Hattie’s Dream


Author’s Note: Trans, incest, romance. Any of those make you feel dry, go elsewhere.

“What do you think of the cutie over at the bar?” Frank nudged Cohen, who looked up tiredly from his drink.

It wasn’t hard to see exactly who the man was indicating. She was sitting on her own, stirring a straw idly in her drink and ignoring the clustering of guys intent on talking to her.

She was cute. There wasn’t really a better fitting word for the blonde. She was short, probably only chest height on Cohen. Her blue eyes were a bright blue that tickled at Cohen’s memory, but failed to surface anything. She wore two large golden hooped earrings, and a red tartan miniskirt, with a plain black t-shirt stretched tight over a tiny rack.

Cohen looked away as she caught him looking, and whispered to Frank, “She’s hot. Why, you going to make a move? She doesn’t seem interested.”

“I wish. She’s been making eyes at you all night.” His friend said jealously.

He frowned, and glanced over at her again. She was holding her glass one-handed, gripping over the top of the rim as she sipped the straw, looking directly at Cohen with a shy little smile.

“She’s waiting. Go talk to her.”

He shook his head, and looked at his drink, “Came to drown my sorrows, not get laid. You know what family reunions are like for me. Stress and people making a fuss over nothing. Only good thing is taking Will to the arcade, after.”

“Seriously?” Frank said in disbelief, “She’s – Oh shit, she’s coming over. Don’t screw this up, man. I’ll take off.”

The girl put her drink down beside Cohen’s, sliding into the seat next to him, “Your friend is as subtle as a brick through a window. Lol. Cohen, isn’t it? I think I used to know you once. High school, maybe?”

He smiled at her boldness, and he couldn’t deny how attractive she was. “You’ve just disappointed a whole ton of guys, you know?”

“Oh, most of those would run from me, before taking me home.” She smiled disarmingly, “Name’s Hattie. But you look like you’re sad drinking. What’s got a hunk like you down?”

“Run from you?”

She sipped her drink and nodded, “Mmm. Later. So, big guy?”

“Eh. Family stuff.” He shrugged.

Hattie sighed dramatically, “Oh, I hear you on that one. My brother’s almost okay, but the rest. Oof. Mum gave me a huge hour long lecture that I should give up on uni and just marry a rich one, last time I came home. I mean, my grades aren’t great, but art is still my passion.”

“Art?” He said in surprise, “You’re doing an arts degree, for actual art and not just something to do?”

“Pathway.” She shrugged, “I wanna design games. Still art-y. So, hunk, what do you do?”

He leaned back, feeling completely disarmed by her, “Last year at uni. I’m working at a IT call centre. It sucks, but it’s a pathway. Making a little headway. I’m a programmer.”

She grinned at him, one hand coming to rest on his, “We should totally team up. I make the art, you make it work.”

“I’m… Not looking for anything, tonight. Sorry to disappoint.”

She looked around and leaned towards him, “I’ll let you in on a secret. This is the first time I’ve been in a bar since… I had an op.”

She smiled cheekily, and scratched at her neck idly, and Cohen noticed the Adam’s Apple for the first time. His eyes widened and she burst out giggling. “Like I said. Most of those guys would run the hell away from me, if they knew.”

“Wow.” He said and blinked, “I mean… Wow. Thought never crossed my mind. You’re an absolute stunner.”

Hattie blushed and sipped her drink, “Thanks. Really.”

“I mean it.” Cohen restated, “Hell, if I wasn’t just trying to forget about seeing my family tomorrow, I’d still be tempted. Doesn’t matter much to me.”

She flicked her eyes downcast and went even redder, sipping at her drink. “I’m really… That cute? Even if I used to be a guy? I mean… Don’t hate me… But you seem dead straight.”

“Well, sure, but you’re still cute. I would probably have a bit of a problem if it was pre-op. I couldn’t do asses, and I’d hate to give you a blowjob. Couldn’t really give you what you wanted.” Cohen shrugged, “But just ‘cos you used to be, doesn’t matter much to me.”

Hattie bit her lip nervously, “So… If I were to offer you one, and we just take it from there…?”

“Determined and forward.” Cohen said in amusement, “Feels kinda a waste for you. Deserve to be with someone who will love you. Not just give you a fun night.”

She shrugged, “That’s not a no… So… Bathroom?”

Hattie grabbed his wrist and dragged him into the disabled bathroom before he could say anything else. She locked the door with her hands behind her, leaning up on tippy toes towards him.

Cohen shook his head, but grinned and leaned down to her and kissed her.

Her lips felt as soft, warm and moist as any other woman’s. He lost himself to the long-lingering and tender kiss. An arm going around her waist to hold her and draw her in towards him. It wasn’t a french kiss, just long and passionate, van escort as Cohen thanked whoever had decided to bless him by meeting this gorgeous woman.

She curled one leg around his waist, locking her arms around his neck, pulling at him tightly until his rising boner was pressed tightly up against her skirt. Her breathing was short and anxious, as she kissed him.

He vaguely wondered who she had been before. She did feel familiar, so it made sense she knew his name, but he couldn’t place her at all.

His belt popped open and Hattie slid out of his grasp, crouching in front of him as she pulled down pants and underwear at once. She looked at him in surprise, her breath on his hard cock, “Oh wow. Oh I want this inside me… But I promised you a blowjob, first.”

Before he could answer, she expertly took him into her mouth and Cohen groaned loudly. Her tongue flicked under the head, before slathering him and returning to flick again.

He stared in wonder into her blue eyes, as she looked back up at him and began to bob her head up and down his shaft. Her eyes weren’t lustful, they were looking up at him with something deeper, making him feel like this wasn’t a bar tryst, but a girl showing him just how much she loved him.

“Fuck, Hattie.” He groaned.

She pulled off him with a noisy slurp, “Please?”


She looked up at him, biting her lip, “I… I want you to. Fuck me. Please?”

He pulled her to her feet and whirled her around so she was facing the door. She leaned her hands up against it as he put a hand against her panties and rubbed at her. “Anything I need to know before we try this?”

She grabbed her panties and pulled them down to her knees, shaking her head silently, before pushing a little bit more towards him.

All the same, he remembered what she’d said about this being her first time in a bar, post op. This might well be the first time she’d ever had vaginal sex. A kind of second virginity.

It might not be, or it might not mean anything to her, but Cohen was determined to make it as good as an experience for her as he could, all the same.

His cock touched her fiery snatch gingerly, and he ran the head back and forth so it was coated not just in her saliva, but in something else as well.

She shivered at the touch, bracing herself even more firmly.

Cohen began to slowly ease himself into her. Even if he hadn’t been going slow for her sake, he wouldn’t have been able to go any faster. The sensation of her wrapping around him had him grunting.

“Oh, f-f-fuck!” Hattie moaned weakly and nearly collapsed, “Oh, fuckfuckfuck! Oh, my god.”

He waited until her legs strengthened again before continuing. She continued moaning and swearing the entire time as he slowly made his way inside her ridiculously tight little snatch.

Hattie grunted as he bottomed out, his balls ever so lightly tapping her clit as he did. Cohen took a breather of his own, as she spread her legs a little.

The blonde looked back over her shoulder at him and grinned, “You going to fuck me, now?”

“How do you want it?”

She bit her lip, “I really want it hard. But there’s no way. Slow and gentle does it. Please?”

Cohen had to admit that the way she chewed on her lip every time she thought was freaking adorable. He was also more than happy to admit that her pussy was something else, as he began to gently fuck her into the door.

His hands were beneath the tartan skirt, gripping her tiny little waist as he slid in and out of her. She gripped his cock like a vice, every inch of her resisting as he moved both ways, movement only possible because of their combined fluids.

“Eemmm!” Hattie made a sound halfway between a whine and a moan, “F-ff-fuck! Just like that. Oh, just like that. Fuck me. Fuck me!”

Cohen had to fight with himself not to just plough into her, to take it slow and steady despite how sensitive she was making him feel. No girl had ever felt like this to him.

“God, fuck! It feels good. Oh, it feels good.” Hattie continued, “Oh, sh-shit. Oh, I love it. Fuck me! Oh, yes!”

After a disappointing short amount of time he felt a familiar stirring inside his balls, as he started to swell up inside her. Taking his time with her just served to drive him even crazier.

“Where do you want… It?” Cohen groaned.

Hattie looked back at him bright-eyed and excited, “Fill me up! Ooh… I don’t… Have a… Womb. Fuck! Cum in me!”

He could not argue with that kind of reasoning. And he didn’t want to, either.

Cohen delivered a half dozen more strokes before the final deeper shove into her, that had Hattie collapse into the back of the door, her back pressed up against him and his head by her ear, as he groaned loudly.

Hattie tensed up as she felt him spill into her, her breathing becoming shuddering and her fingernails scratching the door. When his cock finished jerking inside her and he went to lean back a little she reached back and grabbed his wrist for balance.

Cohen escort van steadied her, “Uh… Sorry? You okay?”

“Fucked. God, I feel fucked.” She said with a half-grin. “Holy shit. Um… Yeah. I’m okay. I just didn’t expect… God, that felt right. Whooh. I’m dizzy.”

He held her, with her leaning into his chest with shaking knees, until it passed. She smiled and kissed his chin before staggering and pulling up her panties.

He looked at her cautiously, “So… I guess I should buy you a drink, now. Or we could maybe -“

“Sorry. Drink, sure.” She smiled, “But I’m not going back to your place with you. I mean, that’d sounds like awesome fun. And I do kinda want more of you. But… Unfortunately… Yeah. You’ll find out soon enough. Don’t worry about it.”

Cohen gave a half-laugh, “So confused.”

She shrugged, “So… Can I get a coke?”

Cohen had been in a fantastic mood right until he found himself on the doorstep to his parent’s house. He and Hattie had sat at the bar for hours afterwards, talking and laughing with each other, with not a small amount of petting and kissing.

She had been firm on not giving him her number, or arranging another date. Despite more than happily admitting that she wanted to see more of him. That had been completely confusing, but Cohen hadn’t pushed the point.

She clearly had her reasons.

However, a night of fantastic company was still dashed to pieces when his mother opened the door to their house, and the first words out of her mouth were, “Couldn’t you wear something nice?”

It wasn’t that his mum was a horrible person, exactly. She just always happened to say the wrong thing at the wrong time and rub everyone else up the wrong way.

In short, she was kind, but clueless.

Cohen smiled tightly, “Hey mum. How have you been?”

“Same old, same old. Same as your shoes. My goodness, they’re falling apart. Remind me to show you where the shoe store is.”

He kicked off his sneakers and headed inside, “Need me to do anything?”

“No, it’s all sorted. Lunch is in about half an hour. Hopefully your sister is here before then. She’s running late.”

He laughed, “Jess always is…”

Cohen trailed off as he saw Jess curled up on the couch watching the TV. His younger sister waved idly at him, not listening to the conversation but acknowledging his presence.

He looked back at his mum in confusion, “Running late?”

“Oh. She didn’t tell you. Um… Don’t freak out, honey.” His mother said, smoothing down her dress, “But… You can’t use Will’s name anymore, honey.”

Before she could say any more, the doorbell rang.

His mum pasted her sweet face on and opened the door, hugging the figure, “Hey, Harriet. How have you been, sweetie? Not that late, I see.”

“Fine mum, traffic was better than I expected. Um… Is Co…” Hattie trailed off as she stood in the doorway. Staring directly at him.

Cohen’s jaw cracked as he resisted screaming angrily.

He got why she’d seemed so familiar now. Why she knew who he was. She didn’t know him from high school. She knew him because she used to be the little brother he enjoyed hanging out playing pinball and pool with.

Cohen walked over and grabbed her wrist, “We need to talk.”

“Don’t be like that!” His mother snapped, and disengaged the two of them, “Just sit on the couch and act like a normal family. Just because she didn’t tell you is no reason to -“

“Mum. Shut up.” Hattie said, staring at the ground, “Co has… A lot of reason to be angry with me right now.”

Jess looked around from the TV, “We’re being pissed with Harriet? Oh my god! I had no idea. Damn it! You look so much prettier than me. That is so not fair.”

Hattie tucked a strand of hair back subconsciously, “Hey, Jess. Um… I wanna steal some fashion advice later, if that’s okay. But for now… I’m going to go get killed by Cohen. Enjoy the funeral, guys.”

She sheepishly pulled him along and the two of them stepped into the backyard where the two dogs ran up, tails wagging.

Hattie crouched and began patting them excitedly, “Who recognises me? You do! You do!”

“What. The. FUCK!?” Cohen screamed.

She flinched and nearly fell over, “Yep. Deserved that.”

“The fuck!?” He yelled again, “What in God’s name were you thinking!? This is why, isn’t it? This is why you turned me down and… Fuck! I’m your brother!”

She cringed, patting the dogs quietly, “Yep. Didn’t escape my notice.”

“No. Seriously. The fuck is wrong with you, Wi-Hattie?” Cohen snarled, “Did you come to the bar to fucking screw with me? Did you take a joke too far? The utter fuck!”

She looked even smaller, crouching there, hands shaking as she petted the dogs. She swallowed, looking straight down, “No… I didn’t expect to see anyone I knew. I really was just… Trying to enjoy a drink. But you walked in and… I didn’t know how to talk to you.”

“So you fucked me instead.” Cohen snapped.

Hattie clenched her eyes van escort bayan closed, shivering and looking like she was about to burst into tears. “I… Plan was… To tell you. I came over to you, to tell you who I was.”

“Aha. Keep going, you’re still up to your neck in bullshit.”

She shook her head, sniffling, “I know I fucked up, Co! I know. Okay. I’m trying to get there. Just give me a fucking minute!”

He sighed heavily, sitting down and letting one of the dogs run into his lap and flop onto its back for a bellyrub. “I’m not trying to hurt you. Sorry. I’m angry. I don’t think I’ll ever not be angry. But… I’m listening. After all, I’m the brother who is almost okay.”

“Ha.” She said drily, “You remembered that. That’s a good place to start. Um… This… Me… Being a girl? That’s not new for me.”

“Not sure what it has to do with this, but it isn’t a complete shock. It being you is, but you did always stare at the dress stores at the mall.” Cohen shrugged, “You know I have zero problems with it, right? Brother, sister. That’s not my issue.”

“Oh, I know.” Hattie gave a small laugh, “Didn’t even think much before screwing a newly transitioned girl. I know you’re open minded, Co… Sorry. I’m getting back to it. Part of what… Made me realise I wanted to look like a girl, be a girl in the right places… Was I’ve had a crush on a guy for a long time. Like… Forever.”

“Right. Still not seeing the relevance.” He shrugged, “But… Sure. You’re hetero. That doesn’t shock me that much either. I’m sure there’s some jealous girls out there, unless you’re also bi.”

“No way. Girls aren’t for me.” Hattie shook her head, and sighed heavily, “You. Idiot. My crush is you. I’ve been in love with you for as long as I can remember.”

Cohen took a deep breath, trying to cool his anger at discovering his one night stand used to be his little brother. “So when Frank took off, and I didn’t recognise you…”

“I just… Flirting came naturally.” She winced, “And then you assumed I wanted sex and not just… Anything that I could get… I… I thought it was my only chance. Okay? I know it was stupid. I know. I knew had to see you today and explain it all and…”

He looked at her and shook his head, “Well. I guess we both have a secret we’re never going to tell anyone at all. Ever.”

“You don’t… Hate me?”

“I have no idea, honestly.” He leaned back, “I’m still pretty sure I’m angry enough to make something explode, if I had superpowers. But you’re also still the person in this family that I like the most. And honestly… Last night… I had fun. Not just in the bathroom. You’re still as fun as ever.”

She looked up at him with tears in her eyes, “Really? I know I hurt you. I shouldn’t have done that.”

“It was… Understandable.” Cohen said slowly, “Understandable. Not acceptable, but understandable.”

Hattie smiled through her tears, wiping at her face crossly, “Really? I… I’ll make it up to you.”

“God, no.” Cohen shook his head, “Last thing we need is mum trying to find out what the hell our argument was about. Or Jess.”

“Oooooh. Shit.” Hattie froze up, “I didn’t even think about that. Fuck! They’re going to want to know!”

“It’s fine. I ran into a girl in a bar last night who was fun drinking and playing darts, who I thought kept leading me on.” Cohen said with a half smile, “Turns out, she’s my sister. She just couldn’t get up the courage to tell me.”

She smiled weakly, “Thanks.”

He stood up and brushed the fur off his pants, “So. Lets go see what everyone else is up to. You were planning on stealing a couple dresses from Jess, weren’t you?”

“No. Her fashion sense sucks.” Hattie said, standing up tiredly and stretching, before wincing. “Ow.”


“I pulled a muscle in my leg last night.” She said in irritation, rubbing the back of her thigh, “Sorry. Won’t mention what happened, again.”

Cohen winced, “Great. Now I feel guilty. That shouldn’t have happened.”

“We didn’t exactly take our time.” Hattie shrugged, “Don’t worry about it. Let’s just get through family stuff, eh? My almost okay big brother.”

“Okay. My little sister who bugs the shit out of me, sometimes.”

She smiled nervously, wanting to laugh, but also not wanting to acknowledge the awkwardness she had now created between the two of them.

“You look good, again, today.” He said as they headed inside, “I liked the skirt last night more, but this looks better on you.”

Hattie grinned, shoving her hands into the pockets at the front of the sundress, “It has pockets! I had no idea how much I was going to miss freaking pockets!”

“Pockets are awesome.” Jess said, kneeling up on the couch, “Give us a twirl, Harriet.”

“Hattie. I like Hattie.” She said, and spun around in the dress, spreading it out. “This is a total spinney dress. I love it. Though… Girl advice?”

Cohen went and crashed into another seat, as Hattie sat beside Jess on the couch, “So, um… Co, close your ears. My breasts are still kinda growing in. At what point do I need… Underwire?”

Jess grinned at her, and looked down at her rack, “Mmm. Not yet. It starts to get essential at about a C. Lots of girls prefer having it all the time, though. Well, until the end of the day when you’re all sweaty.”

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