First Meeting


This moment has been coming for a while. We’ve been chatting online for quite some time…and now we’ve finally decided to meet. Oh sure we know a lot about each other, we know what the other looks like, our likes and dislikes but my nerves are still on edge. An announcement comes over the P.A, it’s the pilot telling us that there is a backup and the flight is going to be delayed about 30 minutes. That’s all I need, I’m going crazy here and now I have to wait another half an hour.

As I sit here my mind begins to drift, I think of all the conversations that we’ve had, all the sexual innuendos, the flirting,the teasing. We certainly have had a lot of fun but it’s all about to change, it’s about to stop being just words on a monitor. It’s about to become real. Can you handle it? Can I? I guess only time will tell.

I’m broken out of my trance by an announcement that the plane will be landing shortly. Now I’m really getting nervous. What am I going to say, what will your reaction be. I almost wish I never came on this trip to meet you. Getting off the plane I get on the escalator, my eyes searching the crowd of people, looking for you. Then we spot each other, smiles cross our faces as our eyes lock. My god, you are even more incredible than I could have imagined. Getting off the escalator, we meet, embracing in a hug that words can not describe.

It feels so good to finally have you in my arms. We exchange a light kiss before releasing our embrace and head to the baggage claim area.

We walk to your car, neither of us saying much of anything, making small talk and just looking at each other, holding hands and smiling. I can sense the nervousness, the feeling of not exactly to know what to say, what to do. We’re finally showing something we’ve never really shown on line, our shy sides. Getting to the car as I open the door for you I just lean in and kiss you, soft, sensual, cupping your chin in my hand as our tongues dance slowly. You finally break the kiss saying ‘If we don’t stop we’ll never leave the parking lot.’ We both laugh as I get in the car.

It’s just a short trip to the hotel that we have booked. Check in is quick but feels like it’s taking an eternity. The anticipation for what is to come couldn’t be any higher. Finally we get to our room and the shyness reappears for some reason. I guess it’s just nerves but I’m sure it will pass.

You tell me that you’ve made reservations for a special dinner and that you need to shower before we leave. Giving me a quick kiss you walk toward the bathroom. I start to unpack as I hear the water running. I’m feeling much more comfortable that I made the right decision on coming. A smile crosses my lips as I get an idea, I quickly strip down and enter the bathroom. With the yenimahalle escort water running you didn’t hear me come in. I open the shower curtain startling you however your face quickly gets that mischievous look I’ve come to love online. I step in as our arms wrap around each other, our lips meet, parting to let our tongues slide together. The water caresses our naked bodies as our hands explore each other.

Lowering my head, I begin to lick the water droplets cascading down your beautiful breasts. I take one of your nipples into my mouth, gently sucking as my tongue flicks across the hardened bud. You reach between us grasping my engorged cock, your hand gently stroking me. Pulling my head up, you give me a quick kiss on the lips and then continue to kiss and lick your way down my body.

You take one of my nipples between your teeth, tugging on it as you suck. The sensation is driving me nuts. Moving from one to the other you continue to tease.

You resume your journey down my body, kissing and licking until you are on your knees, my hard cock directly in front of you. Grasping my cock by the base, you begin to run your tongue all over the head, licking up and down the shaft. Your hand cups my balls as you slide your mouth over my cock. Taking my entire length into your mouth, you begin to rhythmically suck. Your head moves up and down, letting my cock invading your mouth. Squeezing my balls, you begin to suck harder, your mouth moving faster. I hold the back of your head as my balls begin to contract. I can’t hold back any longer, my cum begins to shoot into your waiting mouth. You continue to suck until you get every drop.

Letting my deflated member slide from your lips you stand and give me a deep passionate kiss, letting me taste myself on your tongue. Breaking the kiss you tell me that was just for starters and that I better let you finish getting ready of we’ll be later for dinner.

We arrive at the restaurant just in time for our reservations. The lights are dark as we get seated at a nice secluded corner table. Our waiter comes over and takes our drink order as we begin to look over the menu. We place our order while taking in the atmosphere of our surroundings. We exchange idle conversation while we wait for our dinner. The waiter brings our appetizers and we dig in. All the while just gazing into each others eyes. When you’re done you excuse yourself to the ladies room. I sit there reliving the shower experience and think of what the remainder of the night will bring.

You return from the ladies room just as the waiter is bringing out the main course. As we are eating your hand drops to my lap, massaging my cock to it’s full hardness. Trying to eat is becoming difficult so I ankara escort decide to return the favor and place my hand on your thigh. Slowly moving it up your leg, reaching the tops of your stockings, feeling the warm pliable flesh of your upper thigh. I continue moving it higher and higher until I find a wonderful surprise, you’re not wearing panties. You look at me, smile and say that you took them off in the ladies room. Removing your hand from my lap and push mine away from your pussy saying that I should finish eating and quit playing with my dessert. We both laugh and somehow finish our meal.

The short ride back to the hotel seems to be taking forever. But I’m not complaining as you are massaging my cock through my pants as I drive back. Your head buried in my neck, licking my ear, whispering things that you were going to do to me when we got back to the room.

We finally get to the hotel and hop in the elevator. You pressing your body against me as we ascend to our room on the top floor. There is another couple in the elevator who seem oblivious to our presence. The elevator stops at the 4th floor and they get off, we’re alone now. As the doors close we are all over each other, kissing, fondling, teasing. The doors suddenly open at our floor, we step out, laughing, giggling with our arms around each other, shirts hanging out, half unbuttoned.

We enter the room, closing the door behind us, we lock in a long wet passionate kiss. You push me down to the bed saying you need to freshen up and walk into the bathroom. I get off the bed and undress, tossing my clothes onto a chair and grabbing a robe to throw on. I grab the TV remote and flick thru the channels as I wait for you to emerge from the bathroom.

The door opens and there you are…you are beautiful. Standing there wearing a light blue teddy. You turn around slowly, letting me devour your lovely body with my eyes. Your wonderful breasts straining against the silky fabric. Your dark nipples barely visible thru the lace around your neckline. Long shapely legs that turn into a perfect ass. I still can’t believe the woman of so many of my erotic fantasies is standing before me.

I stand as you move toward me, embracing you, our lips meet. Tongues dancing, our hands roam each others bodies. My hands sliding across your silk teddy, grabbing your ass and pulling you into me. You can feel my hard cock pressing against you. We fall back to the bed, you on top of me, we continue to kiss. I slowly slide the straps of your teddy down your arms, releasing your magnificent breasts. Lowering my head I begin to lick your breast, running my tongue in circles, each one getting closer to your hardening nipple. Taking your nipple into my mouth, I begin to gently nibble and suck as my tongue quickly flicks across it. Releasing your breast, I kiss your lips as you get off the bed and remove your teddy, leaving it in a clump at the foot of the bed. You move back to the bed, opening my robe, exposing my hard cock. Slithering up my body, pressing your hot naked flesh against me. Our mouths meet, kissing me hard as your hand reaches for my engorged cock.

You kiss your way down my body until you reach my cock. Taking the length into your mouth, you swing your legs over me, letting me get my first close up look at your beautiful wet pussy. Raising my head, I begin to run my tongue thru the lips of your sweet slit. Licking up and down the length of your pussy, tasting your sweet juices. As you continue to suck my cock, I move my tongue and begin to run my tongue across your asshole, teasing your little hole with the tip of my tongue. You begin to go wild, sucking my dick for all it’s worth as my tongue works on your ass. Sliding in and out of your ass, fucking it with my tongue. You release my cock and sit back, pressing your ass in my face. My hands reach up to massage your tits only to find your hands already there, pulling at your tits, pinching your nipples. Your moans getting louder, I move my hand and begin to play with your clit, rubbing harder,faster. My tongue sliding in and out of your ass. I can feel your body tense as the first wave of orgasm hits. Your pussy juice drips down my chin & over my neck.

You slide off me, getting on all fours, I move up behind you, my cock in hand, I begin to slide the head up and down your wet pussy. Teasing your slit with my hard cock. Sliding the head in, you push your hips back forcing the entire length inside. I can feel your pussy grip my cock, holding it, squeezing it. Slowly I begin to slide in and out. The wetness of your slit bathing my cock. You feel so good. I begin to fuck you harder, faster. Our moans fill the room. Sliding my cock out I move on my back. You waste no time in straddling me engulfing my entire cock with your pussy. Bucking your hips, you ride my cock. Riding me hard and fast, my hands reach up and begin to squeeze your tits hard, pulling at them, pinching the nipples. Your tight pussy gripping my cock, your hips grinding it into you. Reaching behind you, you grab my balls and begin to massage. I can feel the pressure building. Fucking like two animals, hard, fast, moaning loud. You begin to shake as your climax hits, I can feel your pussy squeezing my cock. I can’t hold back any longer. My cock explodes, filling you with my hot cum. Your pussy squeezing the last drops from my quickly deflating cock.

Lying beside each other, arms wrapped tightly, I kiss you gently on the lips as we just gaze into to each others eyes, smiles on our faces. A quizzical look crosses your face as you ask ‘So what shall we do with the rest of our week?’

You can hardly get it out before we both burst out laughing. ‘I think we’ll figure something out.’

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