Her Dreams


My day began as any other. I awoke with my pussy wet from the superb dream of you. I reach my hand down under the covers and find my swollen clit, I brush across it ever so lightly which sends shivers through my body. I slide a finger into my well-lubricated entrance, close my eyes and pretend it’s you.

Your naked body so close to me. Your fingers slipping in and out of me. Your thumb circles my clit that is now sending electric shocks through me. You lower your mouth to my nipple and take it between your teeth, softly biting until you hear a groan escape my lips and increase the pressure.

I feel your now hard cock pressing against my thigh. I trace my hand across your body until I find your penis. Wrapping my hand around it’s girth I start to pull and push, you move your hips in time with me. I roll you onto your back and make my way down so my head is level with your throbbing member. Still wanking you I brush the tip with my moist almanbahis lips. I hear you gasp in anticipation of things to come.

I flick my tongue across the head and down the length. My hand now moving easily, lubricated with my saliva. I position your knob between my lips and take the length into my mouth and down my throat. You reach for my head and entangle your fingers in my hair. I cup your balls in my hand and softly kneed them. I lick and suck you til your almost there and then stop. I start to slowly wank you again while I take both your balls into my mouth. I feel your whole body tense and I know it’s time.

I slip your cock back into my mouth and swirl my tongue all over it, sucking it like an icy pole. You grab my head and push it down speeding up the pace. Then you let fly. Your cum shoots into my mouth and down the back of my throat. I keep sucking, never missing a beat, swallowing it all.

As you catch your almanbahis yeni giriş breath you move me up, find my dripping snatch and drive in headfirst. You spread my pussy lips and see my juices running from within me. You lap at my opening and nibble on my clit. As your fingers probe my insides I writhe under you like a woman possessed.

You lick and suck one of you fingers leaving it covered in your saliva. I don’t think much of it. You slide that finger between my arse cheeks and circle my tight raisin. A breath gets stuck in my throat when you push your finger in past my ring. You pull it back out and lubricate two fingers with my own pussy juice and your saliva. Taking them back to my arse opening you push them both in. I let out a cry and you push them in further. You start to build up a rhythm and the pleasure is almost too much.

You flip me onto my stomach, take your cock, now fully hard again, and push it almanbahis giriş straight into my cunt. You thrust hard and fast while you have cheeks spread wide. I feel the sensation of your spit as it lands on my arsehole. You pull me onto my knees and press your cock against my opening. There is resistance, which only makes you push harder. There’s a pop and the head’s in. you stop to let me adjust and relax, which I do. The pain is intense but the pleasure is overwhelming. You push til the length of your penis is tightly jammed in my rectum then pull back just til it’s only the head still hidden. The feeling is amazing and I start to go with the rhythm. Pushing back as you drive forward. You increase the speed, the faster you go the harder I push back to meet you and the harder you balls slap at my cunt.

I feel an orgasm building inside of me and there is no way of prolonging it. “Fuck me! Fuck me! Harder! Harder!” I scream. You do as you are told and with in seconds my whole body convulses. My arse tightens around your cock and you blow streams of your hot cum into my bum and up my back.

I open my eyes put my dildo back in the drawer and start my day with one hell of a smile.

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