Hot tub surprise


Hot tub surpriseA couple of weeks ago I had made a sales business trip through eastern Tennessee and decided to take a day off and enjoy myself. After shopping all afternoon and having a nice dinner and a few glasses of wine I headed back to the hotel to take a soak in the hot tub and maybe a swim.I poured myself another glass of wine and slipped into my bathing suit and a robe and rode the elevator down to the basement area where the pool and hot tub were. With it being the off season for the area I really didn’t expect to find anyone in there. I was a little surprised to hear laughter coming from the pool room as I was about to enter. I decided to give a little peek before I entered. I could see two black men sitting with there backs toward the door. One was on the side of the hot tub and the other one was sitting down in the water. I noticed that the one on the side of the tub was sitting on a folded towel and wasn’t wearing any shorts. Being faced with the possibility of not having to spend the rest of the evening alone I walked on in. I was half way to the tub when I saw türbanlı hatay escort a third person already in the water. There was a hispanic woman hungrily sucking away at the black mans cock who was sitting on the edge. The man sitting in the water watching his buddy getting a blowjob saw me first. He just smiled and I said “is this an open party or do I need an invitation?” The other two looked up at me and the woman never broke her rhythm as it was plain to see she was enjoying it almost as much as he was. The man sitting in the tub rose up and turned toward me. He was not wearing any shorts either and was already hard as a rock from watching the show. He said “no baby, you don’t need an invitation, you can just just jump right in”. I just giggled and said ” I believe I will”. I threw my robe onto a nearby chair and he looked at me and said “your still over dressed baby”.I pulled my tank top over my head and let my big titties swing free. This put a big smile on his face and he said “keep it coming baby”. I slid out of my bikini türbanlı hatay escort bayan bottoms and eased myself into the tub. The hot water felt great and the jets really bounced my boobs around. The hispanic woman looked like she was really lost in her own world with a big chocolate cock filling her mouth and apparently part of her throat too. I looked up at my new friend in front of me and said “she really looks like she is having a good time”. He said “she’s having a ball, don’t you want to have a ball too or maybe a nut?” He was sitting on the side of the tub now smiling at me while slowly stroking his big cock like he was tempting me with it. Well I don’t take temptation too well and simply stepped forward for a closer look and feel of his meat. I said “can I help you with that?” and proceeded to take it from his hand and began to stroke it myself.I looked up at him and said “I think she has had a head start and I better catch up” and with that I put his swollen head into my mouth and began to give him a blowjob türbanlı escort hatay too. I went to work with all the talent and energy I had. I really hadn’t planned on being able to play on this trip so this was a very welcome treat indeed. I have no idea how long I actually spend sucking and jacking on his dick but when I finally did feel him start to swell and buck he unloaded a huge jet of cum into my mouth and down my throat. I swallowed all I could and the rest dripped down my chin and onto my boobs. When he quit oozing cum and I had licked him mostly clean I looked over at the other couple and saw her leaning back between his legs with his spent cock laying on here shoulder. She was smiling at me and said “its good yes?” I just smiled and said “yes very good for sure”. “Im glad yall let me join your little party”. We all laughed and my new man friend said “Im glad you walked in, I was really starting to feel left out”. We stayed in the hot tub for a little while longer before we said our good nights and went back to our rooms. The next morning I was headed down to the hall to the elevator and I heard some female laughter coming from the housekeeping room near the elevator. I looked over and saw my hispanic friend from the night before. She saw me and stepped into the hall and said “big black cock is the best, yes?” I looked at her and smiled and said ” better keep it a secret or all the girls will be wanting some”.

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