HOTM Pt. 02



I called for my assistant over the intercom.

“Mary, can you come in here?”

I could tell by the look on Mary’s face as she entered my office that she was flustered. The beet-red flush on her cheeks, made me momentarily picture Em’s thighs as the flush raced through her during her orgasm. My cock twitched at the memory and I smiled.

“Yes, um…Mr. Stone?”

The nervous hitch in Mary’s voice spoke volumes. For one, there was no doubt in her mind as to what had occurred in this office. Two, she was surprised, and maybe even a bit frightened by it.

I figured I’d better take the upper hand quickly and attempt to regain some control of the situation.

“Mary,” I said in a calm and steady tone. “You set up that meeting. Just who was that woman?”

I could see the wheels turning as Mary tried to figure out how to answer the question.

“Mr. Stone I’m so sorry,” Mary stammered. “I…”

“There’s no need to be sorry Mary,” I assured her. “I’m just a bit taken aback right now.”

“Oh Mr. Stone. So am I. I’ve known Maureen for eight years. I don’t know what to say.”

My mind reeled. Mary has known Maureen for eight years, I thought to myself.

As I thought about it, I pictured Em in my mind. I’ve seen her before, but she didn’t look or act like she did today. I just couldn’t place where or when.

“Eight years?” I said incredulously. “How do you know her?”

“She’s a neighbor of mine,” Mary explained. “She works for the tool and die manufacturer I told you about. She’s been their lead sales rep for as long as I’ve known her.”

“You met her at the Christmas party three years ago. You probably wouldn’t remember,” Mary continued. “I invited her as her boyfriend was away. I brought her to cheer her up.”

Now I was completely confused. I remembered Maureen as clear as day. I remembered asking Mary about her briefly, and then moving on to other employees.

“Mary. Can I ask you a personal question?” I inquired. “Make that an extremely personal question. You don’t have to answer.”

I tried to figure how to most delicately ask the question.

“Does Em, er…, I mean, Maureen have any other jobs or, I don’t know…hobbies?”

“Not that I know of, Mr. Stone. She’s always been kind of, married to her work.”

“Yes, but Mary, Maureen’s sales style was; how should I say this? Unconventional?”

The look on my face said to Mary that I was befuddled. As I thought of what went on, I realized that Maureen had not attempted to sell me anything.

“Don’t worry Mr. Stone. I intend to get to the bottom of this.”



As Mary left my office I picked up the HOTM card from my desk. I hadn’t asked Mary about HOTM. I figured that she probably knew nothing of it anyway, so why open another can of worms.

I picked up my phone and dialed the toll-free number on the card.

“H-O-T-M. Operator 7. Please answer the following questions,” a taped voice said.

“Please state your account number.”

I did. There was a brief pause.

“Thank you Mr. Stone. On a scale of 1 to 5, how would you rate your level of surprise? Please note that ‘1’ would mean that you were highly surprised. ‘5’ would mean that you were not surprised at all.”

I spoke the number “1.” I had to admit that I was more than surprised.

“Thank you. On a scale of 1 to 5, how would you rate Em’s performance? Please note that ‘1’ would mean that you very pleased. A ‘5’ would mean that you were very displeased.”

Again I spoke the number “1.” I had no complaints about Em’s “performance.” I made a mental note to remember that word. “Performance” was an interesting choice of words.

“Thank you. On a scale of 1 to 5, how would you rate your satisfaction level with H-O-T-M? Please note that ‘1’ would mean that you are very satisfied. A ‘5’ would mean that you are highly dissatisfied.”

This time I said the number “5.” I still didn’t know who or what HOTM was, but I knew they couldn’t stand a “5” on their record.

As the taped voice started to say “Thank you,” I hung up.



Not fifteen minutes had passed when Mary called.

“Mr. Stone? I have a Jeremiah Ashe on Line 2. He says he is calling you regarding your dissatisfaction with, ‘services rendered’?”

Inwardly I smiled. That was fast.

“Put him through.”

My phone rang, but I let it ring four more times before I picked it up.

“Don Stone,” I clipped into the receiver.

“Mr. Stone. Good afternoon,” Mr. Ashe stated pleasantly and professionally. “I am the national customer service director for H-O-T-M. I just received word that you were extremely dissatisfied with our services and I wanted to get through to you to see what can be done to rectify the situation.”

I decided that the professional tone was best in this situation.

“Thank you for responding so quickly Mr. Ashe,” I started. “It’s not so much a complete dissatisfaction with HOTM, as it is concern Escort bayan over HOTM. What is it? Why am I involved? How did a friend of my assistant get involved? Needless to say I’m a bit perplexed right about now.”

Mr. Ashe chuckled pleasantly.

“I can imagine that you are Mr. Stone. First of all let me assure you that HOTM is only interested in your total enjoyment and satisfaction with its services. Your account was established by a Ms. Diane Warren. She provided all the pertinent information regarding your personal likes and dislikes. Types of women you are attracted to. Your sexual preferences.”

“Ms. Miller definitely seemed right for your initiation,” Ashe continued.

“Em, uh… Ms. Miller, was fine,” I stumbled. “I’m not unhappy with Ms. Miller. I am concerned with Ms. Warren and what HOTM has to do with me.”

Mr. Ashe surprised me with his next statement.

“Ms. Warren is just fine. I’m sure she’ll be in touch with you shortly. HOTM is totally dedicated to your 100% satisfaction with its services rendered. You’ll receive a free bonus session tomorrow. After that I think you’ll see the benefits of our service.”

“Thank you Mr. Stone. I’m looking forward to speaking with you again. Have a great day.”

He hung up.

I still didn’t have any answers, and how would he know how Ms. Warren, Diane, was? I immediately called back.

The taped voice answered.

“Thank you for calling Mr. Stone. Your account has been activated.”



At 5:00 Mary practically flew out of the building. She was on a mission to find out what happened in my office.

Mary Shurr was a dedicated professional, and she did not want to put her job, or her reputation, on the line. That was exactly what she thought as she approached her house.

Three doors down Maureen Miller’s car sat in her driveway.

Mary had no intentions of waiting. She drove straight to Maureen’s house.

A moment later she was pressing the doorbell switch and waiting impatiently at the door for Maureen to answer.

Though Mary had seen Maureen at the office, she still wasn’t prepared for the change in Maureen’s demeanor and personality.

Maureen stood at the door in a bathrobe. The robe belt was cinched snugly at the waist accentuating the curves of her hips. The top of the robe was “V’d” down to the belt. Her cleavage well defined and exposed.

As angry as Mary was, she couldn’t help but stop and admire how attractive Maureen was.

Mary blushed as she realized that she was staring. She figured it might be better to come back later.

“Maureen,” Mary said. “I really need to talk to you. I can come back later this evening if that’s OK with you.”

“No. Don’t be silly Mare,” Maureen said with a gleam in her eye. “You know you’re always welcome. Come on in.”

Mary hesitated momentarily but then, not wanting to appear like she was uncertain, brushed past Maureen and entered the house.

Mary was surprised at how much heat Maureen’s body exuded as she passed her, and was even more surprised as a brief wave of excitement rushed through her. She chalked it off to the tensions of the day.

Maureen closed and locked the door behind her.

“Hey Mare. Can I fix you a cup of coffee?, Maureen asked.

“No thank you Maureen,” Mary spoke hesitantly. “I just needed to stop by and ask you some questions, if you don’t mind.”

“Sure. Let’s sit in the living room and you can ask me all you want.”

Mary started to sit in one of the wing chairs but Maureen insisted that she take the recliner. Maureen claimed that her back had been hurting and that the wing chairs offered her more support.

As Mary walked to the recliner she mentally inventoried the room. She didn’t remember Maureen having a recliner, and this one looked like it cost a bundle. Not that Maureen couldn’t afford it, but she normally was very simple in her tastes.

This recliner looked like one of those hi-tech innovations, all leather with heat and vibration. A remote, connected by wires, sat on the armrest. It was surprisingly wide, almost the width of a full size bed. Mary thought that two people could probably fit in it comfortably.

Mary settled down into the recliner. “Damn,” she thought. “This is comfortable.”

Maureen sat directly across from her in the wing chair. Mary couldn’t help but notice that Maureen’s robe opened more when she sat. The “V” of the robe opened, exposing even more of her massive cleavage.

Maureen’s legs were opened in such a way that Mary could see almost everything.

Mary was flustered.

“Maureen, I, um… need to ask you about today,” Mary began. “I need to ask you about today at the office.”

Maureen smiled sweetly and innocently.

“Today at the office?” she asked. “What do you want to know?”

Maureen began to fidget with the edge of the “V” on her robe, and as she sat there, began to open and close her legs. This obviously sexual advance was making Bayan Escort Mary even more nervous.

Mary stammered.

“May be I should, um… come back later when um… I…”

“Don’t be silly, Mare,” Maureen laughed. “You are really stressed today. Why don’t you just sit back and relax. You’ll love that chair. I’m going to make us some coffee.”

Maureen got up and walked by the recliner. She reached down and lightly traced a fingertip across Mary’s right cheek.

“You really are sweet you know,” Maureen said.

She picked up the remote and handed it to Mary.

“Use the ‘A’ button to recline. Use the ‘B’ button to apply heat. Use the ‘C’ button to vibrate. That chair makes me feel like a new woman,” Maureen grinned as she walked out of the room.

Mary knew that she should just get up and leave, but the stress of the day was taking its toll, and she wasn’t thinking as clearly as she should. The smell of coffee coming from the kitchen soothed her all the more.

Mary pressed the “A” button on the remote.



The recliner went into a fully reclined position in one smooth operation. Beyond that actually. The recliner was practically completely level, almost like a bed.

Mary thought how comfortable the recliner felt when she first sat in it. Fully reclined, the chair practically put her to sleep. “This chair is incredible,” she thought. “Whatever she paid for it, it was worth every penny.”

Mary pressed the “B” button and a sense of warmth passed through he. “Yes that was it,” Mary thought. “A sense of warmth, rather than actual heat.”

It made her feel really good. It was very relaxing.

Mary pressed the “C” button.



At the moment of orgasm, the senses are as alive and as fully attuned to outside stimuli, as they will ever be. Mary was there instantaneously.

Not quite. Actually the moment just before orgasm. Every fiber of her being wanted her to crest, but she couldn’t.

She felt her nipples harden, her juices flowing, her breathing was shallow and labored. She knew she was moaning, but she couldn’t hear herself as the blood rushing through her head sounded deafening.

She knew where she was, but she could no more have gotten up from the chair, then she could have walked on the moon. At this point though she didn’t want to get up. She wanted to complete her orgasm.

She saw Maureen come up beside her. Maureen was completely naked. She was massaging her breasts, pinching and pulling on her nipples. Mary could see that Maureen’s nipples were blood-engorged and fully distended. They stood out at least and inch from the dark aureola.

Mary wanted to reach out to Maureen. She wanted to pull her down to her, force her face between her thighs. She wanted Maureen to make her cum.

“OH GOD I WANT TO CUM!!!” Mary screamed in her mind.

Maureen walked to the head of the chair and pulled up what looked like a silver crown with a myriad of wires dangling from it. She placed the crown on Mary’s head. Then she bent over and kissed Mary, driving her tongue deep inside of Mary’s mouth, lingering there, exploring the nooks and crannies, mapping the area for future exploration.

Finally Maureen broke off of the kiss.

Mary saw Maureen holding the briefcase that she had in Mr. Stone’s office earlier. Mary had one or two toys of her own at her house, but it appeared as if Maureen had an entire line of adult paraphenalia in the briefcase.

Mary’s mind took it all in as Maureen pulled the items, one by one, from the briefcase. Vibrators of all shapes and sizes, rubber cocks (small, medium, and large), strap-on belts, balls, eggs, beads, you name it, it was probably there.

Lastly Mary saw Maureen pull a large double-headed dildo from the case. Maureen was spreading lubricant all over its length.

Maureen climbed up on top of Mary. She was sliding one end of the dildo between her breasts and the other end between Mary’s breasts.

“Enjoy this Mare,” Maureen said. “I know I’m going to.”

Maureen picked up the remote control and pressed “D.”



Mary never felt a sensation like this before. It was almost as if her consciousness had disconnected from her body. It seemed as if her body was a room and she was simply walking around in it.

Even more disconcerting was the fact that someone else was in the room with her. At first she couldn’t make out any details or discern where the other consciousness was. Shortly however, she began to become accustomed to feelings and thoughts. She found she could control them.

As she became more acclimated to her surroundings she saw the other person in the room. She recognized her immediately. It was Diane Warren.



“Hi Mary,” the voice of Diane Warren resonated in Mary’s mind.

“Diane?” Mary thought back to her.

Mary realized that they weren’t actually speaking, but she understood everything Diane wanted Escort her to hear. She wondered if the same was true for her. Did Diane know everything, or just what Mary wanted her to hear?

“Welcome to HOTM,” Diane continued. “You will thoroughly enjoy your time here and you’ll get to know more about yourself, and what you are capable of, then you ever thought possible.”

Diane smiled at Mary. “Feel for yourself.”

Mary fell to the floor. She could feel herself being fucked, but she couldn’t see who it was. It didn’t matter who it was anyway, she thought to herself. Whoever was doing it was pretty damn good.

Mary began to writhe on the floor. Her pussy felt so full, so damn full.

“Oh my,” Mary thought. “This IS nice.”

Diane stood over her and smiled.

“Don’t you want to see what is giving you so much pleasure? Don’t you want to be a part of it?”

Mary did want to be a part of it. She had never felt so good before. Nor so depraved. She wanted this and a lot more.

“What do I need to do, Diane?’ Mary gasped as she felt another thrust deep inside of dripping womb.

“You and I are going to become ONE over the next 24 hours,” Diane explained. “What you feel, I’ll feel. What you want, I’ll want. Whoever you fuck, I’ll fuck. We’ll have the time of our lives.”

Mary thought about it. She had always been a bit of a prude. Not that she didn’t want to let go. Alone in her room, with her toys, she fantasized frequently. Normally about Mr. Stone.

She hoped Diane didn’t know that. She knew Diane and Mr. Stone were a good couple but that didn’t stop her from fantasizing about him.

“I’ll do it Diane,” Mary thought.



Mary came out of her trance and saw Maureen on top of her. Maureen’s dildo was buried deep inside of Mary’s pussy. Maureen was twisting and pushing it ever deeper.

Mary looked up at Maureen face.

“It’s deep enough Baby,” Mary sighed.

Maureen smirked.

“I know you can get it deeper if you want to.”

Maureen raised herself up to a standing position. Mary was staring directly up at her completely bald pussy. It looked wet and inviting. The sight of it made tremors pulse through her labia.

Mary reached down and grasped the dildo with one hand. She continued to twist and shove the monstrous toy deeper. With her other hand she began to massage her clit. Stroking the stiff little button, coaxing herself closer and closer to her climax.

Maureen walked up until she stood directly over Mary’s face, then she lowered herself, squatting so that her fully exposed clit and vaginal lips were in position for Mary’s assault.

Mary wasted no time in driving her tongue deep inside of Maureen’s pussy. Even though Maureen was expecting it, she was surprised at how quickly Mary took to the merger with Diane’s consciousness.

She knew from experience that, even with the merger, Mary would not participate in something that was repulsive or morally wrong to her.

Mary’s tongue lapped, as her mouth sucked, Maureen’s vaginal juices. Maureen had plenty to release for her, and Mary gave no indication that she was not going to get every drop she could.

Mary felt her vaginal walls pulsating as her pussy sucked more and more of Maureen’s two-headed twat toy into her already over-stuffed womb. She could feel the tip pressing hard against her cervix. The fullness made her climb closer and closer to her eventual release.

Maureen’s pussy was dripping fluid all over Mary’s face. Mary knew that it was going to happen any moment. They both would finally get to cum. They both would get to experience that moment they longed for.

“OH FUCK MARE!!!” Maureen screamed as the first throes of her orgasm washed over her.

She dropped her clit down onto Mary’s face, pushing and grinding it against Mary’s rapidly flitting tongue.

Mary finally reached the moment she had been begging for as well.

With one final shove she clamped her legs tightly around the dildo, her fingers pressed against her throbbing clit, exhorting every last wave, every last tingle, to keep the throes of her pleasure coming.

“FUCK ME! OH FUCKKKK MEEEEE!!!!” Mary screamed in ecstasy.

With each wave of her climax the dildo drove deeper and deeper inside of her, and the deeper it went the more Mary blew over the top.

Finally they both began to calm, the last few tremors passing through them, leaving them completely satisfied with their work.

Later, in Maureen’s bed, Mary straddled Maureen’s face. She felt Maureen pushing the tip of a small vibrator against her asshole, knowing that momentarily it was going to enter her virginal tract.

She thought about her deal with Diane.

“What a day we’re going to have,” she thought.

The vibrator pushed through, and into, the tight confines of her bowel. Mary screamed in pure pleasure as her third orgasm of the evening passed through her.

Mary thought momentarily about what tomorrow would bring, but tonight she and Maureen had plans.

She looked over at the bedside table where Maureen had laid out all of her toys. As another flood of vaginal syrup oozed into Maureen’s mouth, Mary eyed the strap-on longingly.


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