Given an Option


A true story around 4 months into my house slave training with Sir Don Brown in 2019, i was just going on 19.

Given an Option

Last Sunday morning at breakfast Sir said he and Daisy were going away to London for 3 days, both business and pleasure.

He said I could go with them, he would sort a holiday out with my boss at work, or I could go back home to my parents.

I did not want the responsibility of choosing so asked him to tell me what he wanted me to do.

He said he thought I would be happier at my parents and to go pack my bag and I could go straight after church that morning.

I was told to ring home, now.

“Hello Sir, its sara, please may I come home for a few days whilst Sir Don and Daisy visit London?”

“Of course my darling girl, I will ask mum to air your bed, see you at church.”

I hoped that would be the answer but would never presume and to be honest would have loved either choice and knew my Father would be tingling knowing I was coming home to help mum and to serve!

I carefully packed my work clothes, clean knickers and bra and a few odds and ends to wear if I went anywhere after work.

When here with Sir, as I am sure you all know, I am naked from my early evening shower until my morning shower, its different at home, I can wear clothes or a dressing gown after my bath.

I went back down with my bag and put it in the hallway.

“Please may I shower and dress now Sir?”

He pulled out a kitchen stool, sat and waited for me to go over to his knee.

Would it be selfish of me to have hoped Sir would give me a spanking before I went home, I sure needed one?

Not many months ago in my early days I would have broken a cup or plate get one.

Nowadays, Sir, and Daisy for that matter, both know my needs as soon as I feel them.

“Am I get my maintenance Sir?”

“No sara, let`s leave that for your father, but, I do believe a spanking from me would help settle your excitement.”

“Yes Sir,”

I dived over his knee and saw Daisy smirking as I went down.

“Now young lady, we do not want be visiting, SPANK, my room, SPANK, at the end of the corridor, SPANK, on my return, SPANK, do we?”


I shook my head as I cried, then a herald of spanks.


“Noooooo muş escort bayan Sir, I will be good, promise.”

I think he understood me through my tears.

I got my spanking, quite long and hard, but most welcome then Sir took me to the lounge room to cuddle me, followed by Daisy.

Sir wiped the tears from my cheeks and off my tits and nipples, where they always conveniently landed.

He played with my nipples to set them hard and I saw Daisy dropping her dressing gown.

She opened my knees and knelt between my legs and bit my lips, I cum on demand.

Sir put me down and let us play, I reached under his gown and began to wank him until Daisy pulled me away.

We made the gentlest love in all the positions I knew, I ended up on all fours devouring her.

Sir left the sofa and I pushed my bottom way high as he entered me, giving me another instant cum.

He finished off in Daisy`s mouth as we all cum together.

Times like those are very special to most people, but as a serving slave, invaluable to me.

We all got ready for church and I put on my, mini, mini, and the new silver boots I wore on Saturday when shopping.

I put my knee length coat on, as we were going to church first.

So, why my mini, mini, well, not that father needed and excuse to strip me naked and spank me, I was not taking any chances and knew how he hated me showing my knickers, so the other safeguard was, I did not put any on.

I was allowed to sit with my father and mum, my younger brother, Luke and my grandparents.

Sir Don went to sit with Poppy`s and Brian`s parents, Poppy and Brian must have been away as they were not there.

Towards the end of the service when our Minister was mentioning people for special prayers he mentioned Poppy and Brian`s family needing all our strength.

When we got home, my grandparents came too, for lunch, I removed my coat and Accidently dropped on the floor and bent pick up.

“sara, I think you need get ready for a hiding.”

“Me Sir, my maintenance?” I may have cum.

“I think you know why.”

It did not take long as the audience watched.

He pulled out his Spanking Stool and I went over his knee.

He pointed my bottom to everyone, “She has muş escort had a good, hard spanking already today.”

He pulled me back over and I sort of wish I had put a longer skirt and knickers on.

After the spanking I was sent to my corner as the others had a warm drink.

“That girl needs to feel the belt Son.”

“Oh she will Pa, sara, get your sorry backside over the settee arm.”

Cheers Grandpa!

Father was removing his belt as I bent over, tingling.

Got to say it was deserved, then he stopped.

“Want to finish her off Pa?”

He sure did and he wore a thin belt and soon had me screaming and apologising.

I went to my room and my Father came to hugg me, I took a little more comforting than normal and I was not long before I was on my bed on all fours being fucked!

I lay on my bed and cried, I was so happy to be home.

I heard footsteps, it was Grandpa, Deja Vous I was back on all fours for his soothing!

I helped mum make dinner, it was just for us four + Luke`s new girlfriend Kylie, I knew her from church but not really to talk to.

I visually undressed her, such cute tiny tits, I so hoped she was staying over and I got an invite to their room.

We all had dinner and me and Kylie helped mum clear the plates.

“Do you want a bath sara?”

“Yes please mum, will you..?”

“Bath you, of course, are you coming up Kylie?”

“Yes please.”

I assumed she would sit and chat but by the time I undressed, and mum ran the bath, over flowing with bubbles, Kylie was stood naked in the bathroom, so we both got in.

Kylie was stunning, the body of an athlete, a little taller than me, 32a titties, flat tummy and a clean-shaven pussy I could not wait to taste.

Her knee went up and her toes touched my pussy, I shuddered.

It was no accident, that’s a new one, a toe fucking.

Mum washed me first, as always I knelt as she did the top have of my body and stood for the rest.

Mum gently dabbed my bottom; was still tender from the strappings.

Gran and Grandpa came into the bathroom as she was just finishing, they were going home so popped in to say bye, I kept standing as they kissed me.

“Stand up and say bye Kylie.”

Without hesitation she stood and put escort muş her soapy hands around them and hugged and kissed them.

“I will just see them out girls, amuse yourselves.”

“Would you like to do me sara?”

Would I like to do her, I knelt and pulled her pussy to my lips?

“I meant wash me sara, but if you prefer…”

She cum with a gush.

We heard mum so both laid back down.

“Kneel up Kylie.”

Mum repeated the washing of Kylie I had and took us out one by one to dry us.

She popped me over her knee and gently spanked my sit spot and top of my legs, the smell from her apron was a welcome home sign.

Once dry it was Kylies turn to be dried.

“May I go over your knee too please, just like sara?”

She was soon in tears, so I knelt beside them and rubbed her back as mum spanked and turned her white bottom pink.

“Right girls, pull out the plug and clean the bathroom floor of towels whilst I sort some coffees.”

Kylie reached for the plug, I held her arm.

“Would you like to go over my father`s knee, as an initiation, lol?”

“Oh yes, how?”

Leave that, you will see.

We got our housecoats on and went down for a drink.

Luke went up for a pee.

“Who was supposed empty the bath mum?”

“Kylie did whilst I cleaned away the towels.”

“Oh, sorry I forgot.”

Mum chirped in, “Well you need be taught the consequences of Fathers rules in his house.”

Father put his cup and paper down and moved the end of his seat.

“Yes Ma-am, sorry, shall I go do now?”

She walked towards the door.

“Kylie,” Father tapped his knee.

She dropped her housecoat and went over his knee.

“Looks like someone has already had a poor attempt at spanking you, SPANK, lets me show you how I do it.”

He spanked her bright red then cuddled her.

“Now girl, upstairs and empty and clean out that bath, I shall come up directly to ensure all that should have been done, has been done.”

Think we all knew he would fuck her, lucky girl.

She went for her housecoat and father said she would not need again that night.

A few minutes later father went upstairs and we heard the springs of Luke`s bed going, he was obviously soothing her, with his cock.

Mum took it all in her stride and put the news on the telly.

It was bedtime and we all went up, I just got into bed when Luke came in.

“Kylie says would you like to sleep in our bed tonight sara?”

How could a girl refuse an invitation like that, especially from my new Sister?

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