Her Biggest Fans Pt. 01


“Hello, lovelies,” Willow purrs into the desk microphone, offering the camera a sultry smile. She loves this job — being a slut for a few hours every day does so much more than pay the bills. Within her first month, she was able to upgrade to the finest PC currently available. Month two got her a shiny new car — brand new, not used, which she never imagined possible! And month three? Well, month three remains to be seen, but it’s looking like she’ll be able to move into that fancy apartment on Oliver Boulevard and prepay the whole first year. Being a whore online is super lucrative. Why doesn’t everyone do this?

Oh right — because then there’d be the same amount of money, but more people to spread it around to. Hmm. Probably best that it stays a more…ostracized job. She’s not about to share her fabulous income unless it’s on her own terms.

Even as she’s lost in her own train of thought, her fingers toy with her puffy nipples through her mesh tank top. They grow beautifully under her touch until they’re the size of a pencil eraser and exactly as pink. She’s gotten good at checking out for these — it’s less that she’s bored and more that it’s a matter of necessity. She has to drag this out as long as possible. Longer streams means more money and more money means she can move out soon. Don’t get her wrong, she loves living with her Daddy and brother, but sometimes…well, she’s 19. It’s time she got her own space.

The first donation lights up the screen, the lewd moan she set as her notification tone reminding her where she is and what she’s doing. She leans forward slightly, pushing her breasts kaçak iddaa together to give the camera a nice angle on her perfect cleavage, and reads it aloud. “Thank you for the donation! MR_MEADOWS_1989 says SHOW TITS PLZ. Well, well, so polite.” She claps her hands and smiles brightly, her freshly whitened teeth glistening beautifully in her ring light. “I have an idea! Let’s make it a game! I’ll set a timer for five minutes, and if we reach $500 in that time, I will show you every single succulent inch of my titties.”

Her goal is reached before the timer is even set up. She ignores it — the donations are still flowing. Within the first minute, another $500 has been added to her monthly total, and that number ticks up with every second.

“Wow, you guys really want to see my titties!” She claps her hands again, in genuine excitement this time. “Well, I did promise! Time to give you sexy people what you paid for.”

Willow tugs her shirt down a little, to tease them with the top of her nipple. With a single fluid motion, she sweeps her stretchy top down enough to pop her tits with a mesmerizing jiggle while pressing her other finger to her lips in the universal sign for ‘shh’. “Don’t tell,” she whispers, glancing around conspiratorially. “If my Daddy and brother find out I’m showing you my boobs, they’ll kill you. It’ll be our little secret, okay? Our dirty little secret…”

Another slew of dirty comments and donations. They love this stuff. Imply that what you’re doing is dirty and wrong? They’ll eat it up. How many of them are watching me at work? she wonders as she teases her breasts for kaçak bahis the camera. How many are watching me at the dinner table? In bed with their wives? Am I actually their dirty little secret?

Why does that thought turn her on so much?

Willow moans into her microphone, her fingers attacking her nipple with a vengeance. “Mm, your fingers feel so good,” she sighs, closing her eyes to add to the realism of the imagined scenario. “Ohh yes, yes, play with them — pinch them, please, pinch them — ahh!” She’s gotten good at this. Pretending her hands aren’t hers, reacting as if there’s a real literal man in front of her. It certainly doesn’t hurt. The fans love it — but her pussy loves it more, flooding the towel on her chair with her own sweet juices.

An idea strikes her. With a naughty wink, she slips her finger between her legs. She swirls it between her legs, letting every lewd whimper and sigh slip right into the mic, before holding her now drenched and glistening finger up to the camera. She tilts it this way and that so the light glistens off the slickness. “Look how wet you make me… I’m dripping through my panties. Do you wanna see?”

A chorus of ‘yes’s. No surprise. It took a while for her to find the perfect combination of slow teasing and rapid nudity, but it was totally worth it.

“Shall we play another game?” she purrs, rubbing her juices onto her rosy lips. “Can we get to a thousand in five minutes this time? I’m not a common whore, you know. My pussy is priceless. Do you guys think you can afford a peek at my sweet, sweet pussy?”

The amount of donations that explode in her illegal bahis inbox nearly crashes her client.

Willow laughs deliciously as she scoots her chair back and props her feet on her desk to put the delta of her thighs on full display. “So eager,” she teases, drawing her finger up the crotch of her lace panties to show off how soaked they are. “I’m eager too, baby… I’ve been waiting so long for you… may I take them off? Please? I want to show you what you paid for, but good girls don’t do things without permission…”

Her chatbox is a flood of yes’s. She bites back a laugh — she’s playing them like a fiddle, and they don’t even realize it. One message sticks out to her though — a paid subscriber, so his text is highlighted. It hovers on her screen for what seems like forever. She can’t tell if her chat is broken, or if she’s just so shocked by its contents that time slowed down.

DADDY_4_U: i’ll donate $1000 right now if you suck your brother’s cock on camera

“My — my brother?” I stare at my screen, my sexy mask gone. I’m so shocked that I can’t even pretend for a second. “Um… I dunno. A thousand is a lot, but… I mean, you guys don’t actually want to see that, right? Here, let me put up a poll…”

The answer, save for a handful of no’s, is unanimous. Everyone in my chat wants me to suck my brother’s cock.

“I — well, anything for my fans.” I laugh, trying to hide the awkwardness, but this is one thing I can’t really dismiss. “I make no promises though. I don’t know if he’ll do it. I’ll try though — for you guys! If you don’t mind the stream going offline for a few minutes, I can go ask him right now.”

As she stumbles out of the room, she doesn’t even realize that her fingers are buried between her legs, desperately fucking her weeping cunt at the very idea.

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