Hockey buddy and his wife – 1


Hockey buddy and his wife – 1I play on a men’s league hockey team. A guy named Pete has been a teammate for several years. Pete and I are both former college players. We are both small, I’m five feet eight inches tall and Pete is a couple of inches shorter than me and we both payed division three hockey. We shower after games and I have noticed that Pete has a small dick, like really small. I am not huge but it is above average at seven and a half inches. Last month after a game, Pete invited me to his house for a drink. This is a little odd because we usually hang out as a team in the parking lot and have a beer before we head home. However, I said “Sure” and followed him to his house. When we got there and went in, Pete yelled, “Katie, my teammate Greg is here, would you make us some gin and tonics?” We sat in the living room and a minute later his wife Kate came in with the drinks. Kate is short and a little plump with a voluptuous figure and big tits. What impressed me the most however, was her state of dress. Kate was wearing a skirt and a white shirt. The shirt was a wrapped ditty with her cleavage showing and she was clearly not wearing a bra. The white was semi-transluscent and I could vaguely see her areoles and nipples through the fabric. özvatan escort Her nipples were definitely prominent. It was clear to me that I had been invited over for more than a drink which made me bold enough to say, “Oh my god Kate, your tits are awesome!” She replied, “I’m glad you like-em.” Then she smiled and gave her shoulders a little shimmy to make them sway in my face. I downed my g&t pretty fast and Kate got up and vanished only to return a few seconds later with a new drink for me. She walked up to my chair and said invitingly, “Would you like some more?” “Yes I would” I replied, then, “Can I feel them?” obviously referring to the tits she was presenting in front of my face.“Please do.” she replied. I reached up and cradled her tits through the soft cotton of her shirt. I rubbed her nipples with my thumbs, felt their heft and pushed them together and made her cleavage pop out of her neckline. Katie moaned and leaned into me. I looked at Pete and he was transfixed, staring at my hands on her tits and rubbing his crotch through his jeans. “I’ve gotta feel these” I said and moved my hands under her blouse to feel skin on skin. God her tits were fabulous, big, firm, and soft—the kind of tits I always dream of and look at online. Katie moaned and Pete said “Wow.” I was so fucking horny and ready for action. I was not going to be satisfied with copping a feel. I stood up and said, “Arms up.” Kate lifted her arms over her head and I pulled her shirt up and over her head. I hugged her and kissed her on the lips. “You are so sexy I am about to explode.” I told her. I then sat back down and took a nipple in my mouth. I sucked gently and flicked her nipple with my tongue then went to the other one. I went back and forth and as her nipples stood out even more, I got more aggressive, sucking them hard and pulling away slowly. I put my hand down on Kate’s leg and she shuttered as I moved my hand up to her crotch. As I sucked her tits, I rubbed her clit through her panties. After just a minute her panties bacame wet and she shuttered in a mini orgasm.Needging to cum as never before, I stood up and turned Katie around and put her into the chair. She went straight for my belt and undid the belt and my pants then pulled out my dick. “Look at this honey.” she said as she stroked my seven and half incher. “Isn’t it beautiful.” “It’s fucking huge Pete replied.” I kicked off my shoes and took off my pants as fast as I could. “I need to fuck your tits.” Kate leaned forward and I put my dick between her beautiful melons and rubbedup and down, my precum lubricating the valley. Then the took my dick in her mouth and sucked me and got my dick wet with her saliva. I started fucking her tits again and in just a minute was ready to burst. Kate sensed my faster thrusting and said, “Do it Greg, cum on my tits.” That was all the encouragement I needed and my first shot went right up and hit kate in the mouth. The next spurt hit her in the neck and then I pulled out of her cleavage and came on her nipples in turn as I stroked my dick. I don’t think I ever came so much in my life. Kate was excited and saying “Oh yea” and “Pete, look at his cum all over my tits.” She licked her lips to taste my cum and said, “Delicious” then when I was done she brought her right tit to her mouth and said, “Pete, his cum is awesome.” I was putting my pants on feeling like I needed to get home when something happened that I did not expect. Pete knelt down in front of Katie and started sucking her nipples. Kate was going crazy. “Suck my tits, lick-up that cum.” she screamed. Pete would suck her nipple then kiss Kate, then lick my cum from her cleavage and kiss her again. They were both really into this and in their own world as I went out the door and went home. It was one of the most erotic nights of my life and I hoped it would become a regular event.

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