Heat of Living

Alpha Male

Living next to Dante was difficult. Not for any normal suitemate reasons—he was a perfect gentleman, never played his music too loudly or held loud parties in his room or brought girls back at late hours. No, it was the fact that she was so damn attracted to him. He was often crass and sarcastic, frequently played video games on the floor upstairs and had a tendency to sound mildly arrogant because he was so self-assured about almost everything. On the other hand, he was a complete sweetheart and when he allowed for physical contact, gave the best hugs.

Lila touched him every chance she got: when they passed in the hallway or outside on the way to class, she brushed his arm. When he came back to his room, she gave him a big hug. When he was sitting at his desk, she would come up behind him and squeeze his shoulders, resting her chin on the top of his head, or muss up his hair. He didn’t seem to mind, but he never reciprocated either. She didn’t know how to push things further—he never hooked up with anyone, never brought girls back to his room, never went to meet someone on the weekend. It wasn’t even that he was single and just couldn’t find someone; he seemed completely disinterested in the female population in a context other than friendship.

Dante’s passiveness didn’t stop her from fantasizing about him, imagining that every time he glanced her way he was secretly harboring a barely contained, animal-like lust for her. Once when she was getting ready for bed she knocked on his door to ask him a question wearing only an oversized t shirt and underwear. When he opened the door, she noticed his gaze move downward to her bare legs and up to the hem of her shirt that stopped just barely covered the divide between her legs. Another time, she was sitting on his bed watching a clip of a TV show with him and another friend when she happened to glance at his lap. She could clearly see the outline of his cock through his well-fitting jeans. It didn’t look as though he was hard, but the fact that she could see its shape even when soft was enough for her to have to make an effort to not unconsciously lick her lips. Now when she went to his room, she often imagined straddling his lap, pinning him between herself and his desk in the office chair and rolling her hips against his cock as she kissed him fiercely. In her mind, he always responded in kind, gripping her hips and grinding back up to meet her as he returned her kiss, but she was pretty certain that in reality, he would only be confused.

One night, when she had just showered and was still in her towel, she was trying to turn the heat down in her room. Although it was late fall, the dorms were still fairly warm and the constant piping of hot air into the rooms made it almost unpleasantly warm. She was trying and failing to reach the dial on the vent behind her bed and called over her shoulder, “Dante!”


“Can I garner your assistance, por favor?”

“With what?”

“I can’t—make—the heater—fuck!” she exclaimed as her fingers slipped yet again when trying to turn the wheel.

He heaved an exaggerated sigh and shuffled out of his room. “What are you doing in there?” he whined before rounding the corner and stopped dead. Lila was leaning over her bed still in her towel, which had hiked up so that the bottom curve of her ass was in view and her legs were entirely exposed. When she looked back, she saw he was standing completely still in her doorway and turned around. Automatically her eyes flickered the way home izle down to his jeans and saw an unmistakable bulge pushing out from inside his pants. She swallowed and blinked a few times before saying “Um…yeah, I can’t make my heat go down.” As soon as the words were out of her mouth she mentally berated herself for saying something so creepily suggestive. She hoped Dante would break the awkward silence by sneering “That’s what she said!” but he didn’t. He seemed to be gathering himself, before walking past her to look behind her bed. “Which wheel were you turning?”

“The one…next to the thing,” she said unhelpfully, not wanting to expose herself again so blatantly. Her heart rate had accelerated considerably since he had entered the room, but she was trying to not be so obvious. He looked up at her with a hint of his usual exasperation but his gaze flickered downward and she realized that her towel was slipping so that the tops of her breasts were visible. She didn’t know whether to readjust herself or pretend that she didn’t know what he was looking at and settled for playing distractedly with a strand of her hair.

“I mean, you know the one…on the right…” she faltered. His expression was inscrutable, but his eyes were darker than usual and he seemed to be emanating more heat than the unmanageable radiator. The room suddenly felt much hotter, but not in the dry, oppressive way it normally did. Dante reached up and tucked the strand of hair behind her ear, and when his fingertips lingered on her cheek, she breathed out a small, surprised sigh and licked her lips. His eyes immediately dropped to her mouth and she felt a smoldering fire start to burn in her stomach, spreading out through her torso and building in the cleft between her legs, which suddenly felt damp.

He kept his one finger on her cheek as he brushed it down her neck, over her shoulder and to the top of her towel. His expression was still unreadable, but she took the chance and untucked the top corner of the towel. He took it from her, slowly peeling it off, his eyes riveted to the sight of her nude form, and dropped the towel on the floor. She could feel her heart pounding and the heat between her thighs throbbing. He slowly, almost cautiously reached out and touched her shoulders with his fingertips, running them down her arms. She sighed contentedly, closing her eyes and standing up a little straighter so that he could see her nipples straining out from mounds of her breasts. She heard a soft sound as he stepped closer to her, shivering slightly as he ghosted his fingertips down over her breasts and felt the gentle scratch of his stubbly cheek when he lightly kissed the corner of her mouth. She tilted her head up toward him, seeking more, keeping her eyes closed but he pulled back. There wasn’t a sound except for her own blood pounding in her ears and her own ragged breath.

Suddenly he jerked her towards him and stepped forward at the same time, pinning her against the wall behind her and crushed her lips with his. His kiss was almost frenzied, it was so urgent. He held her shoulders to the wall with both hands and she strained up on her toes to return the kiss. He let go of her shoulders and cupped both of her breasts roughly in his sturdy hands, causing her to gasp into his mouth and wrap her arms around the back of his neck, pulling them closer together. Their tongues danced around each other and he bit her bottom lip viciously, making her whimper the witcher izle in surprise and pleasure.

Lila could feel the insistent pressure of Dante’s cock grinding against her pelvic bone as he tangled his hand in her hair and forced her head back, exposing her neck. When he dived down to suck and nibble on the hypersensitive skin of her neck, she could feel the lips of her pussy slipping against each other, she was already so wet. Feeling her clit pulsing, she couldn’t help but press herself against his hardness, moving her hips in small circles that gently brushed the denim of his jeans distended by his erection against her clit.

Dante moaned softly against her neck and bit into her collar bone before kissing down her chest. He paused to drag his tongue around the aerola of one nipple, circling inwards before brushing the top of the hard nub lightly and continuing downwards. Over her stomach, he brushed his hands around the tops of her thighs before lifting one leg over her shoulder, allowing him better access to her pussy. She was almost panting with desire now, and feeling so exposed while she was so horny was making it almost unbearable. When she felt him circle a finger around her entrance, gathering up her juices she moaned, which turned into an audible gasp when he pushed the finger inside of her and touched his tongue to her clit. She could barely stay standing as he began to slowly move his digit in and out of her and flicking the soft tip of his tongue against her swollen nub. Soon he sped up his motions, now using two fingers to fuck her more deeply and finding the exact spot to flick his tongue against that made her breathing start to come in gasps and her hip buck up so that he could circle her clit with the very tip of his tongue. She nearly lost it when she looked down and realized that he had unzipped his jeans and was slowly stroking his fully erect cock in time with his fingers that were pumping in and out of him. It was as big as she had imagined, the swollen, pink head shining with precum as it appeared out the other side of his fist.

The delicious tension in the pit of her stomach was reaching its pitch when suddenly Dante stood up and stepped out of his jeans. In her haste to remove it, Lila almost popped the buttons off of his shirt when she yanked it over his head. In one swift movement, his hands grasped her ass and he lifted her up to waist height, holding her against the wall. She could feel the underside of his hard shaft sliding up and down her slit, quickly becoming slick with her juices and his precum. He stopped for a moment, looking into her flushed face with a small smile

With that, he kissed her and simultaneously gave one, hard upward thrust, entering her all in one swift motion. She gasped aloud, digging her nails into his shoulders, leaving red, crescent welts. He withdrew slowly, then thrust into her again, setting a moderate rhythm, although because of the angle, every time he entered her she gave a small cry. She could feel the skin on her back starting to feel raw from constantly rubbing against the wall but didn’t really care. Every part of her body was burning with an electric charge that sparked every time Dante thrust back into her, the top of his shaft rubbing her clit, his hot skin under her fingers and thighs, her nipples brushing his chest, the muscles in his back and shoulders moving in time with his thrusts, his low moans of ecstasy. She never wanted it to stop but at the the witcher blood origin izle same time it was almost excruciating to be so close but not quite to the point of release. He started moving faster and she muffled a sharper cry by biting into his shoulder.

Lila wasn’t sure how much more she could take when Dante moved again. With one wild sweep of his arm, he knocked everything off of her desk. Plates, pencils, her sketchbook, purse and stapler all cascaded to the thinly carpeted floor, briefly muffling her louder gasp as he lay her back on the desk, pulling her ass towards him so that her legs were hooked over his shoulders and slamming into her dripping pussy with a newfound vigor. She arched her back and gripped the sides of the desk, moaning loudly with each breath that was expelled forcefully from her with every inward thrust.

Lila opened her eyes and saw Dante’s eyes were half closed as he grunted with each thrust, holding one of her thighs against his chest while the other rest on her stomach. He saw her watching him and without missing a beat, slid his hand down to the top of her pussy and began rubbing her clit with his thumb, watching her face as he did so. Her eyes rolled back in her head at the added sensation and she brought her hand up to her breast, rolling her nipple between her fingers as Dante increased his pace. The cumulative sensations of his cock thrusting into the deepest point of her, his thumb flicking across the most sensitive part of her clit, her own ministrations to her breasts, were almost overwhelming. She could also feel his cock expanding, becoming even harder as his thrusting became faster.

Just as she was about to reach the brink, Dante pulled her up. Her legs slipped from his shoulders to around his waist and his free hand found her breast. With one final thrust, he pressed down on her clit with his thumb and she exploded, crying out as waves of orgasm shook her so hard that she stopped breathing for an instant. She could feel Dante’s fingers closing convulsively around her breast, his thumb still on her clit as he came as well, gasping aloud as he struggled to stay standing. She held on to him as they both came down slowly, and she realized that their foreheads were resting together as their breathing gradually returned to normal.

He exhaled a long, slow breath and slipped his hands down to rest on her thighs.

“You have no idea how long I’ve wanted to do that.”

Lila giggled, relaxing her grip on his shoulders and running her hands down his arms. “Yeah, me too.”

Dante slowly eased out of her, his now soft, slick cock still hanging low between his thighs. He pulled on his boxers as she slid off the desk and cleared his throat, looking down at the floor.

“So, uh, do you still want me to look at the heat?” He said to nothing in particular.

Lila was disconcerted by his sudden shyness. “Yeah, you could. Or…” she took his hand, making him look up. “I could just open the window and you could spend the night so I know I’ll stay warm.” He raised an eyebrow at her, but when she tugged his hand towards the bed and said, “Pleeeease?” he grinned lopsidedly and said, “Oh, all right.”

Lila woke with a start, sitting up quickly in the pre-dawn gray light filling her room. She was alone and the room was frigid. She quickly closed the window, then looked around. Where was Dante? Had she made it all up? She could still feel vestiges of her own juices coating the inside of her pussy and looked down at her still nude form. As her eyes adjusted to the light, she saw coin sized bruises on her thighs. She got up to look in the mirror, finding a cluster of bite marks on her neck and collarbone. Turning to the side, she winced as she felt several raw patches on her back and more bruises. The door opened behind her as she looked up; she smiled.

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