Hot Muggy Night


We returned home late in the evening. We had spent the day out at the lake since the kids were away. The weather was hot and muggy making us both uncomfortable. We had had an argument about something silly in the car on the way home. When we got home, we come to find out the air condition was for some reason not working.

We undressed in silence. We tossed our clothes off onto the floor and laid on the bed under the ceiling fan hoping for a trace of air from this mugginess. Before I knew it, I wanted you more than ever. The feel was mutual because the next thing I knew you were reaching for me. Gently you moved your fingers down along the center of my body, stopping to circle each breast. You leaned in and kissed me. The fire in my pussy became hotter and I could feel it swelling just like my breasts and nipples. My nipples were so hard and aching as your hands caressed and cupped each breast. You held them to your lips and slowly licked, kissed and sucked each one in turn.

Kissing down my body, you moved to the end of the bed. You gently pushed me back to a lying position and lifted my legs so my feet sat at the edge of the bed. You bent your head to my dripping wet pussy. You slowly ran your tongue along my slit and with your fingers you parted the lips to expose my clit. You took me in your mouth making my back arch and the moans come. My hands reached for your head not wanting you to stop and you sucked my clit harder and harder. My breathing Escort bayan became short and raspy and my body started to spasm. I whimpered and moaned as the pleasure your tongue created ran up and down my body like an electric current.

You could sense my orgasm, my pussy was so swollen and cum dripped from me in large amounts. You tried to lick it all up but was not able to, my arousal was so intense. My hips started to jerk and my hands gripped your head tighter; as I moved my pussy up and down your face moaning from my orgasm.

I came in waves. My body shaking and trembling my breath was erratic as my juices flowed over your tongue. Trying to take all you could have of me, you lapped at each drop, each jerk of my hips. Your tongue moved frantically and with each lap your cock jerked in response, because you knew soon it was my turn to drink you. You knew how much I loved having your cock in my mouth and how much more hornier I get after I cum.

My index and thumb encircled your throbbing cock, as they moved downward to the base. My tongue moved along the base. My tongue moved upward like licking a lollipop along the long hard vein running along the underside of your cock. Not touching the head just yet, my tongue circled around the shaft. I loved licking each solid thick inch of you. My other hand taking your balls within the palm, gently but firmly caressing them. My fingertips move behind them, slowly teasing Bayan Escort you as it moved from behind your balls to your butt and back again, teasing your g-spot, as my warm breath brushing against your long hard cock.

I blew gently against the tip of your throbbing cock. My tongue slowly moved closer to the tip of the head, as you feel its wetness. I press my tongue against the small opening of your pulsating cock. My lips enclose around the head. Slowly I begin to suck on it, my tongue circling the head. My tongue swirling and sucking slowly. I take you deeper and deeper in my mouth, inch by inch, all the while my hand continue to caress your balls. Inch by inch you feel the heat of my mouth move down on you, sucking and stroking your thick cock with my hot wet tongue swirling around it sucking you deeper into my mouth.

It was all I could take feeling you down in my throat. I could feel the head push into my throat, throbbing against my lips! I started to move my head side to side, to suck you deeper. My tongue was stroking your shaft. I could feel your hips push into my mouth. As my mouth moves up over the head, I could feel your intensity building. My tongue stroked down your long thick throbbing vein, to your balls. My tongue slide along your balls one by one as I take them into my mouth, sucking on the gently. My hand stroking your hard cock, up and down. My palm enclosing around the head and pressing down against Escort it. It sent chills through you as I suck upon your balls.

I did not want to end this in my mouth though, so I slowly eased my body up and over yours. My tits slowly dragging over your balls, your cock and up over your body. I guess you thought that to be the end of your delight, but before you knew it I took your cock with my hand and slipped it between my pussy lips, burying it deep in me. After kissing you, I anchored my hands around your neck and began to fuck you, lifting my ass high enough to allow you to meet me in my rhythm.

I arched my back and you lifted your head off the pillow to watch your cock slide in and out of my wet pussy. Faster and faster I fucked you, my breath coming short and raspy. My legs trembled and my tits bounced before your eyes. Your cock was so firm, my pussy was so tight. The thrill of watching our bodies fucking, our excitement built. There were no words, we just knew that the other was about to cum and together we exploded in orgasm together. Your cum shot deep within me and my pussy gripped so tightly, pumping your cock of every last drop.

I hung my head trying to breath as my body spasmed and shook taking every last drop of your cum and giving every little bit of myself. I collapsed next to you. You gently wrapped your arms around me and pulled the blankets up as you kissed my cheek and neck. Together we rolled onto our sides and lay still locked together. You kissed my eyelids and my cheeks, my nose and finally my lips, softly and gently. I nuzzled into you and sighed, my hands wandering over your body.

We have argued about…nothing really. But we will always be together.

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