Having Sex Outside in Front of A Crowd


Fucking outside so people can watch Makes this couple get excited The woman rubs his bulging crotchThe people watching are delighted They strip and put on a showThe wife dances for the crowdThis makes the husband’s cock growHer husband is very proud They both do a bump and grindWhile the people start to cheerThe man feels his wife’s behindThis isveçbahis only happens a few times a year She gets down on her kneesWhile he holds her blonde hairShe sucks his cock with great easeHer husband is sitting on a chair Bobbing along his smooth prickThe people just watch and stareShe’s really enjoying his dickThis couple is isveçbahis giriş a unique pair She’s slobbering all over his cockNow it’s time to bend her overHis cock is harder than a rockHis hands are on her shoulders He slips into her tight slitThe people are amazedThey love her swaying titsThis couple is not even fazed In and out isveçbahis yeni giriş he fucks her cuntA few people start to clapLots of screams and many gruntsThey’re having sex with no gaps Harder he fucks her pussyThe people think this couple is hotThe couple are acting like a couple of hussiesA few people are parked across the lot They both yell and they screamThis couple have just comeHe fills her pussy with his creamThe fucking show is now done They wave to all their neighborsAnd walk into their condoThe crowd loves their naughty behaviorThe neighbors chant and yell bravo

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