Her Own Choice Part 2

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Her Own Choice Part 2Mike kissed her softly on her lips, as she parted her legs and allowed him to raise them slightly. He kissed her on her neck and cheeks as his hands stroked her buttocks and his manhood pressed hard and hot against her womanhood.She felt his fingers teasing her opening and then felt him tease her virgin entrance with the tip of his penis.He was moving forwards, pushing her hips slightly up and back as he positioned himself.He looked her in the eye, his warm brown eyes showing lust and also kindness…“Are you ready darling” He askedHeart pounding, body tense she nodded her eyes wide with fright as he put a hand over her mouth and moved onto her, his hips pushing his hard penis into her.Sweat poured from him as he tried to get into her …“Relax baby” He whispered “Relax.”He thrust gently, the tip of his penis just lodging in the wet mouth of her womanhood.Safia’s eyes were wide with fright. Beads of sweat burst out on her forehead as he thrust hard into her. Tears began to fill her eyes as a terrible fear took hold of her. He was so big and wide. She had never had anything more then a thin fingertip where he now had his burning hot manhood.It was relaxbet güvenilirmi hot so very hot. He kissed her on her forehead whispering “Don’t be scared. It will be great.”He then lifted himself a little more and pressed his hips downwards entering her with a forceful thrust of his hips. In a two rapid jerks, he tore her hymen and sank into her painfully tight pussy.Her scream of pain was muffled by his hand but seemed to fill her ears as tears rolled from her eyes and she squeezed her eyelids closed, .and gasped for air……“She heard him soothing her; kissing her neck and ears as he held perfectly still for a few moments.She felt his manhood fill her until she felt she would burst. Her legs relaxed and she felt her now deflowered pussy adjust slowly and painfully to his massive intruding manhood.Seeing that she was calmer, he removed his hand from her mouth and as she took deep breaths, he kissed her face and stroked her buttocks. He adjusted his position slightly causing a sudden sharp pain to race through her body. It soon subsided.His attention was now on her breasts. He kept massaging and sucking her nipples which relaxed her relaxbet yeni giriş and she started to enjoy the feel of his body on her, his lips his hands and his penis in her. He moved his hips slightly she bit her lips until the pain went and instinctively she now began to move her hips.Her legs moved up, around his waist helped by his hands as he started in and out movements with his hips. His bottom moving up and down as his tool thrust backwards and forwards in her pussy.She began to feel the pleasure of it; the pain dulled replaced by a feeling of completion.Her young pussy was so tight that she felt every thrust as if it the first. Each inward thrust eased her open a little more and a little wider.He was giving her real pleasure, the kind that her fingers only hinted at.Mike kept his pace slow and steady; he was not new to this as she was. Somehow Safia knew that this was not how it always was. Her married friends had told her that men could be terrifying sometimes during sex. Men were sometimes Very quick and very rough. She had not understood then but now she could imagine.As his pace slowly increased, she felt a pressure build up relaxbet giriş inside her. suddenly her body wanted to move faster and more urgently, her chest contracted and her heart felt like it would explode as she gasped for breath and squeezed him hard between her thighs, her head tilted back, and she came.Mike had also sped up and just a split second after her, his own orgasm erupted and he shot his seed into her.The feel of his boiling hot liquid inside her was so unexpected so unbelievable. It increased her own pleasure and at the same time seemed to sooth her torn, ruptured pussy.They pressed their groins hard against each other as he filled her. And then both relaxed; and he fell on her body and became still. They lay panting and sweating that way for a while.After a quick wash and a long kiss goodbye, Safia slowly walked back to her room.The sun was already rising as she reached the veranda in front of her room.She sat down on the steps and watched the sun come up.“Will you be alright?” Mike had asked her as she left his room.She had said “Yes.” But she suddenly felt the full weight of his question hit her as she watched the dew sparkle in the morning sun shine.Would she be all right?Whatever the answer, here on her last morning in Murree, she felt as if she finally had something that would always be her own. Sohail could and would have her body whenever he wanted but, Mike would always be the man who was her first.That had been her choice.

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