Hi-Tech Revenge


My husband is an executive with a fortune 100 tech company. He travels almost all the time, and spends way too much time in long, boring meetings. If I know when he’s going to be in a particularly bad meeting, I’ll turn on my video setup and stream him some entertainment. That way, he can look all important in his meeting as he looks at the “critical” messages on his phone, but in reality, he’s looking at my erotic images.

When I want to entertain him, I flip on my high-definition video camera, sit in my big comfy chair, and pick up a toy or two. This not only relieves his boredom, but it relieves my tension from having a hubby who is never around. I guess it beats cheating!!

Yesterday, he had to fly to the corporate offices for a half-day meeting. I guess the company is struggling in these bad times, and they are having to do some reshuffling. He’s not too worried, about his position, as his division was profitable, so he’ll just be sitting there watching the other vultures vie for survival. The meeting starts soon, so I better get my setup going. Today is going to be a very special show.

The day before he left, he forgot his phone on his nightstand, where it was charging. I picked it up to call his office to let him know his phone was at home, but saw a thumbnail of a woman on the screen. Now, I’ve always trusted him, and the thought of his cheating has never even entered my mind. But my curiosity got to me, so I hit the woman’s icon. The first picture wasn’t too bad, just him with an arm around the 30-somethingish woman. I must admit she was pretty hot, slimmer than me, with larger breasts, and great hair. Then I hit the “forward” key, and my heart sank. This picture was what I think they call a walker independence izle “point-of-view” shot of his penis deep in her mouth. And it got worse. There must have been 25 pictures of them in all different places and positions. I printed a couple out so I have proof of what he was doing. Even today, I am still stunned. I haven’t had a chance to cry yet, because I want revenge, and them I’m gone.

Now, my hubby is not well endowed at all, and is very self conscious about it. He won’t even undress at the gym because he hates to compare himself to the other guys. So, right after seeing the pictures, I pop onto craigslist and jump to the erotic services for a “man looking for a woman.” I search over a hundred ads, until I find the biggest, longest, hardest man I can, and hire him for 3 hours. So that’s where we are. I’m here with my 25 year-old Mr. Stud, and waiting to stream my revenge.

At the appointed time for his meeting, I turn on the video camera and confirm that it’s working correctly. I sit naked in the chair and wait for the phone to ring. That’s my signal that he’s got a clear view of me, and is ready for me to start. As usual, I reach to the stand next to the chair, but this time, I don’t retrieve a vibe, but pick up one of the bastard’s whore pictures. I put it close to the camera so I know he can see it. I bet he just shit.

I reach back to my nightstand and retrieve a wooden 1 foot ruler. Now it looks like a regular ruler, but I’ve cut about an inch off the zero end. That way, if something’s really 3 inches long, it will show up as being 4 inches on my ruler. I stand up, and motion for my guy to sit down. He’s been standing just waterloo road izle out of camera view, and has been keeping himself hard. He sits down, and I adjust the camera back a bit so I can get him all in the picture. His member is just massive, completely filling the screen. I bet it’s the biggest dick my husband has ever seen!! I can only image the colors he must be turning right now.

I drop to my knees, and place the ruler against the side of his penis, and use a black marker to draw a line that shows how long he is. I hold the ruler up to the camera, and the line is just shy of the 10 ½ inch mark. That’s almost double hubby’s length. I pull back from the camera, and take a piece of string and wrap it around the base of his head. I carefully put it on the ruler, and mark a line showing his girth. I hold the ruler up to the camera again, and the girth line is set just above the 8 inch mark. My hubby must just be dying by now. The phone starts to ring frantically, and rings over and over. The sound gives me great satisfaction that my message is hitting hard.

I take the camera off its tripod and hand it to my boy-toy. He focuses on my mouth as it surrounds his head, and then I lower slowly to devour the first few inches of his member. It is so big that it hurts, but the pain it’s causing my husband makes it all worthwhile. I suck for a few minutes, and then stand up. I turn around and face my desk, and put my chest flat on its top, my legs spread wide. Mr. Stud, still holding the camera, aggressively slides his massive rod into me, and pushes it all the way in. For the first time in my life I feel a penis hit the bottom of my vagina. Despite my anger, I’m wayne izle overwhelmed with how good his huge tool feels. I have to concentrate to keep focus, because this is not about making me feel good, it’s about making the bastartd feel awful. I vow right then that in my next relationship, size will matter.

But today there is no love, not even lust, just revenge. I let him pound me for several minutes. “Don’t cum like this. When you’re just about ready to pop, pull out and sit back down,” I command. I’m paying him for this, and I need for him to do this right. He thrusts a few more times, and I can tell he is very close. He pulls out, and falls back into the chair. “Keep that camera focused tight on my mouth,” I order. He refocuses on his penis just as my mouth falls around it. I continue to suck until he gives that moan that every man gives at the point of release. I sit back slightly, and let him slip from my mouth. I let my hands surround him, and continue stroking him. His head is maybe two inches from my mouth, which is open as wide as I can get it. My eyes are wide open, too, looking straight into the camera. I want eye contact with hubby-bastard as this massive dick explodes.

At first the cum just dribbles out of the penis, maybe 10 or so big drops, which can’t even make the short flight to my mouth. It just falls uselessly to the floor. I panic, thinking this guy can’t shoot. By my thoughts were interrupted by a massive warm splash just above my top lip. I adjust my mouth slightly, and take the last half of the huge stream into my mouth. Now that I’m properly positioned, the next spurts hit home, too. After the cum has stopped, I put my lips over his head, and draw in the last remaining drops. I sit back, the camera focused on my face, and let the cum slowly drip from my mouth. After almost all of it’s on the floor, I tip my head back, and swallow the rest. I pick up a paper on the stand and hold it up to the camera. “Hey micro-dick, thanks for half your money!!”

Revenge is sweet. And I’ve still got almost 2 hours left with Stud boy.

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