Persuading My Faithful Wife to Cuckold Me

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My name is Henry, and my wife, Abigail, who most people call Abby, and I are empty nesters living in Benton, Arkansas, a suburb of Little Rock. We grew up in conservative, religious homes in the Little Rock area, but went to different high schools, and didn’t meet until our sophomore year at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock.We dated for two years and didn’t have sex, other than kissing and fondling, until our senior year, when we got engaged. We got married right after graduation and were fortunate to find jobs in the Little Rock area. With my degree in business management, I got a job at the headquarters of a department store chain, while Abby, with her degree in elementary education, began teaching at the same elementary school she grew up in.Abby got pregnant only about three months after we were married, and by the age of twenty-three our son was born. We wanted our kids to be close in age so they could grow up together as friends, and our daughter was born a little over a year later. We bought a modest home in a nice neighborhood in Benton, with our parents helping us with the down payment. We have had a happy life, being active in our church, and raising our children with strong religious foundations. The main events in this story began years later after our kids went out of state to college, leaving us as empty nesters. Abby and I were forty-two years old then and kept busy to help deal with the emptiness of our kids being gone since she had begun teaching again after our kids were in middle school. I had received several promotions at my company and travelled an average of two days a week visiting our store locations.I had no doubt that Abby had been faithful to me for our entire marriage, and she not only dressed conservatively, purposely obscuring her fantastic figure and especially her 34DD breasts, but she was also never receptive to some of our friends, and especially my best friend, Wyatt, who tried to flirt with her. It was hard to hide her pretty, girl-next-door, persona, though, since at five feet and two inches tall, weighing one hundred and twenty-five pounds, even after having two children, and with her brown hair and eyes, she looks a lot like the actress, Jennifer Love Hewitt.This might be hard for some to believe, but I was also faithful to her, both physically and emotionally, and I didn’t let my eyes wander too much, even with many pretty ladies at church and wives of friends of the family. I was perfectly happy with our love life, and we were conservative in most aspects of our lives. Although, she could be sexually aggressive in bed, especially after a few alcoholic drinks, and I sometimes wondered if she was purposely trying to hide a high libido.My business trips were usually fatiguing, and after spending a full day at our store working with local management, I’d show my appreciation for their hard work by treating the manager, senior staff, and their wives to a nice dinner out, often with a few drinks. I was normally exhausted when I got back to my hotel room and got to sleep as soon as possible so I’d be fresh and alert the next day.I’ll admit that I had been naïve and uninformed about some of the more prurient aspects of married life that some couples experienced, but I became better educated one night in a hotel room in Dallas, when I found a copy of a ‘Penthouse Letters’ magazine that a previous hotel guest left in the bedside table. The magazine publishes letters, supposedly from readers, that uninhibitedly reveal their shocking secrets and the details of their sexual adventures.Most of the stories chronicle the sexual acts of unfaithful wives, whose infidelity is encouraged by their husbands. Given my conservative upbringing, and experiences with my conservative and virtuous wife, I couldn’t understand at first how those men could so willingly offer their wives to other men for their mutual, sexual pleasure, and for the women to accept it. And as foreign and obscene as that seemed to me, I kept reading the stories, and found that they were arousing to me. I stayed up much later than I should have that night, reading every story in the magazine, and I felt guilty when I jerked off after reading them. I couldn’t help imagining it being my Abby in those stories, and I experienced remorse at betraying our marriage by getting so turned on thinking of other men fucking her. Another aspect of the stories affected me too. I’ve always considered myself to be decently hung, with a thick, circumcised, six-inch cock, but the stories often involved small-dicked men, who got off on seeing men with much bigger cocks fucking their wives. And the descriptions of those bigger cocks impaling the wives were so graphic, that I could almost see and smell it happening in my mind. I couldn’t help wondering if Abby would enjoy being with another man, after only having been fucked by me.My arousal was satiated after I ejaculated and that allowed me to get to sleep, but when I woke up in the morning, those same visions of other men fucking Abby came to mind. Dallas is one of our prime locations, and since I had entertained the manager and staff the previous night, I ate dinner on my own in town. Then I located an adult bookstore where I found several paperback compendiums of ‘Penthouse Letters’ that had been compiled from the magazines over the years. I felt dirty and unfaithful to Abby being there, but I ended up buying four of the books.I read those stories late into the night again and was beginning to understand some of the motivations of the cuckold husbands, which was a new term to me, and how they could be so obsessed at seeing and knowing their wives were fucking other men. They were aroused by the fear of other men fucking their wives and jealous of them, while at the same time regretting it and being humiliated and shamed at being so submissive that way. I was experiencing those emotions and I was only imagining Abby with other men.Instead of getting the whole idea of Abby cuckolding me out of my system, I brought the books home with me and hid them in the garage and found opportunities to read them when Abby was out of the house or otherwise occupied. It was easy to create various projects that I worked on in the garage, so I could read the books, and easily hide them if she came out there.After reading those books for a couple of months, sometimes reading my favorite, Anadolu Yakası Escort most cock-hardening stories over and over, I decided to search online for videos of cuckold activities. It was easier than I originally thought to find what I was looking for, and with only a few, carefully worded search strings, I found a wealth of cuckold and wife lover’s videos. I watched the videos on my laptop in the garage mostly, and the videos I enjoyed the most were the clearly, homemade, amateur videos, where I got the feeling of the raw, sexual emotions involved in the cuckold husbands watching their wives with friends, bosses, and even strangers. The professional videos weren’t nearly as enjoyable, just watching the seemingly low-life actors with numerous tattoos going through the motions. It was easy to experience all the powerful cuckold emotions watching a shy wife being encouraged by her husband to have sex with another man and seeing them kiss and hug before stripping naked. Because of Abby’s big breasts, I especially liked the videos where the men spent time playing with and sucking the wives’ big tits, instead of the professional videos where the breasts are largely ignored.The closeups were especially arousing, when the camera focused on the hairy genitals from different angles, especially when the big cocks are pushed into the wives the first time. The women were at first watching their husbands to get their reactions, but then as their arousal becomes more evident, the women are completely into the man breeding them.Some of the men’s cocks were impressive too, and for the first time in my life I was becoming attracted to and envious of those larger cocks, and big, low-hanging balls. It was amazing watching them stroke the wives’ pussies, and seeing their wetness on the cocks, and the feeling of being humiliated was even stronger when the men kiss the wives as they’re fucking them, sending the signal that the wives are emotionally theirs too.Not all the videos show this in enough detail closeup, but my second favorite part is when the men are ejaculating into the wives, and it shows their perinea pulsing and balls pulling up, and the women show even more emotion at the feeling of being inseminated by men who aren’t their husbands, and the possibility they were risking being impregnated.My favorite part was when the cuckold husbands move in to suck their wives clean, and some even suck the men’s cocks clean. Those are powerful visual stimulations, especially for me since I had never been exposed to any pornography. And the more I watched, the more I desired to see Abby with other men. The first men I thought of were Wyatt, my longtime friend ever since elementary school, and maybe Luke, my boss, who was fifty years old at the time. I just needed to find a way to discuss it with Abby, without upsetting her.Finding a Way to Talk with Abby I worked myself into a frenzy over another month, reading the stories and looking at videos almost every day, and masturbating each time. Then I thought I had found a good opportunity to at least introduce Abby to the concept of cuckolding me, one night after we had dinner and drinks with my friend, Wyatt, and his wife, Eleanor, and Wyatt had been flirtier with Abby than usual.It was a Friday night, and we were pleasantly inebriated when we got home, so Abby was more amorous than usual. We undressed, got into bed, and kissed for the longest time, as I fondled her gorgeous, melon-sized breasts. Then I moved down to suck her breasts for a few minutes, before saying, “Did you notice how much attention Wyatt was giving you tonight, honey? It might have had something to do with you showing more cleavage than you normally do, but he was sure salivating over you.”She laughed before answering, “Yes, I saw that he couldn’t keep his eyes off my breasts, and I’m surprised that he would take the risk of Eleanor catching him. Did that bother you, honey?”I replied, “No, Abby, Wyatt is my best friend, and it was fine for him to get excited looking at you. You’re a beautiful woman, and in case you don’t notice it, most men gawk at you even when you aren’t showing as much skin. But how did you feel about Wyatt watching you that way?”Abby wouldn’t have even answered that question if she weren’t inebriated, but she smiled, and seemed a little embarrassed as she responded, “Well, he is your best friend, honey, and it was kind of fun watching him getting worked up over my breasts.”That gave me a chance to really break the ice, asking, “You know, honey, neither of us has had sex with others since we started dating and until now, and I was curious if you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to be with another man? I mean, would someone like Wyatt be even the least bit attractive to you sexually?”She was in a playful mood and gave me a curious look before laughing and answering, “Wow, honey, that’s a strange thing to ask your wife. But I guess, yeah, if I were to ever be so perverted as to do anything like that, then Wyatt is a good looking and nice man. But why are you bringing this up?”I slid down and began sucking her pussy while reaching up to fondle her breasts, as we normally do before we fuck, and spent more time than usual sucking her vulva and clit to get her as aroused as possible. That was the best way I could think of to get her in a receptive state of mind. So, I took the risk to reveal the ‘Penthouse Letters’ magazines and books and looked up at her with her juices covering my face, and said, “Please don’t be upset with me, honey, but I found a magazine in a hotel bedside table a while back, and it has stories about men who share their wives with other men. I know that sounds preposterous and distasteful to you, but some of the stories were arousing to me. Well anyway, I had never seen or even heard of anything like that, and when I saw the way Wyatt was undressing you with his eyes, I couldn’t help thinking about it.” She said, “Whoa, Henry, I had no idea that you’d be reading smut like that. What was it about those stories that was so arousing to you?” I knew that it would be difficult and humiliating to verbalize what I liked about the stories, and I answered, “It’s really hard to explain, Abby, and maybe it would be best if you read a couple of stories for yourself.”Abby asked, “Damn, honey, does that mean that you Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan brought that fuck magazine home with you?”I wasn’t ready to admit to buying the books, but I did have that original magazine, and responded, “Well, uh, uh, yes, I did bring it home with me.”It wouldn’t have surprised me if she threw me out of the house at that point, but she said, “This all sounds pretty sick, but you might as well bring the magazine to me so I can see what it’s all about.”I was back in a few minutes after retrieving the magazine from my stash in the garage, and I laid next to her, reading with her, and fondling her breasts, as she started reading. I half expected her to throw the magazine down after reading the first sex scene, but I knew she had some interest when she turned the page and kept reading. That was one of my favorite stories, and when she got close to the scene where the husband sucks the other man’s cum from his wife’s pussy, I moved down to suck her pussy again.She pressed her pussy in my face and wrapped her legs around my head as I kept sucking her and knew that she had an orgasm in my mouth when I felt and tasted her juices as she uncharacteristically cursed and loudly moaned, “Uh, uh, uh, oh shit, keep sucking honey, that feels so good.”After she released the grip of her legs, I moved up to fuck her. It was normal for her to kiss me after I eat her out, but she was more passionate than ever, and she had another orgasm as my cock exploded in her pussy. Then I moved down to suck my cum from her, and she held my head again, saying, “That’s it, honey, suck that man’s nasty cum from my pussy.”I moved up to snuggle with her, and said, “See, Abby, it looks like you found that story to be arousing too.”She asked, “Damn, Henry, do you think these stories are true?”I replied, “They advertise them as being true stories from readers, but it’s hard to tell since many of them seem to be written in the same style. It’s easy to visualize a bunch of horny women and men sitting in a room and writing this shit. I did some checking and found out that this magazine has been published since the 1960s, and they even have dozens of books of compilations of the stories. So, even if they aren’t true, at least there’s a huge demand for them and they must spark the fantasies of a lot of people.”We read several more stories together as I fondled her breasts and fingered her pussy, and then she pushed me down to suck her pussy for the longest time, as she continued reading and came to the segments of the stories where the husbands were eating out their wives after other men fucked them.It was three in the morning when she had finished most of the stories, and we had just fucked again, when she said, “Shit, honey, I just remembered what you asked me earlier about whether Wyatt would be sexually attractive to me. Tell me the truth, Henry, were you fantasizing about Wyatt fucking me when you were reading these stories?”I answered, “Sorry, Abby, but both Wyatt and my boss, Luke, were the two men who came to mind when I read the stories, since I like both of them.”Abby asked, “Well, what about the rest of it? Are you turned on by everything it means to be a cuckold, like eating me out after another man fucks me and even sucking his cock clean?”I truthfully responded, “I have to admit thinking about eating you out, since I do that after we fuck anyway, but I haven’t thought about sucking a cock.”It wasn’t clear yet from her questions what posture Abby was taking on the idea of cuckolding me, and she said, “This is just about the nastiest, most awful, and sinful thing I’ve ever heard of, Henry, and it makes me feel dirty just reading about it. But it’s also exciting and arousing to me, just like it is for you. I don’t know how far you want to take this, but you’d better be careful what you wish for.”She paused briefly, and then continued, “I’ve always been happy with your cock and you as a lover, but after reading the detailed descriptions of those big cocks and how much the slut wives love them, I wouldn’t want to stop if we got started. And I’m also not sure how I’ll feel about you after you humiliate yourself by watching other men fuck and inseminate me, and having you being submissive to me and them like in those stories.”I said, “I honestly haven’t thought through all the ramifications, and frankly didn’t think you’d be the least bit receptive to the idea. It’s getting late now, honey, so maybe we should sleep on it and talk more tomorrow. I also have some of the books I mentioned that we can read together, and we can look at some videos too.”We spent most of Saturday reading the books of stories that I brought in from the garage and watched several juicy videos together. We fucked two more times and I ate her out for hours, as she read about being eaten out in the stories.By Saturday night we were exhausted from having sex, and I said, “If you’re still up for considering this, honey, then I’d like to at least try it with Wyatt, and then Luke if we, and especially you, are willing. I’m not sure how I’ll handle seeing you with another man, and I’ll try to stop it before you’re fucked if I’m feeling doubtful about it.”Abby said, “Okay, honey, if you say so. But after reading the stories and watching the videos, it would be nice if the men are better hung than you. You need to find a way to see if they are before we get together with them, even if you have to start seeing what it’s like to humiliate yourself by asking them to see their cocks.”Discussing it with Wyatt Wyatt was surprised when I called him Monday evening and invited him to go with me for a couple of beers on Tuesday after work, since we almost never go to our favorite bar during the workweek. We live close to each other, and I picked him up for the short drive to the bar.We got settled in a quiet booth in the back, and after ordering our first beer, he said, “It’s unusual to go for a beer on a work night, Henry. What’s this all about?”I had been thinking of the best way to bring it up and expected him to get a little defensive when I said, “I just needed to talk with you about something, old buddy. Abby and I couldn’t help noticing how you were staring at her breasts on Friday night. You’ve done that many times over the years, but never so intently, and you’re just lucky that Eleanor didn’t catch Escort Anadolu Yakası you.”He held his hands up like he was trying to fend me off, and said, “Wait, whoa, hey, no offense, Wyatt, it’s just that I couldn’t help myself with her showing so much tit flesh. And what, are you two mad about it or something?” I replied, “No, not at all. We were just wondering how much interest you have in my wife. You’ve been gawking at her for years, which Abby has admitted to me turns her on, and you’ve even made a few comments to me about her big tits and nice ass. Would you be surprised if I told you that Abby might be interested in you, uh, getting together with her? Or are you getting all the loving you need at home with Eleanor?”Wyatt looked stunned and answered, “Holy shit, Henry, how’d this even come up with you two? I am being taken care of at home, but hell yeah, I’d love to get with Abby. But come on, Henry, what happened to get her interested in me?”After I explained how I stumbled onto the magazine, and the conversations Abby and I had about her cuckolding me, I said, “So, we decided that if we were ever going to try bringing another man into our bed, that you’d be our first choice. We both like you and trust you, which might make it be less embarrassing for us, and especially me.”Wyatt was smiling and asked, “Holy shit, Henry, are you serious about this? I’ve heard a little about this cuckold shit before, and I’m surprised that you’d be willing to share your wife and do some of the other stuff cuckolds do. Fuck, man, my cock’s throbbing just thinking about it.”That was my chance to bring up his cock, and I said, “Speaking of your cock, Abby doesn’t want to do this if you’re cock isn’t bigger than mine. I’ve seen your cock on soft plenty of times when we’ve been pissing, but I need to see it on hard too.”He said, “That’s not a problem for me, for the opportunity to get into Abby’s pussy and suck her huge tits. Let’s go to the restroom now. I’ll show you, but you’re going to have to get it hard for me, so you can practice your new cuckold role.”We went into the back stall in the restroom, and since the dividers and doors go almost all the way to the floor, no one would be able to see us in there together. I sat on the toilet seat as Wyatt stood in front of me, pushed his pants and underwear to his knees, and I was staring at his thick, soft, uncircumcised cock that was almost seven inches long on soft. He said, “Go ahead and stroke it for me, buddy, and I think you’ll approve.”It was strange and humiliating touching another man’s cock for the first time in my life, and the foreskin felt strange in my hand. Wyatt smiled down at me as his cock swelled to be almost as thick as a shaving cream can and lengthened to almost nine inches long. I said, “Holy shit, Wyatt, this thing is fucking huge.”He said, “Yeah, it should be plenty to satisfy your wife. Go ahead and suck it for me, since that’ll be part of your cuckold duties anyway.”I said, “I’ve never even touched another man’s cock before, much less sucked one, and I’m not gay.”Wyatt said, “It doesn’t have anything to do with being gay or not. If you and Abby want to explore having a cuckold relationship with me, or anyone else, this is part of it for you. Suck it for me, man, don’t be a fucking wimp.”I closed my eyes and leaned in to take his precum-oozing cock into my mouth, as I steadied myself by holding onto his bare ass with one hand, and fondled his egg-sized, low-hanging balls with the other. It came naturally sucking his huge cock, as he held my head and slowly thrusted into my mouth, while saying, “Oh fuck, Henry, this feels so good, and I love seeing you sucking my cock. I can hardly wait to bury my meat in Abby’s sweet cunt and cream her good for you to eat.”It only took about four minutes for Wyatt’s breathing to increase as his cock began to flex and pulse, as his huge cum load sprayed into my mouth. He moaned quietly, saying, “Fuck yeah, Henry, feed from my big cock and swallow. Just imagine me ejaculating into your wife’s womb. Now, suck my balls for me, cock sucker.”I swallowed his cum and kept sucking his deflating cock for more, just like in those stories, and then I leaned down to suck his big, hairy balls, as he said, “Damn, old buddy, I wish we had known about this talent of yours years ago, which would have helped me get through some dry spells with Eleanor. It’s hard to believe that you could have been so thoroughly influenced by those stories, to the point of sucking me off and offering your gorgeous wife’s pussy to me to fuck, but I love it. How and when can we make this happen with Abby?”Wyatt pushed me away from his cock and balls after a few more minutes, and feelings of profound guilt and humiliation came over me as I looked up at him smiling down at me. I nervously said, “This has all been a first for me, Wyatt, and I’m so embarrassed now, having you looking down at me and smiling that way. I’ll need to talk with Abby about this again to see if she’s still interested in fucking you, but I can at least give her positive news about your monster fucking cock.”I had conflicting emotions on the drive to drop Wyatt off at his home. I was still aroused realizing how much I enjoyed sucking his cock and swallowing his cum, but I was also humiliated for having become submissive like that to him. I was sad too, because I knew that our lifelong friendship had been changed forever in a few minutes in that restroom stall, and it would change even more after he fucked my sweet wife.Wyatt’s comments when he got out of the car made his new, superior status even more clear, as he said, “Assuming that Abby is okay with this, it’s going to be nice having another sweet, married cunt to drain my balls into and those huge breasts of hers to suck. But even if that doesn’t work out, I feel pretty sure from the way you took to sucking my cock and balls, if this really was your first time, that I’ll be able to get relief in your cunt mouth whenever I want.Breaking the news to AbbyAbby knew that I had gone to meet with Wyatt, and as soon as I walked in the door, she asked, “How did it go with Wyatt, did you get to see his cock?”I knew that Wyatt would tell Abby about me sucking his cock anyway, so after describing our conversation in the booth, I said, “Wyatt was eager to show off his cock, and we went into a toilet stall in the restroom, where I sat on the seat, and he dropped his pants in front of me. He was pushing me to get into my role of a cuckold husband, and after asking me to stroke his cock for him, he wanted me to suck it. I’ve never even thought about doing something like that before reading those cuckold stories, and forgive me, honey, but I sucked his cock.”

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