Gloryhole at the horse track


Gloryhole at the horse trackIts a rainy day today at the track. Not a lot of people are there but the races must go on. I turned 18 a few months ago and ever since my birthday party I had at the track ive been back every Sunday. Either im really good or lucky I have been winning left and right! Im honestly thinking about quiting my job and just coming here. I got here early like I always do and get some racing forms. I go to the restroom at the secluded part of the track and sit on the toilet where I do my best thinking. I smoked a fat blunt before I walked in so im high as fuck already. And I have a nice size flask in my jacket for later. I can hear the rain just pouring out there. Its going to be a muddy day. As im going through the book I hear someone come in and enter the stall next to mine. I didnt notice this at first but there has been a hole carves into the wall separating the stalls and it was mostly closed up with tp. I look closer and can see the guy pissing. Even soft his cock is very thick and long probably 5 inches. Im starting to get hard. Im horny as usual after I get high. He finishes his business and leaves. Interesting I thought. My mouth was watering. My cock was hard. I pull the tp out of the hole in anticipation for the next guy. I waited a little bit longer but no one came. I went and bet on some horses at the other tracks. And got a soda. It was about 11 and still a little slow. I went back to check on the gloryhole. I noticed the door was closed. In one stall and I go in the stall I was in earlier. I sit down and can see the guy sitting down hard as fuck rubbing his cock. It was long but skinny. Probably 8 inches. He slides a paper through the whole he had waiting. This isnt his first time here. “Suck dick?” it read. I muster out a “Yup” in a low voice in a effort to mask my identity. He stands up and pushes into the hole all the way. I reach out and wrap my hand around it and start jerking it. His precum already seeping out. I lean over and pop his head in my mouth and begin sucking on it and twirling my tongue on it so good. I can hear him moaning. “Dont tease me suck it please!” The guy says. I take it in my mouth and go all the way down on his cock. Probably 6 inches on my end I bob on his cock so good and fast and I hear him “ Fuck im cumming” didim escort he shoots a massive pent up load down my throat I was not expecting so soon. I cough and choke on it and pull his cock out and keep jerking it and he keeps shooting massive ropes of cum all over my arm and floor. This dude must have waited all week for this. After I catch my breath I pop his cock back in and suck whatever was left out of his balls. His legs were shaking when I was done. My dick was rock hard now a solid 7 inches half dollar thick ready to blow. I stand up to go put mine in the hole. And before I knew it he had left. Shit dude really? I shake my head. And clean up this mess. I go back to the concourse and its noon now. I go and grab a bite at the concessions hot dog and fries nothing special. I check my tickets im up a couple hundred already. The races at the track dont start until about 3. So i got more time to kill. I head back to the bathroom. And take a seat. No one is in there. But not long after someone come in and straight to the stall. “How much for a bj?” the guy slips a $20 through the hole. Wow this hole is more popular then I thought. “Put it in” i reply as i pocket my first cash deal. This guy was nothing special he was a chubby small cock. He sticks it in. And its probably 4 inches the width of a couple fingers. I start sucking on his cock just straight to town. It was so easy to suck so i worked on it really good. I sucked and I sucked and sucked. I really had to work for this one. About thirty minutes of sucking I am getting tired so i start jerking it hard and tonguing his rock hard throbbing head and without warning. He starts cumming super hard it’s spurts all over my face 5 or 6 times before I knew it. I keep jerking it and it’s spraying everywhere. Holy shit!. He is moaning so loud. As he has emptied his balls all over my face and everything else. I squeeze his cock until the very last drop. And then hes out as fast as the first guy. I again clean up this mess and this time my face even more. I exit the stall dissappointed and my balls achingly full of cum. I go and make some more bets. Its about 3 pm and I go out to my car to get high again. I come back inside and its still raining. Not a lot of people here today. didim escort bayan I check my tickets and make some more bets. Im up almost a grand already. This was a good day. But of course I find myself headed back to the bathroom. Someone’s waiting for me this time. Before I sit down his cock is waiting for me. Word must be getting around. And holy shit was this guy huge. 10 inches and filling the hole completely. I grasp this monster with my hand and start blowing on his massive cock head. Its so big it almost fills my mouth by itself. I suck on it hard and pop in and out and rubbing it with my hand. I slowly get to sucking his cock. Inch by inch slowly going down my throat. I can only get about half of it before I cant go any further. I wrap my hand around the rest of his cock and tug and suck on it. Not much longer I can feel his huge cock tense up and shoot and big warm load into my mouth. I swallow it and keep sucking. I cant stop and i just keep going until I make him nut a second time even harder. My cock pulled out a stream of precum dripping down onto the floor. This guy to zips up and leaves me. I decide I need a drink. And take out my flask and take a couple swigs. I gather myself and head to the restaurant they have there. They have a nice steak special tonight and im getting hungry its a little past 5. Ive hit the first 5 races. Hell yeah! I get a table and order my food. My waitress is a cute blonde with a tight ass. Definitely fills her black pants. My cock instantly gets hard as she walks away. I can feel my precum leaking onto my leg as she finally comes back with my dinner. I eat up and flirt with the waitress a little. Fuck I wish I empty this load all over her. I make sure to tip her good. Slide her a $100. She smiles at me and hands me a note before she walks away. “Meet me @10 men rr near concessions “ Oh fuck yes! I continue betting and going in and out of the bathroom got two more cocks before 10 comes around. My flask is now empty and im pretty drunk. My balls ready to explode all over. I see her walking up and she motions me to follow her. I follow her and we are the only people in the area so we sneak into the bathroom together. And start kissing and going at it as we go into the stall. escort didim Little did we know there was someone waiting for me to come back. Some with a huge fat cock. They have cut away at the hole since the last time ive been there. Me and her are pressing up against the wall my cock rock fucking hard. She asks me if i knew about this gloryhole. I smile and nodded. Mmm me too I cum here often during the week she tells me. She slides her hand down and unzips me and my cock springs out and she caresses my balls that are extremely full and big. She gets on her knees and takes my cock into her mouth and started sucking nice and slow. I look over and see the guy in the next stall holy shit. He’s probably 7 inches too but his was like 4 times thicker then mine. I tap her on the head and point at the hole as she looks at me and looks over her eyes widen as he pokes it through. She grabs it instantly and moans on my cock as she starts rubbing this giant cock so good as she sucking the fuck out of mine. I am dying to cum. She stands up and drops her pants and thong. Bends over in front of me and leans down and starts sucking the other guys dick so good. I stick my dick in her so fast omg. I grab her by the waist and fuck her so deep and hard making her moan so loud. After 5 minutes of this she wants to switch. She faces the wall and leans down and starts blowing me again. As this guy starts fucking that pussy up! Smack that ass so hard. She cums over and over screaming on my cock. We are both ready to cum. So she gets on her knees and alternates between jerking and sucking our cocks. “cum all over me!” shes now jerking both us so good and so fast. He starts shooting his load. Omg it was massive! Probably 20 spurts covering her face and tits and when he was almost done my cock exploded probably 30 spurts! Leaving her a cum covered little mess. She leaves and gets cleaned up and exits i sit down and chill. the guy lights up and blunt. And we pass it back and forth. “Hey let me see that cock!” he says i get up pull it out and push it through. Its half chub still. I hit the blunt and he takes my cock and stuffs it in his mouth and sucks it soooo good. I blow so fast and hard i could barely stand. I pass him back the blunt.”guys always do it better he says” and he pokes his in the hole.This thing scares me but i grab and lick it up and down so good and suck the fuck out of this monster until he fills my mouth with a nice warm load as well. We both exit the stalls and chat it up. End up hanging out after the track closes. We go get drunk and high suck each others cock off a couple more times as well.

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