He needed IT


He needed ITI rented a room to my best friends cousin he just came home from jail. He had no where to go so I told Julie he could stay at my house until he get a job and apt. The first day I met him was the first day home from jail he came in tall, hardcore personality, handsome and muscular but not too big his shoulders was squared and his chin. He carried a big duffle bag with his clothes and his iPod with beats headphones he had on jeans with timberlands and a white v neck tee shirt. He shook my hand it made me shiver it tickled. I was wearing a black tight tee and jeans. We all sat in living room getting to know my new apt. mate. It’s good to have a man in the house. I’m a lesbian so men don’t come in and out of my house. I casually told Jerry I’m gay and my gf comes over often and to wear pants and a shirt in the house. No underwear and shirtless chest walks around the house. He agreed. I showed Jerry his room. He thanked me and then asked to take a shower and sleep. I gave him a towel and he immediately went to shower left me and Julie in living room laughing a watching movies. Julie left and I went to bed. Tanya my gf and I have been arguing lately so I didn’t get the chance to tell her I was letting Jerry stay here with me. He would walk in the house I would be on the phone with her I would put my finger on my lips as to tell him to be quiet he would give me the OK sign and walk in his room and close the door. I would knock on the door when I finished on the phone and greet Jerry tell him I’m sorry but I didn’t tell her yet you’re staying with me yet. He asked whyI replied she would get jealous and come over here everyday complaining about you being here so I keep him my little secret. Plus she lives in New Jersey so she comes over once a month sometimes our schedules clash often. Jerry’s third night and he was walking into the bathroom without a shirt and his underwear. I didn’t say anything he looked so cute running trying türbanlı muş escort not to get caught I opened the bathroom door without knocking he was in the shower. I told him I had to pee. He didn’t mine. I would see him looking at me a lot. While I sat on the toilet I asked him does he have a girlfriend? He told me they broke up before he got locked up. I asked him if I could get a little personal. I asked him did he have sex since being out? He told me he got his dick sucked by an ex but he didn’t get his dick out the sand yet. He said he need IT really bad. I told him that I have a lot of movies he could watch. He peeked his head out of shower curtain I sat on toilet smiling he told me to take a look at his cock he’s been told it’s too thick. I wiped then peeked at his soapy dick it was hard and dripping water and soap and it looked NICE AND THICK. I felt my pussy getting wet. He told me he knew I wouldn’t care because I don’t like men so he knew It was cool. He could tell I liked what I was looking at. He wanted to tease me. I told him yeah you’re right. It’s kind of thicker than the average. He asked me how I knew that. I told him I use to be addicted to cock. I loved looking at it touching it rubbing it sucking it and defiantly fucking IT. I told him i knew I had a problem so I started dating girls. I knew I was going to end up pregnant. His dick was rock hard I couldn’t get my eyes off of IT. I reached to touch without asking it was an automatic reaction. Sorry I said. Jerry stood there looking at my tits. I’m sorry I told him I’m wearing too little? I had on a small halter top no shoulder and cut to my stomach elastic ban around my tits. I know he Loves tits he told me so I wanted him to feel comfortable. So he asked….So when was the last time I had some dick inside me. I closed the curtain I can tell he wanted to fuck me. I know if I let him just suck my tits he would be inside türbanlı muş escort bayan me, i’m too weak. I told him while I stood in the mirror looking at my body and posing it’s been over two years. He told me his last piece of pussy was two years too. In my mind if I let him just jerk off while I rub my clitoris. My thoughts. His thoughts, he asked me if I could do him a favor. I said sure. He opened the curtain Dick rock hard and hanging to the right with a curve. He knew I would get too weak to stop him. He asked me if I could get in the tub and shower with him in there. My pussy got sooooo wet. I told him no. Why would you ask me that and you know i’m gay. He said his dick is telling him something different. Get in prove me wrong he said to me. I left the bathroom shut the door and came back with a towel on. He smiled I smiled. I’ll prove it to you. I got in took off my towel. I had my back to him all I heard was him moaning and cursing. Fuck didn’t know you look like that under those clothes. I turned around tits 36dd bouncing he couldn’t stop staring I took his head in my hands and told him. One Time only I take showers alone after this do you understand. No touching or feeling after today. He agreed. I got back out the shower he asked where I was going. I told him to call my gf tell her I’m at my family house and put the chain on the door. Be right back. He was soaping his dick again and stroking it I was talking to my gf and he was making me wet. I couldn’t stop looking and my pussy continued to get wetter. I clicked off and got right in the tub. I put soap all over my tits and ass hips included. He told me he would soap my breast, I told him and I would soap his cock. It’s been so long that I really needed to feel him inside me. He rubbed my tits and I stroked him, I asked him could I rub IT on my tits. He enjoyed what I did to him. ALLLLL over my tits and across my lips türbanlı escort muş by mistake. my tongue out by mistake. I got up got out the tub put on a towel and ran in my bedroom. He called out to me i know those calls the way he said my name. He wanted me to finish. I could feel the yearning of needing his dick. I laid in my bed he got out went into his room. Called me in his room. I went with my bathrobe on. He had on his towel he showed me a picture of me that he jerked off to every night. I said every night? he said hell yeah. I was touched that I was making him cum at night and day. He rubbed his cock thru the towel telling me JUST ONCE. That’s all I promise. He squeezed both of my tits thru my robe and grind his dick against me at the same time. I was weak, my tits was bare and in his mouth I had on nothing under my robe his towel off and I sat on his lap facing him his cock rubbing my naked hairless pussy. Making it wetter and fend for it. I was begging for IT in a few minutes. His dick rock hard and ready to destroy my little tight pussy. He didn’t lick it he pushed me on the bed my legs was open and he showed me no pity he fucked me hard for four minuted and pulled out and shot inside me a little then on my pussy. He said that was close. He don’t know Cum is my favorite. I wanted to feel his cum deep inside. But I didn’t say anything. I continue to rub on his dick to get it hard immediately. He didn’t stop. I was enjoying what my body was going thru. He fucked me off and on all night. I squeezed his cock when I knew he was cumin he was trying to pull out and I held on and he came extremely hard inside me and i had an orgasm at the same time. The best dick I ever had. EVER. Two years of fucking we both did. I woke up with cum on my tits hands stomach pussy, ass, hair and mouth and yes dripping from my pussy. He had fun with me. He laid there dick limped but still big and it felt sticky. He had fun on me. I wanted him to. so I didn’t want him to move out so quick i needed my fix ever other day. yeah I went back to fucking men but my gf didn’t know for about 3 months later when i was pregnant. He still comes over for some good pussy especially while i’m caring. My tits are his favorite place to shoot me up. They stay cummmmmmie I’m having a BALL. Thanks Julie

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