His First Trip To The Domina

Big Dicks

This was Van Dilden’s first experience with a domina. Her name was Lady J. and as soon as he saw the pictures on her website he practically went into a trance just staring at them. He licked his dry lips. His heart started beating faster and he knew that he desperately needed to worship this woman’s ass and asshole and to be fucked by her with a strap-on.

He called her and explained his fantasy to her and she said that sounded perfect. He arranged to meet at her place. When she opened the door, he drew in a sharp breath, because he was staring at the sexiest African-American woman he had ever seen. J was stunning! She was wearing a leather bra, with her nipples showing and a leather thong bikini and boots that come half-way up her thighs. As she lead him inside, he sees an amazing, incredible ass. She was rubenesque – big but not unattractive. Her ass was voluptous. It’s was so beautiful that he didn’t have any words to describe it. He wanted her to sit on his face right there, but he was too scared to say anything. His heart was racing and he felt light-headed.

She told him to take off his clothes. He immediately started fumbling around and he was so nervous that he lost his balance and fell on her bed while taking off his pants. She saw his raging hard-on straining against his underwear. She said that it could be useful to her, but that he would have to not cum until she gave me permission. This was going to be difficult because he was already ready to explode.

She told him to lie face down on a table. When she came back into his field of vision, she put on some latex gloves slowly. She pulled on them and snapped them a few times and tightened the fit by intertwining her fingers and pushing the fingers out. She then took a bottle of “Embrace” lubricant out and put some on her right hand. She then put two fingers into his asshole and gently started rubbing the Cebeci Escort lubricant all around the inside. She said that she wanted him to feel what a wet pussy would feel like. He moaned with pleasure like a wild animal and some pre-cum pumped out of his cock.

She then walked across the room to a chair and sat at the edge of the chair. She told him to get on the floor on his hands and knees and crawl over to chair. She pulled her thong to the side and asked him to start licking her pussy and her clit. He gladly shoved his face into her crotch and lapped it up. He started going to work on her pussy and her clit. She called him a good little slut, she reached over him and put two of her fingers in his boy-cunt and slowly pumped her fingers in and out. She was finger-fucking him. He was sure his cock would explode, and only the fear of what would happen then kept him in check.

He was an expert cunnilinguist and rimmer, and he loved it. He knew he was getting her close to the edge. She gently pushed him away and told him to lie on the floor face up. She then lowered her pussy to his waiting mouth, and he obediently started licking it without even a word from her. She grunted appreciatively. She told him to lift his knees in the air – just like a slut, which he knew he was. She inserted two fingers from each hand back-to-back into his asshole and started to stretch it out while he was sucking on her clitoris and rapidly oscillating his tongue over it. He could feel her beginning to quiver and the increased tension in her thighs around his face. She started moaning and at the same time she really started stretching and pulling open his asshole. His hole was burning with pain while the orgasm washed over her and she started ramming her clit into his mouth.

After she finished cumming, she pulled away quickly and gave Kolej Escort him a chance to recover. His dick was oozing pre-cum. It was all over his cock now. She knew that if she touched it, he would cum, but she wasn’t ready for that yet. She wanted him to wait until he begged and pleaded for release.

J then lowered her sweet ass onto his waiting mouth. This was heaven for him. He knew if there were a God and if she was merciful, and kind, she would have him rim all day long. She would force him to be a rimming slave. God would make him lick and worship assholes of all kind – women and men – big, small, white, black, old, and young. He would just lick and stick his tongue up assholes all day and all night. For variety, she would make him suck some cock while being fucked in the ass – but that was a differenty fantasy.

While he was rimming her, she pulled out a beautiful strap-on. She lifted her ass up so he could see it. It was made out of silicone, and it looked huge! He wasn’t sure that he could take that. She saw the panic in his face and said don’t worry honey. I’ll take it slow. She added lots of lubricant and slowly inserted it into his asshole. His asshole burned a bit from the pleasure and the pain. It was stretching him wide. He just used the burn as motivation to drive his tongue even deeper into her asshole. He just wanted to just crawl up into her ass, tongue and mouth first. The burn in his hole slowly subsided.

She wanted to fuck this boy now. She wanted to show him what a powerful woman could do. She started getting up, and he begged and pleaded with her. He couldn’t believe how good her asshole tasted. He just wanted a bit more. She indulged him and lowered herself back onto his waiting mouth, but after another 10 minutes, she felt it was time to teach this boy’s hole a lesson.

Ignoring his Yenimahalle Escort pleas she attached the strap-on to her harness and told him to get on the bed on his back and put his legs in the air. She then inserted the strap-on slowly into his boy-cunt. He just started to moan wildly with pleasure and shook his head from side to side. It was a guttural animalistic sound that sent shivers down her back. She slowly started fucking him. She fucked him for what seemed like hours to him, but was just a few minutes. Without touching himself, his cock exploded with cum all over him. The orgasm was so intense that he practically went into shock. He quivered involuntarily and his body shook like he was possessed. He was in a daze for about 5 mins. She turned him over and tenderly massaged him while he recovered.

She sweetly slapped his ass and said did I give you permission to come? Did I? No! She smiled and called him a no good, fuck-slut and told him to get on his back. She then lowered her, beautiful asshole onto his waiting mouth and said, start licking, slut! It was heaven. When he died he wanted to have her ass on his face, and lick her asshole. He moaned and stuck his tongue deep in her butt and started moving it in and out. He loved the bittersweet taste of ass. She then took a vibrator and started playing with her self. She was so hot that within minutes, she started cumming. He could feel her anus contracting around his tongue as she moaned with pleasure. She rubbed her hand over her pussy and picked up dripping juices and started stroking his cock. It was already wet with his come and the juices on her hand made it very slippery. She stroked only a couple of times and he started cumming and pumping his juices all over her hand. She continued to stroke him until he was completely done.

She then laid down next to him, breathing heavily. She told him that he better get ready for the next one. Because she was going to test his sluttishness to the fullest. She was going to make him service a group of her friends, both men and women. She was going to make him put on a leash and crawl around naked and make him eat assholes while being fucked by cocks and strap-ons over and over. He shuddered at the thought.

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