Hot Air Balloon Ride


Bob is a hot air balloon operator and a good friend, he told me that if I ever wanted to take Nikki on a ride in one that it wouldn’t cost a cent.

The reason, he liked her a lot and had every reason to as well. She was so hot that she could give you a hard on with just a smile.

Nikki is one of the hottest chicks in the valley. She is blonde 5’9″ 34-24-34 and the roundest C-cup you ever saw, She always looks sexy even in sweats.

Me, I am 6’4″, 180 pounds, brown hair, blue eyes. Now I don’t like to brag…much,

but I will tell you that my shoe size is 16″.

Oh, Bob is about 5’11” and stocky at 170 pounds, I don’t remember the color of his eyes, But who could, that hair of his makes you block everything else out, it’s the brightest red I have ever seen and goes down to his butt.

The day came, it was Valentine’s Day and one of the warmest days in February that I could ever remember in Napa Valley but still 80 degrees that time of year was very warm or perhaps it was just me thinking about my day with Nikki.

When I picked up Nikki she was wearing a nice spring button down the front dress. It was tight around her full breasts and her nipples poked thru from time to time. The bottom was a real nice and wavy, it only came down about two inches from the bottom of her panties. At almost every turn it would fly up and show off her pink panties. To say the least Nikki was a bit of a show off and had the body to do it.

On the way there we made small talk about how warm it was and real clear sailing.

I had a hard time driving with her sitting next to me and that dress creeping up, I almost stopped the car to fuck her before we got there, but I held my urges in my pants. I wanted this valentine day to be great for her, because last February 14 she had a big fight with her boyfriend and they split up.

I called Bob to see how he was doing, he told me that he had a few more things to load but, he would be ready when we got there. Just then we pulled into the parking lot, I was trying to think of dead puppies to loose the hard on before I got out of the car. Nikki was bouncing up and down in her seat with excitement because she had never been on a balloon ride before. We got out to the balloon, Bob was ready. So were we. As we made our way to the balloon all eyes were on Nikki, understandably so. We climbed on board and before you knew it we were off.

Looking out over the Valley was great, but looking at Nikki was more fun for every turn she made was a show for me and Bob. I didn’t waste any time opening the wine, before long Nikki and I had a great buzz going. Another nice thing about Nikki was the fact that when she got a little tipsy she will be more of a show off and get horny as hell.

Nikki had started to get very horny, As she would bend over the edge of the balloon, She was showing Bob and myself her cute little panties and nice round ass. Giving us not just the greatest view in the balloon but two rock hard cocks as well. While She was bent over she started unbuttoning her dress and did so all the way down. With this done she unhooked her bra from the front showing the world below the most wonderful breasts one could hope to play with.

She snapped around to face us saying I need something, With that I slid my hand down her panties to feel her wet pussy. Sliding my fingers all over the outside giving her a finger or two from time to time, until she was begging for more.

I turned her around so her tits could hang over the side (To give a nice view to anyone with binoculars), As I slid her panties down my fingers slid up right into her warm pussy, Then I stuck my face up to her lips pussy lips that is. Using my tongue I gave her a good lashing and it wasn’t verbal… I was lapping up all the juices her little pussy would put out. Sticking it in deeper and deeper to the point that I was having a hard time breathing. However before pulling my tongue out I could hear her screaming I’m C-u-m-m-i-n-g.

Poor Bob, Escort bayan the best he could do was watch, I guess Nikki felt bad about that to because she crawled over to Bob and as she was unzipping his pants said to him “This is your Valentine gift from me.” She then took out a very hard cock, started to suck like I’ve never seen her suck before. Making Bob buckle at the knees. Since she was so kind to do this for my friend Bob the least I could do would be to slide in behind her. How could I resist with that ass of her up and ready.

I slid in slow at first so I could feel all of her wetness. Then I picked up speed with that so did she on Bob, I pulled my rock hard cock out and ever so slowly slid it in her ass. Once there I could hear mumble harder, I being a good boy wanting to please my date. I pounded her with my cock cumming deep in her ass. The same time I was cumming so did Bob. Nikki swallowed every drop of him as not to make a mess on his shorts.

We got ourselves back in order as best we could, sat back in a daze for a few minutes.

Then enjoyed the rest of the ride. Before long we were heading back to Napa, at my request because I had other plans for my lady.

We arrived back in Napa about 4:00 and at that point our buzz was just about gone and I told Nikki that we should go back to her place. She said well okay but her roomy Debbie was home. I said well lets stop by and see if she is.

When we got to her apartment, I was standing right behind her as she opened the door. Once the door was open we got hit with a tremendous smell of roses, As she walked into the place she was awe struck at the amount of and smell of roses,( I had 10 dozen roses sent to her apartment while we were in the air and asked Debbie to set them up while I had Nikki on our date.)

She was so turned on by what I had done that she was ready to do me again right there in the living room. I wanted to go for it too, But told her that our date was not over yet and we had to go if we were going to catch the Train. She said, “Train ,you mean the Wine Train.” I told her,”Yes the one and only.”

Nikki changed into a see thru black top that buttoned down the front with a black velvet jacket and a short black velvet skirt, with Black panties. I changed into a dinner jacket and slacks.

Yours truly had a limo waiting outside. Once inside we played around a bit I would cup her boobs while the driver was watching and she would pull her jacket over them in a playful way. When we got there our driver opened the door for us and you could see he had a hard cock thru his pants. Nikki brushed by him real close giving him a soft squeeze thru the pants.

He was quick to hand us a card that read JACK and had his phone number.

We got to the train station a little after five and it was full of people getting ready for the ride and dinner. The Vista Dome Car was our destination for a Gourmet dinner. They helped us find our way to seating and we had a fantastic dinner. During dinner she looked so hot that she had all eyes on her, She would open her jacket every now and then to show off her full round breasts pressing against the nylon material.

I wasn’t sure if she was trying to turn me on or our waitress, who seemed to stop by for more than all of our needs. I didn’t mind her stopping by our table at all, for she was a hot little Mexican girl. Her name is Teresa and she had a cute little package. She was petite with a very full B-Cup and long brown hair.

Teresa would smile at Nikki with a real big smile every time she came to our table so I was sure she wouldn’t mind helping us out. At one point Nikki said she needed to use the ladies room and Teresa was helpful in showing her the way. I asked Teresa to stop back to the table when she had a minute. She came right back to the table, I asked her if there was a spot on the train that I could take Nikki to for some quite time.

She showed me a spot on the train that was great. It had a bunk that Bayan Escort pulled out and was already pulled out and made up into a bed. This room was made up for people who might get sick while on the train and need to lay down for a while. It had a big window but the shade was closed. I opened the shade and said this would be great.

Back at the table Nikki was waiting and wondering where I had gone. I told her I wanted to show her something after dinner and left it at that.

Near the end of dinner she said she was getting warm and proceeded to unbutton her blouse down to the top of her skirt. When Teresa came back to our table Nikki even surprised me… While making small talk with Teresa, Nikki took one of the small squares of butter and slid it into her blouse pressed it on her hard nipple and put it on the table. Then Teresa really turned me on by picking it up and licking the indentation made by her nipple. Both of them starring into each others eyes the whole time. Needless to say, this gave me one hell of a hard dick and I was ready to go to that quite time spot.

I asked Teresa if she could show that room that she had shown to me, Saying of course, with that she led us to the place I like to call “The Hideaway”. When we got to the hideaway Teresa let us in and said she will be on her lunch break in about 20 minutes and she will stop back to see if we needed anything.

Nikki had some wine at dinner and was getting playful. She had me sit down and she started doing a strip tease for me. Slowly taking off her jacket, she jiggled her breasts back and forth. Doing so her nipples got very hard rubbing on the nylon. She looked so sexy with her jacket off and her blouse unbuttoned to her skirt that I could have cum then and there in my pants. Then she turned away from me. Facing the window she continued her strip pulling her blouse down over her shoulders and slowly down her back till it fell to the floor.

We could see people working near the train tracks in some vineyards out the window and she pressed her naked breasts on the window giving them a real nice show, (They had already had stopped working to watch the train), You could tell by the expressions on their faces that they saw her.

Nikki reached down between her legs using her arms to press her tits together for their added enjoyment. She was playing with her pussy thru her panties getting them very wet.

I couldn’t help myself, I pulled my cock out and was jacking off watching this wonderful show. That is when we heard a knock at the door, I left my rock hard cock out because it was just too dam hard to try to put it away.

When I answered the door I leaned just popping my head out the door (No not that head, The one with two eyes and hair on top). I could see it was Teresa, wow she looked sexy. She had let her hair down and it was flowing all over her just covering her opened blouse. Her perky breasts showing thru her hair. She asked if we needed anything. Almost knocking me down Nikki bounced over to the door and said come on in. Doing so she reached out the door grabbed her arm and pulled her in the room.

Nikki asked her, “Do my Boobs look fake” Teresa’s reply was I… I… Nikki jumped in saying, “Touch them, squeeze them.” Saying this she got right up in front of her pressing her big round tits against her. Teresa took them with such care feeling the round body of her breasts, with one in each hand she squeezed them ever so gently working her way up to the nipples. As She started pinching Nikki’s already hard nipples she said, “Oh they feel very real.”

With that Nikki said, “They are, but some people say they look fake.” Looking at me she smiled and took Teresa over to the chair in the room sat her down and said “Let’s Look at these.” Reaching down and cupped Teresa’s breasts one in each hand. Teresa wasted no time popping her beautiful breasts out for viewing. Pinching her own nipples as to harden them up for the show.

Nikki got down on her knees Escort in front of her, pulling her legs apart as to get as close to her as possible and popped a nipple in her mouth sucking it as if it were a lolly pop. As she did this she squeezed one breast and with her other hand on it’s way up under Teresa’s skirt.

To Nikki’s surprise, Teresa had no panties on…She smiled sliding her hand up to her wet pussy lips and started to play. Watching Teresa was a real turn on because this girl held nothing back, she moaned at Nikki’s every touch.

Then Nikki jumped up, standing inches away from Teresa saying in the sexiest voice I’ve ever heard come out of her mouth…”Would You Be My Valentine.” Sliding her skirt to the floor, then removing her black panties giving Teresa full frontal nudity at only inches away.

Teresa said “Oh my god… did you do that”, I said “Huh What?” At that, Nikki turned around so I could see what Teresa was talking about then I said, “Oh my god! When did you do that?”(Her pubic hairs were gone, well all but an out line of a heart shape about two inches away from her pussy lips, and that had been cut short so that those hairs were only maybe 1/4 inch long). It was amazing I had never seen anything like it.

Nikki said “Debbie did it for my last night for our date today Dave…You Like”,I Love it. Teresa said ” I do to… Yes, I will be your Valentine.” With that said she turned Nikki around so the heart shaped pussy was in her face and she stuck her tongue right in the center of that heart giving Nikki a nice little thrill.

Nikki quickly helped Teresa get naked. As she did this I took all of my cloths off as well. I moved over to the chair and they got on the bed with Teresa on the bottom and Nikki on top in a sixty-nine position. Watching them eating pussy’s got me very excited. They were pinching nipples, squeezing tits and grinding on each other like I had never seen. Nikki has a super long tongue so I was sure that Teresa was enjoying her every move. ( I swear I think she can touch the tip of it on her forehead).

Both of the girls started cumming at the same time and did not hold back any screams. They were screaming in ecstasy. I started to cum shooting my load so hard and long that it hit the girls on the sides of their bodies, but that didn’t stop them they kept working each other till they came again with another loud scream. This time the train whistle was blowing too, Looking out the window I could see that we were pulling into Napa. The girls got themselves back in order and we all exchanged phone numbers.

Nikki asked me to come back to her place. We caught a cab back to her apartment and just kinda zoned out on the ride back because we had had a long day and were so tired.

She had me come into her apartment with that soft smile she has and I could not say no. She went right into her bedroom saying “I will be right back”. As she came from the bedroom all she had on was a long pink negligee with pink crotches panties. Walking a real sexy walk came over to me and whispered, “Fuck me.” I tore my clothes off to get to her, she laid on the sofa as I entered my hard cock into her wet pussy sliding just the head in and out real slowly. It felt so good I could have came in her at that point, but I held back because I wanted to give her a good fucking.

She was begging me to give her more of my cock so being the gentleman that I am I gave it to her inch by inch her eyes getting bigger and bigger till I had given her all ten inches. Nikki screamed, “DON’T STOP!” I said why would I do that pulling almost all the way out only to slam it deep into her pussy again pounding her till her tits bounced so hard her hard nipples were leaving lines on my chest. Oh how I love to watch them bounce.

She started screaming louder that could only mean she was getting ready to cum. I started biting her hard nipples. She was grabbing at my tight ass digging her fingernails into my cheeks pulling me harder and faster into her till she screamed, “YES, YES, Yes

Yes, Oh yes Dave.” Just after she had cum making her pussy sopping wet I started cumming and came hard so hard that I all most passed out.

However I did fall asleep with my Hard cock still throbbing deep inside her.

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