Hailey’s Journey Ch. 13


“Play with yourself, Blondie.”

At Nick’s quiet comment, Hailey’s eyes flew open in surprise and she received a sharp smack across her nipples with a riding crop for daring to look up without permission. She immediately looked down at the floor from her kneeling position, but her mind was in a whirl. Pleasure herself? In front of Nick??

“I’m waiting, Blondie.”

“Please, Nick, I can’t, I’ve never….”

“Don’t tell me you’ve never done it before, Blondie. Remember, I have seen you myself. Now come on, don’t keep me waiting.”

Slowly, reluctantly, Hailey brought one hand to her pussy, and received another smack.

“On your back, Blondie, knees wide apart!”

Blushing furiously, Hailey complied, spreading her knees gingerly. She had been bound in wider positions, but then Nick had been in control. But now, to display herself so shamefully made her breath come in short, distressed pants, but secretly aroused her too.

Once again, her hands went to her exposed pussy.

“Blondie, if you were a guy fucking a girl, and you made straight for her cunt, she’d kick you out in no time. Pretend I’m making love to you. What would you want me to do?”

Hailey made such a pretty picture, thought Nick, with her blonde hair spread out on the carpet, big blue eyes looking at him with a mixture of desire and distress. He didn’t know what turned him on more, the arousal or the fear in her face. He watched as her trembling fingers caressed her face, fluttering over her eyes, ears and cheeks before outlining her lips. She then took a finger of each hand, slipped them into her mouth and sucked slowly before moving down.

By this time, her nipples were hard and puckered, looking like perfect little raspberries. Hailey gently circled them, then stroked and pinched them into long, throbbing points. Moaning with arousal, her hands moved down her flat belly to her pussy lips.

“Knees higher and wider, Blondie!”

Hailey obeyed, opening herself up wide for her master. She found her hard little clit and began to massage it, at the same time, thrusting two fingers deep into herself. Nick’s avidly watching eyes and obvious arousal added to her own, and her fingers began to move faster. Just as she thought she was going over, Nick ordered her to stop. Reluctantly, Hailey removed her slippery fingers and breathed deep, trying to control herself. Then Nick asked her to start all over again!

This time, he gave her a little vibrator and asked her to fuck herself. Forgetting all embarrassment in her advanced, horny state, Hailey plunged the vibrator in with great enthusiasm, little mewling sounds coming out of her mouth. Nick freed his rock-hard cock and straddled her, using it to slap her cheeks and rub the engorged head against her lips. Finally he grasped both her tits in a cruel, hard grasp and thrust inbetween the satiny globes as Hailey continued to fuck herself. And he gave her permission to cum just he sprayed her neck and face with his own orgasm.

He did not allow her to wipe herself off and she spent the rest of the day with Nick’s dried cum all over her face and hair – just another way for Nick to show his slave that her body belonged to him, not to herself.

For Hailey was in serious training now. The last few weeks had been challenging for both master and slave. Nick did görükle escort not consider himself a very traditional or demanding master. He did not expect constant kneeling, silence, and a blindly obedient slave who did not dare to look her master in the eye. But he did expect her to follow his simple rules and adapt herself to his lifestyle.

He also needed to teach her to kneel, crawl, and be comfortable without clothes in his presence. These habits, he thought were necessary for both master and slave. For the slave, it was a continual reminder of her submissive position. For the master, seeing the slave naked, kneeling and vulnerable was a sharp reminder, not just of the power he wielded, but also the tremendous responsibility that came with the power.

But the idea of humbling herself quite to that level did not sit well with Hailey She constantly seemed to forget that as a slave, her only role was to obey her master. Not that she disobeyed – she did do as she was told, but only after a lot of questions and demands for reasons and answers.

Now that the initial fear and novelty of being a slave was wearing off, and she was getting quite comfortable with Nick, she did not understand why she had to obey implicitly, or crawl, or kneel, or wear a leash or…….the numerous things that Nick expected her to do.

The only thing she did not question was his sex and bondage games because she really enjoyed herself there. So, she got punished, though Nick did not punish her too hard because she did obey him in the end.

For example, two days ago, she had protested the idea of kneeling at his feet in the evenings while he watched TV. Nick liked the idea of her snuggling at his feet. He felt close to her without having to be distracted by talking to her or entertaining her. Besides, he knew that she was really tired after a long day of play and games, and thought that she would appreciate the chance to relax without pressure.

But no, Hailey had to protest. So he tied her up in the most uncomfortable position possible. He bound her hands with rope and tied them to a hook in the wall, with her face pressing up against the wall. Her bound breasts were pressed on the ground which was covered with tiny little grains of rice. Then he bent her legs over her back and tied them to the wall next to her hands.

It was a good thing that Hailey was flexible, because the strain on her back was incredible. Everytime she wriggled, her breasts hurt and the ball gag in her mouth did not help either. When he finally untied her, Nick told her that she had a choice, like always. She could kneel, or be bound in ever increasing discomfort. Hailey had no problem making a choice after the first evening.

Then there was the time she protested the fact that she was always naked while Nick wore clothes. Nick’s explanation that as a slave, she could wear only what he allowed did not sit very well. As punishment that morning, she wore only clothespin zippers. Strands of connected clothespins decorated her upper arms, her tits (with close concentration on her nipples) her back, her thighs, her stomach and especially her pussy and clit.

After a very uncomfortable breakfast, Nick tethered her to the ceiling and began to unzip her, kissing her roughly and thoroughly after every screaming zipper. He left görükle escort bayan the one on her pussy until the very end – the “owwwwwwwaaaaaah” of that zipper had Hailey promising that she would never ever ask for clothes ever again!

But Nick did not want a slave who obeyed him because of fear of pain. He wanted Hailey to do all those things because it felt right, because it gave her the sense of surrender and safety that was her right as a slave. He had spanked her that night because she had, as usual, questioned him when he had given her dinner in a bowl. Just an hour ago, she had sat naked and happy in his arms, following his directions unquestioningly as he had guided her through a challenging computer game. Why could she not do that with him all the time?

Nick decided that it was time for another serious talk. He picked her up from her corner, removed the clothes pin from her tongue and sat down with her on his favorite couch.


“Yeth?…” When he called her Hailey, she knew that it was time for a serious talk, though her talking was probably going be just a tad garbled for a while.

“When we were playing the computer game, you followed all my directions without a single question. Why, love?”

“Because you are an expert at that – and I have no clue.”

“How about when we are not playing computer games? Don’t you think I know what I am doing?”

“Yeah, now you know more than me. But maybe someday…”

“You’ll know more about being a Master?”

“Noooo, but….”

“Hailey, I’ve told you this before. Being a slave means obeying your master without questions, trusting in him to do what is best for you.”

“Do you think that you are superior to me because you are a guy? Is that why I have to obey you?”

“Hailey, submitting yourself completely to someone takes a lot of courage, and you have that in loads. You obey me because you trust me to take care of you. I have to ‘train’ you to obey until it becomes instinctive. Then you’ll be contented. Besides with all the bondage and other shit we do, you have to obey instinctively, or things could get dangerous.”

“But why should I crawl and eat from a bowl and do all those things?”

“Are those things physically painful?”

“No, but…”

“They annoy and humiliate you because you still think that your body belongs to you. But it doesn’t – it belongs to me. And you do those things because it is MY pleasure to see your ass swaying when you crawl, not yours.”

“Why would you want to see me do that? Do you get your rocks off by humiliating women?”

“It is humiliating only if you think it is. What does turn me on is to see you submit unconditionally and with pleasure to whatever I ask you to do. When you do that, I am in your power just as much as you are in mine. To know that you trust me and care for me so much that you give no thought to yourself. Not to think of yourself, but only of me, and give yourself solely to my pleasure. Do you know how wonderful it is for me when you give me that power – how humbling it is? You do that when I tie you up and flog you, don’t you?”

Hailey blushed and muttered, “that’s because I cum so hard.”

“That’s not the only pleasure that you can get from this relationship, Hailey. Kneeling to me, bursa escort safe from not having to make decisions, knowing that you will always please by just obeying – aren’t they pleasurable too? When you kneel or crawl, you are letting go of the world of decisions that made you nervous and unhappy. You are showing me that you trust me to take care of you. Isn’t that a good thing?”

Hailey had found pleasure in all those things, especially when Nick had been pleased. He had been very generous in showing his approval. But she was still not ready to give up.

“Why should I kneel, then? You can’t deal with women sitting at your level?”

Nick sighed. “Hailey, we have had many conversations with you sitting next to me, on top of me and at my feet, you know that. When you kneel close to me, it is telling me that you belong to me, you are a part of me, not apart from me. And there is no pressure either for you or for me to entertain or talk or anything, just a simple enjoyment of each other’s company. Don’t you feel that?”

Hailey had felt that – for the first time in years, she did not have to worry about what kind of impression she had to make. But…

“Why the leash? Am I such a bitch?”

“There are two ends to the leash, love.” “Huh???”

“If you are bound by the leash, so am I, equally so at the other end. We are linked by that leash.”

Hailey had never quite thought of it that way.

“As my slave, you are mine, love. You obey me without question. In return, I take responsibility for you, and if you accept that, you need to stop thinking that this body belongs to you. It belongs to me, and it should do what I want it to do, without thinking. Doing all these things – kneeling, crawling, eating from bowls – makes you forget your ego and your sense of ‘self’ and that helps you submit completely to me. When you do that, I can take care of your needs and mine, and we’ll both have what we want.”

“But that makes me sound like a mindless puppet!”

“Hailey, I will ask for your opinion when it counts. It’s only the everyday details that I chose to make decisions on. Details that you don’t want to think about because they annoy you and stress you out! ”

Nick sounded so logical that Hailey became annoyed again. While he might not ask her just before he made a decision, he had asked for her opinions on a number of things during their many conversations, and had respected them. But she was still annoyed.

“Thank you for that lecture, Mr.Know it all.”

For that, she was back in the corner, this time with six stripes across her ass, and a binder clip holding her lips together. But inside, Hailey was smiling and her pussy was wet. She was happier than she had ever felt before, and though her life was strictly regulated, Nick made sure she was well looked after. He also showed her often that he appreciated her, and was happy with her.

Hailey was slowly realizing that she really needed Nick – that she had fallen deeply in love with him. Not because he was good at making her cum, but because of the caring person he was. Under that geeky exterior was a man who seemed to be the One she had been looking for – someone who looked after her, and cared for her, and listened to her. Admitting her feelings finally, Hailey decided that she was going to do all she could to make Nick realize that he needed her as well.

Right now, just as he always did, Nick had given her just what she had needed.

But Nick knew that he had to push her some more – a lot more so that she could truly understand what her life with him would be like.

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