Hello Mom Pt. 03


Hello My Dear Readers…

The following is a Text Message Conversation between 19 Year Old Nirmal and his Mother, Vimala.

This is the Third Part in the Series, and focuses on a New Set of Chats, exchanged between the Two Protagonists in Public, yet discreetly.

Though it is only the Basic Premise of the Story, featuring A Shy yet Very Concerned Son & A Taunting yet Very Straightforward Mother, that gets carried forward, this is still a Direct Continuation, and reading the Earlier Episodes may make this more exciting.

The Plot is set in India.

I have tried my best to make it as interesting as possible, and I really hope all of you will like the attempt.

Happy Reading!!


Nirmal : Hello Mom…

Vimala : Argghhh!! Haven’t You had enough!!

Nirmal : Please!!

Vimala : Don’t even think about Texting me… Not Again… I am Warning You, Nirmal!!

Nirmal : This Is Urgent!!

Vimala : The Strap of My Bra is Not Visible… No Boys are Looking at me…

Nirmal : Mom… It is not that…

Vimala : We are sitting in the Most Isolated Table anybody can find in this Food Court… And… There is Nothing here that I need to be worried about, and you need to tell me about… At-least, Nothing here is to be told through Texts!! And, Also… Whatever it might be, Nobody is going to hear us anyway!! So, Just Speak!!

Nirmal : Please Understand, Mom…

Vimala : I Cannot Understand!! I Just Cannot!! Why can’t you keep your Phone away for once, and Talk To Me Directly!! Why is it so difficult?!

Nirmal : It is better if I say this through Texts!!

Vimala : Arggghhhhhhhhhh!!

Nirmal : Mom…

Vimala : What Is It!!

Nirmal : Have You Started Eating??

Vimala : What do you mean by that?? You have turned Blind?! Can’t You see that I am Eating?!

Nirmal : That is not what I meant!!

Vimala : Then what is it that you meant??

Nirmal : The Food tastes so different… Right?!

Vimala : What…

Nirmal : This Food tastes Different.

Vimala : We are eating here for the first time… The Food will taste different!!

Nirmal : That is not what I meant…

Vimala : Nirmal… Look… I am Starving… Let me at-least Eat in Peace… You can either tell me what the issue is… Or… You can Shut Up, and Stop Irritating Me!! Please!!

Nirmal : The Food really tastes different… And… I am saying it in a Bad Way!!

Vimala : No, It Doesn’t!! This is just how all the Pasta in the World tastes like!! Stop Complaining for once, and Just Eat!!

Nirmal : You got yours later… I got mine first!!

Vimala : So??

Nirmal : And, So… Maybe you don’t feel anything Wrong… But mine definitely is No Normal Pasta!!

Vimala : What are you even telling, My Son!!

Nirmal : I don’t know… I think My Meal has been Adulterated!! And Your Meal too has been Adulterated!!

Vimala : What?? With What!!

Nirmal : Something Unwanted has been added to the Food!!

Vimala : Unwanted?? Like What??

Nirmal : You really don’t find anything wrong??

Vimala : Are you sure you have eaten Pasta before?!

Nirmal : Mom…

Vimala : Okay… Fine… I realize I will have to wait until you finish this Stupid Interrogation of yours, before I get to eat… So, Can you at-least hurry up a bit?? Why don’t you yourself tell me what exactly is the Unwanted Substance added??

Nirmal : You know… You already know…

Vimala : I don’t know…

Nirmal : You can Guess…

Vimala : What is this…

Nirmal : You do know… Right, Mom?! You just don’t want to make a Scene about it!!

Vimala : What The Hell!! What Is Wrong With You, Nirmal!!

Nirmal : What Is Wrong With Me?! Huh!! Why Are You Asking Me That!!

Vimala : Why do you think I am asking you that!! What else should I be asking a 19 Year Old who finds Sex in Everything!!

Nirmal : Mom!!

Vimala : What?? You cannot think Sexually regarding Everything around you!! Understand That!!

Nirmal : Sexually?? I did not… What… What are you even trying to say!!

Vimala : Great!! You are asking me that now?! Fine… Why would he leave Semen in the Food?? Why do you even have to think like that!!

Nirmal : What The… Who?! What are you talking about!! And… Semen?!

Vimala : The Chef!! Who Else can Ejaculate into The Meal, as he pleases!! And by Semen… I am referring to Cum… I assume you don’t use a More Fancy Word for that!!

Nirmal : What The Bloody Hell!! Mom!! What is Wrong With You!! How can you… I do not even understand what you are talking about!!

Vimala : Yeah?? Great!! Well… I am talking exactly about what you were talking about!!

Nirmal : Mom!! No… No!!

Vimala : Then?? What else was it?? It wasn’t having Cum in the Food that you were talking about?? Really?! Lol!!

Nirmal : I never thought you are such a…

Vimala : Yeah… Yeah… Put the Blame on me now!! I cannot accept this is what you have grown into!!

Nirmal : Mom!! There is a limit!!

Vimala : gerçek resimli gaziantep escort That is certainly what I want to tell you too!! I am happy you at-least know about what being within one’s limits mean!! But… You should also know… That… You crossed it when you tried telling me I was eating Cum!!

Nirmal : Stop It… I was only talking about them Serving us Shabby Food!! Food… Made of Rotten Meat and Low Quality Ingredients!!

Vimala : Like… Ohh…

Nirmal : What?? What Happened?? Why have you Stopped?? Go On… Continue Killing Me!!

Vimala : Nirmal… I… This Whole Morning… See…

Nirmal : Hhmm…

Vimala : I Am Sorry…

Nirmal : Sorry?? Mom… I cannot believe you said what you said… I cannot believe you could think like that!!

Vimala : I was not able to… It was Not Clear…

Nirmal : What was Not Clear?? I was just expressing disappointment… I didn’t know I could not share anything with you… I had no idea this was how you would take it!! I guess I should have learned my lesson from the earlier instances!!

Vimala : Nirmal… I Am Really Sorry… I Mean It… I… I Seriously Thought…. See… I Am Sorry… Please… Don’t look so Heart-Broken… It was my mistake… I… It has just been such A Confusing Day… You know that… And… I Overreacted!!

Nirmal : Hhmm…

Vimala : Nirmal… Don’t Worry… The Food Tastes Fine… We have not eaten anything that is bad… You don’t have to worry about it… And… I also Appreciate your Alertness… You are a Good Boy…

Nirmal : Hhmm…

Vimala : I Really Do… I Am Proud Of You… Please… Look At Me… Smile… Please!!

Nirmal : Enough!! Just tell me You Have Always Hated Me!! That Won’t Hurt This Much!!

Vimala : Come On… You are The Best Son anybody can have!!

Nirmal : Enough… Okay?!

Vimala : Nirmal… I Love You… I Really Do… Trust Me… Let Us finish Eating this fast, and Go Back Home… Everything is fine…

Nirmal : Hhmm…

Vimala : Eat… Please…

Nirmal : You Eat!! I am Not Hungry…

Vimala : Nirmal… Eat… Please… Look At Me… I am Eating… I am Not Angry… Come On… I Am Sorry…

Nirmal : Hhmm…

Vimala : Say Something…

Nirmal : Hhmm…

Vimala : Okay.

Nirmal : Hhmm…

Vimala : Alright… But… Wait…

Nirmal : Hhmm??

Vimala : Oh My!!

Nirmal : What!!

Vimala : Wait… Wait…

Nirmal : What?? What Is It, Mom??

Vimala : You Know What…

Nirmal : What?!

Vimala : You Were Right…

Nirmal : What…

Vimala : Nirmal… I Think You Have A Point!!

Nirmal : Huh?!

Vimala : The Sauce…

Nirmal : What?? What Sauce…

Vimala : The White Sauce… The one that came with The Pasta…

Nirmal : What About It??

Vimala : You don’t feel anything??

Nirmal : What is it that…

Vimala : Boy… It actually tastes so much like what Cum tastes like!!

Nirmal : Mom!!

Vimala : Yes… I didn’t Mix it well enough earlier… You were Right all along!!

Nirmal : What The…

Vimala : Wait A Second… This actually tastes exactly like Cum!! It is as if the Sauce is nothing else but A Man’s Cum!!

Nirmal : Get Lost, Mom!!

Vimala : Nirmal… Why are you getting angry now!!

Nirmal : Why are you saying such things!! Why do you have to humiliate me like this… I told you what I honestly felt, and look what you are making out of it… You don’t have to be so mean!!

Vimala : I am not… You have misunderstood me… Nirmal… Look… I am serious!!

Nirmal : What are you really trying to say??

Vimala : You know what!!

Nirmal : I know… But… I mean…

Vimala : What??

Nirmal : How do you…

Vimala : What?? How do I What??

Nirmal : How do you know…

Vimala : How Do I Know What??

Nirmal : Ugghh… How do you know The Sauce tastes like Cum!!

Vimala : Ohh… That is The Problem now?? Perfect!! This is going just the way I thought it will… I always knew where this was heading to… That is exactly why I was being ruthless… Fine… How Do You Think I Know?!

Nirmal : What The Hell!!

Vimala : Tell Me… How Do You Think I Know What Cum Tastes Like!!

Nirmal : I don’t want this… I cannot have this Conversation!!

Vimala : You Started This… You Wanted This!!

Nirmal : This Is Not What I Wanted!!

Vimala : Then, What was it that you wanted?? What exactly were you expecting me to say?? You were hoping I would simply just admit that The Food tasted like Cum?? That was what you thought it was going to be like?? Yeah?! Yes!! That is what you really wanted… I get it… That was what you wanted me to say… That was going to make you feel good!!

Nirmal : I was not even talking about Cum!! There is something seriously wrong with you!!

Vimala : Lol!! Wonderful… You and I both know what this was really about… You have played gerçek resimli gaziantep escort bayan the role of The Concerned Son quite well so far, but you cannot keep your True Nasty Feelings hidden forever… It will one day make it’s way out, and I guess Today is that day!!

Nirmal : Baseless… You are the nasty one here…

Vimala : Why this Dejected Face… Son!! Grin… Come On… You have made me use the Word CUM a million times already… You have won.

Nirmal : You are Sick!!

Vimala : Hahaha!! You are still not happy?? Don’t be so greedy… You have got more than enough to shamelessly continue being a Creepy Sex-Addict… I have been made to uncomfortably talk about Feeding on Cum for almost an hour now…

Nirmal : What is wrong with you, Mom!!

Vimala : What?? You are supposed to be thrilled!! Not Concerned!! You are supposed to be truly happy… I thought you would be filled with joy, reading my Texts… But you look lost… Putting on Another Act??

Nirmal : How On… Stop It… You are being wrong here… And… I Am Not Happy!! I can never be happy about this!!

Vimala : But Why?? You would have loved hearing me say what I said… That was just what you wanted anyway… Right?? Accept It!! You wanted to hear me say that… Use that Word… I know it… I know you well enough now… I know what you were craving for… You have been doing it all day, Nirmal… I totally understand your idea… You are A Pervert… You Wanted To Get A Hard-On Listening To What I Was Going To Say About Having Found Cum In The Food… You… You Wanted To Try Talking Dirty To Me… In-Fact… You Like Talking Dirty To Me… You Have Been Doing It, Very Openly, Ever Since We Got Into The Cab… This Time, You Made It Even More Obvious… Excellent!! And I also know how Hard you must be now… You have been walking around with an erection, throughout the day, and all at my expense!!

Nirmal : Pathetic!! What Nonsense… You should be ashamed of yourself!!

Vimala : I?! I should be ashamed of myself?!

Nirmal : Yes!! You read that right!!

Vimala : I should not have said what I said??

Nirmal : Never!!

Vimala : Fine… Okay… Then… What was it that I should have said?? Ok… Let me not make this worse… I really don’t want to see you cry like a kid in the end… Hhmm… Okay… I don’t know what Cum tastes like… Okay?! I was just messing with you!! Happy?!

Nirmal : Why do you have to make everything look so bad?? You could have just said that straightaway… I mean… You did not even have to talk about all this… All you had to tell me was that the Food tasted fine… That was all I wanted to hear from you… You never even had to tell me you do not know the Taste of Cum.

Vimala : Ohh… So… You are strongly of the opinion that I really do not know what it is that Cum tastes like… That is what you are saying… Right?!

Nirmal : What… No… I Mean…

Vimala : Come On… Tell me how it is… Explain to me the Taste of Cum!! Idiot!!

Nirmal : Mom… What kind of Game is this… I cannot!!

Vimala : Why can’t you?? You have to!!

Nirmal : I cannot… Because I can’t!!

Vimala : Then… How do you expect me to tell you whether the Food really tastes like Cum or not… I don’t know how it tastes like… So, you tell me about it!!

Nirmal : Go Away, Mom… You already know I was not talking about Cum!!

Vimala : I Agree… But… Err… Yeah… Since I have been talking about Cum… I think it is important I confirm the possibility… So… Why don’t you just explain to me how the taste of a man’s semen is like!!

Nirmal : I won’t!!

Vimala : Aahaa… So, that was the plan…

Nirmal : Plan?? What Plan??

Vimala : I get it… But, Sorry… You are not tricking me into it!!

Nirmal : What on earth are you saying!!

Vimala : It’s Okay… Good Try, Anyway…

Nirmal : Stop It, Mom…

Vimala : Stop What?? Bastard!!

Nirmal : How Dare You Call Me A Bastard!!

Vimala : I was actually being kind… You know that, as well!! I very well understand what the plot was, and I am still sitting here, not thrashing you!!

Nirmal : What The Fuck!! What Plot!!

Vimala : Lol!!

Nirmal : You better make yourself clear… You cannot accuse me like this.

Vimala : I knew you would say that… I knew you would say exactly that!! You just want to hear it from me… Right?! I knew you would somehow make me say it, and you have got me exactly where you wanted me… Fine… Nirmal… I know what you had in your mind… You were thinking you could get me all fired up telling me a Random Man had served me his Cum… You were going to then Console me, telling me it is okay… You were going to Play the Innocent Helpless Son… You were going to make me Hug You tight… You were going to Use the Chance to Feel Me Up… I get it!! Unfortunately… Not Happening!! Did Not Work Out!! You Low Freak!! But… You have still made me say gerçek resimli gaziantep bayan escort it… Say All of it… And… According to your Dirty Mind, that must also be success… Congratulations… Enjoy!!

Nirmal : I Hate You!!

Vimala : So, It wasn’t what I said it was?? Sure?! That is what you are trying to say… Right?! Ohh… Then… I get it… You were thinking I was going to actually confirm there was indeed Cum in The Food… You were thinking I was going to Call Out The Chef for Shooting his Load on The Pasta… You were thinking I was going to storm into the Kitchen, grab him by his Tool, Pull it Out, Suck him Off, Taste his Cum, and make sure it was indeed him… That is what you thought!! That is what you wanted!! That is what you were hoping for… And… All this in front of you… Right?! For you to Jerk Off to the thought of later, or even do worse… That is what you want anyway… Right?! Reasons To Fap To Me!! Wow… I hope you are glad now… I Am Sure You Will Forever Keep This Chat Saved!! And Forever Fap To Reading This!!

Nirmal : I Hate You, Mom… I Cannot Believe You Can Be So Cheap!!

Vimala : Fuck Off!!

Nirmal : Why are you doing this to me!! What you are saying was never what I had even thought about!! How could I ever!! Why would you even think of me like that!!

Vimala : Yeah… Yeah… Lol!!

Nirmal : You think this is funny?! I would have Slapped You if you were Not My Mother!! I Promise You That!!

Vimala : Why Stop Yourself from Slapping Me?? You really don’t have to be bothered about who I am!! You don’t have a problem Being Dirty with your Mother… Then why worry about physically harming her!!

Nirmal : I think I really will Slap you now!! I really want to!!

Vimala : And You Know What I Think… I think I want to not just slap you all over your face, but I want to kill you too!! I already would have if this was not a public space!! You have no idea how pissed I am at you!!

Nirmal : Pissed at me?! You are pissed at me?? As if I made up all of this mess!! You are the problem here… You are the Only Problem!! You and Your Insensitive Brain!!

Vimala : You do know that you deserve to be Punished for everything you have done… Don’t You?!

Nirmal : Punished?? Me?! And… For What!! What did I even Do!!

Vimala : You have been Doing It all morning!!

Nirmal : Doing What??

Vimala : Acting Strange… Acting Dumb… Being too… Being Stupid… Irritating Me… In The Most Wicked Ways Possible… And… Trying to be Dirty with Me!!

Nirmal : I cannot believe this… I was only trying to make sure you are Safe… I was only being concerned, and you are accusing me of being dirty with you?!

Vimala : I have enough reasons to!! I know I am correct here!!

Nirmal : I agree that My Reluctant Nature must have given you A Wrong Impression… It would have done the same to any woman… But… You are not Any Woman… You are My Mother… And you still choose to say that?? Really?? Why?! And what right do you have to say that!! You have only been Relentlessly Bullying me so far… Teasing a Scared Son without any mercy… You are doing that even now… You have absolutely No Right to accuse me of anything other than giving you more love than you wanted or deserved!!

Vimala : Hahaha!! I don’t want to argue… But You have been doing nothing but Stalk Me all this day!! That Is A Fact!!

Nirmal : What bloody nonsense!! You have lost it!!

Vimala : Let Me Explain…

Nirmal : Explain?! As if I am any interested in listening to any more of your bullshit!! I don’t care… And if at all there is anything more I wish to do here right now… It is showing you My Middle Finger!!

Vimala : Yeah… I know… But I care.

Nirmal : Whatever… As if it matters to me!!

Vimala : Don’t try to be Oversmart… Okay?! It is crystal clear what you were trying to do… First The Bra Strap… Then The Boys… You were just trying to push me… Trick me into something very sinister… I am Not A Fool… Understand That… I know what your scheme was… I can understand… You have not done Any Shopping so far, and neither have you let me do any… Even though it was you who was adamant that we go to the Mall!! And Now… You are not letting me Eat either… And you have also made me say things I never thought I would ever have to say!! I know what this was all about!!

Nirmal : You know Nothing… I was only making sure you are fine…

Vimala : That is A Lie!! You have only been giving me Discomfort!!

Nirmal : Well… Then… You too have been giving me the same back!! In-Fact, you made this bad… You made this so bad… Talking about how I must have liked your Bra… Trying to Force me to Select your Panties… And bringing in Indecency to Conversation connected even to Food… You are the one who needs to ask yourself what your intentions were… Because, you have taunted me more than enough… You have told very very wrong things to me… You get that?! You do remember… Don’t You?! And, what am I to make out of all that… What All I can make out of all that!! Evaluate your Dialogues first!! You have given me Only Pain!!

Vimala : You deserved it… Okay?! You got only what you deserved… You started this!! You deserve this!!

Nirmal : Then consider you too got only what you were supposed to get… You deserved this too… You equally deserve this… Actually… You made the situation worse, and so, you deserve this more than I deserve this!!

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