Having My Way – Chapter 14


Tied spread eagle on the bed, I was helpless as my love laid between my legs. I felt his cock at the opening of my pussy and I tried to arch my hips to force him into me. His weight held me down as his cock rubbed my opening over and over. I threw my head from side to side as guttural noises overtook me. His hands were squeezing my breasts and I felt his teeth as he bit my nipples.”Oh, please, fuck me!” I cried.He grabbed my head as he shifted Escort Karaköy his body higher. His mouth found mine and at the same time I felt his cock slowly enter my body. I felt my lips part as it entered deeper and deeper. So agonizingly slow I wanted to scream, but his mouth was sealing mine. All I could do was moan into his. I wanted the blindfold off, I wanted him to fuck me faster, I wanted to cum.I wanted Kayaşehir escort to feel the heat of friction as his cock pounded my walls. I threw my head back and forth as hard as I could till I broke the hold he had on my head. As our lips parted I took a deep breath.”Please!” I screamed, over and over.I felt shock as he pulled his cock from my pussy. I was lost in my heat and all I wanted was release. I Küçükçekmece escort bayan needed to cum with my lover. I started to object, but stopped when I felt the bonds holding my left ankle release. Then my right. My legs were free to move.He took hold of my ankles and brought them up to his shoulders. I felt his hands under my hips as he raised them up. I felt his cock again at the opening of my cunt. He took one hand and grabbed his cock to run it up and down my lips gathering my moisture to lubricate his cock. Again I felt it start to enter, but this time he kept pressure till his cock was buried to the hilt inside me.The scream left my mouth before I could think. His penetration was all I could think of. He was finally inside me…buried.

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