Girls Night Out:


Girls Night Out:Lisa cursed the traffic outside of Reagan National she was sure she was going to be late in picking up Jennifer and Robert. Jennifer was her very best friend whom she had known for years. Robert her husband was a spitting imagine of Robert Mitchum and had just received a big promotion on his job. That promotion is what brought Jennifer and Robert from California to DC.Lisa raced from the parking garage to the gate just as the plane was unloading catching her breath Lisa saw Jennifer and Robert. She thought to herself what a great couple they made. Jennifer and Lisa hugged, then Lisa hugged Robert, as she did she could have sworn she felt his manhood growing. Robert pulled back aburtly, Lisa gave his pants a quick and look and yes in deed his cock was getting hard!Lisa and Jennifer talked the whole way back to her place, Robert sat quietly in the back seat. Jennifer still was insisting that her and Robert get a hotel room. Lisa would not hear anything of the sort, Jennifer was her best friend and they were going to stay at her place. Besides she let them know that tonight was girls night out for her, same night every month and Jennifer had to come along. Jennifer started to make excuses, but Lisa insisted!Arriving at her home Lisa showed Jennifer and Robert to their room, just down the hall from hers with it’s own private bath. They had a couple of hours before heading out and Lisa said there was plenty of stuff in the frig for Robert. Lisa headed towards her bedroom saying she was going to take a shower and get ready. Meanwhile Jennifer and Robert started to unpack their things, Jennifer mentioned how beautiful Lisa looked, knowing for years the crush Robert held for Lisa. I know you think Lisa is hot Jennifer said and I saw how quickly your cock got when she hugged you. Embaressed Robert just sort of ignored Jennifer who was now naked getting ready to take her own shower. She walked over to Robert and grab his cock through his pants as she kissed him saying I know you’d like to bury this deep inside Lisa would’nt you? Robert just smiled, Jennifer unzipped his pants freeing Roberts raging hard cock and qucikly sucked it in her mouth all the way to the base, Roberts knees grew weak from this quick action. Then Jennifer released him and bent over the bed and told Robert to fuck her now! Robert positioned himself behind her and pushed his cockdeep inside Jennifer slowly moving in and out. Fuck me like you want to fuck Lisa, Jennifer commanded! Close your eyes and make believe I’m Lisa, fuck me, I’m Lisa fuck me hard! Robert began to fuck Jennifer with a fury she had not felt in years and soon they both were cumming in a mind blowing orgasm.As Roberts cock soften and he pulled out of Jennifer, she just smiled and said I knew you wanted to fuck Lisa good and skipped off to the shower. Robert made his way to the shower just as Jennifer was stepping out and getting dried off.Jennifer proceeded to get dressed for the girls night out, she selecteda short grey skirt and sheer white blouse, under this she wore a white satin thong panty and matching lace bra, her nylons were thigh high grey in color with a lace accent on top.Lisa was busy getting ready in her room, she was dressed in a short black dress with a pink thong and matching bra, she also was wearing thigh high stockings. Lisa stepped out of her room and saw that her guest room door was partly open so she figured they were decent. Knocking and walking into the room Lisa caught Jennifer adjusting her stockings when Robert came walking around the corner from the bathroom in all his glory, his nice seven inch cock still semi-hard from the ficking he had given Jennifer.Lisa turning several shades of red, excused herself from the room.Jennifer followed her out of the room yelling back to Robert not to wait up for them.Lisa and Jennifer head to Bennigans to meet up with Lori and Victoria, Lisa monthly gal pals. Lori and Victoria were both dressed very seductively in short mini dresses, obviously on the prowl both of them being single same as Lisa. The girls grabbed a table near the bar enabling them to both eat dinner and check out the guys at the bar. As they ate dinner and enjoyed several drinks each, their conversation ran the gammut of topics, work, politics, men, and of course their favorite topic SEX!Lori having several Pina Coladas in her was enjoying telling her gal palsabout her last conquest. He was a married man that she had met on the web, she said that she finally was having fun. Lori, said that she was now into exploring S & M, not really pain but more of a submissiveness.Victoria spoke up and said she also enjoyed being both a submissive at times as well as being dominate. Victoria said that she also had just started an erotic relationship with a couple as their submissive having to please and serve both of them. Victoria said that she found she really liked making love to another woman as much as doing a man, having both at once was heaven to her.So the conversation continued each of them sharing more and more of their intimate lifes. Now several hours later, dinner done, several drinks down the girls were busy planning there next stop. It being a Friday night no one had work on Saturday. Why don’t we go to Players, Victoria suggested, they are having a male revue tonight. Driving türbanlı kocaeli escort to Players Lisa and Jennifer continued the topic of sex lifes, Jennifer was intirgued by Victoria story of serving a couple and making love to another woman. Jennifer admitted that she had always wanted to experience being with another woman, she asked Lisa if she had ever been with another woman. Lisa admitted that she had thought of it and had been attracted to a few woman but never acted upon it. Jennifer then mentioned how Robert had a crush on Lisa and how Jennifer had him fuck her back at the house picturing he was fucking Lisa.Arriving at Players the four of them sat near the stage cheering the dancers on taking turns to put dollar bills in their outfits. The four of them were getting an eye full as the dancers were only a couple of feet from the table. The annoucer introduced the next dancer Peter who came out dressed as the riddler from the batman movie in a satin green outfit with a black mask.Making his way around the stage Peter came back to their table and had now shed his outfit down to just his black mask and a green G-String. His song over and the next dancer on stage Peter pushed Loris and Victorias chair together and stradled their leggs, rubbing his obviously hard cock on them. Allowing them to run their hands anywhere they wanted as they put singles into his G-string, meanwhile he was running his hands on them feeling their breast and running his hand up under their skirts. Lisa and Jennifer moved closer to watch the action, when Peter turned to them and said it was there turn, so they exchanged seats with Lori and Victoria. Peter wasted no time in getting them into the beat of the music, he had his left hand working on Jennifer in between the kisses he was receiving from both of them. Peter had Jennifers blouse unbutton down past her front clasp bra, which he had unclasped and her skirt was pushed up around her waist. Lisa’s dress was also pushed up around her waist. The last call annoucement was made and the club would be closing in 15 minutes, Peter waisted no time sliding his hands to the hot wet crotches of both Lisa and Jennifer his fingers finding their way into their hot wet pussies. Neither of them stopped him, it was finally the bouncer that came over and said time to go to Peter, Victoria kissing Peter passionately as he left handed him her card telling him that they were going to be throwing Lisa a bachelorette party soon and he was invited as the entertainment.Adjusting their outfits back the girls said their goodbyes outside of players. On the drive home Jennifer and Lisa talked about how hot they both were and how they wanted to be fucked. Jennifer then asked Lisa if she would like to fuck Robert, no hesitation Lisa said yes! The house was dark as they pulled into the driveway it being 3 AM, quietly sneaking upstairs they looked into the guest room and saw Robert sound asleep snoring softly. Lisa stripped quickly and tip toed to the bed, while Jennifer stripped and sat in a chair in the corner facing the bed. Lisa gently climbed into bed and got under the sheets, Robert was naked just as Jennifer always said he slept. Lisa started to kiss his chest working her way down between his legs until she reached his balls.Lisa began to lick and suck each ball as her hand massaged his now growing cock, as his cock grew Lisa began to lick and kiss it, her hand now finding his ass and inserting a finger. This caused him to moan in his sleep and make his cock rock hard.Jennifer watching all this was busy rubbing her pussy with one hand and playing with her nipples with the other hand. Lisa moved over Robert and slowly lowered herself onto Roberts cock, well this brought Robert out of his deep sleep and he could not believe his eyes when he saw it was Lisa riding his cock. Lisa what are you doing, where’s Jennifer? Was all he could get out before Lisa lowered her mouth to his and kissed him passionately. Her hips riding his hard cock up and down, fuck me Robert she whispered and got on her knees, take me from behind and fick me hard and fast. Let me feel you shot you hot cum inside my pussy.Lisa resting on her elbows and knees felt Roberts cock pressing deeper inside her until he hit the base of his cock against her ass and started to pump in and out. Jennifer was ready to orgasm when she saw this and walked over, kissing a shocked Robert she said oh no dear you continue fucking Lisa good while I watch, fuck her like you did me early. Jennifer then climbed underneath Lisa and Robert and started to lick her pussy and Roberts cock as it slid in and out.This was to much for Robert to take and he started to shot load after load of hot cum inside Lisa, Jennifer licking and eating it as it leaked out from her pussy. As Robert grew soft and pulled out of Lisa, Jennifer buried her face into Lisa pussy fingering her ass at the same time bringing her off into a mind blowing orgasm.Catching her breath Lisa rolled Jennifer over and spread her legs and began to lick her pussy until she was screaming with an orgasm. Robert moved to Lisas face and had her suck him back to life while she enjoyed her orgasm, getting hard as a rock again Robert moved behind Lisa and in one push buried his cock deep inside her türbanlı kocaeli escort bayan ass, making Lisa scream from the mixture of pain and intense pleasure as Robert pumped away until shooting his load into her ass.Exhausted the three of them fell asleep only to be awakened by an early morning knock on the door. It was Victoria and Lori with bagels and coffee for the three of them. Sitting around the kitchen table Lisa and Jennifer could not help share what took place last night with Robert. Victoria and Lori loved every detail and suggested that tonight the four of them play with Robert and invite that dancer Peter over also, have a four on two orgy! Ah but that is another story!Four on Two:————Sitting around the kitchen table eating their bagels and drinking their coffee our four vixens planned the forth coming evening. Lisa and Jennifer both were wearing silk robes tied losely around their waist and nothing else this meant that when they sat down their love tunnels were in complete view to Lori and Victoria, as were their breast.Lori and Victoria both had on short shorts and mid-rif t-shirts. It was obvious that the sexual energy was high in the room as Lisa and Jennifer told of the action once they got home last night.As the story finished Robert came into the kitchen wearing his PJ bottoms and nothing else. Still grogy he head striaght for the coffee pot, when Lori and Victoria looked at Lisa and Jennifer and asked how big Roberts cock was? Robert either did not pay attention or did not hear them, though it did not matter as Lori got up and walked over to him and from behind pulled his bottoms down. A shocked Robert tried to pull them back up when Jennifer said it’s alright honey give Lori and Victoria a good look as they want to see what is going to be fucking their pussies later tonight.Standing there in shock with his pants still down, Lori begining to rub his cock wanting to see it at full erection. What are you talking aboutJennifer? Jennifer told Robert about Peter the male stripper and how the girls were planning a four on two orgy for that night and no he did not have a choice. Robert looked at Jennifer for a minute and said so what you mean is that the four of you and myself and this Peter can all do each other? Jennifer said yep! At that point Robert looked at Lori who was still stroking his now hard cock and said suck me now!Lori drop to her knees to the cheers of the other three woman as she sucked Robert for all she was worth, stopping just as he got close to cumming. Standing up she told Robert that she’d finish him tonight as she gave him a long hot wet kiss, letting her tongue swirl inside Roberts mouth. Robert complained that that was unfair to leave him on the edge like that all the women just laughed.Lori and Victoria got ready to go as it was their job to hit the grocery store for tonights nurioushment. Robert headed upstairs to take a shower followed by Lisa and Jennifer. The three of them stripped naked and got into the shower each armed with a bar of soap Lisa and Robert started to laver up Jennifer, each taking a side moving along her body in unison. They both soaped, licked and kissed Jennifers body at will. Jennifer braced herself against the shower wall and hand her hands full one was stroking Roberts still very stiff cock the other was fingering Lisa hot pussy. The three of them joined in a three way kiss rubbing their soapy bodies together, running their hands where ever they desired. The hot water from the shower making the scene even more intense.Jennifer and Lisa were now begining to focus on each other so Robert stepped out, he was already instructed to leave for the day while the woman prepared for the evening and not to return until 5 PM. Jennifer had now drop to her knees and had her face buried in Lisa muff, pushed against the wall all Lisa could do is to enjot the feeling of Jennifers tongue as it traced the outside of her pussy lips, her thumb rubbing her clit, her other hand holding Lisa’s ass tight pulling her closer into her mouth. Jennifer sure knew what she was doing as Lisa warned her that she was going to cum, that only encourage Jennifer whose tongue quicken it’s pace, in and out, licking back and forth, her head rubbing hard and fast on Lisa pussy sending her over the edge her juices flowing like a dam had broken, her knees weakening as Jennifer slowly lowered her to the shower floor. Jennifer climb over her and kissed her passionately, Lisa could taste her own scent on Jennifer lips, very sweet tasting she thought.Having recovered and dried off the two of them began to get things ready for that evening. Lisa and Jennifer laid out several thick comforters on the floor of Lisa second guest room which was empty, making a nice soft and big romp area for the six of them to play in tonight. Lisa then told Jennifer to follow her into her closet where she pulled out a good size box as she opened it, Lisa said here are some toys for tonight. Lisa had several various shaped and sized vibrators, two strap on dildo, several pairs of handcuffs, blind folds, one paddle, and lots of lotion in the box. Jennifer taking survery said to Lisa, I’ve got an idea for tonight.Jennifer told Lisa that when Robert and Peter got there that the woman should türbanlı escort kocaeli blinfold them and make them stay that way all evening. Lisa loved the idea. It was also decided to not bother wearing any lingerie, just stay naked all day, which they did! When Lori and Victoria got back from the store, they stripped also. The four of them getting things ready, sharing an occasional kiss or a prolonged feeling of each other, when theclock struck 5 PM they were ready and sure enough right on time Peter and Robert pulled into the driveway together.AS they reached the door Lisa opened it standing there naked she welcomed them inside where Jennifer, Lori, and Victoria stood naked and waiting. Lisa told them the house rules for the evening of fun, first rule you will be blindfolded and must remain so all the time, second rulekeep your cocks stiff and hard. With that Lori and Victoria walked over and blindfolded them, then slowly undressed them taking time to tease them as they did so.Stripped naked Peter was taken by the hand and told to get on his knees and was handed a bottle of lotion. He recognized the voices so he had a good idea of who was who and he was sure it was Lisa telling him to massage her body, which lay in front of him. He began to work the lotion into her smooth stomach reaching her breast running her erect nipples between his fingers. While he was busy doing that Victoria had taken up position between Lisa legs and was begining to lick and kiss her pussy her growing moans telling of her pleasure, Jennifer came over and lowered herself onto Lisa face rubbing her hot wet pussy on Lisa mouth whose tongue knew exactly what to do. Eat me like I ate you in the shower Jennifer demanded.Lori had grabbed Robert and had him on the floor and was sucking his cock for all she was worth, varing and chaging the length of her strokes and the speed at which she was sucking keeping him close to cumming but yet preventing it.Lisa tongue work was having a great affect on Jennifer who was begining to orgasm filling Lisa mouth with her sweet juices, Peters cock was leaking from all the excitement in the room as he continued to rub and massage Lisa, Victoria had already made Lisa orgasm once with her mouth and now had put on a strapon dildo and was fucking her pussy hard and fast bringing Lisa to another screaming orgasm.As Victoria got Lisa to orgasm a second time see looked over at Lori who was still sucking Roberts cock and walked over to Lori and had Lori take a break from Roberts cock to lick Lisa juices from her strap on. Lori then went back to sucking Roberts cock except this time she got into a 69 position and had Robert lick her pussy at the same time. Victoria got behind her and pushed her strapon deep inside Loris pussy as Robert was licking it. Roberts tongue just included the strapon as part of his licking action.Jennifer had now orgasmed again thanks to Lisa excellent tongue work, but she had to have a cock in her so Jennifer pushed Peter to the floor and lowered her hot dripping wet pussy onto his hard shaft riding him hard and fast encouraging him to fill her with his hot seed. Lisa helped by coming over and rubbing his balls and rubbing Jennifer clit sending them both into a mutual orgasm. Jennifer milking all of Peters hot seed into her pussy.Hearing Jennifers and Peter screams of pleasure Lori screamed with her own orgasm as Victoria had quickened her fucking pace and was orgasming with her. Roberts hard cock needing some release soon felt Victoria lowering her hot pussy onto his shaft riding him until Robert filled her with his hot cum. As Victoria lifted herself off of Roberts cock Lori laid her down and began to lick Roberts cum out of her pussy.Jennifer and Lisa, now had Peter on all fours and had taken handcuff and had him handcuffed at his arms and legs. They were taking turns rubbing their pussies into his face, making his tongue perform for them. Lisa scooted underneath Peter and guided his hard cock deep inside her pussy, kissing his mouth passionately as she did so. She controlled the actionas the handcuffs keep him in place, meanwhile Jennifer had put on a strapon dildo herself and was positioning herself behind Peters ass.As Jennifer began to push the strapon into Peter ass he jerked with pain and tried to get away, but the handcuffs prevented it and Lisa was stilling fucking him good. He had to take it! Jennifer buried the strapon deep in his ass and together with Lisa gave him the fucking of his life, when Peter orgasm he shot so much cum it flowed out of Lisa pussy. Jennifer undid the handcuffs and moving Peter out of the way licked Lisa pussy clean.Victoria came over to Peter and started to lick his cock clean getting back hard very quickly, she moved up his body and lowered her pussy onto his cock begining long slow strokes, she told Lori to bring Robert over and had Robert bury his cock inside her ass. She was finally getting that double penetration she had dreamed of. Lori lowered her pussy to Peters face as she kissed Victoria while the guys fucked her good. Both her ass and pussy soon filled with hot cum.The action continued through out the night everyone fulfilling what ever their desire was. Robert and Jennifer the only couple finished the evening making love together, but Jennifer had already felt Peter nice cock in her pussy, ass, and mouth along with tasting all her girlfriends and them tasting her. Peter had the other three Lisa, Lori, and Victoria all snuggled close to him, one on each side and one between his legs. Thr four of them still kissing and touching each other, all of them completely satisfied and planning on how Peter would now be a regular for “Girls night out”

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