Her Punishment: His Pleasure


She thanks him for “Her Punishment”

Sunlight is pouring into the room as her eyes open to the day. She is alone, having never been happy waking that way, she looks around the room for him. No one there, she is indeed alone, climbing out of the large bed she walks through the house, looking, searching the rooms, no one else is there. As she walks past the large sliding door to the backyard, she sees him. Laying on a chase lounge between the pool and the hot tub, soaking up the sun. He is naked except for sunglasses, the remote house is ideal for spending the day in the nude around the yard. She watches and admires his body, remembering how it felt last night.

Last night was amazing, she had never been taken like that, punished for a simple no. And what a punishment, she had no idea that being restrained and controlled by a man would turn her on so much. Today, she decided, she would show him that she was sorry for the no. She wanted to dive hard and deep into the life he had talked about, when they met at the club. Today, she would show him how much she wanted this, and please him in the best way she new how. She went back to the bedroom and looked through her bag. She had been on the road since she left her moms house a week before. Her new step-dad had shown what she was in for if she stayed and she was not into him in the least. She left the day after he moved in. Now she wanted to start a new life, the one they had talked about at length last night.

Looking through the bag of clothes, she found what she was looking for. He had made it clear he liked the little country girl look. From the bag she pulled out a pair of daisy dukes that exposed her lips, a sleeveless mid-drift top and a pair of crotchless, french cut panties. After getting dressed and putting on just a tiny touch of make-up, she pulled her hair kuşadası escort into the pigtails he said were his favorite look and stood to look at herself in the mirror. She looked the part, light brown hair, light blue eyes and dressed to please, she headed out to the deck around the pool.

As she approaches the pool she can tell he is asleep so she decides to wake him her favorite way. She skips toward him like the little girl she is for him and as she gets to the foot of his lounger, she lowers her eyes and sinks to her knees. She tilts her head a little sideways and calls him, “Daddy, are you awake, my sweet Master?” She raises her hand to caress his calves and calls again, “Please Daddy, will you look at me?”

As he starts to stir, she again looks down and pulls her hand away, She then softly slides up across her Masters legs and lays so her face is right beside his cock. She loves to just look at him, even soft she thinks it beautiful. He has given her so much pleasure with it in the last few days, she has never felt this way before. She has never even paid attention to the other men she has been with, it was all about them. With Daddy, it is still about him, but for her, her pleasure and experiences are important to him.

Slowly she raises up over him, softly licking the length of his cock. She sees his eyes open, but he does not move. She continues to lick him from his cock to his sack, sucking his ball into her mouth. Master had told her that when he was younger the docs had found a tumor on one of his testicles and it had to be removed. He really looked no different, but there was only one for her to play with and suck on. His cock starts to stir as well, growing to the full length she loved so dearly. With him, she now understood the term ‘cock worship’, because that was what she did. kuşadası escort bayan

She takes his cock in both hands and lowers her mouth to the tip, just licking the head and tasting the small drop of per-cum that has found it’s way out. “mmmm Daddy, you taste so good, I love to lick up the juices you make for me.” Cupping him in her hands she lowers her head to fill her mouth with his cock. Sucking the head as she forces her head down pushing him into her mouth. She gags as he hits the back of her throat with the head. Sucking as she pulls him out to the head and again forces him in even deeper.

“Daddy, please my sweet Daddy, fuck this girls mouth, fill her throat with your cock. I need you to fuck my throat Daddy, PLEASE!!” She again drops her head onto his stiff pole. Forcing him to the back of her throat and again she gags, he likes to hear her gag as she swallows him. Sucking as she pulls back up to the head. Then she licks the head and teases him a just little. Squeezing his sack as she again plunges down on his cock, deeper with each thrust. As she pulls him from her mouth she looks into his eyes, “Master I love to feel you deep in my throat. Your warm, wet cock filling me all the way.”

She wraps her lips around the side of his cock, sliding up and down as she sucks. Her hands again cupping his sack and squeezing. She lick across the rim of his head and sucks down the other side. She pulls his sack into her mouth with her lips and sucks the hard, hot ball into her mouth, stroking his wet cock with her hands as she plays with his ball in her mouth, he is moaning and slowly thrusting his hips forward. She returns to the head and before she again covers his cock with her lips she looks at him and whispers, “Oh God Daddy, grab my hair and fuck my mouth, treat me like your little slut, escort kuşadası FUCK ME DEEP!!” Her lips cover the head and she starts down on his hard cock.

He reaches up to grab the tails of her hair and pulls her head down, pushing his cock hard into her mouth. Holding her tight he thrust his hips forward and buries his cock deep in her throat. She starts to gag, then breathes around his cock to catch her breath. As she relaxes she can hold him as deep as he can get with no loss of breath. Her nose is pressed against his crotch, his scent fills her nostrils. She sucks as he is in her throat, she has finally learned to keep him in her throat without gagging. She can feel the wet stream start to flow down the insides of her legs, she is cumming from him being in her throat. He forces himself a little deeper as she squeezes him once more.

He can hold back no longer and he begins to cum, his cock swelling and squirting into her throat. She can feel him flooding down her throat and she closes her eyes. Holding until the last jerk of his cock then she slowly lets him out of her mouth. Keeping the cum that fills her mouth from spilling out. A drop runs down from the corner of her mouth, dripping onto his belly. She slides a finger up the corner of her mouth and catches the errant drop and pushes it into her mouth. Then she lowers her head to lick the drop that found his belly. She smiles as she raises her head and meets his eyes, a tear running down her cheek, whether from her happiness at the pleasure she has given him or the filling of her throat, he does not know, but it is a tear of joy in either case.

She lowers her head and tells him, “Sir, forgive this girl for not asking permission, but I have cum also, from you being in my throat.”

He strokes her cheek and replies, “My pet, I am honored that you could not control yourself this time, you have earned my permission to have shown me your excitement.”

She lowers her eyes, “Thank you Daddy, I love you so.” Laying her head again next to his cock, she kisses the head and sighs, she has found her true Master. She knows now she is owned.

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