Honors Anatomy Class


Honors Anatomy ClassThis story is a fantasy. All those described are of the age of consent. The story includes nudity (naked male, clothed female), adolescents engaged in sexually provocative activities with adult supervision, detailed description of the male anatomy including the reproductive organs and male ejaculation. If you are offended by any of these elements or concepts, please do not read this story.Honors Anatomy ClassAs Timmy dressed in the locker room his mind was focused on the note he had been sent by the Science teacher, Miss Springer, that morning. Right after gym, he was to report to her classroom to discuss his failing grade.Failing grade! He knew he wasn’t doing too well in her class but he had no idea he wasn’t passing! His parents would kill him.He thought about his troubles all morning and in gym class right after lunch. He just couldn’t think about anything else! He slipped on his shorts and tossed his polo shirt over his head, tugging it down over his flat stomach and letting it hang over his shorts. His Mother had neglected to pack a clean pair of underwear in his gym bag so rather then put on the ‘dirty’ ones, he went without any.He sat down on the bench to put on his white socks and sneakers.Timmy was 16 – he would be 17 in two months. He was 6’1” tall and was a skinny 145 pounds. He wasn’t very athletic, but by lifting weights at home and jogging several times a week, had a pretty strong body – he was the swimmer, not the football player type.He threw his wet towel, dirty undies and his gym lock into his duffle bag, ran his fingers through his damp hair and headed for the locker room door. There were several other guys finishing dressing and he nodded at them as he passed.Miss Simpson’s Biology classroom was not far from the gym. As he walked down the halls he tried to think of how he could convince Miss Springer to give him some extra credit work or something and maybe convince her not to send a failure notice home. His Dad, a Doctor, would kill him for not doing well in Science! Several girls who he passed in the hall said hello to him but he was so lost in thought that he didn’t respond.He knocked on Miss Simpson’s door. “Come in!” she said cheerfully.Timmy cautiously entered the room.“Oh Timmy!” Miss Springer said brightly, “I’m glad you’re here. We are just about to get started and of course I need to speak with you beforehand.”Get started? Timmy thought to himself, get started with what?“Yes Miss Springer,” Timmy said softly as he stood next to her desk and put his gym bag on the floor, “I was hoping I could talk to you too about my grades. Is there any way …?”“Yes, about your grades, that is precisely the point young man,” Miss Springer said sweetly but firmly, “We MUST do something about your grade and I have a proposal for you.”“A proposal?” Timmy responded with relief, “ Miss Springer I would be SO grateful if I could do a paper or something to make up some points …”“Yes, well, I am talking about a good deal more then a paper, young man,” Miss Springer said taking off her glasses and looking Timmy straight in the eye, “It will take something very special to bring up this mark. Are you willing to do something extra special for me?”“Yes, Miss Springer, of course I am,” Timmy said eagerly, “Whatever it takes, Miss Springer!”“Well, let me go over my proposal before you so quickly agree,” Miss Springer said, putting on her glasses, “Sit down Timmy.”Timmy went to a desk in the front row and sat down, putting his duffel bag and backpack on the floor beside him.“Timmy, I have several students who perform consistently at a high level of achievement, my ‘honors’ students if you will,” Miss Springer said, folding her hands on the desk in front of her. “They have a sincere interest in Science particularly in Anatomy and I have taken them about as far as the text book and illustrations can take them.”Timmy nodded and wondered what these students had to do with him and his extra credit work.“I’ve also been approached by several art students who realize that anatomy is very important if they are to depict the human body in a realistic way. Do you know what I am saying?”Timmy nodded and said, “Yes, Ms. Springer. I know art students paint from real life.”“In a classroom environment, normally such students would move on to studying the human body through cadavers, and art students would have real models, but of course, in this school, particularly these days, such things are not permitted.” Miss Springer went on, lower her head and looking over the top of her glasses, “If you don’t know, a cadaver is the body of a deceased person who has willed themselves to Science.”Timmy kept nodding, a bit lost as to why she was going into such detail, but he was motivated to keep paying attention.“Of course at the high school level, as I say, we are not about to have cadavers about or live models,” Miss Springer continued, “So when I find students who are above average and needing a real live model to study, I usually select a failing student to volunteer to serve as the subject.”Timmy stopped nodding.“You mean, you want me to be a live model?” Timmy asked incredulously.“Yes, Timmy, that is precisely what I want you to do,” Miss Springer said bluntly, “You will serve as a real live model so that my special honors students can see close up how the body is put together.”Timmy just stared at his teacher.“Of course, we won’t be able to do any dissection or study much more then the superficial parts of the male physique,” Miss Springer said with some resignation, “However, we will be able to explore some cavities and with a living breathing model, they will be able to witness some real life functions that they wouldn’t get with a cadaver. So there are pluses and minuses.”“Explore some cavities?” Timmy said numbly, “What cavities are you talking about? You mean my teeth?”“Let’s not concern ourselves too much with detail right now, Timmy, let’s just assume that you will do this in the interest of Science and in further inspiring these students to go on to higher education and, hopefully, become healthcare professionals. Okay?” Miss Springer asked sweetly.Timmy stared at Miss Springer with his mouth slightly open. “I don’t know Miss Springer, this sounds kind of weird. I mean, what exactly do you want me to do?”“Its very simple Timmy,” Miss Springer declared brightly, “I want you to be the object of our study of the male human body. To stand quite still while I conduct a private, personal tutoring session for my group of special students. I promise you that you will experience no physical pain or discomfort.”“You just want me to stand in front of some students so that they can study my body?” Timmy asked, “What is so different about my body?”“Nothing at all,” Miss Springer smiled, “That is the point: you are a typical adolescent male; a healthy young male specimen to be more exact. And you will make an excellent study object. It really isn’t anything to worry about.”Timmy nodded his head, “And this will bring my grade up to passing?”Miss Springer smiled again, “Better then passing Timmy. If you attend the session for my students and do what I ask, I will see my way clear to giving you a B for this marking period.”Timmy was incredulous: this is more than he could have possible expected, “Gosh, that would be great!”“Now that doesn’t mean you don’t have to do the other work for the class: the reading and take the tests,” Miss Springer noted, “But I can almost guarantee that if you do the minimum, you will get a decent grade. Okay, how does that sound? Fair?”“Sure, that sounds great! And more than fair Ms. Springer. I really appreciate this.” Timmy said excitedly, “When do you want to do this session?”“Well, the only time we can get the kind of privacy we need I’m afraid is in the evening,” Miss Springer explained, “I know this is very short notice, but how about tonight? At 9 p.m.? Here in this very room?”“Tonight? Gosh,” Timmy thought a moment. He actually had no plans and no big homework assignments or projects due, “I guess that will be ok. Do I have to prepare anything in advance?”“No, just bring your body,” Miss Springer said laughing, “And no need to change your clothes either, just wear what you are wearing now and that will be fine. Okay? Do we have a deal?”“Sure!” Timmy said enthusiastically, “It’s a deal!”“Okay, we will see you here at 9 p.m. When you get here, just buzz me from the intercom at the main entrance and I will let you in. By that time the building will be locked up and all the maintenance people will be gone.”“Super!” Timmy said, picking up his backpack and getting into the straps. “I’ll see you at 9 sharp.”“Oh and Timmy, one more thing,” Miss Springer said as he walked toward the classroom door, “This is a private session. An extracurricular activity that no one else needs to know about okay? We are not doing anything wrong, but your family and friends and other teachers might think it odd that I am giving you this extra credit task, so lets keep it our little secret okay? Just between you mean and the four students that will be here.”Timmy thought a moment. It sounded kind of strange, being asked not to tell anyone about the special study session. But Miss Springer probably knew best, so he just waved goodbye to her and said, “Okay, no problem, Miss Springer, whatever you say.” And left the room and headed home.After dinner, Timmy did some homework, Facebooked and checked his email. Nothing exciting. Then around 8 he took a shower – he never felt that he got that clean in the showers in the locker room. With all the naked guys around, fooling around and watching each other, Timmy just couldn’t clean himself as well as he wanted. In the hot shower at home, he could take his time, lather up head to toe and get into all the nooks and crannies. And of course he got hard and couldn’t resist pumping out a load of jism.Timmy usually came twice a day. He’s wake up with ‘morning wood’ as he called it, and usually brought himself off while still in bed, catching the cum in a tissue from a box that he kept nearby. He also kept a large bottle of hand cream near the bed too as he liked it best when he could stroke slippery cock.Tonight’s shower was satisfying in that he could lather up his balls and cock and slowly bring himself off. He usually thought about Misha, one of his friends since c***dhood who lived next store and who had been a tomboy growing up but who had blossomed into a beautiful blond butterfly in the last year or so. He had the good fortune to have his bedroom window right across from her bedroom window and many a night he knelt by the window, surreptitiously sneaking a peek at Misha while she got undressed for bed. Timmy had kaçak iddaa a suspicion that Misha knew he was getting an eyeful of her as she stripped off her bra and panties and admired herself in the mirror every night before she donned a t-shirt and shorts to go to bed because she did nothing to hide herself and stood right in front of the window. All the better for Timmy as he beat off nightly to the sight. But tonight because he had a ‘”date” with Miss Springer and her “special students” Timmy whacked off in the shower and felt pretty damn good after as he toweled himself off and got dressed.The special Anatomy lessonTimmy arrived at the school’s main entrance at 8:45 p.m. He was eager to get this over with so he could stop worrying about his folks being upset at his lousy grade in Science. He pushed the buzzer on the door after keying in Miss Springer’s room number. Right away, he heard Miss Springer’s voice through the intercom: “Be right there Timmy!”And within a few minutes, Miss Springer arrived at the door and pushed it open.“I’m so glad you are here a little early,” she said, “The students are all here already and cannot wait to begin.”Miss Springer was dressed in a white smock and looked very ‘clinical.’ The two entered the building and walked quickly to the classroom which was brightly lit.When the entered, Timmy noticed that all the window shades had been drawn so that no one could see into the room from the outside. As he moved towards Miss Springer’s desk, he saw that she was lowering the shade on the door as she shut it.“We want to have complete privacy so that we are not bothered by anyone at anytime during the study session,” Miss Springer said, “I hate interuptions and not everyone understands the importance of these ‘live lessons’.”When he turned to face the classroom he saw to his shock and surprise four of his classmates standing in a circle in the corner of the room looking and pointing at a very thick book. What he hadn’t expected was that the four special students would all be girls! He knew them all: there was Jane and Amy and Kimberly and, for goodness sake, Misha! Each of these girls were pretty and Miss Springer was not k**ding: these were the smartest girls in class if not in the school. He started getting a little nervous thinking that he was going to be their ‘subject’ of study and it might be a little awkward with his next store neighbor, Misha, involved.“Girls,” Miss Springer said in a loud voice, getting their immediate attention, “Timmy is here a few minutes early so we can get started right on time, okay?”The girls closed the book and stood up and started moving toward the front of the room.“We are going to work up here girls,” Miss Springer said pointing to a large empty area in the front of the room. “Lets have Timmy stand here on this slightly raised platform and we can all stand or sit in a circle around him.”There was a wooden platform at the front of the room with all the chairs facing it just next to Miss Springer’s desk. It was about 2 foot square and about 8 inches high.The girls pulled chairs from the front row and tugged them over to do just as Miss Springer had indicated: set them up in sort of a circle.“Now, Timmy, stand in the center for me and we will get started,” Miss Springer directed. As Timmy did as he was told, Miss Springer turned off the ceiling lights in the back of the classroom so that there was just the front row of lights shining down on Timmy and the four girls who were now seated.“Hi Timmy,” Misha said, and the other girls murmured “Hello Timmy.”Timmy said a soft “Hi” as he nervously stood on the platform, moving his weight from one foot to the other. As Miss Springer had suggested, he was wearing the loose polo shirt, shorts, white socks and sneakers that he had on earlier.Miss Springer moved to the circle and took up a position behind Timmy.“Now girls, as I explained to you before Timmy arrived, he has agreed to serve as our study subject for the human male for our in-depth anatomy lesson. We will begin first by making some observations.” Miss Springer started in her professorial tone.“The first thing we notice is that the male doesn’t differ all that much in general appearance then a female. If a female were to cut her hair short and dress in an equally ‘manly’ fashion, without close inspection, the two would look very similar.”Miss Springer had a long wooden pointer with a rubber tip and as she spoke about various parts of Timmy’s body, she pointed towards them.The girls nodded. They all had pens and open writing pads and some were taking notes.“The human form tends to be similar among the sexes: two arms, two legs, a torso, head and hands and feet make up the general external body parts and these are not markedly different at first glance between males and females,” Miss Springer continued.“However, upon closer inspection, we see definite differences. Can anyone observe one?” Miss Springer asked“Yes, I can,” volunteered Amy, “His hands are bigger and he has an Adam’s apple.”“Excellent!” Miss Springer said proudly, “Exactly right. A male’s hands and feet tend to be larger and there is a small ball of cartilage at the boy’s throat which has been called an Adam’s apple but has another purpose which is to help the male swallow as well as provide extra protection to his windpipe.” With this Miss Springer brought the pointer’s tip just underneath Timmy’s chin.“Males were generally the hunters and the warriors in primitive tribes and through evolution, necessarily developed larger appendages and certain defense attributes over the centuries.”Timmy stood as still as he could while the lesson was going on. He tried to avoid the girl’s eyes as they looked at him up and down, so he set his gaze towards the back of the classroom while occasionally glancing at Miss Springer as she spoke and gestured. He felt a bit silly, but if this was all he had to do to nail down a passing grade in Science, this was really boss, he thought.“Other key differences between the male and female anatomy will become clear as we proceed, but the importance here is to understand that, at first glance, the sexes are quite similar in terms of body parts and overall appearance.”Miss Springer moved now behind the girls’ circle of chairs and faced Timmy.“Timmy, please remove your shirt.” She said.Timmy didn’t believe what he was hearing and dumbly said, “Miss Springer, did you say take off my shirt?”“Of course I said take off your shirt, we have to see your chest and back now. How can we study the human body with you wearing that shirt?” Miss Springer said matter of factly.“Miss Springer, you didn’t say anything about me taking amything off.” Timmy said nervously.“Oh Timmy, don’t be such a shy mouse. We are all students here and we have seen the male body in illustrations time and time again. Your purpose here is to allow these students a chance to look at and study the real thing up close. Now off with the shirt and be quick about it! These girls have seen boy’s without shirts before I’m sure.” Miss Springer said sprightly.Timmy hesitated a bit more. He looked at the girls who indeed looked quite serious – although some seemed a bit too eager to have him proceed and could not resist smiling.Rolling his eyes and thinking of his grade, he lifted up his polo shirt with both hands and took it off over his head. Miss Simpson took the shirt from Timmy and folded it and lay it on her desk.Bare chested, Timmy felt himself blush. He was not a shy person – had no problem undressing completely in the locker room at school or in front of the other guys when they camped out together, but this was totally different. He felt “on display” and sort of humiliated. But still, Miss Simpson was right, all of these girls had seen him at the pool over the summer wearing only a bathing suit. Still, it was odd in this setting, in a classroom at school with him in front of them. He sort of felt exposed.“Now, we can see some true differences in looking at the male chest. Need I point out that the subject has no mammary glands – no ‘boobs’ as you girls like to call them,” Miss Springer said maintaining her professional tone but still the girls’ tittered. “Yes, please, get your giggles out now because I will not tolerate any immaturity as we proceed. This is a scientific lecture, not a strip club.”“Turn around Timmy please,” requested Miss Springer. And as he did so, she said “Again we see the stark similarities between males and females as this subjects back is no different than ours. However, if he were to engage in hard, physical labor over a long period, his back muscles would define and become larger than a woman’s would in similar circumstances. Again, this is a product of evolution as women, while certainly working hard in the household, tended to do lighter lifting and things that required more time than strength.”“We take note also, that the subject’s arms are quite similar to a females in appearance, but they do tend to be larger, again because of the aforementioned work routines usually required of males. Note also in passing, the hair on the subject’s arms – more pronounced than a female’s, yet very similar.”“For cosmetic reasons, females, in our Western Culture, usually shave the armpits while males do not. We see our subject here is all male.” Miss Simpson said making a reference to the tufts of hair under each of Timmy’s arms. Of course the girls tittered at this reference.“My point is, the males muscular structure is such that it can grow to be quite formidable whereas, no matter how much heavy labor a woman does, they do not get the same kind of ‘weight-lifter’ physique that a man can acquire.” Miss Simpson continued, “This is not a matter of superiority, just difference.”“But when we say that women are the stronger sex, we usually mean that metaphorically or at a minimum, that a woman may have more stamina and endurance while a male may be what you want to defend you should you be threatened as he has the momentary strength and ability, to repel challengers.”“Turn around now Timmy, and take off your shoes and socks so we can see your feet,” Miss Simpson instructed.By this time Timmy figured he better do as he was asked – there was no point in arguing or discussing anything with Miss Simpson. He had agreed to participate and he’d better follow through or he will not get the extra credit.Timmy lifted one foot after the other, untied his shoes, pulled them off and then tugged off each sock. While he was doing this, Miss Simpson took the shoes and socks and placed them on her desk next to his shirt.“Again girls, we see basic similarities.” Miss Simpson droned, “Our subject’s feet are basically no different than female feet other than in illegal bahis terms of size. Size is determined by genes and what is needed to support the frame of the body. The Male is usually taller – of course there are exceptions to this – and therefore his feet are larger for balance and locomotion.”As she spoke, she gestured towards each of Timmy’s feet with the wooden pointer, once or twice touching the top of his feet with the rubber tip. The girls all leaned forward as a group, carefully inspecting Timmy’s feet. Timmy’s feet were not all that large: size 11 and they were rather narrow.“Primitive’s male feet tended to be very wide and flayed as it was not until Greek and Roman Empires – in the West of course – that men fashioned shoes for themselves to protect them from stones and rough foliage. Timmy, lift your foot so we can see your sole.” Miss Simpson directed, and Timmy did so.“See, the bottoms are soft and pink with no visible scars or ‘wear and tear.’ That is because the subject has been wearing shoes outdoors almost 100% of the time. In an uncivilized environment, the subjects feet would have hard skinned areas and a good dealing of scars and possibly sores.”“Ewwwww,” one of the girls said out loud and Miss Simpson glared at her.“Now Ladies, we’ve been able to observe some similarities and differences based on what we’ve seen of our subject. As we continue, we will see some very sharp differences as well as similarities. Now Timmy, please remove your trousers.”A shock of fear shot through Timmy. “Miss Simpson, . .. I … I … In front of these girls? Seriously?”“Now Timmy, need I remind you that this is for a passing grade this semester? A lock? You didn’t expect to just stand in front of a class and not be significantly involved did you?”Timmy looked at the girls as if they might offer him some sort of escape or reprieve and said “Girls, please? This isn’t right.” but they all sat there – even Misha who he thought was his friend – sat silent and staring nonplussed as if they completely supported Miss Simpson.Timmy’s mind raced. This is private right? No one is going to know. Miss Simpson couldn’t afford to have this get out so it is just going to be me and these 5 people. It won’t be that bad. Even though he had his tight bikini underwear on, it was no different than the Speedos the swim team wears at meets.“Timmy, we are wasting time, please proceed. The sooner you do as you are told, the sooner we can finish this up. Now come on son.” Miss Simpson said with impatience in her voice.Well, she’s right, the sooner I get this over with the better. So Timmy reached down, undid his belt, unbuttoned his tight jeans and slipped them off. Miss Simpson took them and lay them on her desk next to his shoes, socks and shirt.Timmy stood with his hands crossed across his bikini covered crotch looking extremely nervous and vulnerable. And to his chagrin, Timmy felt his cock thickening.Misha was looking at him with relish and it was see her smile of satisfaction that confirmed for Timmy that she knew full well he was peeping on her and she probably knew that since 5th grade when he first noticed her nightly disrobing ritual.“So Ladies, as we can see now, the male subject’s legs are very similar to female’s legs other than in muscularity and of course, are hairy, although with this particular subject, it is hard to see any hair.” And Miss Simpson was right: Timmy was so fair-haired that the hair on his arms and legs was hard to see unless you were close up. In photos, he looked hairless in fact from the neck down.“Turn around Timmy please.” And Timmy slowly turned around, “Hands at your side please,” She ordered and Timmy obeyed.“We see the back of the legs and again can observe that if our subject were a very large female, we would have trouble discerning whether it was a male or a female.” Miss Simpson concluded and one of the girls raised her hand, “Yes dear, you have a question>”“Yes Miss Simpson, if Timmy, er, the subject, played soccer or football, his legs would be much larger and the difference would be very pronounced would it not?” and it was that devil Misha asking that question to underscore the fact that Timmy, because he was not an athlete, had rather skinny legs.“Yes of course Dear.” responded Miss Simpson, “Likewise if the subject were a swimmer, jogger or cyclist, his calves and thighs would be very muscular indeed. It is no negative comment on our subject, but his legs are relatively scrawny because of his lack of exercise.”Gee thanks, thought Timmy. Remind me to tell Misha sometimes that she has small boobs!“Now girls, that completes our superficial overview of the male body. As we’ve observed – and I repeat myself here – it is similar and yet there are differences with the female body.“Now for the final portion of our demonstration here, we will closely examine the male reproductive organs and have an opportunity to inspect the male derriere. What we will find, I assure, you are the most profound differences while at the same time, discover distinct similarities, indeed, body parts that are identical, between male and female.” Miss Simpson concluded.Timmy heard “reproductive organs” and the words sent a lightening bold of fear through his brain and down his spinal cord. This is NOT what I think she is talking about is it?“Timmy, stay with your back to our students here, and remove your underwear.” Miss Simpson said as easily as though she were asking Timmy to take off his hat.Little did she realize – or perhaps she DID realize – that undressing completely in front of a group of girls like this was one of the most humiliating, most terrifying experiences in a young male adolescent’s life!Timmy looked at the door and calculated what it would take to bolt out of the room he was so desperate. He gauged the distance from him and his clothing and thought he could do that in a wink, but Miss Simpson stood between him and the door and would likely block him.“Timothy, I will remind you once again, that this demonstration I am asking of you, you agreed to, and it is the ONLY avenue that you have to a passing grade this semester. However, if you wish to go back on your commitment, reject the extra credit aid I’ve offered because you are shy, I will fully understand and you may go. However, weigh the choice carefully as once you do so, you will be repeating this class again and again until you earn the credits you need to graduate.” Miss Simpson said sternly and it was plain to Timmy while she spoke, that he had no alternative.So, with great humiliation and trepidation, Timmy reached down and took both sides of his bikini underwear and slipped them down to his knees and raising one leg after another, took them completely off.To Timmy’s complete disbelief, he was now standing with his back to four girls in his Senior class, totally naked.There was a palpable silence in the room. No giggling, no noise whatsoever other than a chair shifting that made a noise on the wooden floor. All Timmy could hear was his own heart beating rapidly in response to his profound shame and some heavy breathing among the girls.“Now girls, I expect your full attention and all seriousness as we proceed with this portion of the lesson. Unfortunately due to the mores of Western Civilization, we are all embarrassed by the naked human body. Well, as MichaelAngelo demonstrated with his Masterpiece, the sculpture of a naked David, the male human body can be, well, quite beautiful. Here we have a specimen who is, what Timmy, 18?” “Yes Ms Simpson,” Timmy answered hoarsely so nervous and filled with anxiety and shame that he could barely speak.“It is a fine specimen for its age and a good example for our examination of anotomical study.”Now girls, I will begin with the striking similarities.” stated Miss Simpson and Timmy could see out the corner of his eye that she had brought up the wooden pointer and was aiming it right at his bare ass.“As is quite evident, the subject’s derriere is identical in shape and structure to the female’s. Both the male and the female buttocks are formed by the masses of the gluteal muscles or ‘glutes’ The masses of the gluteus maximus muscle are separated by an intermediate intergluteal cleft or “crack” in which the anus is situated.“The buttocks permit primates to sit upright and they play a role in sexual attraction. As you’ve seen in photos and documentaries, some female Baboons have completely red buttocks in order to sexually attract males. In the human species, while no such marked differences like that exist, still the female derriere does tend to be wider and thicker and generally is more attractive to males.”As Miss Simpson spoke, she gestures with the wooden pointer and she could not help but touch Timmy’s ass with the rubber tip. It was strangely arousing hearing Miss Simpson describe his butt in such clinical terms while four pretty girls looked on. Being jabbed by a rubber tipped stick just added to his arousal and at this point, his dick was sticking up fairly straight.“Now Timmy, I’m going to approach and touch you simply because I must to show our class here the complete features of the buttocks. Please think of me as you would any professional – a doctor for example – and know that this is for demonstration purposes only and means nothing else.”Yeah, sure Timmy thought, THIS doesn’t mean anything me starkers and my ass on display like this.“If you girls gather around . . .” And Timmy heard the girls all get up and sensed that they were now very close to his back and then felt Miss Simpsons warm hands on his rear and shockingly she was pulling his butt cheeks apart.“If you bend down here, you can see the anus. Exactly duplicating the anus of the female and it performs the exact same function.” Miss Simpson said while spreading his cheeks as wide as possible.Timmy never felt so humiliated or exposed in his life!“Miss Simpson, may I touch it?” asked Misha, that devil!“I guess there is no harm in touching him at this point, go ahead dear.” Miss Simpson responded and added, “Now Timothy, I want you to understand, this is being done in the name of science and these girls are satisfying their curiosity. You are performing an educational service.”And with that Timmy could feel the gentlest touch against his asshole! And one by one, the other girls repeated Misha’s touch. At this point, his cock was fully erect and pulsing as he thought about these girls, their faces as close to his ass as humanly possible, each using a finger to press on his most private part!“Any questions girls?” Miss Simpson inquired.There was silence until Misha piped up, “Yes, Miss Simpson, I notice that it looks very small and tight, is that unusual in a male? Not to be random bahis siteleri here, but having looked at my own, I must admit they are amazing similar. It is just that I thought everything would be larger with a male.”Jesus Misha, Timmy thought, You are going to pay for this! I AM going to take video of you through my window when you get naked every night and post it on YouTube with your face showing AND your real name.“No dear, and that is an excellent question.” responded Miss Simpson. “The anal muscle, or anus, is the strongest muscle in the human bodies – it is flexed and exercised more than any other muscle and frequently. It is essential to holding in the bodily waste that our bodies produce daily and well as the expulsion of that waste during defecation. Nonetheless, while no two anuses are exactly alike, they all function exactly the same and if you were to look at photos of a male and female anus side by side, you could not tell the difference.”Jesus, make me feel as low as I possibly can why don’t you?“Now class, any further questions?” Miss Simpson asked and hearing none, she said,“Ok, now on to the male reproductive organs which just happen to be part of the urinary system which works hand in hand with the digestive system to eliminate human waste. Timmy, turn around.”Oh. My. God. Timmy thought. The moment he was dreading but ever since he reluctantly removed the last of his clothing, knew was coming. Now I have to face these girls, totally naked and, GOD, with a huge erection that I cannot help.Slowly and miserably with his head down staring at the floor trying to avoid eye contact with his classmates, Timmy turn around as Miss Simpson directed.“Oh my girls, we have a special treat! It is obvious that our Timothy here is quite fully aroused! Don’t be embarrassed Timmy, this will earn you a bit more credit!” Miss Simpson said as she and the four girls marveled with their eyes at the boy’s fully erect cock. Even more humiliating for Timmy was the knowledge that some precum was glistening on the tip of his cock from his pee hole.“Ok girls, now we went over the male reproductive system in great detail in class, so I will not repeat that lesson. Rather, it was my plan to have a ‘hands on’ inspection of the male reproductive organs. Now, let us see what we have here,” said Miss Simpson as she leaned over and stuck her face as close to Timmy’s erect cock and balls as she could.This only made Timmy even more aroused.“Mmmmm, we are in luck, there is some pre-ejaculatory fluid here atop our specimens penis. Girls, do we recall from class what that fluid is for?” Asked Miss Simpson?“Yes, Miss Simpson,” said Amy, “It helps lubricate the penis for insertion into the female vagina during intercourse.”“Very good Amy, that is exactly right. As you can plainly see girls, it is nearly clear unlike semen and quite slippery.” Timmy dreaded what he anticipated was coming next.And it was Misha who devilishly brought it up.“May we touch it Miss Simpson?” Misha asked innocently, “I’ve seen pictures of it, but it would be so instructive if I could see what it is like exactly.”“I think given the level of our seriousness and professional approach here, such a hands-on experience is in order. Yes girls, each of you take a small dab and rub it between your fingertips.” Responded Miss Simpson. “I think you will find it amazingly slick.”Timmy shuddered in agonizingly arousing fright as each girl touched the tip of his cock and tapped it taking away a small drop of precum. One girl when she drew her finger away, came away with a long string attached to her finger and his cock!God damn, thought Timmy, I am NEVER going to live this down.As the girls rubbed the liquid between their fingertips they ooohed and ahhhhed and remarked how incredibly slippery the stuff was.“I can really see how this would be effective in making the penis slip inside a vagina!” said Misha lightly fully aware that her words were cutting through Timmy’s dignity like a laser. He was toast socially if this little exercise got out.“And it is SO hard!” Amy said, “that thing could do some damage!” And all the girls giggled.“Now ladies, stay professional, please.” snapped Miss Simpson, “But your observation is fairly accurate despite being poorly phrased. The male penis, when erect, is designed to reach its target an deposit semen in an effective way to fertilize the female egg.”Timmy’s cock was now throbbing as he remained fully aware of his predicament. When is this fucking lesson going to end? He thought desperately.As if in response, Miss Simpson said, “It is getting late now, lets finish up. I want to point out several things.”“First the penis itself … note the glans, the corona and the shaft.” And as she spoke each word, she pointed the wooden pointer to Timmy’s cock. “All of these areas are extremely soft and highly sensitive to give the male as much pleasure during intercourse as possible. Nature wants us as a species to reproduce so it is made to provide as much pleasure as possible.“Here, below the shaft is the scrotum and inside are the testicles – where semen is produced. Note the proximity of everything so that it all works in concert to provide the desired result.”All the while she was describing the various parts, Miss Simpson was gesturing with the pointer to each. Timmy felt like an exposed idiot.“Another ‘hands on’ experience I want you to have is to feel the testicles.” Miss Simpson said while Timmy listened in horror. WHAT the F**K???“I want each of you to take two fingers and ‘feel’ the subjects testicles one at a time. Here, let me show you,” Miss Simpson said and immediately reached over, and with two fingers, grabbed on to each of Timmy’s balls and squeezed the gently. Jesus Christ!“Miss Simpson,” Timmy pleaded, “Honest to god, I might cum!”“Nonsense, we are almost done here. Girls please proceed,” ordered Miss simpson.And one by one, the four girls touched Timmy’s scrotum and took each of his balls in between two fingers and squeezed it.“Gee, they are like plums!” said Amy.“Yes, mushy ones!” said Misha giggling and all the girls laughed. They were clearly enjoying this experience and not the least of it was Timmy’s total discomfort.“Good,” said Miss Simpson, “Nice work girls. We are almost done. Just one more demonstration.”Timmy’s precum was dripping heavily now and a line was forming down the front of his cock.Miss Simpson, wheeled a small table over on which was a set of what looked like medical tools.“These are ‘sounds’ – medical devices used to measure and in some cases, ‘clean’ out the urethra.” Timmy heard Miss Simpson and he was in total disbelief. Is this woman insane?“What I want to show you is how close the urinary tract is to the surface of the male penis. You cannot see this in female organs as the urinary tract is all inside the body. With the male, it is very nearly on the outside,” Miss Simpson stated,I won’t need sterile gloves as only these sterile devices will be touching our subject here. But let me proceed.” And with that Miss Simpson took a metal rod that was about a foot in length and about the diameter of a pencil and brought it over to Timmy’s cock and let it rest right on his pee hole.“Ms Simpson!” Timmy whispered, “I’m not sure I can control myself here!”“Nonsense Timothy, we are almost done. Think about baseball.” Miss Simpson said and with that lifted the shiny metal rod up and almost magically, it slowly slid down Timmy’s urethra!Jesus, Jesus! Timmy watched in amazement as the sound entered him and felt an incredible sensation as it filled his pee hole. It was as if he was getting fucked in the penis. It was a feeling he’d never had before – strangely pleasurable and watching it just got him more and more aroused.“Now see girls? Look here at the center of our subject’s penis.” Miss Simposn pointed as the metal rod was clearly visible bulging through Timmy’s cock. “See the bulge as it goes down the shaft in front? THAT is the urethra. THAT is were urine is expelled from the bladder and THAT is were semen is ejaculated. Isn’t that just the most remarkable thing you’ve ever seen?” Miss Simpson declared with enthusiasm.And the girls with their faces as close to Timmy as possible, nodded in wonder as the metal rod was clearly visible down the front center of his cock.“Wow” said Misha sincerely marveling at the sight.Just before the rod sank all the way into Timmy’s cock, Miss Simpson grabbed on to the top of it with about two inches in sight.“Let me pull it out and let it go in again, so you can see if clearly,” Miss Simpson said as she slowly pulled the sound out of Timmy’s cock and then let it slowly fall back inside.“Miss Simmmmpson ….” Timmy said desperately as he felt himself cumming, “I told you I couldn’t control it … all these girls, touching and this rod inside me …. I, I, ahhhhh o my god! Cumming!” And with that Timmy began ejaculating a solid load of thick white cum … the white stuff oozed out around the metal sound and dripped down the front of his cock.“Well,” Miss Simpson said startled, “I didn’t anticipate this happening! Oh my goodness, Timmy!”Jane took out a handkerchief and began blotting Timmy’s cock to sop up the cum and the pressure of her touch caused Timmy to ejaculate even more powerfully. Miss Simpson pulled the sound out and Timmy shot some white stuff halfway up his tummy.Timmy was sort of in a daze with the mix of intense pleasure and total humiliation of being naked and cumming like this in front of these girls. His knees got a little weak and he instinctively reached down, wrapped his hand around his cock and jerked himself to completion.Kimberly aided Jane in sopping up the come with tissues from her purse … “Jesus Tim, there is a lot of cum here!” she said.And the girls watched in wonder – Misha smiling broadly and echoed Kimberly:“Christ that’s a lot of cum Timmy!” she said still smiling.After a few minutes, Miss Simpson led Timmy, who was still in a daze, to her desk and indicated that he should get dressed. For once she was speechless and Timmy was so humiliated all he wanted to do was dress and get the hell out of there.Trying to gain some semblance of control, said weakly: “Any more questions about the male anatomy?” Miss Simpson asked? And Timmy was much relieved at the silence behind him as he donned his clothes as quickly as possible and, not bothering with his shoes and socks, grabbed them and ran out barefoot, hopped in his car and drove home.That night, Timmy set up his camera to capture on film Misha’s nightly after shower ritual. He caught it and sent it via email to all members of the Senior class. He relished the fallout as Misha was totally humiliated. Miss Simpson had sworn her honors students to complete silence under threat of failure and they kept her confidence.http://xhamster.com/movies/197586/girlfriend_caught_undressing.htmlTimmy got an ‘A’ in Science and Miss Simpson was as polite as she could be to him.The End

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