Hillcrest Academy for Girls – Part II – Art Class


Cassie left the Head Mistress flustered and extremely aroused. She never expected that she would enjoy the spanking as much as she just did. Was it because it was a new experience or that Mr. Williams, the new male teacher spanked her, or that he touched her wet pussy or that she was able to momentarily brush her tongue against his pant’s bulge? She didn’t know what it was but she felt her body tingle all over. One more moment of Mr. Williams spreading lotion on her red ass and she would have exploded. She really wanted to rush to her dorm room and spread her still wet pussy lips and stroke her pussy and clit until she came but she had one more class today, Art. Maybe, Megan would let her borrow her vibrator so she could imagine Mr. Williams’ cock invading her virgin tight love canal. She discretely rubbed her pussy thru her skirt when she realized that her panties were missing. “Oh shit,” she mumbled. She thought back to her spanking and realized that Mr. Williams must still have her damp panties. She was embarrassed but even more aroused thinking of Mr. Williams touching them, maybe even masturbating with them. The more immediate concern was how to get through the next class without anyone noticing that her panties were missing. Cassie was one of the last students to Mrs. Jackson’s art class and had to sit on one of the front stools. The classroom was a large studio with either desks or stools arranged in a semi-circle depending on the topic for the period. As Cassie walked in, she remembered today they were going to be sketching. The art teacher was a free spirit and one of the youngest and least strict teachers at Hillcrest Academy. She rarely spanked anyone in class and if discipline was needed, she usually administered it after class in private in her office. She was also one of the few teachers that addressed the students by their first names. She said everyone in her class almanbahis şikayet is a fellow artist. Mrs. Jackson was not only a free spirit but was also very pretty. She was a wavy brunette, with toned legs that seemed to go on forever and an ample bosom that she highlighted with tight blouses. Her lips looked soft and inviting and many students and teachers had crushes on her. She dressed in either blouses with hip hugging skirts and high heels or very nice form-fitting dresses. Today she had on a white painter’s smock that almost covered her short black knit mini-skirt along with black high heels. Cassie could feel the cool air against her exposed labia and it sent a chill up and down her spine. She carefully sat down on the stool trying not to expose herself to anyone. She wondered if anyone could smell her sexual arousal. “Class, today we are going to start a series of nude sketches. I will try to get another teacher or a senior to model for us in the future but today I will be your model. Since this is your first nude sketch, I will just be topless,” Mrs. Jackson explained. The teacher then removed her painter’s smock revealing her nice 36C bust and sat on a stool facing the class. The students gasped both in surprise and some in appreciation at Mrs. Jackson exposed torso. She had full upturned breasts with dark areoles and eraser thick nipples that were all highlighted by a distinctive tan line from an evidently very small bikini. Cassie also caught a glimpse of her white lace panties. That just caused her to remember her predicament as she tried to rearrange the way she was sitting to not expose herself to the teacher nor anyone else. “Now class, I am sure you have seen breasts before,” Mrs. Jackson smiled. “Remember to focus on how the light defines my features of both my face and breasts. I will sit still for awhile and then take a break and look at your almanbahis canlı casino work. If you do a good job, maybe I will find a male model for you.” She winked encouragingly. Cassie was taken aback by Mrs. Jackson’s beauty but started to work on her sketch. It gave her something to take her mind off of her still wet pussy. Cassie soon become deeply involved in her sketch and didn’t notice Mrs. Jackson watching her intently. Cassie admired her teacher’s full breasts and wondered if they felt as soft as they looked. Mrs. Jackson gazed around the studio, watching her students. She knew this exercise of sketching actual people would be a challenge to some but knew it would be a good learning experience. She also relished the opportunity to show off her breasts. She was really very proud of them, always trying to dress professionally but seductively when ever possible. Her eyes continued to roam around the room and she noticed Cassie intently working away. Then she noticed something else. It couldn’t be, she thought. She looked carefully and realized that Cassie was flashing her and that she was panty less. Mrs. Jackson’s heart skipped a beat and she felt her nipples harden. Was Cassie purposely flashing her? She had a few intimate interactions with students in the past but she was trying to be good. Her husband had found out about prior encounters and was not happy even though he enjoyed hearing his wife’s detail confessions. He would stroke his hard cock as she recounted the experiences but then would be jealous that she had another woman without him. Cassie was such an innocent and pretty sixteen-year-old girl that it gave Mrs. Jackson nasty thoughts no matter how hard she tried to think of something else. Mrs. Jackson felt that familiar wetness between her legs and that burning desire to taste this young woman. What things she could teach Cassie. Mrs. Jackson almanbahis casino got up and went to look at the student’s progress. Some were very good and got the shape of her breasts, shoulder and face just right. They still needed to define the features but for a first try, the drawings in general were very good. She gave suggestions and compliments to a number of the students as she walked around the class topless, her breasts jiggling as she walked. Mrs. Jackson then came to Cassie and put her arm around her shoulders as she examined Cassie’s sketch. It wasn’t as good as the others, which was surprising since Cassie was one of her better students. “Cassie, are you distracted today? Your drawings and sketches are usually more detailed,” the teacher commented as her nude breast touched Cassie’s arm. “I am a little distracted,” Cassie stuttered as she felt Mrs. Jackson’s warm breast press against her arm. She felt that now familiar chill race through her body and she was confused. She had never felt an urge to be with another girl. Then she remembered, feeling a similar feeling as she applied lotion to Megan’s red butt just the other evening. The driving urge though was still to see Mr. Williams cock and to cum but she was so aroused that she wasn’t really sure what she wanted or needed. Mrs. Jackson sensed Cassie’s uneasiness. She felt Cassie’s body slightly quiver when she pressed her breast against Cassie’s arm. She was getting aroused teasing this young Asian student. She glimpsed down Cassie’s white blouse and she could see Cassie’s budding breasts and dark nipples, her white bra a size too big for Cassie pert breasts. Cassie felt Mrs. Jackson’s hot breath on her neck as they were chatting. She felt goose bumps form on her neck. Her pussy and clit were again demanding some attention. She felt her juices beginning to flow as Mrs. Jackson was providing her with suggestions on her drawing. “Ms. Yuko, are you listening?” Mrs. Jackson asked sternly. “See me after class in my office.” “Yes, Mrs. Jackson,” Cassie meekly replied. She knew she was in trouble. Mrs. Jackson hardly ever called anyone by her last name unless she was angry.

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