bit.” Mark took charge of the potential attendees. They had a few more beers watched the football on +1 then called it a night.

The next day Mark checked his security camera’s he has set up, it had caught everything. He saved the footage and thought to himself it was great wank material should he need it.

After that he started calling around. He spoke to Bob and George. These were a couple of their mutual friends from back in their school days. Bob was quite chubby and stood about 5ft 6”, where as George was slim and 6ft. The guys always call them Laurel and Hardy as they were always together.

He then called Alex’s gym buddies Mo, Steve and Phil. These 3 were all around the 6ft mark, and very muscly especially Phil, he enters body building competitions, not the sort of guy Gina would find attractive normally but they were all a good laugh.

He then checked in with Alex’s 5 a-side team mates Paul, Barry, John, Gordon, Mike and Kev, these were the sort of guys you’d find down the pub watching Saturday football, varying between 5ft 9” and 6ft 1”, all in good shape, then finally he checked in with Lee as well.

He called Brian and Gavin to tell them the news, everyone was coming Saturday. 15 all confirmed as soon as he made them aware of Gina’s plan. There was a slight concern Gina might not go ahead and he never mentioned anything about the night before either. They were all told Alex didn’t know and it was going to be a surprise.

It was soon Friday and Alex put a message on the WhatsApp group (Cinema/game night club) to see who was all coming Saturday night. He couldn’t believe it when all 15 replied yes. “Oh shit,” he thought to himself wondering where everyone would sit as the most that had been in the past was 9 when the new FIFA was released.

When Gina got home from work that evening, he told her everyone was coming tomorrow and it may get a bit noisy, so she may want to go out to a friend’s or do something else.

Gina gulped “15 are coming?”

“Yes babe, why are you looking concerned?”

Quickly thinking, “I was just thinking if there’s enough room for everyone, maybe you should cut the numbers down a bit.”

“It’ll be ok, some of the guys can sit in the other room while the games are being played.”

“Ok, I’ll just stay upstairs.” Gina replied still concerned what she was getting herself into, she found it tiring with 3 men how would she handle Alex and 15 of his friends. “They must have said something, there’s no way this is a coincidence,” she thought to herself.

Gina told Alex she was popping to the shops, on route she phoned Mark. “What’s going on tomorrow, have you told everyone about us?”

“No, I never told anyone what happened neither have Gavin or Brian.”

“You expect me to believe it’s a coincidence?”

“I told the lads it was going to be a special night, nothing more. I didn’t expect them all to say yes.”

“You’re talking shit Mark! you better get some of them to cancel!” Gina stated aggressively

“I can speak to them and see what they say, I’ve got to go I’ll see you tomorrow.” Mark ended the conversation with absolutely no intention of phoning anyone.

Gina picked up some groceries and headed home.

Saturday evening soon arrived and Gina was getting nervous, a few of the guys arrived early and Gina could feel them watching her every step, “I’m going to go upstairs Alex, it’s getting a bit crowded here,” she said as she headed up the stairs.

21:00 the house was full; beers were being drunk and Mark was repeatedly being asked when the actual fun would be starting. Some of the guys felt Gina had changed her mind, others thought Mark had lied to them.

He kept re-iterating that it would happen and to be patient.

22:00 some of the guys were getting impatient they had come to fuck not play FIFA. They had been promised the prize of one of the best-looking women they would ever be with. Mark decided he would go and find out what was happening.

He made his way past the guys there was a bout 6 including Alex in front of the TV the rest were in the Kitchen, chilling at the breakfast bar and dining table making their way through the various crates of beer that had been brought by the guests. He made his way upstairs.

Gina was sat on the end of her bed, her mind running through 100 scenarios a minute. Would they take it easy on her or would they use her like a toy, would they go single file or all team up, would only a few be up for it or would they all take part.

Mark found her and instantly went hard, Gina was sat on her bed in red wine-coloured lingerie it was made up of suspenders, thong, stockings and bra set with a matching red mesh lace nighty. “I don’t think I can do this Mark,” she said nervously.

“Why? You look amazing and Alex is going to love it.”

“I’m just not sure now, and there’s so many people down there.”

“This was your idea, and you’ve practiced hard to prepare for it but if you don’t want to do it then don’t.”

Gina didn’t expect that response from Mark. “If I don’t then, I practiced for no reason, it’d be more like cheating than practice.”

“Don’t worry about that, you were amazing the other night and Alex won’t know. You seemed to actually enjoy it, remember those feelings as well before making your decision. Just let me know what you want to do before everyone starts to leave as then it’ll be too late.”

Gina started to remember the feeling she had when all 3 of them were in her at the time. “Ok, I’m going to do it, I’m going to do it for Alex. I’ll be down in 5 minutes.”

Mark smiled from ear to ear, “That’s excellent, Alex is such a lucky guy.” He said as he walked out of her room and back down stairs. As he was heading down stairs some of the guys seen him and gestured what’s happening with their hands. He replied with a thumb up followed by a full spread hand signalling 5 minutes.

5 minutes later Gina started to make her way to the stairs, her nerves were on edge. She still had concerns like what if Alex said no, mainly though she was a little excited about getting gang banged again.

Gina made her way through the men, hands grabbed at her as she glided through them oozing sexuality and looking more attractive than ever. She made her way to the front room where Alex was playing FIFA.

“Babe can you pause that for a minute please? I have a surprise for you.” She said in her sexiest voice.

Alex paused it and turned around, his eyes bulged and mouth dropped, he hadn’t recently thought of his wife in this way, he’d almost forgot how amazing she looked. “What’s going on honey?” he stammered.

“I’m horny babe, and I wanted to know if you and your friends maybe felt the same way?”

Alex looked round the room, all his friends were staring at his wife like dogs waiting to be let of a leash to devour a steak, in this situation Gina was the steak. “Can I talk to you for a minute?” he said and gestured for them to go to the side of the room where no one was. “Are you sure about this?”

She replied softly whispering into his ear “Yes, would you like to share me for one night with your friends? Alternatively, you can take me back upstairs and have me to yourself.”

“So, if I said yes to this, you’ll let us all gangbang you?” Alex couldn’t believe it. He had thought of a moment like this but had never dreamed it would actually happen. He started to get hard just from the thought of it.

Gina noticed the bulge in his pants and leaned forward to kiss him passionately, Alex was almost frozen to the spot as he then felt her hands grab onto the front of his trousers and slide his zip down. After they embraced in a passionate kiss Gina slid down his body, pulled his cock out and slid it straight into her mouth.

“Does this answer your question?” she asked as she came up for air.

“Yes it does, hey guys Gina has a present for us all tonight.” Everybody acted surprised. “Make a line behind me.”

Everybody started to line up. Gina glanced round the side of Alex and seen the queue of 15 all stood with their cocks out stroking them hard. Alex let Gina work at her own pace, taking about half his cock into her mouth. She sucked on his cock for a few minutes before he stepped aside for the next guy to step up.

It was Brian, “Hi Gina,” he said as he slid his cock into her mouth. “I’d like deep throat please.”

Gina did her best to accommodate his request but she was struggling. He grabbed the back of her head and started to fuck viscously into her mouth.

“Whoa whoa,” shouted Alex.

Brian let go of Gina’s head, “what’s wrong bro?” he asked.

“You can’t be doing that she’s not some back-street slut.”

Gina interrupted, “It’s ok babe I can take it, I want you all to have fun tonight.”

“In that case let me back to the front,” Alex stated with intent. He slid his cock back into Gina’s mouth and started to pound into her mouth. He could feel her throat tighten around his cock as she started to gag.

He pulled back out, looking down at his little wife in surprise. “Did you enjoy that babe?” Gina asked him.

“Very much, I can’t wait to see what else you can do.”

“You’ll be surprised I’ve been watching some videos, tonight mecidiyeköy escort I’m going to rock your world babe.”

“Sorry to butt in but the line is growing impatient,” Brian said as he took hold of her head and guided it back to his dick.

As Alex walked down the line, he got a few fist bumps and a couple of the guys checked he was definitely ok with this. He replied with a nod and smile.

Soon enough Brian was stood behind him and Lee was now pummelling his cock into Gina’s mouth. Lee like the other guys was also well endowed with an 8” cock. Gina found herself wondering if any of them would have a small one to give her throat a break.

As the line in front of Alex got smaller and behind him longer the answer to Gina’s question started looking like a no. When Alex was back in front of her the answer was a definite no, every cock was between 7 and 10”. Phil had the biggest at 10” and Kev the biggest girth it felt like 6”. She had struggled most with those 2.

Alex looked down as his wife looked up at him, eyes reddened, saliva all over her chin and a huge smile on her face. He slid his cock back into her mouth and proceeded to force as much as he could into her throat. Holding her face pressed against his pubic hair.

“Are you sure you want to continue?” he asked then released her head.

Gina gasped in the air and replied, “Are you having fun?”

“Definitely honey.”

“Then yes I am, but I’d appreciate a bit of service myself,” Gina replied as she put her hand between her legs and started to rub.

Alex took the hint and stood her up, bent her over at the waist and invited Brian to enter back into her mouth. He then moved behind her and slid her nighty up her back unclipped her suspenders and slid her thong down her legs. He kneeled down behind her.

Sticking his tongue out he slowly started to lick at her pussy, she was very wet, he realised he had missed the taste of her pussy. Gina’s mind was starting to drift, this is what she had wanted all along, Alex being happy and to also pay attention to her needs.

The queue was moving round again whilst Alex went to work, he had slid a few fingers into her pussy and was looking straight at her rosebud. It was as if it was calling out to him for attention. He wondered if she’s willing to do this would she finally let him into her ass.

Whilst continuing to finger her pussy and rubbing her clit he slid his tongue across her rosebud. Gina let out a light moan of pleasure. He started to lick even harder fully rimming his wife for the first time. He then pushed a finger in and Gina moaned again.

He managed to push a 2nd finger into her anus but struggled to get a third. “I’ll be right back.” He stated as he darted out the room. He dug out his gym bag and removed the small tub of Vaseline he had in there.

Returning back, he found Mike had replaced him and was slurping away at Gina’s pussy. “You want back in mate?” Mike asked.

“If you’ve eaten enough then yes bud.” He replied, Mike moved over and Alex knelt down and started to rim her again, he opened the tub and dipped a few fingers in. He then rubbed his fingers around her anus then easily slid in 3 fingers.

Gina was wincing a little but never complained so he kept on going. He dipped 2 fingers from his other hand into the tub. He removed a finger from inside her and entered 2 from his other hand. He started to slide them in and out of her anus. He would then pull them apart stretching her hole as wide as he could.

He pulled his fingers out and stood up, his cock bounced with excitement, “I’m about to take your anal virginity honey.”

Mark and Brian looked at each other with a smirk. As a cock was removed from her mouth Gina breathlessly replied “go ahead babe it’s all yours.”

Alex spread some Vaseline on his cock and started to slide it into her back entrance. Gina winced again; the guys stopped face fucking for a moment to watch her facial expressions as her ass was believed to be being fucked for the 1st time.

As he pushed deeper and started to build into a rhythm some of the guys cheered him on. The face fucking didn’t stop for long either. Soon she was being fucked from both ends. Alex slid his cock out “Who’s next? her ass is amazing.”

The line moved from her face to her rear, Alex moved back round to her face. “I love you honey, thank you for doing this,” he whispered into her ear.

“I love you to babe,” she replied as she grabbed his cock and guided it to her mouth.

“Are you sure? it’s just been in your ass.”

Gina never replied, she just slid his cock into her mouth. Alex was shocked he couldn’t believe this was his wife, sure they had been a little kinky in the past, but a gangbang, anal and ass to mouth it was like she’s a different woman.

Gina was loving it, Alex was happy, enjoying himself and she was part of it. She was also building up to an orgasm, she had no idea who was fucking her but they were pounding deep into her rectum.

“I’m going to cum,” she mumbled around Alex’s cock, “oooooooh,” she moaned as she came for the 1st time that evening.

Alex pulled out of her mouth and moved to the end of the queue. Phil moved round and slid his cock into her mouth, “Well done on taking the full length up your ass, no one has ever done that for me before, why don’t we try and get the full 10” down your throat now.”

He took a tight hold of her head and really started to force his cock in, there was no backwards thrust just a constant forward push digging down her throat. Mark was now fucking her ass and decided to lend Phil a hand by pushing deep into her from behind.

Gina was choking and trying to push Phil away but he kept a tight hold. “Go on honey you can do it,” she heard Alex shout out.

“Gina, Gina, Gina,” the football lads started chanting as if they were at match.

As soon as she reached his balls, Phil let her go. “Fuck you’re amazing, I wish my wife was more like you,” he stated without a care for his wife.

Gina suddenly realised she didn’t know if these men were married, had girlfriends are were single. She was letting them cheat on their partners for her satisfaction. What if one of them found out, would she be known as the town slut.

Before she could give it any more thought, Mark had pushed his cock into her mouth and someone else was now fucking her from behind. Gina soon forget about her concerns she was having too much fun. This round of ass to mouth continued until everyone had been in her ass twice.

Alex then went and sat down on the sofa, “Gina come here and ride me.”

Gina went to kneel over him, smiling “I’m going to rock your world,” she said as she tried to slide his cock into her pussy.

“Not like that turn around, stand up and face the guys,” she did as she was told, “now lower yourself onto me.”

Gina again did as she was told, “are you going to fuck my pussy babe, she needs some attention.”

“She’ll get it soon enough but for now, I’m going back into your ass,” he lined his cock up and it slid straight into her anus as she slid down. “Now ride me cow girl!”

Gina bucked up and down, it felt like his cock was going deeper in this position. Alex reached up and grabbed at her breasts, he pulled her down towards him, she had to plant her hands down behind her for support.

Alex slid his hands down to her waist, gripped tightly then started to thrust himself up into her rectum as quickly and deeply as possible, “oh fuck, I’m going to cum again,” Gina cried out “oooooooh fuck me ooooh.”

Alex slowed his movement down, “so who wants to try my wife’s pussy?”

Mark stepped up, “I’ll join you bud,” and he slid his cock into Gina’s pussy.

“1st anal, 1st ass to mouth and now 1st double penetration, you’re on a roll tonight honey.” Alex stated proudly.

Mark looked straight into Gina’s eyes and winked confirming they knew different but nothing would be said. Then Steve stood on the sofa next to them and put his cock in her mouth and started to thrust in and out.

After a few minutes, Mark and Steve stepped away and were replaced by Mo and Phil, Alex stayed buried in her ass while his friends took turns fucking her pussy and mouth. This continued past midnight.

“I’m about to cum in your ass,” Alex stated with gusto, then Gina felt the warm sensation coating the inside of her ass. “Oh, fuck yes,” he continued before lifting Gina off of him.

Alex went to the kitchen to get a beer, Steve, Mark and Brian were in there, “Alex my man, best night ever, will this be a regular thing?” asked Steve

“One night only lads, unless Gina really wants to do it again but it’s not going to be regular.” Alex replied.

“That’s a shame, I better get back in there and get some more action then.”

Mark, Brian and Alex had a beer and talked about it, Alex looked around and noticed Mo & Lee had passed out and for the 1st time realised there were 15 half or fully naked men in his house. “Too much sex and alcohol for those 2” Alex said.

“Yeh some of the guys went a bit overboard as there was so much beer,” laughed Mark.

“Well everyone brought a crate of 24 with them, that’s 24 x 15 which equals too much for me to calculate as I’ve had quite a few of them,” Brian laughed and the other 2 joined in.

Alex decided to go and sit in an armchair and watch the show, due to the mix of lateness and alcohol he soon fell asleep.

Mark noticed and decided it was time to push Gina to the next level. He went back into the room and sat on the sofa, at this point Gina was straddled across Mike with him in her pussy and Gavin fucking her ass, George pumping into her mouth.

As soon as they stopped Mark told Gina to straddle him, she did as she was told and tried to guide his cock into her pussy. “I’m going in your ass,” he quickly told her. He guided his cock into her anus once again. “Brian come join me,” he shouted across the room and pulled Gina close to him.

Gina thought she’d soon feel a cock in her mouth but to her surprise she felt another cock trying to push its way into her ass. “No no, that’ll never fit,” she shouted out.

“You’ll never know if you don’t try,” Mark replied as he gripped her tighter. “Come on Brian stop dicking about.”

George passed him the Vaseline, he spread some on his cock and went in again, this time successfully. “Ooooh,” Gina wailed “My god I feel full.”

“Damn this is tight, good call Mark.” said Brian.

“Let me try that next guys.” Said George.

Brian grunted and shot his load, “yes girl that was awesome, George I’ve added a bit more lube for you mate.” He then pulled out and in went George.

Gina was in extasy she couldn’t believe what her or her body was capable of. She was flooded with feelings of joy and she soon came again. George pulled out and knelt down next to her head. He guided his cock into her mouth. Gavin replaced George in her rear and the pounding continued.

George clasped Gina’s head tight and thrust deep into her throat, “uuugh fuck,” he blurted out as he shot his load straight into her. Gina swallowed the lot and even smiled at George after.

The fucking continued into the early hours of the morning, for those who were still awake. Everybody had shot at least one load into one of her holes, “guys we need to call it a night it’s 3am, I’m exhausted,” Gina tried to bring the session to a close.

“I’ve got an idea, come with me to the kitchen,” said Lee who had woken from his catnap. Gina followed him, “here sit at the breakfast bar on that stool.” Gina did as she was told and Lee got her a drink of water. “Just sit there and rest for a minute.”

“ok, but what are you going to do?” she questioned him.

He walked round behind her, she was sat perfectly, her overused but still enjoyable anus was still accessible and at the right height. “This is what I’m going to do, he grabbed her by the waist and forced his cock into her ass once again.

He pounded hard for a few minutes then “aargh oh oh oh,” he panted as he came in her.

“Come on, hurry up and finish,” Gina said as she looked around and saw John, Bob, Mo and Steve were the last people still awake.

John stepped up 1st and copied as Lee had just done and he was soon adding another dose of semen into her rectum. Gina moaned a sound of delight yet exhaustion. She folded her arms on the bar and leaned forward to rest her head, this just made her ass more accessible.

Mo stepped up next and pounded deep, hard and fast until he also added his load into her ass. Bob and Steve both followed suit and 2 more loads were deposited into her rectum. “Is that everyone?” Gina panted.

“Looks like it,” replied Steve. Everybody had found a space and gone to sleep. Gina rested her head and fell asleep at the bar.

06:00 roughly Alex woke up, he looked around at everyone sleeping but couldn’t see Gina, “maybe she’s gone up to bed,” he thought to himself. He decided to get a drink of water and went into the kitchen.

His eyes almost popped out of his head, there was Gina fast asleep on the stool, her anus bright red with a trail of cum dripping out. He looked at the floor to see a huge puddle of cum directly below her.

“What a lucky guy I am,” he thought to himself. He picked up Gina and carried her to bed.

She awoke slightly and felt Alex cuddle into her. “Good night honey, love you,” he whispered as he kissed the back of her head.

“Love you to babe,” she whispered back. She drifted off back to sleep knowing she had definitely done everything she could to help Alex.

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