Great Neighbor part 3

Big Tits

Great Neighbor part 3Soon after I had rimmed his ass and probed it with my wriggling tongue, I could hear him laughing as he pointed at my li’l penis straining in its cage, but leaking nonetheless. He then turned around and just plunged his condom covered cock into my mouth and furiously fucked my face. After about 10-15 quick thrusts he started moaning and telling me to take his load, clearly we both had forgotten the condom. I was just trying to breathe and gripped his muscular ass and brought him harder against my mouth as he ejaculated.. Sitting back he allowed me to take the condom off and bathe tempobet giriş his spent cock again with my mouth. I could NOT believe he was still hard and he told me I had better get another condom if I wanted to have him in my pussy.. I bet I never scrambled so fast in my 48 years, just to get another rubber on his still hard, gorgeous black cock. I had even forgotten the large stainless pink plug I had in my ass! I quickly got the condom and unwrapped it and placed it in my mouth so I could put it on his cock with my mouth, like the cock whore I am. I knew I was in for a treat and a LONG tempobet yeni giriş afternoon since he had already cum once. I was then told to kneel on the edge of the bed again, ass up and head down. (My favorite submissive position!) I felt him enter my “pussy” with ease and I just could not stop moaning and begging him to never stop. Even if someone had walked in upon us at that time, I was well past caring. It just felt so damn good! Being caged I could not even touch my semi-hard li’l penis/clit, but I was getting closer to cumming with his cock pounding my “pussy”. Upon noticing tempobet güvenilirmi this, he had stopped and had me beg him even more for his cock. And being aroused past caring, I nearly screamed for him to fuck me hard and fill me with his cum (again forgetting the condom); he just laughed and said I was his white bitch and he was going to keeping fucking me like this until my WIFE got home..! Maybe let her enjoy the show too and then see what she says when she sees her sissy hubby begging for his cock.. I was at a loss. I had wanted to cum and did not get to. I had wanted a dominant male to submit to and please, and NOW I had him, in OUR house, fucking my willing PUSSY. Yes I admit it now, my pussy was full and I LOVED it and did not currently care about anything else, but in the back of my mind I was wondering–would he really do that to me? What had I become??

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