His Birthday Gift


I lay on the bed, completely nude save for an ankle bracelet. I wait for my husband as tonight I am his, body and soul. It is his birthday, and all of my usual no’s are now yes’s. We have tried several positions, and I have begun to overcome my gag reflex when giving him head, but my somewhat shy and repressed upbringing has prevented us from going further. Tonight that all ends. I asked him two days previously what he wanted to celebrate his birthday, my family has money and there is no gift I would refuse him. The gift he wishes has no price tag however.”I love you, completely, and without reservation, and yet, you still fear that I might hurt you somehow. I only wish that you would give yourself completely, and the trust that I will not cause you any serious pain, and let me show you that you can enjoy both pain and pleasure equally. That’s all I want, your trust for one night.” he said with a whisper. “No other gift could I want, save for you.”He has given me instructions. I am obeying them to the letter. I am nervous as to what he might do, but I trust and love him. There is a plastic sheet under the regular ones, and the bed linens are older and somewhat worn. There will be no worries about any messes ruining things. There are several bottles of warming oils and several types of lubes. No toys are in evidence, but I know they will come. There is only one other thing, a black silk blindfold that has my name embroidered upon it. I am to don it when he comes in the room. He has programmed his iPod with soft mood music, and the gentle rain upon the rooftop sets the mood further. I am excited and nervous.His knock comes upon the door. “Enter.” I say. He comes in, he is 6 feet tall, with the toned body of a man who works hard, and his handsome face is lit by a soft smile. How could I doubt this man? His grey eyes show almanbahis only love for me, and he wears only silk boxers, his erection plainly visible.”Put your blindfold on my love.” I do. “Now lay back, and prepare to discover new worlds of pleasure….” I do. His fingers touch my lips. “There will be no need to talk, but if something causes you real pain and you wish to stop, simply say ‘Nevermore!’.” He knows my love for Poe. “Other than sounds of pleasure, words will not be needed this night. I love you with all my heart, and will not hurt you.”He begins by laying down next to me, I feel clumsy as I can’t see, but his strong sure hands reassure me as he kisses me deeply and I respond with my own desire. We kiss passionately, and he begins to kiss downward, and I feel him reach to the edge of the bed. A cool liquid pours on my nipples, and I feel him begin to lick them. I love warming oils, but these are different, it isn’t warmth, but heat, not enough to burn, but enough to be somewhat painful!If there is pain on my nipples, what must his lips and tongue feel like? It doesn’t bother him and he sucks and licks me with abandon and bites down I let out a gasp of pleasure as I feel his teeth! Pain is there, but a deeper pleasure shudders across my body as I pull his head closer to me.His hands roam freely, and I feel more oils, but as his fingers caress me, they are only the usual ones, my body is awash in multiple sensations, as he continues to suck and bite my nipples. My pussy begins to get wet as I find the pain to be…somewhat intoxicating. I had asked if I should have a few drinks, but he told me my own body would give me more and he is right…He kisses and licks me and darts upward to kiss my lips as he’s used several flavors, and I taste the cherry, grape and cola. More is applied to my breasts and almanbahis yeni giriş more heat strikes me, he sucks again and then I taste the fiery peppers and the heat mixing with the gentle sweetness of the others. My lips and tongue feel the tingle and I can feel my pussy is already soaking the sheets as I realize the hot oils can also go to my pussy!My legs are spread wide as his mouth reaches me and he kisses me directly on my clit, and bites down upon it, eliciting a cry a pain, but the heat already spreads and his tongue darts in me, and he takes huge slurping licks of my already drenched pussy. I moan in pleasure as he begins to unleash his own sounds of enjoyment, and I know he has come before simply by eating my pussy.His hands caress me all over, and he pulls my legs further apart as he devours my pussy, the hot oil mixes with the regular, his saliva, and my own juices to create what must be a heady mixture for him and duelling sensations of light pain and great pleasure begin to shake me. This is unlike anything I’ve ever known! I normally am fairly quiet in bed, but now loud yelps and moans escape me, as I build to what must be an incredible orgasm and I hear him chuckle as he knows I enjoy this far more than I’d thought!Then he stops! He pulls away and I start to speak, but remember I am to be silent. I only feel his hands upon my thighs and hear both of us breathing and I can hear my own heart beat. Why has he stopped? Have I done something wrong? Did I not responds the right way? Why? I am so close! Why?Seconds tick by……Then I am shocked as if by electricity with his tongue darting into me again! He licks, suck and bites upon my clit and the waves of pleasure return with more intensity! His hands grab my ass from beneath as he greedily eats me, and I cannot even control myself, all almanbahis giriş I feel is pleasure and pain as he has applied more hot oils! The two sensations inch closer to each other as his lips and tongue move in what must be a blur and I erupt, screaming out as I come for the first time! MY scream is pure pleasure, and it lasts as incredible shudders of feeling ripple across my body in cascading waves! This is no regular orgasm, this is a climax such as I’ve never known before and it feel delicious! He continues to lick and suck and I know the bed is soaked…..I expect to cool off, to rest a few minutes until whatever he has planned next comes, but that is not to be. I feel a bit of a sharp pain on my nipples as I realize he has used a set of clamps! They are pain, but not too severe, and the pain reconnects me to pleasure as if they were an electrical switch!”On your stomach, ass in the air, now.” It is not rude, it is simply a command that I must obey if I am to be what he wishes, but I slowly realize I like the orders, and a new fire awakens within me.He runs his hands over my pussy, and then rubs the wetness all over my ass, and he gently slaps my ass cheeks. I let out a little yip as he makes contact, but now I know it is not to hurt, it’s like another jolt of the pleasure/pain mix and it amplifies my already heightened senses.I feel oil dripping onto my ass and I begin to worry, anal is something I’m terrified of, he is not small, and I’m barely five foot five! I don’t get the intrusion I am expecting, instead I feel his tongue gently spreading the oil all around my ass. It’s the regular warming kind and it feels good as he flicks his tongue all over it, and then I feel his tongue pushing into me, he is penetrating my ass, and instead of the revulsion I expected to feel, I feel elation and I wonder how the intense heat will feel? I am told not to speak, but I will beg him!”Hotter, hotter!”He laughs, and slaps my ass cheeks again, just a bit harder this time.”You’re supposed to be quiet!” However I feel more oil dripping and it is the hotter stuff.

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