Girls’ Night Out – Part Four


That night I sent a text to Jake and told him that this weekend would be lovely and that I was looking forward to it. I still had to tell my husband some excuse as to why I was visiting my son in the city. Finally, I decided to tell my husband that I was spending the weekend with our son, and his girlfriend and I were going to spend the weekend shopping. I knew if I said I was spending the weekend shopping, he wouldn’t try to invite himself along.I woke up Friday morning to a text from Jake, telling me to dress for the occasion and asking me to wear a fancy dress and heels for the fancy restaurant. I assured Jake that I would have the perfect dress and would be looking to impress.I decided to take the day off work on Friday. This way, I could head down to the city and go shopping. While I was getting ready in the morning, Jake sent me a message asking if we could spend all weekend together. I assumed he meant tonight and tomorrow night. I eagerly said yes! I thought it was a good thing that I took the day off work to go shopping because I didn’t have one outfit ready, let alone two outfits.Jake texted me again with all the details. He told me that he got a nice hotel room for us and that the weekend will be one to remember. He also said that we could meet at the hotel tonight before dinner, get settled in, and get ready there for dinner. He said we were going to a fancy steakhouse followed by a night of hitting the town and going bar hopping. I was happy with this news because I haven’t gone out on the town “partying” in some time.After I packed all of my make-up and hair products, I decided to call my son’s girlfriend and asked her if she wanted to go shopping with me to help pick out a few outfits for the weekend. She already knew about the whole situation; she and my son never keep secrets from each other. She was ecstatic Ataşehir Escort that I asked her to help and started planning our day. I told her I was leaving home in about fifteen minutes and only had an hour’s drive.During my drive, I started to get butterflies thinking about the whole weekend. This weekend would be the deciding factor if I thought my marriage could be saved or if it was time to go our separate ways. I’m glad that I thought about this during my drive because I didn’t want to think about it the rest of the weekend. I was prepared to make this weekend a great one, however, I didn’t want my brain getting in the way.As I pulled into my son and his girlfriend’s place, she ran out and gave me a huge hug. She said she was excited to give me a makeover and get me something sexy to wear. I knew if anyone could help pick out an outfit and make me sexy, it was her.She insisted that she drove because she wanted to make the whole day of shopping a surprise for me. I agreed and jumped into her car.As we drove, we first pulled into a salon. She called ahead; it was time for our mani-pedi’s. I usually do my nails, so this was a new one. As we entered the building, we were handed a glass of champagne and guided to our chairs. It was a good thing I wore sandals because I was not expecting this. The woman started to massage my calves and slowly worked her way to my feet. My son’s girlfriend leaned over to the woman working on my feet and only said one word, “white.” I could only assume this was the color she wanted the lady to paint my toes. I respected this choice. It was an elegant and classy color, but I could also now tell that white could look sexy as fuck. My feet and toes have never looked this good. My son’s girlfriend said that if we were going to pick out a sexy pair of heels for me. Ataşehir Escort Bayan With sexy toes and well-polished feet, heels were a must.From there, we were led to the area of the room where they did our nails. I have never worn acrylic nails before, but before I could say anything, my son’s girlfriend had our nail color and style chosen. The woman started working. My nails turned into what I could only call claws. They were long and coffin-shaped. The only thing my nails were missing was color. My son’s girlfriend let me pick; however, she said to pick a sexy color that would drive Jake crazy. I sat there thinking. I finally chose the brightest red that they had available. She said it was a bold choice but sexy.As I put my sandals back on, I was careful not to ruin my new pedicure. I didn’t want to ruin anything because I felt like a new woman. I was now sporting white toes and bright red nails. I felt like one of those country club moms that always had their shit together and looked like a million bucks.My son’s girlfriend paid for my mani-pedi. She said it was a gift from my son. I tried to refuse, but I knew there was no chance she was letting me pay. I have been saving up money secretly on the side that my husband didn’t know about, so I figured what’s better than to spend it on a new wardrobe for this weekend.As we got back into the car, my son’s girlfriend said it was time to start shopping. I hate to admit it, but I was very excited about this part. I haven’t worn sexy clothes in quite a while. I knew that I was about to see myself as a whole new person. I was enjoying this experience. Not to say I didn’t like my typical attire, but I was ready to get sexy.Next, we pulled into the outlet mall. Our first stop was to find sexy underwear at Victoria’s Secrets. We were greeted Escort Ataşehir by a beautiful blonde woman when we walked it. You could have told me she was a model if I didn’t know any better. My son’s girlfriend said I needed the sexiest pair of panties and a matching bra. She led us over to the section where there were too many panties to choose one. She started to look me up and down; walking around the store, she picked up whatever she thought was fitting. The store was having a sale, so it only made sense that I bought enough to get the discount.She finally returned and handed me a pile of panties. I looked them over; they were all size small. I haven’t worn a size small in forever and tried telling the saleswoman that. She said to trust her – the tighter, the sexier, as she said. I agreed with what she said. I asked if I could try on the panties before I bought them. She said yes, but first, we had to pick out bras to try on with them.I started to look around for a bra, but before I could start, she returned with three bras, one white, one black, and one nude. I realized that since I didn’t know what outfits I would wear for the weekend, It was inevitable I had to buy all three because of the color.The beautiful saleswoman grabbed my hand and pulled me to the dressing room. My son’s girlfriend was around the store shopping for herself but joined us as I walked back to the dressing room. Entering the dressing room, I knew that I didn’t have time to try on all the panties. Thinking this, I decided to try on only a few to verify that the sizing was indeed the correct size.First, I chose to try on the tiny, red g-string. I knew if these fit, the rest of them would. I exited the dressing room to see my son’s girlfriend and the saleswoman watching. If I say so myself, this g-string looked sexy on me. The patch in front was so tiny it barely covered my pussy lips, and on the back, you could say that thin red thread fits perfectly up my ass. The same thing happened as I tried on the grey g-string. I realized that all the panties she chose were g-strings. A g-string is not my regular choice in panties, but I felt confident wearing one.

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