grannyShe put the phone down, a sunburst smile on her face. “Just what I need,” she said to no one in particular since no one was there. Her daughter, Brenda, had opened the conversation with “Mum, I want to ask you a big favour.” The substance of the favour was, that Brenda’s husband, Jamie, had been asked by his company to go up north to get a new factory they had just built, up and running. Jamie was the company troubleshooter, and he was told that if he cared to take his family with him, suitable accommodation would be provided.The problem was that while they could take their daughter, Caroline, with them, Colin their son really needed to stay at home. Caroline could be transferred to a school in the new area, but Colin was part way through his university course and could not be disrupted at this stage.Brenda was not sure how long they would be away – perhaps a month or two, depending – but could “mum” come and look after Colin, see that he got proper meals, and take care of the house?Mum, or more intimately, Diane, was delighted on a number of grounds. First, although she knew she ought not to have favourites, she couldn’t help having a special attachment to Colin, who was so like Grant. Secondly, the house Brenda and family occupied, was the one she and Grant had built and lived in from the time they got married.After thirty years of marriage, and aged fifty-five, Grant had come home from work white faced, and collapsed on the kitchen floor. Before help could arrive, he was dead.Diane was devastated and inconsolable. She screamed out to the heavens, “Why, why, why?” The heavens had no answer. She shared her grief with the Reverent Carmichael. He had no answer.From the first time they came together, Grant had been her lover and life companion. Neither of them were magazine centre fold idols, but were attractive enough to draw members of the opposite sex to them, yet there had never been even a suggestion of infidelity. When they were out socially and found themselves separated and entrapped by would be – “we could have a meaningful relationship” – lovers, they would look across the room at each other and smile. They were secure in their love.Grant had been a gentle and passionate lover, always considerate of her needs, and she had sought to gratify his. They had built their lives jointly so that together they were whole – at one with each other. Not that they didn’t have their differences, but every argument and disagreement was within the context of their love. Neither of them would have dreamed of going off to “have their own space,” or “find themselves.”Their relationship was not a cloying dependence. Each had their own spheres of interest that they appreciated in each other and did not seek to invade. Diane had their daughter, Brenda, early in the marriage, and they were both distressed when they were told she couldn’t have any more c***dren, but the unhappiness passed, and at age thirty Diane found her own special area. Glancing through a magazine, she came upon an announcement that a short story writing competition was to be held. There was a prize for the winner, and the story would be published in the magazine. Diane set to, wrote a story, and sent it in. She won.A little celebratory gathering was held at the magazine’s offices, and present was a representative from one of the smaller publishing houses. After congratulating Diane, he asked if she had ever thought of writing a full-length novel, because his firm might be interested. She took up the idea, wrote her novel, and after some back and forthing with the editor, got it published. She received excellent reviews and many flattering letters from her readers. So novel writing became Diane’s forte and at the point when Grant died, she had fifteen published works. After the death, she had written nothing.Some eighteen months after Grant’s demise Diane had recovered from the worst of her grief, and was able to weigh up her situation. Money was no great problem, but there was the matter of the house. Now living alone, she felt the place was too large for one person, and when Brenda suggested that she and Jamie might like to buy the place, she agreed. She sold at a nominal price and moved into an “Elderly Citizens Complex.”On initial inspection, this looked good, but after a few months of living there, it did not have the same appeal. Surrounded by a high wall, with code-operated gates, security guards, a resident’s community centre, dining room, and resident medical staff, she came to think of the place as “The luxury concentration camp.” In addition, her relationships with the other residents meant listening to a constant litany of aches and pains, hip replacements and incontinence.Diane was not unsympathetic, but it was all so depressing, especially as she had always kept herself fit. Walking in the hills and swimming were her means of fitness, not the expensive 1xbet yeni giriş and desperate peddling and pummeling of the so-called “Fitness and Health Centres.” So, at sixty she was slim and active. In fact, she had received more than one suggestion of a relationship from some of the dribbling male residents of the complex. In addition, she also noted sly glances from younger men at the church she attended. None of them tempted her.Not that she was sexually disinterested, on the contrary, and despite all rumours to the contrary about older women, she was still very virile. She used a vibrator to relieve her sexual tensions desperately trying to pretend it was Grant as she came. But it wasn’t Grant. She would sometimes cry during her orgasms, longing for the contact of flesh and the feel of sperm entering her.Now had come her chance to get out of this saccharine environment and spend a few weeks in the old home with her beloved grandson, Colin. On the day for her to move in she packed, got into her little car, and drove off singing what she could recall of the “Grand March” from “Aida.”On arrival Brenda, Caroline and Jamie had already taken off for places North. Diane decided upon the bedroom she had shared with Grant, and now used by Brenda and Jamie. She distributed her various items of clothing and knick-knacks, and set about an inspection of the house. Colin was at the university and was not expected back for three or four hours, so she had the place to herself.She poured herself a whisky and something, and wandered through the house. She had left behind a lot of the furniture she and Grant had accumulated over the years, and her one dread had been that living among it again would give rise to painful memories. Memories there were, but very tender ones. They inflicted no pain on her, only feelings of love and gratitude for the years she had been able to have with Grant.She went out into the garden – the garden she had tended all those years, and seeing the swimming pool that she and Grant had put in with their own hands, she thought, “Well, I won’t have to use the town swimming pool for a while.” The Luxury concentration camp lacked this facility.She made preliminary preparations for the evening meal, and towards the end of this Colin arrived. They kissed, and he said, “Its great to have you here, gran.” “Nice to be here,” she smiled. Colin disappeared in the direction of his father’s study, which he had decided to use in Jamie’s absence, to get on with some university work. Diane decided on a shower and a change of clothing.When Grant was alive, the evening meal had always been something special they shared. They would discuss the events of the day and what was to happen the next day and any other matters they had on their minds. Diane always made a point of dressing up a little for the occasion. Since Grant’s death, she had got sloppy. She saw no point in changing to eat alone in her unit, and the dining room did not inspire her to look her best. But with Colin?Without knowing quite why, she had brought with her a long, plumb coloured dress, bought shortly before Grant’s death. It fitted sheath like, except that it was split up to her mid thigh. Grant had always admired her legs, and loved to have them wrapped round him when he came. She had bought it to tantalise him a little, making sure that the split fell open often enough to get his attention. It had worked nicely.She laid out the dress and went for her shower. When she had finished she inspected herself in the mirror and quite liked what she saw. Her hair was snowy white as she refused to have it dyed. She saw her clear skin with just a hint of lines running down from the corners of her nose to her mouth. One or two wrinkles on the forehead, but nothing much. More to the point, her body was still in good shape. Breasts not large, but okay. Pubic hair grey, but running down to a still nicely cleft sex organ.During a recent annual medical check-up, her doctor had commented, “You’ve got the blood pressure of an eighteen year old girl.” This had delighted her, but now, as she looked at herself, she thought, “Not quite an eighteen year old on the outside, but I could get away with forty.”She went back to the bedroom and put on the dress. Very carefully, she applied a little make-up, not to cover anything up, but to enhance what was there. She used the slightest touch of perfume, softly tied back her hair which extended below her shoulders, then standing back to look at herself in the long bedroom mirror, thought, “That’s about as good as you’ll get,” and departed to make the evening meal.When the meal was ready, she called Colin. She was bringing in the first course to the dining room when Colin entered. He stopped and stared. “Gran, you look,” he groped for an appropriate adjective, and finally came out with, “Terrific.” Diane smiled and said, “Thank 1xbet giriş you.” They sat and while they ate, she noticed Colin continuing to give her what he hoped were covert and appreciative glances.After the meal, they cleared up and Colin returned to his studies while Diane settled down for the evening with some music and a book. About 10 p.m. Colin came in and announced he was going to bed. They kissed goodnight, and after checking that the doors were locked and windows shut, Diane went to bed herself.The following two days saw Diane slip into the old familiar rhythm of the house. She took her morning swim after Colin had left, and spent a few hours working in the garden. In the evenings, Colin worked and she read.The fourth day was Friday and Colin had no lectures. While he was still in bed Diane had her swim and then prepared breakfast. The day promised to be hot, and when Colin finally got out of bed, he decided on a swim. Diane saw him through the kitchen window emerge from the house and go to the pool. He was wearing the briefest of briefs that showed his manhood to good effect. She thought, “God, what a beautiful body he’s got. The girl who gets him with have some fun.” As she prepared his breakfast, she kept glancing out of the window, admiring this handsome grandson.Brenda had confided in her about Colin and his girlfriends. He had begun having sex with them fairly early and this had worried her and Jamie, but Diane gently reminded Brenda of her of her own behaviour at that age. Brenda blushed and said no more about the girls. She was, however, concerned that Colin had also been involved with an older women. Not that it had come to anything; in fact, none of Colin’s sexual relationships had lasted. He didn’t seem interested in establishing anything permanent.Diane explained that lots of young people liked to experiment with relationships, and as to the older woman, well, if she was a decent sort of woman, and genuinely concerned for her younger partner, she would know that he was learning about sexual contact with someone who was experienced.Colin left the pool and arrived dressed a few minutes later for his breakfast. There was some talk about what they were doing that day, and Colin announced he had a bit of work to do, but would just lounge around later. Diane had some cleaning up to do, so each departed for their tasks.It was early afternoon and the promised heat had arrived. Diane decided on another swim to cool off. She went to the bedroom and changed into her bikini. As she went through the house to the pool Colin, with the same thought in mind, was also making for the pool. When he saw Diane, he gave a gasp of surprise. “Gran,” he spluttered, “I didn’t think you’d wear anything like that.” “Like what?” Diane teased. “Well, the bikini, a two piece,” Colin said, gasping again. “No, I Suppose you saw me in a knee length one piece,” Diane laughed. “Well, now you seen me in this, do you like it.” “Its great, gran,” he responded enthusiastically, and together they went to the pool and dived in.They swam up and down for a while and at one point, they bumped into each other. This began the usual ducking and diving games round each other that often happen in swimming pools. In the course of wrestling around Diane ended up with her legs wrapped round Colin’s waist. It was then that underneath her she felt something hard pressing. She was fully aware of what it was, and she looked into Colin’s eyes and found him gazing at her.No word was said. He took her into his arms, carried her out of the pool and laid her on the air filled mattress beside he pool. He took down his briefs, removed her bikini bottoms and entered her. As he moved up and down inside her he moaned, “Oh gran, oh gran,” over and over again. She whispered to him, “Its all right, my love, let it all go, put it all in me.” He ejaculated into her gently and quietly, just giving a little gasp as he shot and a sigh when he finished. He lay inside her for a long time as she stroked his hair and face, murmuring loving words to him. After a while she said, “Let’s go and change now.” He withdrew from her; they rose, went into the house and changed.During the evening meal, little was said but the most formal things, and as soon as they had cleared up, Colin disappeared to his room. Diane tried to watch a television programme, but found it trite and stupid. Finally, she decided on a shower and then some reading in bed.She was sitting propped up on a couple of pillows reading, when there was a knock on the door. “Come in,” she called. Colin entered and stood just inside he door. “What is it, darling?” she said. He shuffled for a moment, then burst out, “Gran, I’m so sorry.” “About what,” she asked. “About what I did to you this afternoon,” he moaned. “Didn’t you like it?” she asked. “It’s not that, gran,” he protested, “It’s that I,” he sought for the right 1xbet güvenilirmi word, “I defiled you.” “Defiled me? You honoured me, you silly boy,” exploded Diane. “Someone nearly forty years my junior wanted my body, and I’m supposed to feel defiled about that? Come over here.”Colin hesitated, then moved over to the bed. “Sit down,” ordered Diane. He sat. “Now Colin,” she began, “What happened this afternoon between us was admittedly unusual, but it did not defile me in any way. The only regret I can have is if you say to me, you did not enjoy it, that it repulsed you or something like that. Do you want to say that to me?””Oh no, gran,” “Since I saw you in that long dress I’ve thought about you over and over again. I didn’t think a woman your age…I mean,” “I know what you mean,” interrupted Diane. “I mean, you looked so sexy. And when I saw you in that two piece and we started to fool around, I just cracked.” “Good,” Diane said. “You mean you didn’t mind?” asked Colin. Diane went on, “Of course I didn’t mind, silly. How long do you think it is since I had a man? Well, I’ll tell you, not since your grandfather died. The reason I went ahead with you is because you are so much like him.”Silence fell between them. Diane knew she had exposed herself to him, had revealed her own desires, and this was to be vulnerable. She wanted to say “Take me, take me now,” but understood that the next move must come from him. He must commit himself to the extent of stating his desire for her. There must be some word, some move, to indicate his wishes.He moved restlessly and she could see the erection pushing against his boxer shorts, but the mere desire for sex was not enough. There must be some indication that it was she he wanted to be with, and not some other woman that he would fantasise about as he fucked the substitute. Whatever might happen next day, next week, next…she didn’t want to think about that… But tonight, if he took her, it had to be her he was with. This was the dangerous corner. Would they turn it?Her vagina was wet with longing for him, but still she made no move, then quietly he spoke. “Oh gran, I’ve wanted you so – want you – you’ve no idea how I’ve longed for you. If I could…if we could…” His voice choked, he couldn’t go on. It was enough. The commitment had been made. She reached for his hand, and drawing him towards her said gently, “Take me, my love.”He moved over her, and as he bent to deep kiss her she murmured, “Take me to paradise, darling.” That night they went to paradise and beyond, together.The following days and nights they explored very crevice of each other’s body. They found no act repellent, they desired only to be lost in each other. Some days Colin would come in from university and almost **** her on the couch, only to later that night take her long and lingeringly. They loved in every part of the house. They took each other in the swimming pool. They made every corner of the house sacred with their lovemaking.Diane found herself looking and feeling younger everyday. The poisons that had permeated her from living constantly in an environment of aging and decay now dissipated. Her hormones raced, and she was alive again. She even began a new novel based largely on what she was now experiencing. But lurking like a black cloud in the background was the knowledge she tried hard to repress. At some time, Brenda would return, and all this would be over.The dreaded call came. “I’ll be home in two days time, mum.” She told Colin, and that night their lovemaking took on an atmosphere of desperation. They were like two condemned people allowed the last hour together.Brenda arrived alone. “Where’s Caroline and Jamie?” Diane asked. “I’ve got to talk to you about that mum,” said Brenda, rather hesitantly. “What?” asked Diane.Brenda went on to explain that the company had decided that Jamie was to stay up north for at least a year, to oversee the teething pains as the new plant got going. The only problem was what was to happen to Colin. He was certainly old enough to care for himself, but Brenda didn’t want him alone in the house with perhaps a cleaner coming in two or three times a week, and so, “Would you, mum?” etc.Diane did not dare to reveal her joy at this opportunity. She announced solemnly that “Of course there is the matter of my unit.” Having made enough fuss about this, she finally agreed that she didn’t really like the place, and so would get rid of it and buy another when necessary, and so on and so forth. Finally, as a grand gesture, she stated that “Yes, I will stay here and look after things” (And be looked after she thought).Colin and Diane kept apart for the next four days while Brenda was there, then, having waved a tearful farewell to her, they raced home from the airport to take each other before they had hardly got through the door.It would be nice to know the final outcome of this love, but at the moment it is still ongoing. Jamie is still up north with Brenda and Caroline. Colin continues his university studies and Diane still looks after him. Diane knows that one day it must come to an end for all sorts of reasons, but till then…

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