Heather – Office Receptionist Ch. 02


I don’t think my cock ever died down that night, the images of the day and conversations raced through my mind all night. I might have gotten one or two hours of sleep at the most. The morning wood wasn’t any better. I resisted the urge to masturbate in anticipation of leaving something with her.

The next morning I was swamped, never getting the chance to log on and chat, and it was killing me. Heather was visually taunting me. Wearing a tight lycra floral, browns, pinks, and red, form-fitting dress, barely long enough to conceal her ass cheeks. Her legs were sheathed in sheer white pantyhose.

‘They have to be sheer-to-waist,’ I thought to myself as her sultry ass moved to the undulation of her legs. She had what looked like light tan-five-inch heels on, hiding her toes from me. I was permanently distracted with her in the office now, and the words she left with me yesterday didn’t help. Right before noon, I got an email from her, asking why I hadn’t logged on this morning,

‘I’m itching to talk to you.’

‘Yeah, and I was throbbing to talk to you’ was all I thought.

I logged in for a moment, explaining the morning rush that I was inundated with. Only to get the reply,

“I’m smoking up the foyer again, aren’t I?’

‘Oh, you have no idea.’ ‘My pantyhose are soaking wet. Can you help me?’

Zero-one-two-three, my cock is back to full hardness. This girl is good.

‘Just a minute.’ I wrote back.

Getting up from my desk I adjust my hard-on in my slacks, not an easy task at this point, scoping out the office and seeing the busy bees working along. I make my trek up the corridor and round to her desk, seeing her posed, one foot on the ground, the other with her leg draped over her knee, forcing her already short dress up and around her ass, showing more hosed leg action than my heart could take. Her gaze was still on her monitor, hands poised over the keyboard ready to type. Moments later she turns and notices me, her eyebrow raises as her legs uncross and spread in her chair. She wasn’t lying, her crotch was soaked, her pussy lips clearly visible through the wet gusset fabric, pressed obscenely, even visibly wet. The wetness from her pussy covered hose creped out the side of the bounds of the gusset and left a visible stain down each side of her inner thighs.

‘Smoking… Isn’t the word for you this time?’ I was practically speechless. Her pussy was fully shaved I finally saw.

‘Yeah, I keep putting out the fire up here, but’ She raised two fingers, that even from where I was standing her pointer and middle fingers looked to be pruning from excessive moisture, like being in a bath too long, ‘but it’s not what I really need.’

My eyes trailed along as she lowered her fingers to her crotch and pushed her sheer nylon deep into her sex. The forgiving sheer fabric stretching and contracting around her fingers as she pumped her fingers in and out before bringing them to her lips and intoxicatingly sucking the fresh juices off before repeating the process again. No use hiding my erection now, this woman is a dream.

‘So where do you propose we fix your problem?’ I asked as she slowly opened her eyes; her lips release an audible pop as her fingers exit.

She looks down toward the clock on her screen and says,

‘It’s 11:45, let’s go to ‘lunch.’

While at the same time I’m opening my phone and looking at the time, though I barely process the action, my eyes are distracted at how her legs close and magically cross so naturally. I look down the hall behind me and notice a group approaching, they see me and ask if I want to join them at the local Tex-Mex joint.

‘Oh, Nah, I’ve got other plans today. Thanks though’ Heather is semi-focused ığdır escort on her monitor as she hits a few keys, then looks at me hungrily. Her face was unwavering with the group, it’s almost obvious.

‘Shit.’ I thought.

They leave through the front door as we awkwardly wait.

‘Your truck, in ten minutes.’ She stumbled out the words with a shutter.

I nod briefly watching her stand from her chair. The lycra skirt failing to fall back to its intended length and she didn’t make any visible effort to help it. She reached for her long black coat and draped it over her shoulders, threading her arms through it. I turn to head back to my desk for my coat, only to see her hike her skirt up to her waist, fully exposing her shaved cunt behind the sheer white pantyhose. The thicker reinforced seam perfectly divided her sex.

‘Unbelievable.’ I thought as she begins buttoning the coat above her waist and all the way up to her bust. When I returned to the front entrance she had already gone. The coat I had was a godsend, helping to hide the still massive bulge in my pants, on top of that a pre-cum stain had started to form on the inner side of my thigh. I arrive at the parking garage and see her waiting near the stairs, coat fully buttoned to above her waist, She looked completely normal, as opposed to the apparent sex-crazed girl I’d just witnessed. That bastard coat was concealing what I knew was soaking, and wet, and waiting for me. Approaching her I get a small peck on my cheek.

‘We’ve only got an hour. Let’s go.’

She leads me up the stairs to where my parking spot is, as we round up the stairs she lefts the tail of her coat, exposing her hose-covered ass and pussy to me, three flights of this. Smells great, looks great, but torture!

I open the passenger door of my truck and help her in; Heather making no attempts to hide her soaked crotch from my view either. To think, two days ago this woman was professional, respected, and now I find that she is a wanton nymph with an insatiable desire. Her lust is in the air, her crotch not a foot from my face, fully exposed behind her hose. I can’t resist and dive down, burying my face in her sex. Her legs wrap around my head, her hands pulling me in forcefully, suffocating me in easily my favorite thing, pantyhosed pussy.

My face was visibly wet after coming up for just a moment. My nose with a bead of pussy juice dripping from the apex. I bury my face again, one hand resting on her lower back countered by my other bracing against the jamb of my truck’s passenger door. Her back concaves as she leans back, arching her sex to me. I play with her silk-covered clit through the nylon crotch, sucking and teething before she orgasms in my face, a subtle blast of fresh cum over the already saturated fabric.

‘So this is the lunch you intended?’ I smile looking up at her, my beard feeling like I just got out of the shower.

She was breathing hard, back arching with her pelvis inching toward my face and invitingly opened her legs further. I took the offering with the reward of her gasping breath and animalistic moans. The cloth of her coat and my chair looked like someone dumped a gallon of water on them, or more accurately pussy juice. The sheer fabric between her legs was perfectly outlining her sex, warping around her proud lips and even her excited clit.

After twenty minutes of ‘lunch’ she was limp, still resting her head on the median console, arms outstretched into the driver’s seat, legs splayed for half the parking garage to see, but mostly me. I grabbed a picnic towel from the back seat and wiped my face clean, except for my mustache, the smell is just too good. I help her re-cross her ığdır escort bayan legs and actually fully enter the vehicle for the first time. By the time I’m in the seat and put the keys in and she is fumbling with my zipper and freeing my strained cock. A stringy trail of pre-cum grasping from my dick holes and my slacks.

‘Oh,’ she mouths, looking at my cock for the first time. ‘I love commando, but I’ve never had a cock with piercings.’

Heather opens her hot mouth as an outstretched tongue retrieves some of my homemade protein and looks back, softly touching the metal in my cock.

‘It looks painful?’ I smile, pausing the action of starting the car.

‘What’s this one called?’ She asks pointing to the one in my head.

‘Apadrayva, and the other one is a dolphin.’ I say matter of factly,

‘Do they hurt? Or did?’ she stumbles the words out, shyly touching the stainless steel, apprehensive of what she didn’t expect to find.

‘The apadravya wasn’t pleasant, but the dolphin wasn’t too bad.’ I say pointing to it, ‘They don’t bite. Promise.’ I say noticing her apprehension.

She readjusts herself in the seat before engulfing her mouth on my cock with hesitation. She is slow and delicate, feminine; her tongue probing my piss hole, then the piercings south of it, softly sucking and turning her head around the impaling pole. Her mouth suctions slowly and seductively increasing as her lipstick smears against my cock, her lips slowly inching down and consuming my girth.

Hot air was pouring from her nose and into my crotch as she focused on her up-and-down motions, slurping and drooling excessively; softly moaning as her tongue become more comfortable; wrapping the versatile muscle around my blood-engorged cock. I lean back a little in the chair and reach around to her ass, slipping my hand down between the tight encasing nylon barrier. Closing my eyes and relaxing to the experience. By the time my hand had wandered down between her pantyhose and pussy, I found that she was already busy, working her fingers feverishly into her own blood-engorged sex. I work two fingers side by side to hers into her tight cunt for a moment before gently working one of mine into her even tighter asshole.

Heather let out a long relieving moan from her stuffed mouth, still pulsing up and down.

‘I want you to cum in there.’

She breaks off my cock for a moment to look into my eyes, the seriousness of the lustfully enforced. She arched her back forcing her ass up, pulling my finger deeper into her tight ass. I bent down and looked into her eyes before locking lips with her for another passion-filled kiss. Somehow I managed to start the truck with my left hand; while the right was busy-bound between her pantyhose and fucking her ass. She went back to sucking on my cock, slurping around the meat and metal, occasionally tongue playing with the jewelry.

I managed to shift gears with one hand and drive a short distance to behind an abandoned grocery store all while working another finger into her ass. I got out of the truck and was greeted by the cold December air and Heather grabbing my hand and sucking on the fingers that were just buried in her asshole. At this point the cab was full of our sexual heat, so the cold managed to make a statement on me. She moved over to my seat and spread her legs, letting her ass hang slightly off the chair and exposing her hairless pussy to through the nylon. I propped her legs over my shoulders and pulled her soaked pantyhose down just enough to get my cock in her ass. Her eyes were full of lust, her lips were perking and waiting with anticipation. I rubbed my cock between the wet folds of her pussy, my jewelry rubbing escort ığdır over her clit and sending a chill up her spine forcing her to close her eyes in bliss.

‘Oh god, please put it in.’ she utters; her arms propped behind her.

I position my cock at the entrance of her rosebud and slowly apply pressure; a small smile forming on her lips with the added pressure. Heather relaxed her anus around me, slowly drawing me in. Within minutes her hot tight opening was wrapped around me, milking my cock as I held in her, letting her adjust to me. With my cock implanted firmly to the base; my balls and pelvis were forced to be drenched in her excessive pussy juice that continued to squirt down between us. I made a conscious effort to rub my face on her nylon legs, kissing her soft calves and massaging her thighs as I started to pump into her bowels. She expertly massaged my cock within her guts, relaxing then pulling me back in, applying tight pressure to my member as it was pistoned into her. In about the same amount of time, it took for me to enter and adjust I was filling her ass with cum. The kissing on the legs slowed as I caressed her calf with my cheek; lovingly. I stayed inside her for what felt like an eternity, continually cumming as her ass continued to milk every last drop from my spasming member. By the time my eyes opened, I saw that sultry look in her grey eyes, still staring me down.

‘We’ve got ten minutes.’ She said with a frown. I slowly pulled out of her, feeling her ass grip me even tighter and tighter. As my piercings ran over her sphincter muscle she beamed a smile, ‘I LOVE that.’

I laughed, ‘Which part?’

‘Yum.’ She moved a hand from under her and grabbed my cock, pushing it effortlessly into her wet cunt; her muscles instinctively grabbing at my still hard cock. I bottomed out in her again while she pinched the two opposite waistbands of her pantyhose together granting me unrestrictive access to her hot fuck hole. More than ten minutes later I was filling her pussy with my extra cum reserves; she was slamming her crotch down against mine, bucking against me to easily her fifth orgasm since I entered her. I slid my now deflating cock out of her pussy followed the small trail of injected cum. She flung her hand down to catch what was escaping and cupped it up.

“mmm, Lunch.”

Pouring the contents into her hungry mouth, licking her hand and fingers clean.

‘Nice.’ I bent down and maneuvered under the crotch of her pantyhose still bound at her thighs and buried my face for the first time into her exposed hairless hole. Her legs falling down my back, her five-inch heels embedding into my back. I sucked on her pussy lips, taking her entire sex into my mouth, running my tongue feverously up her vacuumed slit. I continued sucking soft then hard, like a big straw, drinking our fun out of her. She let go of the clamp she had on the hose and pulled them over my head while I was still sucking her, forcing me deeper into her. Sucking Heather dry wasn’t even possible, every time I sucked I’d get a very fresh mouthful of her cum mixed with a little of mine.

‘Shit,’ she said, ‘Look at the time, We have to get back!’ I

looked up at her deflated body, hands white-knuckled on the driver seat belt and steering wheel. My head still trapped with my mouth locked on her cunt and bound by her hose and thighs compressing my skull, her eyes gazing at the clock displaying that we were at least 20 minutes late now. I gave her juicy pussy one last lick before she let me go. She pulled her pantyhose back over her exposed self then pulled her dress down in an attempt at modesty before crawling back over to the passenger seat while I put my cock back in my pants and jumped into the driver’s seat.

‘I’ve got a little treat for you when we get back to the office.’ She said teasingly as we arrived at my parking spot and got out. ‘Oh yeah?’

‘Yep,’ she offered cutely, beaming a smile as we walked opposite paths back to the office.

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