Helping with the Chores Pt. 02


Brad realized he’d arrived at his desk without any memory of how he got there. He sat down wondering how he was going to focus on the emails and projects he had going on with the stunning revelation his sweet, innocent wife was not sweet nor innocent. He was sure had he been a different kind of man he would have gotten hold of a gun somehow, but that was never his style. He picked up the phone.

“Hey Jim…good, I mean actually not so good. Look, can you go through our assets and let me know how easy everything would be to split…I know, I don’t want to get into it right now, but Ashley has…I guess changed. She has different priorities now and I want to explore moving on…You’re right, we’ve never really had a fight, but…Sure, I’ll have my cell on me. Thanks.”

Brad tried to drive the last 12 hours out of his head and focus on work and actually felt it was easier having called his lawyer.

At noon, Sherrie came in with a Visio diagram for one of the projects and slid it on the desk, “Hey Brad, you look down. Any issues? Isn’t IT responding?” She asked leaning over him with her hand on his shoulder.

“No, everything is great. What’s this? Is this for Perkins?” Brad pulled the diagram over.

Sherrie leaned farther over pressing her right breast against his shoulder while pointing out the flow and where the project stands.

Brad was impressed with the project she’d made. “You got all the team not only to buy in, but actually get their parts done? Seriously? This is the best news I’ve had all day. How did you do it, these guy are stubborn as hell.” Brad asked.

“Remember the last part of Erin Brockovich when they asked her how she got all the signatures? I’m really quite tired.” Sherrie said with a grin.

Brad was surprised when he laughed. He looked at Sherrie and realized she was always upbeat and funny and even though she rubbed against him, she never actually suggested anything outside of work, not even lunch. “Sherrie you made my day, I really owe you lunch or something. What are you doing for lunch? Can I take you out?”

Sherrie stood up and looked at him. Brad had asked her to join him and the guys from receiving for beers, but she never liked them…there was always a leer or a suggestive remark…strangely, she always felt like she’d forgotten to wear panties and they knew it. He’d never asked her to lunch before. “I um, I brought a sandwich. I suppose I could have it for dinner, sure, I’d love to. Now?”

“Yeah. Let’s head downtown and find something. I want to go somewhere I’ve never been before. What are you in the mood for – it’s your choice since you earned it.” Brad said standing up.

Driving back, Sherrie looked at Brad and wondered at the change in him. He seemed more relaxed as if a weight was lifted from his shoulders. He normally was fairly funny, but mostly business. Lunch was fun with jokes about work, the people there and baffling memos, though he changed the subject when she brought up the guys on the dock. They pulled into the back of the building to avoid a traffic jam in the front and as they drove around the lot and she suddenly blurted out, “Hey, isn’t that your other car? The black Mini Cooper?”

Brad slowed down and looked, sure enough Ashley’s car was parked back by the loading dock. Groaning he shook his head and drove back to the front of the building and pulled into his spot.

“What’s wrong, is everything Ok?” Sherrie asked seeing the look of anger on Brad’s face. When Brad jumped out looking pissed, she grabbed his arm. “Tell me, is that your wife’s car? Is there something going on? Tell me.”

“Look, I’m sorry Sherrie, but this is something I have to work out. That is her car and I’m pretty sure I know why. I’ll meet you inside.” Brad started to walk back to the loading dock.

“Hey! Stop!” Sherrie yelled at Brad. “Listen, I might have an idea.”

Brad stopped and looked at her with a look of pain of his face, “What, what can you do? You’re really great, and a good friend, but I just need to deal with this.”

“I have an idea, so before you go back to the dock and perhaps do something stupid, come with me.” Sherrie said firmly.

Brad stared at her and realized he really had no plan and what he was thinking would probably put him in the hospital. “Ok, sure, yeah…what’s your idea?”

“You know Larry in security? They have cameras all over the building and perhaps…” Sherrie replied as she led Brad inside.

“I know – they have cameras monitoring the entries, the dock area, but not anywhere else.”

Sherrie winked at him, “Just wait.” She knocked at the Security room door. “Hey Larry, you know Brad, right?”

“Sure, Hey Brad, what brings you guys here? Lose your keys or something?”

“We thought we saw someone enter Receiving who didn’t sign in and wondered about it. Do you have the video for the last hour or two? Just wanted to be sure.” Sherrie asked. “I wouldn’t bother you, but with the inventory issues we’ve had over the last few months…you know. I’m sure it’s nothing.”

Larry too hot to handle latino izle laughed, “Please, bother me. This job needs something to liven it up…let’s see, that’s camera 7.” Larry hit some keys and the main screen showed the outside of the dock with 11:12:45 AM along the bottom. “This good place to start?”

Sherrie looked at Brad, “What do you think?”

Brad thought a minute, “Can you go back to 10:30 and start there?”

Larry swept the mouse on the screen and stopped at 10:23:34 AM.

“Good, let’s scan forward.” Brad said. “Stop, there!” He said. On the screen was Ashley entering the door held open by someone, he couldn’t tell who.

Sherrie looked at Brad, then at Larry. “Can you scan forward to see if she left? Maybe she took some stuff with her.” She asked.

Larry laughed, “I can do better than that. We have cameras inside the entire dock area.”

“I thought we had no cameras inside.” Brad said, “We couldn’t tell when things went missing since there are no cameras in there.”

“This is new. We never told anyone because no one likes to be watched all the time, but since so much stuff has gone missing…” Larry grinned. He hit a few more keys and put up camera 22 on the screen. “There she is, yeah no badge and she definitely hasn’t signed in here. I’d remember those tits anywhere, sorry.” He said bashfully looking at Sherrie. “She doesn’t look like a terrorist. Oh crap, those assholes.” Larry blurted out as the five men circled Ashley and began kissing and groping her. Ashley pushed them away and held out her hand. Rod pulled something out of his hip pocket and handed it to her. Looking satisfied she pocketed it, she smiled and reached out to stroke Rod’s cock.

Sherrie and Brad watched as Chuck, Jim and Ed led Ashley back out of camera range and Rod looked around making sure no one could see. He said something to Ernie and followed the group back. Ernie lit a cigarette and stood looking around.

“That’s a violation!” Larry said looking at the man smoking. Crap, they have been warned. Also, I’m pissed. They bring this hot piece here and didn’t invite me?”

“Larry, can you see where they went?” Brad asked softly.

“Actually, we don’t have any cameras facing back there since that is where their desks are, so we can’t really see what they did.” Larry said bitterly.

“Damn, I guess we just have this.” Brad sighed. Seeing Larry typing some more and using the joy stick. He asked “What are you doing?” When he saw the camera turn and pan up he saw what he’d been dreading.

“Fuck me! Look at those guys go at it.” Larry blurted out. “I hate to do this since they seem to be having fun, but I’m going to have to go back and break it up.”

Brad stood there with a look of pain on his face as he saw his wife riding one guy, sucking another and getting her ass pounded. Another guy was standing there stroking his cock obviously waiting for an opening.

Sherrie tapped Larry on the shoulder. “We need copies of these, can you do that? Brad, you need anything else?”

“No, I’m heading back to my desk. I’ve seen enough, thanks Larry, I guess she isn’t stealing anything, but you may want to call the cops, no one but a hooker would take on five guys like that. They must have pooled their money…but who knows? We can’t have the workers bringing whores into the building whenever they’re horny.” Brad said bitterly. “Can you bring copies of the vidoes to my office? Thanks again.”

Sherrie closed the door to Brad’s office and sat on the chair next to the desk. That’s why you looked out of it this morning, did those guys…last night…I mean, you didn’t invite them over, did you?”

Brad slumped down in his chair and looked at Sherrie and decided to tell her everything. When he finished he looked at her. “I guess I’m not the man you thought I was, I mean who lets their wife fuck five men all night? Perhaps TMI, but can you believe she made me store up my…anyhow, that never happened.”

“You mean do I expect that you should have gotten the shit kicked out of you? I’m disappointed you got beer and pizza, but I’m not disappointed you didn’t start shooting or end up in the hospital, and perhaps pleased you weren’t one of those guys who got off seeing his wife with other men. Wow! That was fast.” She finished seeing police cars pulling into the parking lot.

Brad and Sherrie trotted over to the stairwell looking down at the dock to see the police be met by Larry and soon saw Ashley and the guys on the dock being led out in handcuffs. Brad felt a sadness and also felt that this could not be real. “Sherrie, thanks for your help and sorry to involve you in this.” Brad turned and started back to his office after the cop cars left.

“Hey wait, I’m kind of tired of work today. Can I buy a friend in pain a drink?” Sherrie asked looking at Brad, “I’m pretty sure neither of us will get much done today.

Brad nodded, “Sure, I could use a drink, something treason izle stronger than beer. Let’s hit the bar at the Hyatt since I need a place to stay tonight.”

Later, Brad looked at Sherrie, “Shouldn’t you be out with your boyfriend or something? It’s Friday night, I’m sure you have plans.”

“No, no plans. I broke up with Dan a few weeks ago when he actually was busted for being with a hooker.” She started laughing, “Fuck! Who would have…sorry I just had an evil thought.” She laughed harder with tears coming down her face.

“What, what evil thought?” Brad asked with a grin.

“No, sorry, I can’t say, it is really not the time for that.” Sherrie said trying to control herself.

“C’mon, it can’t get worse that anything I’ve seen in the last 24 hours, what is it, I could use a laugh.”

“Ok, sorry, but I had the thought, what if the hooker was your wife…I know, way inappropriate.” Sherrie sputtered.

Brad looked at her and then burst out laughing, “That would explain the spending money she always seems to have, she always said that she should get a job to help out, maybe she did…Oh crap that’s so funny, Sherrie, I love you…” Brad stopped, looking stunned, “I’m sorry, that just came out. I can’t believe I said that.”

“Relax, I’m not going to hold you to that, I understand, you like that I can make you laugh even though this is not really a great time for you. Plus, you’ve had three margaritas and perhaps we should get a room for you.” Sherrie said smiling.

“Do you want me to come up? I mean, not to screw or anything, but I can stay. You don’t have to be alone tonight.” Sherrie asked as they walked away from the desk.

“You sure? I could use the company and you can leave anytime you want.” Brad started laughing, “I sorry, just had a thought.”

“What, what is your thought.” Sherrie asked.

“Ok, don’t hit me, but I was going to ask if you had cats that needed to be fed, you know, single woman…” He chuckled.

Sherrie hit him in the arm, “Just because I don’t have a man at home doesn’t mean I have cats.” She started laughing, “I’ll have to call my neighbor to feel them though. Oh God, are we clichés or what?”

When they got to the room, Brad’s cell rang with an unrecognized number, “Hello? What do you want, I’m not sure I want to talk to you right now…really, prostitution? I’m actually not surprised…now? Sorry, I’m busy. Really? You told them that?…Perhaps tomorrow…no, no…call your parents, perhaps they care, bye.” Brad clicked off, “I could have stayed at home tonight after all since Ashley seems to have other accommodations. Apparently she didn’t take money from Rod. It was a memory card, I bet I know what was on that, what a fool. She couldn’t not have expected to be treated honorably by those fuckers.” Brad shook his head.

Sherrie gave him a hug, stroking his back. Pulling away, she grinned, “Wanted you to bail her out? Didn’t sound like you are rushing over there.”

“Yeah, she can wait. I’ll call her parents in the morning. What about room service? Hungry?” Brad asked.

“Sure, starving, but didn’t she want to call her parents?” Sherrie asked reaching for the room service menu.

Brad laughed, “Yeah, but she had just one phone call. She had no idea I saw the video, she thinks security just happened to discover them. This is just too fun, let’s order more margaritas with dinner.”

Lying on the bed after cleaning the plates, Brad took another sip of his margarita, “So, staying the night? I might have to go down and get toothbrushes. I’d like you to stay.”

“I’ll go, perhaps they have an oversize tee since all I have is this dress.” Sherrie said rolling off the bed.

Brad came awake with a raging hard on and a warm mouth sucking on it. At first he forgot where he was and feeling the long straight hair realized it wasn’t Ashley, but Sherrie. He let out a moan and began thrusting his hips. Sherrie took his hand and placed it on her hanging breasts while taking more and more of his cock down her throat. When Brad began pulling and pinching her nipples she moaned around his dick and sucked in more, feeling the hair tickling her nose. Brad’s thrusts were getting more and more persistent and soon her lips were pressed against his pubic bone. She felt Brad reach down and pull her thighs towards his face so she eagerly swung her leg over his head and lowered her dripping pussy onto his face letting out a muffled squeal when she felt his tongue begin to explore her bald twat.

Brad loved feeling the warm mouth totally engulf his cock and the taste of the juices flowing into his mouth. He focused on the hot pussy pressing against his face, her tight ass flexing under his hands as he pulled her to his face. Her lips separated eagerly as his tongue wiggled deep into her silky smooth hole. He heard and felt Sherrie groan and moan louder as he fucked her tight channel with his rigid tongue. Then he pulled back and flicked the tip rapidly across her rock-hard nub causing true detective izle her to writhe hard against his face and pulling off his cock, raise her head and gasp loudly as she exploded with pleasure.

Sherrie panted hard as she came down from the intense peak of ecstasy and release that went seemingly forever. With one last moan, she collapsed with her faced pressed against his hard cock. She weakly opened her mouth and returned to licking the shaft, enjoying the taste of cum leaking out. She then rolled off of Brad and crawled up to kiss him, driving her tongue into his mouth and enjoying the feeling of urgent passion returned by his warm lips and tongue. She pulled off and looked down at the beautiful man. “Do you have any idea how much I wanted to kiss you? I fantasized about tasting your mouth, but never thought your tongue would part my other lips first.” She laughed. “So, you have a decision to make. Do you want to cum down my throat, in my pussy, my ass or, what the heck, between my breasts?” She asked with a grin.

Brad looked like he’d won the lottery, “Just one? Not all of them? I mean, it’s not like we need to get home to feed the cats or anything.” He grinned. “But actually, I’d love to slide into that sweet pussy I just tasted.” He pushed Sherrie off onto her back who eagerly spread her legs. He lined up his cock and before he pushed the head in, “I don’t have a condom, I’d hate to get you knocked up…”

“I’m fine, I’m on the pill, but I never told Dan that. I made him use rubbers since I never actually trusted him. Come to think of it, I’ve never been fucked without a rubber. That kind of makes me a virgin. Quit stalling, slam that thing into me.” She urged.

Still gripping his stiff erection, Brad pushed forward and worked the head up and down the wet slit and felt the welcoming tight warmth hug his shaft as he pushed in more. He pulled back and slid a bit more in, then pulled back and as he was easing into her slippery hole he felt Sherrie’s hands on this ass.

“Oh, fuck, give it to me!” She cried as she pulled his cock deep into her and ground her twat hard against him. “Ok, fuck me and don’t worry about me, I came and it’s your turn.”

Brad looked down at the stunning blonde and as he began to rhythmically drive into her, he admired how her beautiful breasts bounced up and down in sync with his hard fucking. He watched them, remembering how intriguing they felt when she pressed them against him, wondering how he never felt the pointy nipples riding high on the puffy areolas. He leaned down needing to suck one into his mouth. He felt Sherrie respond as he nibbled and sucked on the creamy flesh. He popped it out of his mouth and studied her beautiful face, he studied her lips remembering how they looked wrapped around his cock and admired her eyes squinted shut, her long blonde hair splayed out on the pillow, her face lost in pleasure. He closed his eyes getting into in the exquisite smoothness rubbing against his penis…He thought about what her ass felt like flexing as his tongue probed her…her offering of her ass…”Oh God, uhhh…uhhhhh…uhhhhhhh, fffffuckkk!” He groaned spurting what felt like gallons of cum into Sherrie’s womb. Collapsing on top of her, he felt the warmth of her breasts against his chest, her arms wrapped around him as he weakly humped in and out of her as his cock softened.

Lifting his head, he looked at the stunning blonde, he whispered, “I meant it earlier, I just shouldn’t have said it so soon.” He kissed her and fell exhausted onto the bed and as he lay sprawled half on her, he heard her whisper back “I love you too, I always have.” Smiling, he drifted off to the best sleep he’d had in days.

Swallowing, Sherrie looked up at Brad in the shower with a grin, “Gotta love unlimited hot water.” She said as she got up off her knees. “God, you taste good, makes me regret not making you shoot that first load in my mouth. So, did we leave anything off you bucket list?” She asked with a giggle.

Brad kissed her and held her tight. “Just one thing, but since we don’t have handcuffs, perhaps it can wait.”

“Hey, whatever you’re into…except animals, not really into that.” Sherrie chuckled. “Shall we get breakfast?”

“Sure, I’ll bet lots of places server breakfast at 3 PM. But in the meantime…” Brad said walking over to his computer bag, “How much vacation time do you have left?” He asked as he pulled out two plane tickets and handed them to her.

“Hawaii? When is this…next week? Really?” Sherrie looked at him incredulously.

“Yes, next Saturday. I got a place on Kaanapali beach in Maui for three weeks as a surprise for Ashley, but that’s not happening. Can you get away? You’ll have to get someone to take care of the cats.”

Brad put the phone down and looked over at Sherrie basking in the sun amazed how lucky he was to be on Little Beach with the most beautiful woman on the islands. “It’s done. Jim got the papers and I’m officially single. I guess Ashley was just as eager since she signed them awfully quick. Apparently she moved in with Ed. I suppose I should be hurt, but I’m finding it hard to regret anything right now. Honey, I know you miss your cats, but with my investments and what I’ll get from selling the house I’m thinking of getting a place up country. We could live here for a few years and then maybe somewhere else when we get tired of it.”

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