Illicit Stairwell Antics


We met up at a shopping mall – we had nowhere to go where we could be together for the short time we had managed to steal. We stood at a bar, had a drink, made small talk. All the while wanting… Eventually he took my hand and led me out of the bar, around the corner to an emergency exit – he pushed open the door and led me up a flight of stairs, then he turned to me and pulled me hard against him, his mouth reaching for mine, one hand on my face, the other firmly on my arse, pulling me against his telling hardness. We kissed and kissed like we’d never before kissed, parched and desperate, moaning and panting. Sexiest kisses ever. He was now leaning against the wall, with me pulled up against him, moving my hips against him, feeling that hardness pressing against my lower stomach, stretching up on tiptoes to reach his mouth easier, to let his hardness press against that secret part of me. We spent long minutes like that, just kissing, and pressing against each other.

His hands started to roam over my body, round to my front, cupping my breasts in both hands, fingers tweaking my hard nipples through the thin lace fabric of my bra. He groaned out loud and dropped his face to them, pushing them together so that he could mouth Escort bayan both nipples through the fabric. I pushed harder up against him, rubbing my pussy on his hardness, gasping out loud and clinging onto him.

Then his hand dropped down, past my waist, past my hips, right down my thigh to the hem of my short skirt. Then up up up his hand slid, moving the skirt with it, up and up. His hand slid between my legs, brushing over my pussy – as he discovered my lack of underwear, his hand closed convulsively around me and he drew his breath in sharply in shock. Then he was sliding a finger between my wet lips, over my swollen clit, dipping down into the wetness and then inside me – and now it was my turn to gasp in shock, biting my lip hard to stop from crying out.

We heard the stairwell door swing open! Footsteps on the stairs! We sprang apart, hurriedly adjusting our clothing and smoothing our hair. We starting walking back down the stairs, smiling innocently as we passed a cleaner on his way up. But that was the moment of insanity over. We had to return to reality, leaving each other at the exit, a last frantic kiss, before I walked out the door while he continued to another floor so that we would not be seen together. Bayan Escort

And I returned to my home, empty and desperately wanting. Fortunately, the house was empty so I rushed through to the bedroom and grabbed my rabbit vibrator. Settling on the bed, sliding it over my still wet pussy, slowly, oh so slowly pushing it in, gasping in delight and almost relief to have something big and hard inside me at last. My mind drifted back to a certain stairwell in a certain shopping centre. And I imagined what MIGHT have happened had we not been interrupted…

Kissing hard, your hand under my skirt making my knees go weak. My hand sneaking into your pants freeing your big hard cock, sliding my hand along it, feeling it harden even more, twitching and leaping, you groaning into my mouth, your tongue stilling in surprise, then renewing it’s activity while I touch the tip, rubbing that little droplet around the head making it smooth and silky.

I pull down the front of your shorts, bringing out your hardness so I can really run my hand up and down.

I’m rubbing you and we’re still kissing and your fingers are rubbing me.

My legs are shaking and I’m pushing hard against those fingers. Gasping against your mouth, Escort my hand gripping you as I start to come and come and then your fingers are sliding inside me, your thumb busy against my clit, your other arm is holding me up…

And I’m helpless. Overwhelmed! My outcry muffled by your mouth covering mine. I catch my breath, then start moving my hand up and down again. I bend over and take you in my mouth, sliding my lips over your head and down your length, following the path my hand is making. And then up again. I pull your cock a little forward so I can get my mouth all the way around and down. And then start to slide my mouth up and down properly. Hand working you, mouth up and over the head, lips tight around it. Tongue pressing against your length. And you groan. And come, your turn for legs to shake, leaning against the wall. And I swallow. And swallow, the movement making you moan out loud…

Phew, my mind returns to the present, my hand still between my shaking thighs, gently moving my bunny out of my engorged pussy, rubbing it against my swollen clit, making me judder as my sensitive skin responds. That was my 3rd orgasm during that little fantasy. I banged myself so hard with that bunny that I’m going to be walking funny for a week. Would that it had been you inside me… But maybe this little fantasy will give you as much satisfaction as it did me. And I’ll take a raincheck for some serious stairwell action!

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