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NOTE: This story is FICTION. Being a nudist does NOT automatically make you a pervert or a sexual predator and the vast majority of Nudist Camps DO NOT tolerate sexual activity. With that being said please enjoy the story.

Hot N Wild

I had been to a few Water Parks in the past and they were a lot of fun for the younger crowd. The water was usually too cold for me though. However I did certainly enjoy it whenever a young lady lost her bikini top at the bottom of one of those tall slides. It was worth the wait but it obviously didn’t happen nearly enough to please me though.

So anyway that gave me an idea.

What if I built an indoor water park based on a nice hot Jacuzzi at a nudist camp. Now if that didn’t sink in imagine a nice hot water, Water Park that required nudity and also permitted sex. Also there would not be anyone under the age of sixteen years old allowed in either. There would be no more cold water, no more lousy weather, and no more loosing your top at the bottom so to speak. Men would have to pay double while the ladies would get in for free.

So I built one.

I had done plenty of advertising and membership pre registration so that opening day would be a huge success. For three months before hand I allowed people to apply for membership and pre-registered them. There was no fee for membership but it did involve a lot of personal information. I required that everyone that was interested had to fill out an information form, a sexual consent form, and provide me with two forms of identification so that I could copy them and put them in my file. I also took their fingerprints, voiceprint, and several pictures of them electronically. The pictures of them were both of them dressed and of them undressed. Of course a test for sexually transmitted diseases including AIDS was required every three months too. Finally I got a credit card number for my file so that I could charge them as needed. I figured that with the nudity no one would be carrying money around so everything in the park with a cost attached to it would accept a fingerprint as payment then there would be a charge to their credit cards at the end of the day.

All of that registration stuff was basically to assure that all of my members were who they said they were and that they were old enough to enjoy sex legally. You can’t be too careful when you permit open sexual behavior to occur on your property.

The down side was that it took time to get the results back from the blood tests so no one could just pay at the door and enter. It required approximately a week to process their membership. If their thumbprint wasn’t approved they couldn’t get in the Water Park.

The fun part for me of course was taking the nude pictures of the women and I took plenty of pictures too. I only took pictures of the women. I assigned two of my female assistants to photograph the men and a few more to help out with the rest of the mundane paperwork.

I thought that it was cute when the girls added some things to my information form that required them to measure the women’s breasts, waist, and hips. They also took their height and weight. With the men they required the length of their cock when fully inflated. They were even eager to help the men with the inflation too. In fact all of the women in the registration area were willing to help out in the inflation department.

With some of the women I only took fifty pictures and yet with others I took about two hundred or more pictures of them. Obviously it depended on their looks. I filmed every part of their body and in every way possible. I insisted that I get a picture of my cock in their cunt too, after all they were going to come to my Water Park for sex and nudity now weren’t they. So why shouldn’t I get çapa escort first crack at their crack? Otherwise they really didn’t want to come my Water Park in the first place. I not only slipped my cock into their pussies for pictures but I also fucked them for a minute or so if I wanted too. Some of the more attractive women I just blatantly fucked. I made sure to cum in at least three or four of the really good-looking girls each day. Not so surprisingly I found myself hard all day long. Go figure!

Needless to say the younger girls were by far the best. They didn’t seen to have as many hang-ups as the older women had about themselves. For the most part the younger girls were more attractive and they really wanted to flaunt it. Some of the older women thought that they were too fat or had scars from operations and were very self-conscious about their bodies. They all had their excuses but no matter what they had came to me to show off their naked bodies. It became my job to reassure them that they still had a body that men would want to look at. I got to see all of their scars first hand along with any piercings, tattoos, and birthmarks. I saw burns from them being caught in fires, I saw cut marks on their wrists from a failed suicide attempt, and I saw teeth marks in their legs from pit bulls. I figure that probably less than half of the older women were actually proud of their bodies compared to practically all of the younger women being proud of theirs. Of course it is much easier to be young and attractive and a much different thing to stand the test of time and sill look beautiful. Quite often Playboy has published fifty-year-olds that were just as exciting as any twenty-one-year-old is. However there are certainly less of them.

I was surprised at the amount of women that subjected themselves to my questions, prodding, and poking just because their husbands wanted them to. A dominant male certainly does have power over a submissive female. Some of these women had never been photographed in the nude before nor even had a strange man’s cock in them before either. At first I really felt sorry for them but after that though it really excited me. Sometimes I would actually see just how far they were willing to let me go. I found out that I could literally get away with murder if I had wanted too. It was not right for those women to be that afraid of their husbands.

One man in particular brought his wife and three of his daughters in to get registered. He was in and out quickly and took off to get drunk someplace so I started with the wife Joyce. She was scared and even shaking but she said that she had to go through with it because otherwise her husband would get mad. I could tell that Joyce didn’t want him to get mad. I felt sorry for her but at the same time it excited me to know that she was subjecting herself to me almost against her own will. I took the standard pictures of her dressed and then had her undress for me. It was fun to watch her reluctantly remove articles of clothing as I kept taking pictures of her. Once completely naked Joyce continued to try to hide her nudity from me. But with only two hands she couldn’t possibly cover both of her large tits and her puffy pussy at the same time.

Joyce said that she had given birth to six daughters but not one son and that it made her husband really mad that he didn’t have a son to carry on the family name. That day he had forced his three oldest daughters to come to me and become members so that he could fuck them in public. That seems to be his way of punishing them for not being born boys. He had already had forced sex with his two oldest daughters Barbara and Caroline and wanted to start with Dorothy next. He wanted to take her cherry in front of hundreds of guys in my Water Park. fatih escort Little did he know that I would get to fuck them all first. The joke was on him because I would be getting Dorothy’s cherry.

I told Joyce that the more she cooperated with me the more she could play a mind game with her husband. You see he had forced her to do this so if it turned out that she actually enjoyed it then he didn’t win. She could laugh about it every time that he brings her here to my Water Park. I told her to think of it as playing mind games with an unarmed person. It took a moment for that to sink in but she started to smile and then she lowered her hands revealing herself to me. After that Joyce was willing to do anything that I asked of her. She posed very seductively, she sucked her own nipples for me, and she opened up her pussy folds till her pink insides glistened for me too. She sucked my cock willing and that was a first for her, not the cock sucking itself but the willingness to do it. She begged me to let her drink my cum but I told her that I wanted to save it for her daughter Dorothy the virgin. Joyce understood! Then she lay back and opened herself up so that I could photograph my cock in her pussy. Surprisingly she begged me to slip it into her ass also. That was her mind game, her husband would no longer be the only man to have been in all three of her holes. She also begged me to tit fuck her and to take pictures of her jerking me off, and she damn near did jerk me off too. Finally satisfied Joyce allowed me to stop taking her pictures. However she requested that after I cum in her daughter Dorothy that she be allowed to come back in so that I could get a picture of her eating my cum and swallowing it. Agreed! I realized that Joyce had just let me do everything to her that her husband forces her to do with him. Talk about mind games!

Barbara her eighteen-year-old daughter was next. I allowed Joyce to talk to her for a couple of minutes to tell her to cooperate with me fully. She even told her about the mind game thing and how much better she felt about the whole situation at home now. Barbara said okay but she really meant it too. Barbara was a real beauty. She was tall for her age, she had a pretty face, and she had beautiful flowing hair. She smiled sweetly then she undressed for me. Barbara was very proud of her body and told me about her father raping her about once a month since she had turned sixteen. She held her breasts up high in the palms of her hands, she pinched her nipples for me, and she smashed them together as her mother had when I tit fucked her. As with her mother I got to put my cock in Barbara’s mouth, in her pussy, and in her asshole for pictures. Her asshole had been virgin and she was glad that her father hadn’t gotten to it first. She too let me try to tit fuck her and let her jerk me off. Barbara was just too special to let go of but I had too. She was a very special young woman. It was too bad that she a father like that.

Caroline the seventeen-year-old daughter came in next and told me that her mother had spoken to her about the procedure. She was a slightly smaller version of her sister Barbara. She cooperated fully and let me do everything that her older sister and her mother had let me do to them. Tit fucking Caroline was not very good because of her smaller breasts but I still did it and took pictures of me doing it too. I got Caroline’s virgin ass too and she was also pleased that I got it before her father had.

Then came sweet little Dorothy the sixteen-year-old. Her father hadn’t gotten to her yet. Dorothy was a total virgin all the way around except that she had sucked her boyfriend’s cock once but he had cum in her mouth and she didn’t like that. Dorothy was very willing to let me take all the nude pictures fındıkzade escort of her that I wanted too. When it came to me fucking her Dorothy was all for that too. Her sisters had told her about their experiences with her father and told her that I was much nicer and that I had cared about their feelings. I told Dorothy right up front that I was going to cum in her pussy and that her mother was going to eat her out for more pictures. Dorothy was all for it and anything else that I wanted to do to her too. So I slipped my cock in her mouth, I slipped it in her pussy, and then I slipped it in her ass for pictures. I tried to slip it between her small breasts for pictures. I even let her jerk my cock a few times for pictures but not too much. After that I was definitely ready to blow my load so I shoved it back into her pussy and I fucked Caroline very well. She seemed to really enjoy it too. After we fully recovers I called her mother and her two sisters in for pictures.

Joyce, Barbara, and Caroline all undressed for me and then Joyce got between her daughter’s legs and licked up a nice big gob of my cum. She showed it to the camera and swallowed it with a great big smile on her face. Barbara and Caroline took turns licking my cum out of their younger sister’s pussy too.

After that I took pictures and enjoyed watching the four girls enjoy one another for the very first time sexually. It seems that the husband did not approve of the girls satisfying themselves let alone satisfy each another in that way. After all he was the lord and master of his domain. I had to laugh because this was not his domain this was my domain and he had no say in the matter. I was pretty sure that I had also seriously damaged his authority at home too.

Before they got dressed I had them pose as a family. They were all fantastic women and I would never forget them. I strongly suggested that they turn their father in for sexual abuse the next time he leaves cum in one of them for DNA evidence. I also told them that if they ever came here without him that everything would be free and that they would be my guests. Women could get in for free anyway but I was referring to the machines that dispense condoms, candy, sodas, and stronger drinks. Of course the stronger drinks requires a thumbprint that belonged to someone at least twenty-one years old. The four women promised to come back as often as they could especially if I would make love to them again. That I could promise.

Opening day was absolutely fantastic. There were at least two women to every one man and I sure liked those odds. So did all of the other guys that were there too. As I looked around my Hot Water Park I saw that everyone was enjoying themselves. People were enjoying the water slides, the hot sprays, and the numerous Jacuzzis spread around the facility. Most importantly they were enjoying one another. Basically the only rule in my park was that the woman had to be willing! There was to be no rape what so ever! In my park NO really does mean NO!

Barbara, Caroline, and Dorothy came up to me and gave me a big hug each. They told me that their father was in jail awaiting trial. He had raped Dorothy after he had found out that I had taken every one of her virgin holes before he could. He had hit her too and had even left marks. He had left cum too in both her pussy and in her ass. The District Attorney said that there was no possibly way for him to avoid a lengthy prison sentence. The best part was that their three youngest sisters were now safe from him. Then they smiled and said their younger sisters were going to wait and give their virginities to me. I was happy that the girls were free of their father’s cruelty.

When I asked about their mother they pointed over to a big water slide. There was a guy on his back going down the slide and there was Joyce sitting on his stiff cock the whole way down. She looked like the happiest woman in the World. I just smiled.

The End
Hot N Wild

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