Hotel Fun


Don called from the front desk, stating that he had finally arrived and was asking where I’d like to meet with him. I gave him the room number, explained how to get there, then asked him to make it appear that he was headed to the coffee shop, winding his way to my room the long way. I was here for a wedding and Donny was here doing work for his law firm.

There was a tentative rap on the door, and I peeked through the peephole. He was looking at his shoes. I opened the door, and in what I hoped was a demanding voice asked, “What took you so long?”

Don looked up from his feet and into my eyes and I could see the passion there. Not wanting him to try to take control, now that I was so close to living out one of my fantasies, I reached out and took him by the arm, pulling him into the room. I locked the door. Even bolted it.

I turned to Don and saw that he’d noticed my attire. I was dressed in the black and red satin negligee he’d heard so much about. My breasts were pushed up high, giving my cleavage the look of a bottomless pit. The new negligee that I promised him gave off a sheen from the hallway light.

“Hi, Keri, I could not wait to see you,” he said.

“Don’t speak unless you’re spoken to.” I said. “If I ask you a question, answer either yes or no, Mistress Keri.”

A big grin slowly covered his face as he realized that I was going to be in control, as I’d always dreamt to be. I walked up to him and removed his suit jacket. I knelt before him, told him to lift one foot, and removed one shoe, then the other. I stood again, slowly unbuckling his belt, then unzipping and lowering his pants. The bulge in his pants was evident, yet I tried to ignore it.

“Do you know how long five minutes is?” I asked.

“Of course,” he said.


“Yes, Mistress Keri.”

“I want you to take a shower, Don. You have exactly five minutes to be completely cleaned, dried, and standing right here,” I Escort bayan said, indicating a place at the foot of the bed. “Do not be here early, and do not be late.” I turned away from him, walked to the dresser and began combing my hair.

He just stood there, watching me, his mouth hanging open, until finally I had to say, “Don, you’re losing time.” He was off like a shot …

I didn’t have a watch with a second timer, but I

wasn’t too concerned. He had no right to question me when he arrived at the foot of my bed 13 seconds late. At least I told him he was late.

“Good thing you weren’t early,” I said. “If you

appeared over-anxious to get this moving along, I was going to have to cancel it. However, you are late, therefore you must be punished.”

I wanted to giggle, but managed to control myself. I wrapped silk scarves around his wrists and tied them to the drawer handles on the dresser. “You really should learn to tell time better.”

I stood in front of him, very closely, actually. I could feel his erection press against the silk skrift of my negligee. “Show me that you’re sorry you’re late, Don. Don’t speak, but show me with your lips.” I leaned forward and offered him my lips, he took them hungrily. Being unable to place his hands around me, or even on me, made things a bit difficult for him. I moved back a little and he moved with me, pulling at

the drawers as he did so. “Nobody said you could

move,” I said with an evil grin. “Show my neck that you want me,” I said, stepping back

up to him. His lips touched lightly on my neck, as he dropped baby kisses from the center of my neck up to my ear. I sighed loudly, enjoying every touch of his lips. He worked his kisses and licks back down my neck until his nose pressed at my cleavage, and I stepped back, surprising him.

I knelt down, talking to him. “Don, if you’d been here exactly on time, I would have sucked your cock. Bayan Escort I would have licked it first, just like this,” and I began on the underside of his cock, slowly licking my way to the tip. “I would have sucked it in, too, Don,” I said, my lips resting on the tip. “I would have licked around and around the head until your cum spilled in my mouth, and I would have swallowed it all, just the way you like it, licking it clean,” I said as I teased the head of his cock with my tongue.

“But you were late.”

I stood and stepped away from him moving to my

suitcase. I’d packed my favorite toys, knowing exactly what I planned to do long before I started my trip. I took out my vibrator, the one that plugs in, giving it constant power. I also retrieved my soft pink dildo from the suitcase.

“For your punishment, you’re going to watch me

pleasure myself, unable to join in,” I said as I

positioned myself on the foot of the bed, just two

feet from him. I spread my legs wide, my toes hanging over the edge of the bed, and placed two pillows under my head so that I could relax, yet see him while I masturbated. I plugged in my little machine and brought it to my clit and shivered with pleasure as I watched his eyes. I brought the dildo up to my cunt and teased my hole with it, pressing it in just a little, then removing it. I came quite quickly, calling out his name, yet there was nothing he could do to help me.

I took the dildo and quickly plunged it inside

me, imagining Don’s view of the proceedings. My womanhood gripped the soft toy, squeezing it, as I came again, and my hips bucked up as if to meet the real thing. Having him there watching me made the orgasm so much stronger, so much more delightful, yet still not quite satisfying enough as I was left empty of his juice.

“Have you had enough, dear?” I asked.

“Yes,” he said breathlessly.

“Yes, what?”

“Yes, Escort Mistress Keri.”

“Well, I haven’t,” I said and got up from the bed to untie him.

“Don, you will now fuck me as hard and deep as you

can. You’ll slam your shaft into me, and even if I cry out, you will continue. However, you will not come. If you feel yourself getting close, you must pull out and get off of me. You can get back on once you’ve settled yourself down, but you will not come until you’re given permission. Do you understand?”

“Yes, Mistress Keri,” he said.

I untied him, then went to lay on the bed. He waited as if for the okay, so I demanded that he fuck me NOW.

He did, and it was terrific. Three times he had to stop, so close to coming, but not wanting to be

humiliated by finishing before he received permission.

Three times he brought me to fulfillment, each time a little better than the first. During his periods of quiet, I had him do other things to please me. I told him the first time to eat me, but to do it slowly and allow me to enjoy the feel of his soft lips against my skin. The second time I told him to sit on my belly and rub my breasts, to tease the nipples with his fingers. The third and final waiting period was spent

running my vibrator over my clit as I came. I didn’t really believe a man could last through all that, but Don did not disappoint me.

After the final rest, and a tremendously strong

orgasm that shot my juices onto the sheets before him, I gave Don permission to enter me again; this time I told him to fill me up with us cum. He pumped in just twice before emitting a stream of warm delicious milk into me, bringing me to yet one more climax. As he finished, he looked down at me and attempted to catch his breath. “Don you can get off me right after you

make me a promise.”

“What’s that Mistress Keri?” he asked.

“You must promise we get to do this again, reversing roles.” I said.

“Anything you say Mistress Keri, but remember tomorrow that my cock will have your lips around it, my lips will kiss you with our juices on them, and I will make you cry out in ecstasy again and again.” Donny said.

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