Happy Birthday


Happy BirthdayMordred woke up early and glanced at the window. It was surprisingly sunny outside for a February morning, the sun reflecting off of the glass. He turned his head to see if Elissa was still beside him but he was surprised to see that she was already out of bed. He lifted himself from the comfort of the warm duvet, threw on his robe and went into the living room. He found Elissa in the kitchen preparing a plate of eggs, bacon, sausage, hash browns and toast. She heard him come through the door.“Morning Sweetie, happy birthday,” she said as she slid her arms through the partially open robe and wrapped herself around him before giving him a much welcomed kiss.“I’ve made you a birthday breakfast.”Mordred smiled. “Aw, you shouldn’t have. But it smells bloody good.”Elissa laughed as she released her hold and finished getting the two plates ready. Mordred sat down on the sofa as she brought the plates in and placed them down on the table. She then went back for two cups of coffee.They both sat eating and catching up on the daily news on the television. The smell of coffee and fried breakfast filled the air and Mordred was in heaven.“God, this is good. Thank you, Sweetie”“You’re welcome, baby,” Elissa replied. “And sorry I haven’t got you your gift yet.”“Don’t be silly,” Mordred reassured. “You know I don’t mind about presents. Besides, this breakfast is more than enough.”“I know, but I have something else for you, I just have to pop out later to get it.”Did looked disappointed. “Aw, you’re going out and leaving me all alone?” he pouted.Elissa chuckled. “I just have to pick up your gift. So you can spend some time relaxing by yourself and then I’ll be back a little later. I promise it’ll be worth it.”Mordred placed his empty plate down on the table and sat back content. “After that breakfast, I’ll let you,” he joked.For a while, they both sat together letting their food settle as the weather report came on. Not a bad day at all, great weather for opening the windows and letting some welcomed fresh air cleanse the house. The winter days have meant that the house had been closed up for quite a while and it was overdue an airing.A little later, Elissa got up and threw on her clothes before coming back to the living room to grab her purse and car keys.“Alright,” she said, “I’m off to get your gift.” She leaned over the arm of the sofa and kissed Mordred softly. “Enjoy your time and I’ll be back as soon as I can, I promise.”“Okay, baby,” Mordred replied.“Oh, and make sure you bathe and shave before I get back.”“Ooooo,” Mordred exaggerated, “it really must be my birthday.” His cheeky grin reassured Elissa that he was just joking.“Don’t blow it, you will be disappointed,” Elissa joked back. She gave him another kiss before heading for the door. “See you later, love you.”“Love you too,” Mordred replied and he sat there and listened to her walk down the stairs and then close the front door.“Birthday game time,” Mordred said to himself and picked up the PS3 controller and settled in for a morning of gaming. After a couple of hours he switched down the console and gathered some clean clothes before running a warm bath. The water felt good as he sat down and laid against the back of the tub. He usually would jump straight in and start washing but today was his birthday after all so he relaxed and enjoyed the comfort of weightlessness provided by the water. After around forty minutes, the water started to get cooler and he finished up his bath routine, shaved his face and other areas. The feeling of moisturizer on his face and balls felt really good. He put on some comfortable underwear and new sleep pants he got for Christmas before heading back to the living room.He glanced up at the clock. “Hmmm, where’s my baby?” He thought to himself. Elissa had been gone for over three hours now. He checked his phone for messages. Nothing. Mordred worried a little as Elissa is never usually gone this long without sending a text. As if reading his mind, a text message popped up on the phone.“Hey baby, only me. Be home in ten mins.” The end of the text had a winking emoticon followed by numerous X’s.Mordred’s worries fled as he typed back, “k baby. See you in a min.” He grabbed a cold drink from the fridge and sat back on the sofa.It wasn’t long before he heard the sound of keys in the lock and the door opening.“I’m back,” called Elissa up the stairs. “Stay in the living room for me and close the door.”“Hey baby, yeah okay,” Mordred called back. He got up and closed the living room door and sat back on the sofa. “Must have bought me a present,” he thought. He heard Elissa go into the bedroom and the door close. The sound of bags rustling and giggling came through the door.“Cool, türbanlı maraş escort must be new lingerie,” Mordred thought. Elissa’s giggles were exciting and mischievous. A little time later, he heard the bedroom door open.“Sweetie,” Elissa called. “Can you go into the bathroom and get changed? Your clothes are there.”Mordred jumped up, “Sure,” he shouted and he noticed he sounded a little too excited. As he left the living room, Elissa closed the bedroom door again and Mordred slipped into the bathroom. With the door closed he looked on the floor. He saw his black shirt, Jeans and tight black briefs. “Ha ha, she knows me too well,” he thought. As he began to get changed, he heard the bedroom door open. There came a knock at the door.“Meet me in the living room when you’re done.”When Mordred finished buttoning up his Jeans, he checked himself in the mirror and opened the bathroom door. His cock was already throbbing a little with excitement as the swollen shaft pressed against the material of his underwear. He went into the living room with a big smile which instantly turned to shock when he saw Elissa on the sofa and sitting next to her was another woman. Elissa was dressed in a long black dress that was tight fighting. The V-neck plunge showed off her cleavage and with no Bra, her nipples were hard and visible. Her legs were covered in sheer black stockings and she wore no shoes. Sitting next to her was someone he had never seen before. Similar in size and shape to Elissa, the other woman had long blond hair and was wearing a white dress of similar style with white sheer stockings.“Errr…hello,” Mordred said nervously trying to cover his erection with his shirt.“Hey baby,” said Elissa standing to give him a kiss. “Happy birthday. This is Misti.”“Hi,” Mordred said. Misti stood up and walked over to Mordred and gave him a hug. “Happy birthday, nice to meet you.” Both women then sat down on the sofa again.“I met Misti online and when she heard it was your birthday she thought it would be nice to come over and meet you.”“Oh, okay,” Mordred said. “When did you guys meet?”“Three hours ago,” Elissa laughed. “We’ve been chatting online but met today and went clothes shopping for tonight.”“What’s tonight?” Mordred asked.“Who knows?” Elissa laughed.“So what do you do for work, Misti?” Mordred asked to break the silence.Misti sat back and crossed her legs. As she did, Mordred got a quick glimpse of her white underwear. He looked at Elissa and felt a little guilty as she raised one eyebrow at him but then followed it with a smile.“I’m an accountant for a firm in London,” Misti replied. “Sounds nice but it’s minimum wage and I mainly file papers and crunch numbers. Not very exciting.”“I dunno,” said Elissa. “Working in London sounds kinda cool.”“It’s not as exciting as it sounds.” Misti replied. “Too noisy, very busy and the commute is hell.”“You don’t live in London?” Mordred asked.“No, too expensive. So I live between here and London.”The three of them chatted some more about their jobs and how Elissa had met her. Elissa had been chatting online with Misti after sharing some pictures online. Elissa had gone to meet with Misti in a bar to get to know her and then they both had gone to Guildford to buy the dresses they were wearing.It wasn’t long before Mordred set up the TV to play music. They each took a turn at singing some of their favorite songs. Elissa and Misti performed a couple of duets while Mordred sang his favorite love songs to Elissa.“I’m ready for some dance stuff,” Elissa said. Mordred found a dance playlist and put it on repeat while Elissa moved the coffee table out of the way. The three of them guzzled water while the beat of the music got them dancing around the living room. Mordred’s head was swimming with the music and heat and took a seat on the couch to drink some more.“You okay, baby?” Elissa asked.“Yep, just re-hydrating,” Mordred laughed.Mordred watched Elissa and Misti dancing, his eyes fixed on Elissa’s ass curved within the stretch material of the black dress. Occasionally he could make out the line of her panties and he felt a wave of excitement as he noticed she was wearing a thong. Mordred was so ready to make love to her but someone else in the house was a gigantic tease and he wondered when Misti would be leaving. He tried to suppress the erection he could feel growing. Misti excused herself and went to the bathroom and Elissa sat down next to Mordred.“Sure you’re okay?” she asked.“I promise baby, I’m good. Just getting hot, a little frisky and trying to hide a hard on,” Mordred chuckled.“Really?” Elissa smirked. She lent over and unbuttoned his jeans. Mordred gasped as she reached in türbanlı maraş escort bayan and grabbed his hard cock while still inside his briefs.“Mmmm,” she moaned. “You are hard.”She rubbed her hand up and down his shaft and massaged his balls with each down stroke. Mordred’s head began to swim as waves of pleasure flooded his system. Elissa moved her head towards his and kissed him on the mouth. He opened it and her tongue pushed itself deep inside his mouth, dancing over his tongue. His cock throbbed and this made Elissa grip it harder and stroke it. Just then, Misti walked into the living room and Mordred reached down and moved Elissa’s hand from his Jeans.“Oh, don’t mind me,” Misti giggled.Elissa looked into Mordred’s eyes and smiled. “Take off your Jeans if you’re so hot.”Mordred looked quizzically at Elissa. “Take ‘em off. You chicken?” she jested.She got up to dance some more as Mordred removed his Jeans. He felt a little vulnerable sitting there in his shirt and briefs which left his erection visible through the material.Elissa and Misti danced to the music as Mordred looked on. He could feel his cock throbbing as the pair bumped each others’ behinds. The two faced each other, Elissa’s hands on Misti’s shoulders and Misti’s hands on Elissa’s hips and they swayed in time to the beat. Elissa looked totally relaxed and into the moment.Misti pulled Elissa in closer and their breasts touched. Elissa bit her lower lip and smiled as Mordred let out a gasp.“I think your husband likes,” Misti said.Elissa giggled. “Oh, I know he does.” The visuals pushed another wave of pleasure through Mordred and he reached out and started to stroke his erection through the briefs.“Naughty boy,” teased Elissa.“I think he wants to see more,” Misti said.“Let me see your cock first, Baby,” Elissa asked seductively.Without hesitation, Mordred pulled aside his briefs and his cock burst free, standing to attention. Hard and throbbing with it’s head still shrouded in it’s sleeve.“Show Misti how shinny and wet your cock is,” Elissa demanded.Mordred gripped his shaft and pulled back revealing his glistening head. The sensation ran through him and he stroked slowly, letting the pre-cum drip down.“Wow,” said Misti. “What you said was true.”“Yep,” said Elissa. “What does he deserve for that?”Misti backed away and unhooked the straps from the her dress letting her breasts fall free. Elissa did the same and Mordred noticed how full her breasts looked and how hard her nipples were. The two of them pressed their breasts together and joined mouths in a kiss. Mordred could feel his cock getting harder in his hand as he watched their tongues dancing in and out. Both women had their arms around each other and he was mesmerized as he watched Elissa grabbing Misti’s ass and pull her closer. He heard the muffled moans of pleasure coming from them both as they explored each other.After what felt like an eternity, they stopped and turned to face Mordred stroking on the couch. Elissa walked forward, bent down and with two fingers, delicately removed some pre-cum from the tip of his cock before walking back to Misti. She raised her fingers and both women used their tongues to taste the juices shining in the light.“Mmmm,” mumbled Elissa and Misti together.“Good boy,” Elissa said. “If you want to see more, open your shirt and lose the undies.”Like a coiled spring, Mordred jumped up and removed his briefs, tossing them to the side. He unbuttoned his shirt to reveal his hairy chest and sat back down, legs slightly apart and began stroking again.As a reward, Misti walked behind Elissa and put her arms around her and reached up to cup his wife’s breasts. Elissa closed her eyes and laid her head back on Misti’s shoulders as her tits were played with, squeezed and her nipples lightly pinched. One of Misti’s hands began to travel down to the hem of Elissa’s dress and carefully began lifting it up. Soon it was high enough to reveal black panties that hugged Elissa’s pussy in a way Mordred melted over. The beautiful curves and shape that Mordred loved so much. He noticed the swollen lips pressing through the material. Misti’s other hand continued playing with Elissa’s breast as she ran the other over the fabric of the panties. Elissa lifted her arms up and began running her hands through her long blond hair. Mordred gripped his cock harder as Misti’s hand snuck in the top of Elissa’s panties and watched as she gently massaged her pussy. Elissa’s gasps were so sexy and passionate and she gripped her own hair and tugged along with the waves of pleasure that were filling her body.As quickly as the moment started, Misti withdrew her hand to the disappointed türbanlı escort maraş moans from Elissa’s open mouth.“I think it’s time to take this to the bedroom,” Misti said.The women took turns to use the bathroom while Mordred setup the music in the room. He closed the curtains and lit some candles to give the room a more sensual feel. Once the bathroom was free, Mordred took his turn. trying his best to aim with one of the hardest erections he’d ever known. When he left the bathroom, he walked into the bedroom to find the two ladies had already started. Elissa, naked, was on her back with Misti’s head between her legs. Elissa was playing with her own breasts as Misti was teasing her swollen pussy lips with her tongue.Elissa looked up at Mordred as he entered the room. “God this feels so fucking good. Let me taste your cock.”Mordred removed the remainder of his clothing and knelt down next to Elissa’s head, offering his cock to her. Elissa gripped his shaft and forced his cock straight into her mouth. As she did, Misti flicked her tongue hard over her clit and Elissa gasped which Mordred felt through his whole body. Her tongue danced over his head and shaft as he thrust deep into her mouth. Mordred watched as Elissa expertly worked his cock, then glanced as Misti expertly worked her pussy. Mordred withdrew and moved his head down to kiss Elissa on the mouth. Her tongue was warm and salty from his cock and he moaned in pleasure at the taste. He buried his tongue in deep and stroked her hair with a hand.“What do you want to see, Baby?” Elissa managed to ask breathlessly.“I want to fuck you while you taste your first pussy,” Mordred replied without thinking, a little guilt swelled after realizing what he’d asked for.Without hesitation, Elissa rolled onto all fours and Misti laid on her back, her legs open ready for Elissa’s mouth. Elissa knelt in and held Misti’s legs open and flicked her tongue over the wet pussy lips in front of her.“Like this, Baby?” she asked.“Whatever you want,” Mordred said. And he knelt behind her. He admired her glistening pussy as her ass waved in the air, moving slightly with each tongue stroke. He gripped his cock and moved it into position and just as Elissa’s ass moved back at the end of a taste, he pushed through her lips and into the warmth of her vagina. Elissa moaned with pleasure as he buried his cock in deep, his balls pressed against her.Elissa let go of Misti’s legs and grabbed her breasts and massaged them as she buried her tongue in deep, Misti’s juices all over her mouth and chin. Mordred began to thrust faster and as deep as he could.“Oh god, baby.” Elissa moaned. “Fuck me, oh yeah fuck me.”Mordred grabbed either side of her ass and thrust faster and faster, his balls slapping and echoing around the room. Misti reached underneath and started to massage Elissa’s clit, fast yet gentle which sent a shockwave through Elissa’s body.From no where, an orgasm swelled and exploded in a way that felt like colors shooting into the air. Elissa screamed as the orgasm took control and her whole body shook. Misti suddenly shook and let out a moan as her orgasm erupted and they both rocked violently, giving in to the pleasure. Mordred’s thrusts slowed to allow Elissa’s orgasm to settle. Elissa leaped up and knelt next to him and grabbed his cock, thrusting her mouth on to his and ramming her tongue into his mouth. He could taste the juices from Misti on her breath and his cock swelled and felt like bursting.“Come for me you dirty boy,” Elissa growled and began stroking his cock fast with a tight grip. Misti, still on her back, shuffled underneath and Elissa aimed his cock at her breasts.“Come on her tits you nasty boy.” She barked.“Are you sure?” Mordred asked nervously.“Do it!” And she stroked hard.Mordred felt the cum rising to the brim, behind it was a wave he had never felt before. Without warning, cum streamed from his cock and Elissa aimed it at Misti’s breasts. Mordred screamed as a wave ran through his whole body and he felt the pulse in his shaft as the cum leaped onto Misti.“God yes,” Elissa moaned and stroked harder. The cum kept squirting and Mordred thought this orgasm wasn’t going to end. It started to fade but another came up right behind it and he swore he saw stars as his body shook violently. He watched as Misti massaged the cum into her breasts. Elissa leaned over and flicked her tongue over one of Misti’s nipples and Mordred watched as his cum trickled from it over her chin.“That was fucking awesome,” Elissa admitted.“No shit,” said Misti.Mordred couldn’t speak and collapsed on his back onto the bed. “Oh…my…god…” he managed to say.Both women chuckled. Elissa snuggled next to him and kissed him on the mouth and stared into his eyes.“Happy birthday, Baby.” She said.“Thank you,” Mordred wheezed.“Thank you guys, tonight was awesome,” Misti said.“Can Misti come over from time to time?” Elissa asked.“Sure,” Mordred said.“Even when you’re not home?”Mordred smiled. “Of course, Sweetie.”She kissed him again. “Thank you,” she said.“So,” Misti said. “Who’s birthday is next?”

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